Daughter’s Slumber Party Pt. 08

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Rita announced, “Okay girls, time for the next step of your initiation. Now, you need to get all your pubic hair shaved off, by us. Tabitha and Dru, since you are already shaven to that sexy smoothness, you get a free pass on this one!”

Tabitha and Dru high-fived each other, and Dru giggled, “I told you that shaving our pussies would be sexy, and we get a bonus, a free pass through this step of initiation!”

“Oh, and by the way, the butt plugs that are snuggled up your tight assholes, they stay there until we take them out!” Rita said.

Tabitha growled, “Oh, no problem here, god it feels so good, having my asshole plugged, I love it!”

Dru agreed, “I love it too, it makes my asshole all twitchy, I love to feel my tight walls spread apart, and clamped around the plug’s flared head, feels awesome!”

“Okay Glenda, you’re up, since you have such a neatly trimmed bush, it won’t take too long,” Rita said.

Rita and Judi led Glenda into the bathroom, and Courtney and I stayed with Tabitha, Dru, and Gabrielle.

Courtney put her face inches from Tabitha, and growled, “So, you like the feel of your tight asshole being plugged. Did you enjoy the ass paddling you got, too?”

Tabitha growled, “Oh my god, it was fucking awesome, I love it, whatever you have planned for me, I’m ready for it!”

Courtney wound her fingers through Tabitha’s hair and mashed her lips tightly against Tabitha’s. A growl of desire sounded, and Tabitha eagerly grabbed Courtney’s head, and their lips clung hungrily to each other, tongues coming out to play, sharing tongue-filled swirls of passion. After a few minutes, Courtney and Dru were also sharing a drawn-out, tongue-swirling.

I could hear water running, and Rita said, “Okay baby, spread your legs.”

About a minute later, Glenda’s voice cooed, “Ummm, oh god, it feels so good to be shaved, mmmm.”

I was face to face with Gabrielle, and I whispered, “You’re next baby, I’m going to shave you personally, you love it, and you’ll love the feeling of a bare, smooth pussy, exposed to the world.”

Her face had a growing excitement, and she cooed, “Mmmm, I can hardly wait, it sounds so exciting. Oh god, it feels so good to have my ass plugged, I love the feeling.”

“Are you still a virgin baby?” I cooed. At her nod, I continued, “We’ll take care of that, that will be the last part of the initiation. Do you like the idea of my dildo gliding into your, breaking apart your cherry? I’ll be very gentle with you Gabrielle, no need to worry about some boy ramming you, losing control, and squirting his sperm into you. And we’ll make sure that you have as many orgasms as you can!”

Her eyes now glowing with lust, Gabrielle cooed, “Yes, oh yes, I want my cunny to be just like American cunnies!”

Dru and Tabitha grinned, and Dru said, “Yeah, join us, we lost our virginities back when we turned 18, and we lost it to each other. We were both born on the same day, so we had a birthday/sleep-over gaziantep escort bayan party, and when we were alone together, in the privacy of my bedroom, we made a pact to lose our virginities, now that we were 18.”

Tabitha smiled as she recalled it, and she said, “My older sister had bought me a great gift, a double-headed dildo, fire engine red, and 18 inches long. I could feel my pussy heating up like crazy as I displayed it to Dru’s wide eyes, just the idea that it was going to split both of us open, and bust our cherries, just about drove me crazy with lust!”

Dru joined in, “When I saw that hard dildo, I knew that it was the right time, and Tabby was the right person that I wanted to lose my virginity to. I was so wet, oh it slipped in so easily, then came up short. It was right against my hymen, and I hissed through clenched teeth, ‘Do it, break me open, don’t stop, I want it!’ “

Tabitha joined in, “I was going crazy, the idea that I was going to claim Dru’s sweet cherry was making my pussy overflow, I could feel the juices of my lust running down my thighs, I’d never been so turned on in my entire life.”

Dru took over, “I could feel that hard dildo bearing down, then the stinging zing of pain as my hymen was ruptured. I let out a pained cry as I was deflowered, but I grunted out, ‘Don’t stop now, you’ve just plucked my cherry, bury that dildo, and complete my deflowering!’ With that kind of urging, Tabby was happy to keep going, and she soon had 8 inches of that stiff dildo buried in me! Oh god, the feel of my tight pussy walls, no longer virgin, spread around that hard dildo was like nothing I’d ever felt before, it felt so fantastic. Tabby reamed me out with a few strokes, then she grinned at me.”

Tabitha said, “I told Dru that since I had plucked her cherry, she was now going to pluck mine before we started to ride it together. I was almost trembling with the idea of getting filled up. Watching Dru kneeling over my pussy, seeing her smile and the hard, stiff dildo ready to open me, oh god, I was almost insane with lust. ‘Are you ready babe?’ she whispered to me, then I felt the head push in slowly, spreading open my pussy lips. I’d never been spread open before, it felt different, not really painful, then I felt the dildo press against my cherry. I growled, ‘Ram me, bust my cherry, let me have it!’ I could feel that head pressing hard, and I gripped the sheets, and then I felt the sudden give as the dildo shattered my cherry, and I growled with a pain/pleasure mix as the dildo slid past the torn remnants, and started to open me, deeper and deeper, oh god, the pain was fading fast, and I let out a growl of pleasure, I could feel the pleasure filling me up, god, nothing had ever felt so good as losing my virginity to a tender, caring lover!”

Dru joined in, and said, “Oh yes Tabby baby, knowing that it felt so good to you, and the knowledge that I was the one who deflowered you, it was such a powerful feeling, gaziantep escort telefonları and I soon had the head buried in, I guessed what 8 inches deep would be, and I reamed out Tabby with a few strokes, then Tabby smiled up at me, and purred, ‘Now, let’s ride this together baby, fuck, I can hardly wait!’ I waggled the free end around a bit, giggling. Just before I nudged it against me, I whispered ‘Get ready baby, we are going to have such a filling ride!’ ”

Tabitha said, “Oh god, it was such a massive turn-on, my pink sugar walls split open, my pussy stuffed with a big dildo, it felt so big and hard, stretching me, filling me up. I watched through lust glazed eyes as Dru nudged down against the head, let out a growl as she was again impaled, then the exciting spectacle of Dru as she adjusted her hips and slid down onto the other end, pushing the dildo deep inside me at the same time, her moans of pleasure joining mine, as the dildo spread her pussy walls apart, sliding down, down, until her pubes smacked tightly against mine, we were joined by the hard dildo connecting us, I was crazy with the vision of both of us joined by that stiff, hard dildo, ready to ride.”

Dru said, “Oh god, I was almost insane, and I howled out, ‘Oh fuck, yeah, this is gonna be fucking wonderful!’ ”

Tabitha said, “My pussy was on fire, and I yelled out, ‘Let’s take this big cock, ride it, fuck our horny cunts, and cum all over this monster cock!’ I reached down, rubbing my swollen clit as we started to ride, humping our hips back and forth. Taking a dildo with Dru made my body tingle all over, god I was so horny, my pussy was juicing like crazy, and I could hear the wet squelch of my pussy as we rode.”

Dru joined in, “We soon had a hot fucking rhythm going, smacking our cunts together, moaning, all the while whispering words of encouragement. Tabby and I really went at it, ramming our sopping pussies down that stiff dildo over and over, our throbbing pussies bonded together, taking it hard from every angle. Our sounds of cries and moans of pleasure and our pussy juice squelching filled the air. Our pussies were hot and horny holes, I could feel my clit quivering as I stroked it, we were both ready to explode!”

Tabitha said, “I was grunting and crying out, then I felt the rush, and I went flying over the edge, shrieking with pleasure, Dru’s howl of release joining mine as we came hard all over the dildo, our shrieks of orgasmic completion filled the air, our gushing cunts squirting crazily, splattering the mattress with our steaming pussy juice as we collapsed in a well-spent heap.”

“We have a nice hard double dildo here, maybe after the initiation, you can show us what it was like,” I said softly.

Tabitha and Dru looked at me, grinning, oh yeah, we’d have a great show for later.

Gabrielle said softly, “Touch my pussy please, umm, that sounded so exciting.”

I was happy to gaziantep escort videoları run my fingers through her curly muff, slipping my fingers between the rim, parting her gently, and running my fingers through the slick wetness that had quickly gathered. Teasing her, I ran my fingertips around the rim, I did not want her to cum by my fingers, we had better ways for her to cum.

The bathroom door opened, and Rita and Judi led Glenda out, and Glenda paused, spreading her legs, and letting us see the totally bare, smooth planes of her mound.

I said, “Okay Gabrielle, you’re next. Courtney and I will make you all bare and smooth.”

We led her into the bathroom, and I picked up the clipping scissors, while Gabrielle arranged herself. Her legs spread wide, her lips slightly parted gave me a delicious scent, oh god, I was going to eat her like her pussy was my last meal. I started to clip at the bush, she had quite a healthy growth, and Courtney and I exchanged a look.

Courtney murmured softly, “Wow, I’ve never seen such a full, furry bush like that before.”

Gabrielle said, “It’s just the way Europeans are, we like to try and keep things as natural as possible, my Mom, my sisters, and I always had a full, furry mound, but after seeing my American friends, and how sexy their bare cunnies look, I want mine to be just like their cunnies.”

I had clipped her down to a sparse, wispy patch, and we took the shower spray and directed it at her pussy. Gabrielle moaned softly as the water drummed against her lips. I shook a can of shaving gel and squirted it onto her mound. Gabrielle was letting out soft growls of pleasure, as the razor ran over her mound, making her just as bare and smooth as we were.

“Okay baby, now on your hands and knees, and spread your legs. Courtney, take out Gabrielle’s butt plug until we are done, grab her cheeks, and hold them apart for me, we need to get the taint, and that tight asshole shaved just as clean and smooth.”

Gabrielle gave a grunt, and said, “Oh, that butt plug was feeling so good, and now it’s gone!”

I purred, “Not to worry my dear, after you are shaved bare and smooth, we’ll plug your sexy ass again!”

Courtney watched, grinning, as I sprayed the water down, then applied the gel. I carefully shaved her down, listening to her purrs of pleasure got my pussy juicing, Courtney gave me a look of sheer lust, letting me know that she was just as hot as I was. I rinsed her off and admired my handiwork.

“Gabrielle, feel yourself,” I urged.

She did so, I enjoyed the look of wonder on her face as she ran her fingers all over the smooth, bare skin.

“Ohhh, god, it feels so good! I feel so sexy, so sensitive!”

“Oh yes baby, just wait until you feel your panties and jeans pressing against you there, it’ll make you simmer all day!” I cooed.

“Now, plug my ass again, I want to feel that, it feels so good!”

With a cry of pleasure, Gabrielle felt the penetration, as Courtney buried the butt plug in, right to the base. We led her out of the bathroom and saw the girls making out, sharing tongue-filled swirls of passion, and stoking of sleek, sexy bodies.

“Ok, the next part of the initiation is about to begin,” I announced.

I felt all eyes on me, wondering what I had in mind for the newest cheerleaders, and us.

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