Dean Sees Stars

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I should explain that Johnny, who was 26 at the time of this story, was my older sister’s boyfriend. As a nineteen year old boy, I had had very few sexual encounters, heterosexual or homosexual, before Johnny and I was still trying to find myself through the maze of a confused and unsettling adolescence. But that is another story. However, suffice it to say that I became attracted to Johnny and through a series of strange events and ironies, he and I had become lovers. We had had sex together on several occasions prior to the episode I am about to tell. He proclaimed to be a bisexual and for that reason could not be in a committed relationship with anyone. As for myself, I was having fun just being around Johnny. He was unlike anyone else I had ever met.

About two months after I met Johnny, he asked me if I’d like to go to a private party that one of his producer friends was throwing. It was being held in a penthouse apartment on York Avenue, in Manhattan. Johnny told me it would be a lot of fun and that there was more than just a possibility that a few celebrities would also be attending. Johnny worked in the wardrobe department for a major, network television company. So in addition to having access to some great clothes, he had access to a lot of high profile people. When I showed up to meet him, he told me I looked nice but too conservative. He suggested we stop off at one of his wardrobe locations and pick out a more stylish outfit for me, something that would showcase both Johnny’s fashion sense and my body. At nineteen, I had a pretty nice build: six feet tall, short-cropped black hair, blue eyes and very smooth skin. Eventually, Johnny decided on a pair of snug fitting, black leather pants for me to wear, coupled with a matching vest and a black, button-down, satin shirt. Because I was more accustomed to wearing jeans and a tee shirt, this was pretty flashy attire for me. But I figured, why not go for it.

We arrived at the party and it was like a scene from a Hollywood movie. No expenses were spared. Aside from the magnificent view of Manhattan and the East River, the apartment was crowded with a bounty of beautiful people, food, liquor and an abundance of other types of pain relievers. Even the men and women serving the food were all very attractive. Many of them were actors trying to break into the entertainment biz. Anyway, Johnny began by getting me drinks and introducing me all around. I acted kind of shy because I felt a little out of place. The apartment was extremely well decorated and bigger than any house I had ever been in. The amount of people in attendance seemed to increase as the evening wore on. Johnny would leave me by myself, periodically, to visit with friends and/or work the room. Whenever he returned to chat with me, he would whisper in my ear something about how he had fucked this bitch or had sucked this other guy’s cock. He kept telling me that my outfit was turning him on and he would subtly rub and pat my cock whenever he felt we were unobserved. He told me that I had even turned some of his friends on and that they were dying to meet me. Johnny made it clear I could flirt all I wanted but that after the party was over he was going to fuck my sweet ass. With all the touching and rubbing, my cock was staying pretty hard.

At one point a very attractive, blond woman (late forties) came over, introduced herself as Jenna, and asked me my name and how long had I known Johnny. I told her my name was Dean and that I hadn’t known Johnny that long but he seemed to know everyone and anyone. She half laughed and told me she always thought Johnny was more into meeting people than actually knowing them. As it turned out, Jenna was hosting the party. Jenna was about 5′ 9″, brunette, very slinky body, dressed in a clinging, white dress with spaghetti shoulder straps. She had exquisite breasts with very firm nipples that were discreetly showcased by the sheer material of her gown. She kept touching and feeling my arms and shoulders and putting her mouth close to my ear in order to whisper parts of her conversation. I found the heat from her mouth on my ear to be very arousing. She told me she loved my pants and wondered whether or not my cock was comfortable in there. My face must have blushed to a bright red, because she patted my cheek and told me not to be embarrassed.

“I kağıthane escort was watching you with Johnny and you didn’t seem so shy when he was running his hands all over you. Does Johnny own you or something, baby face?’

I sort of babbled, “No one owns me. Johnny and I are just good friends.”

She smiled a very coy smile and said, “That’s good to hear, because it looks like your love tool is straining to get out. I hope it’s not something I caused.”

Jenna casually glanced around the room to see if anyone was watching as she quietly moved closer to me, sliding her hands around my waist and over my ass.

“Ummm, the rest of you feels pretty hard too.”

She gave me a kiss on the ear and took me by the hand and said, “I want you to meet my husband, Roger.”

I thought to myself, “Oh shit!” But before I could think of a way to escape, she brought me over to this man, who seemed to holding an audience with a small group of people. When he turned around to greet me, I almost fell over. He was a very popular and well known actor and singer, both on TV and in the movies. Surprisingly, he was very warm, friendly, and easy to talk to. After Jenna introduced Roger and me, we made small talk and he really made me feel at ease, and that he wasn’t just being polite. We chatted for about five minutes about my background, when Jenna excused us saying she wanted to introduce me around to her friends. Roger smiled at me, patted my shoulder and looking me right in the eye said, “Don’t be a stranger Dean. Make yourself at home. My house is your house.”

She took me by the hand and proceeded to lead me around from room to room introducing me to a lot of people, many of them show biz VIPs. I was dizzy just trying to keep up with the names. Eventually, we entered a very large bedroom that included a large, leather couch. She closed the door, locked it, and then dimmed the lights asking me to join her on the couch. I was so excited from meeting all these important people that I was kind of in awe of Jenna and not thinking too clearly. I acted like a puppy dog and I let her lead me to the couch wondering what she had in mind. I had just sat down when Jenna, without any words being spoken, pushed me back on the couch and started kissing me on the lips and rubbing my nipples through my shirt. She had a very soft mouth and large lips. Within moments she had slipped her tongue into my mouth, as her long, red-polished fingernails raked and explored my chest, alternately tweaking my nipples. The taste of her lipstick and the smell of her perfume was intoxicating as well as titillating. I couldn’t believe how quickly and how hard my cock became. Those pants suddenly felt super tight.

Jenna broke our little heated make out session and asked me, “Do you like my breasts Dean? I noticed you have been staring at them for most of the evening.”

I told her, “I think you have the greatest tits I’ve ever seen. They look so well shaped and firm, like ripe fruit.”

Jenna smiled her sexy smile and slid one strap off her shoulder, exposing her gorgeous globe to me, and said, “Let me see how good you are at sucking mommy’s nipple.”

I slid a little closer to her and let my hand slip over these two mounds of pearly flesh. I opened my mouth wide and softly tried to engulf as much of her breast in my hot, wet mouth. I slid my tongue all around her left breast while my hand massaged and kneaded her right breast.

Jenna pulled my head closer as she arched her back tilter her head way back, like she was going into a hypnotic state. She had a look of ecstasy on her face as her eyes closed and she whispered, “Oh yes baby. Suck my nipples you bad boy. Make mommy’s nipples hard.”

I could feel her large nipple just grow and harden as my mouth and tongue engaged it in a type of mini erotic dance. I had only touched a couple of girl’s breasts until this moment. But they were no comparison to these mature beauties. My head was focused on nothing but the sweet sensations of her body. Jenna kept up a steady stream of moaning and cooing in my ear. In between biting my ear and neck she would let out little gasps saying, ” That’s it Dean. You have me on fire. Suck me good. Oh baby your tongue is like a match.” A bomb could have gone off in that room and I doubt I would kartal escort have heard it.

Jenna had slowly allowed her hands to roam over my body. She was now rubbing my cock as she worked to get the zipper down to expose it.

“Oh your cock feels soooo hard, baby. Let mommy take it out for you.”

Finally, I helped her pull my cock out and she said, “Oh yummy!”

As I was to learn, Jenna was no stranger to a hard dick. She grasped it in her hands and while watching my reaction gave it a few firm pulls and jerks. I let out a small yelp as I resumed feasting on her nipples and slid my hand up under her dress to probe for her pussy. My fingers found their way to her love box and it felt deliciously moist. I was surprised to realize she had shaved her pussy. I ran my hand gently over her mound and slowly explored her slit looking for her little man in the boat. When I made contact with her little nub I felt her tense and then suddenly she took a deep breath and let out a very loud, almost primitive, groan. It startled me at first but by the look on her face I knew I had struck a nerve, a very sensitive nerve. Jenna put her mouth closed to my ear and told me, ” Finger fuck me baby. Finger fuck me good!”

Just has my middle finger had penetrated her, I heard the sound of key unlocking a door. It was Jenna’s husband, Roger, entering the room and quickly making his way towards us. I almost freaked out and attempted top pull away from Jenna to defend myself. Jenna grabbed my head and hand, which still had it’s middle finger firmly embedded in her wet twat, and held them in place.

She pulled my head back putting my mouth back on her nipple saying, “Don’t worry baby, Roger doesn’t mind me having a little fun. In fact, he likes to see me have fun.” I looked over at Roger and he just smiled and waved at me to go ahead and enjoy myself, almost in the same manner as he would tell her tennis pro to continue a lesson. Well, I went back to sucking on her tit and fingering her. She was pulling on my cock and leaning back on the couch with her head rolling backwards. As she was moaning, she pulled my head up to hers and told me to suck on her tongue. She had a great mouth and could suck my tongue like she was cock sucking it. I was getting as good as I was giving. I suddenly realized there was different hand on my cock than before. When I looked down, there was Roger kneeling in front of us and stroking my cock and signaling me to be quiet. He pulled off his shirt and his pants as he stroked my cock and rubbed her thighs. As if on cue, Jenna then pushed me back on the couch and kneeled alongside to me, undoing my shirt and sucking on my nipples. She made me lean back as she continued sucking on my neck and pinching my nipples.

She asked me, ‘Does it feel good, sweetie?”

Half in a trance I responded, “Gosh yeah. My cock is on fire”

Jenna smiled and then buried her tongue in my throat. Simultaneously, I felt my cock engulfed in a warm mouth. I could feel it going all the way down and then sliding back up someone’s throat. I peeked down and there was Roger sucking and licking my cock. His wife was now feeding it into his mouth and giving it some nice tugs as he worked his lips all over it. She kept coming back and kissing me and sucking on my tongue as Roger gave me a heavenly blow job.

She kept telling me, “I want you to cum for mommy. Cum baby! Make Roger eat your cum.” Well it didn’t take long. I felt that familiar sensation start to hit me. Roge” had slipped a finger inside my ass and that was all I needed. I felt my juices come rushing up inside my cock and just spurt and erupt into his mouth. My hips were working involuntarily as they bucked and humped my load into Roger’s mouth. Roger started moaning, as he took my huge load and gulped and swallowed it down his throat. His wife was jerking my cock and intensifying my orgasm like never before. When Roger had completely drained my cock he backed away from the couch and I could see that his own cock had become very erect.

Jenna repositioned herself on the couch and pulled my head down to her pussy and told me, ” Go ahead baby, I need you to finish me off. I want you to suck on my pussy while Roger watches.”

My head was still spinning from that mighty orgasm but I gladly obliged this küçükçekmece escort sensual goddess. I ran my tongue all over her pussy lips and then sucking and mouthing her sweet clit. She smelled and tasted like an addictive drug. I bit on some loose skin and pulled on it like a lion feasting on its kill. Jenna placed her hands behind my head and pushed my tongue deeper into her gash as she ground her hot box against my face.

“Oh shit,” she cried. “This boy has got one hell of a tongue. He’s tongue fucking my pussy Roger! I’m going to fucking cum!” I felt her body tighten and then shiver. She gave out an animal like guttural sound followed by a half pleading voice. Then her body started shivering and shaking uncontrollably. I could feel her love jukes flowing on my tongue. I intensified my efforts and Jenna responded like a musical instrument.

“Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! He’s killing me with that tongue. Fuck me baby! Baby please don’t stop. I’m cumming. Oh God, I am cumming!”!”

As Jenna’s spasms started to subside, I glanced over and saw that Roger had been jerking and pulling on his own manhood during Jenna’s orgasm. He was now standing over Jenna pulling on his cock as he stared at her face, which was working to recover from the effects of my mouth induced orgasm. Roger let go of his cock gesturing to Jenna to take hold of it. Jenna just smiled at him and then at me.

Then she said to me, ” Baby, mommy wants you to make Roger cream. Can you do that for me baby?’

I moved over and kneeled between Rogers cock and Jenna ‘s face , I reached up and gave Roger a few quick tugs on his cock. It felt very hard and very warm.

Roger rolled his eyes back, and responded, ” Oh how sweet this is. Baby, please make me cum.”

I started pulling and stroking his cock. There was already a sizeable amount of precum on it and leaking on to my hand. I could feel him getting more and more rigid as I worked my fist up and down his circumsized cocked. He was groaning and moaning for me to keep going. Suddenly he gasped out loud that he was cumming and I increased my tempo on his rod. He started bucking as his sperm started jumping out of his cock and on to Jenna’s face and tits. I pulled his cock closer to Jenna as he continued to pour out his hot chowder on to her milky skin. Within a few moments I had emptied his balls on to Jenna. She manipulated his sperm in her fingers and rubbed it all over her nipples and tits, stopping at her mouth occasionally to taste and lick her finger tips of his nectar.

As quickly as Roger had entered the room he just as quickly exited. Jenna and I were alone now.

She told me, “I really should be getting back to me guests now baby. Do you mind?”

I told her I understood and she said, ” That’s really sweet of you but your swollen cock seems a little disappointed. Come over here and put that bad boy to use.”

Jenna pushed back on the couch and I slid up between her legs and placed my rigid pole right at the entrance to her pussy. She raised her legs and pulled my hips towards her and I felt my cock slip into her heavenly pocket. Within seconds I was pistoning my rocket in and out of her hole as she bumped and banged her pelvis up to meet my thrusts. With her husband’s sperm still wet on her face, Jenna started to moan and spasm into another mind-blowing orgasm.

Jenna’s body shuttered as she yelped, “Fuck me you bitch boy. Fuck your mommy!”

I was in no condition to hold back or prolong this event as I felt my balls boil over and my sperm erupt in to her velvet pussy.

“Oh Jenna, I’m cumming. OOOOOH! I’m cumming.”

We slowly bucked and wound our way back down to reality. Jenna gently reached down and pulled my softening cock out her pussy. She pushed me back a little and bending over gave my cock a big kiss.

“I have to get back to the party, Dean. You stay around because we have a lot of unfinished business. You understand?”

I replied, “Yes mommy, I do.”

Jenna smiled gave me a big soulful kiss and then headed for the bathroom.

I did stay the night and a lot longer. I eventually became part of their entourage of extended family members. They even invented a bio for me for the press. I was a nephew interning for a job career in the entertainment industry. This made my traveling with them on tour and on vacation easier and less subject to scrutiny. Although we had some amazing sexual escapades, – which could be the grit for future stories – Jenna and Roger were always honest and good to me. When it came time for me to leave, we parted as friends and I still see them today, from time to time.

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