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The sequel to Contraction.


“Your future is with me now.”

With those six words I became Cody’s boyfriend and he became my saviour. Jenny and I were over. Two years of an incredible sexual journey had ended with threats and recrimination. I had been thrown out of the house I had shared with her for almost the entire relationship, and a cloud of humiliation lie heavy over my head. Jenny had pictures and videos of some very intimate moments, ones I would prefer the world didn’t see, visual proof that could destroy my family and lose my small number of friends. But I had stood strong. I had resisted the worst she threw at me and in the end I had emerged the victor.

It had been a messy week. With the support of my sister and Cody I had plucked up the courage to end it. Jenny had been dismissive at first, thinking it a joke or at worst, a bargaining chip. She had changed once I started packing. At first trying to seduce me with her amazing body and slutty fetishes. She’d stripped to her red boy shorts and provided me with a lecherous show. Her second attack was to offer me anything I wanted and she would make it happen. Girls, boys, groups, bondage, everything we had ever enjoyed plus others we hadn’t tried was dangled in front of my face. I weakened. I allowed her to pull my cock out. I allowed her talented lips to close around it and pleasure me, but before I came, I grew strong once more, and pushed her away.

That’s when the threats started. ‘Remember I still have the pictures’ she’d told me. She reminded me of the videos she’d taken both with and without my consent. Videos I’d never been able to find and thus destroy. Videos of me in some of the most humiliating situations including wearing girls underwear, being fucked with a strapon, and any number of times with the guys. Then there was the really bad one; me fucking my sister. My only saving grace, if it could be called that, is that I was blindfolded the whole time. But my sister wasn’t, and her relish at taking her brothers cock was evident. It would humiliate us and our parents and break up our family. Despite my pleading with Jenny to at least destroy that one video, she didn’t relent. We’d never met each other’s families and now she just didn’t care. Jenny was evil. In some ways it made it easier to walk away but the nightmare scenario was like a chain around my neck, constricting whenever I thought about it. Which was a great deal.

* * *

Darkness covered my face and his musty ball sweat assaulted my smell. His underwear was stretched across my face, the groin over my nose. He’d worn them in the gym for his workout, and removed them only when he returned home, but not before making me strip and tie myself to the bed. My ankles were held wide and high by a belt around each and looped over the bed posts. Handcuffs looped behind the headstand held my wrists above my head. He made me watch him strip. He made me lick his balls clean, then forced his ass onto my face. I lapped at his sweaty crack like a thirsty puppy. Then came the boxers pulled over my head. Now he was pushing himself hard and deep into my ass.

This was six of ten rewards Cody had promised me for moving in with him. I was the slave.

Since finding out about Cody’s secret fetish for getting fucked by strangers, he’d become more open with me, and I’d discovered he hid a filthy side. On our first night together in his flat we got drunk and when either of us needed a piss, the other drank it. Beer and piss. Oh and lots of kissing, fingering, licking and rolling around on the floor. My first reward had been another trip with him to the woods, where we each got fucked by several guys, random strangers seeking an anonymous hole to penetrate. I got nailed by a fat guy, a chubby black guy with a small dick, (sticks in the mind for some reason), and a granddad. Cody had finished off inside me while being fucked by a huge, hairy guy with a gut like a space hopper. Other rewards included another anonymous fuck at a gay club and inviting Trey around and having him and Cody as my slaves. It was a bit pointless, I ended up begging them to fuck me.

My split with Jenny had also changed me. I had become a far worse slut, (or should that be better?). Cody had none of the control Jenny exercised and although he encouraged me to push my limits just as Jenny did, he didn’t know when to rein me in. This led me to going to that woodland alone and without telling him. I’d been three times including the one with Cody, and the last was the best; five guys fucked me and I got spit roasted. I even giggled to myself when leaving. I knew it was dangerous, and stupid, but I couldn’t stop myself. Every time I told myself it would be the last, and it never was. I worried of course. One guy forcing himself on me without protection could give me any number of nasty infections. So far, like Cody, all of them had worn a rubber.

“Uh…rape me…uh…master!” I begged. Cody drilled me like a jackhammer. An involuntary grunt escaped my lips with every thrust home. My buttocks started to ache from the punishment. The memories of my woodland visits flooded my mind and drove me further into ecstasy. I was losing reality and subsuming myself in a slutty, lust bursa escort induced stupor. Every time it seemed I reached a peak my drive for greater excitement pushed me further.

“You’re mine… you little… slut.” Panted Cody.


“Say it… slut, you belong… to me!”

“I belong…uh.. to you.”


“Uh…I…uh… belong…uh… to you.”


“I’m yours!”

“You best not… forget… it… You’re… my fuck… toy.”

“Yes…uh… master.”

The back and forth excited me even more than Cody’s cock pounding my ass. Together they left me breathless. I was a facktoy! A hole to be used and ruined for my masters pleasure. I wanted so much to give in. To become an object for Cody, his hole to abuse. But something held me back from total commitment. I’d just left Jenny to avoid something similar and deep down I didn’t want 24/7 slavery. Yet those times in the woods, those strangers who’d rammed themselves up my ass and used me for their own pleasure had unlocked a deeper desire that had begun with Jenny. With trickery, careful convincing and using her amazing body, she’d made me a slut, and despite our parting, I was grateful to her for that. Now I was hooked on getting as much cock as possible. I knew I was transiting into a cock slave and I wasn’t sure I wanted to push that far, but I wasn’t taking steps to prevent it.

My drive to ever greater sexual highs was cut short. Cody pulled out of my ass with a pop. I heard rustling. I heard a whistle. A loud slap accompanied a powerful sting across my ass.

“ARRGH!” I cried out.

“Like that don’t you slut?” Said Cody.

“Y…yes master.” My voice was shaky.


Another stinging whip landed across my buttocks.

“Say thank you.” He demanded. I’d never seen this side of him before. It excited me.

“Thank you master.”


“Thank you master.”

The process repeated ten times. My ass was raw and the stinging sensation was so intense, I thought it would never pass. I knew tears had welled up in my eyes, but Cody’s underwear hid them from him. I couldn’t hide my shaky voice.

“W..why master?”

“Why? To show you that I can do what I want with my property.” I followed his voice as he padded around the bed and back. “Because you belong to me, don’t you?”

“Yes master. I belong to you.” I felt his close in above me. The warmth of his body and the scent of his sweat enveloped me. An uncontrolled whimper escaped my lips. My god he was driving me insane with lust.

More pain. A sharpness in my nipples.

“Japanese clover clamps to adorn my fuck toy.” He whispered. I heard a jingle and then my nipples were pulled upwards. Exquisite pain. My erection bounced on my stomach. Cody released the chain allowing it and the clamps to tinkle down on my chest. The clamps fell sideways adding a twisting pain. I whimpered again.

Such was the concentration of pain I barely felt Cody wrapping something around my right ankle. I noticed when it was pulled tight, and my curiosity piqued when something similar was tied around my other ankle. Once fastened he then pulled it tight between my legs. Then he moved to my balls, fastening something soft around the base of my scrotum, then pulling sharply. My balls were pulled up and away. His final act was to pull up on the nipple chain again, only this time it remained pulled up.

“Want to see what I’ve done slut?”

“Yes… master.” I panted. The pain was making me shake and sweat. Cody leaned over me again engulfing me with his sexual power, and peeled the underwear from my eyes. I saw at once. He had tied a rope between my ankles, and used it to hold up the rope on my balls and the nipple chain. He reached over and twanged the rope. I cried out again as the movement sent shocks into my nipples and made my balls ache. He climbed on the bed and sat on my face, facing down the bed. I licked his ass with gusto and probed his puckered hole, trying to push my tongue all the way in.

“Mmmm good slut.” He moaned above me, and wiggled his ass on my face. I couldn’t believe he’d done all this, it was completely out of character. Not that I was complaining. My focus was brought back when he jerked the nipple clamps. I groaned into Cody’s asshole. Moments later he stood and wobbled down the bed.

“Back to my pleasure now slut.” He knelt between my legs and rammed himself back into me. I grunted, then let out a wail of ecstasy as he ramped up the pace. His thighs slapping against my buttocks was loud in the quiet room and they stung from my whipping.

“Tell me you… love me slut!” He was panting again. I realised he was putting a lot of work into this.

“I love… you… master.”

“With every… thrust bitch!”

“Uh…uhhhh IloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyouIloveyou…” I kept it up as long as I could but the need to vocalise both pain and pleasure was too strong. My mantra was interrupted with repeated wails and grunts. I needn’t have worried. Cody slowed down but slammed in harder and I knew he was about to orgasm. With a roar he thrust home with such force it dislodged the left nipple clamp. I yelled görükle escort out at the sudden change in pain and he quickly ripped off the other using the chain. I cried out again but the pain diminished fast and I looked up at him. He was a magnificent sight. His face screwed up in the exhilaration of orgasm. His smooth, defined body glistening with sweat, fucking me slower and slower as he pumped my guts full of semen. I could feel the warmth spreading within me. He slowed to a stop pushing in as deep as he could go, and opened his eyes. He looked at me with a massive grin lighting up his pretty face, and a stare so intense I felt he was looking into my brain. I wanted to tell him properly that I loved him, but again something stopped me, despite being drunk on lust.

“Surprise.” He whispered and his smile grew larger. I didn’t know what he meant at first. He just sat there smiling at me. Then I felt it, I was filling up with more warmth and a pleasant pressure in my guts. He was pissing in me.

“Oh fuck master! Thank you!” I laughed.


“I didn’t hurt you too much did I?” Said Cody. After filling me with piss he’d sucked me dry then spat it into my mouth. After untying me I’d waddled to the bathroom to empty myself. We’d showered and now lay on the bed cuddling.

“Fuck no!” I planted a peck on his rosy lips. “It was amazing. Where did that come from?”

He grinned, and then I swear I could see that smile falter, just for the briefest of moments. “I er, watched a load of bondage porn.”

“Well shit, you can do that again.” I beamed at him. He rolled further on top of me, wrapped himself around me, and we kissed for ages.

* * *

It was one of my nights out with Jason that I realised how much sex had taken over my life. I know you’ll scoff at that statement considering everything I’ve told you, but let me explain. It really did creep up on me. At first Jenny was a more exciting girl, a nymph with public exposure tendencies. This was new to me but despite the rapid adoption of her lifestyle, I never thought of it as an all-encompassing pursuit. I still had to work and study, at least until I left uni, and I still went out with friends. As she introduced me to new and exciting sexual acts I saw it as an extension of just one part of my life. This is Jenny’s genius, the slow drip introduction of more extreme pleasures. Even when I followed Cody to the woods that first time, it never occurred to me that I was descending into a form of addiction. Any alcoholic or drug user will tell you a similar story. And like those groups, I have a single moment when I realised my problem. And like some of the heavier addicts, it pushed me further rather than stopped me. In my case, I very nearly lost my only long term friend.

I was happy. The band was far better than any we had seen before. Their instruments seemed to be playing the same song at the same time while the singer was in tune and didn’t feel the need to screech. The beer was cold for a change, and someone had given the floor a wash so I only felt the slightest sticky resistance when I walked on it. But this was not why I was so happy. The reason for my levity had his arm around my waist again, and mine around his. He was even leaning right up against me, the warmth of his body and his manly smell arousing me. I’d picked a time when I hoped no one was looking to drive my hand in my jeans and tuck my dick into the waist band of my boxers. Now I could enjoy having an erection while Jason cuddled me without anyone knowing.

“Whell it a shame my dear mnn.” The moron was back and talking at Jason. “You reahelly should have come, it was a blahst mnn.”

Atticus had again made a beeline for Jason. He’d been spotted through a break in the crowd allowing Jason to set us up as a ‘couple’ before he saw us. What had started as ‘best friends’ had morphed into a couple in just a few nights at the bar. Jason was petrified Atticus was trying to pull him so I had to be his ‘boyfriend’ as protection.

“Well sorry, Tom and I were, er, busy.” I was looking at Jason as he spoke and watched him wink. My cock and sphincter both twitched at the thought of being busy with him.

“I see mnn.” Said Atticus. “Strange mnn.”

We both waited to find out what he thought was strange but he remained silent. In the end Jason cracked first. “What’s strange?”

“Whell mnn,” He managed to make his annoying nasal whinny even while sipping from his colourful drink. “You give the himpression that they two of you are togethah mnn, but I have never seen you kiss mnn.”

My heart stopped. Time slowed down, like seeing it through water.

“We’re not really the public affection kind.” Explained Jason without a pause. Smooth.

“Yet heyah you stand, lovers arm in arm mnn.”

The impulse came from nowhere but struck me with the force of a runaway train. Throwing caution to the wind I followed through; I moved my hand from Jason’s hip to his ass and patted him. It may sound like a small thing to you, but to me that was a seismic shift in my suffering unrequited lust for Jason. I’d never taken action before. In the single second it took Jason to understand what I was trying to convey, I felt bursa escort bayan sick, froze and a million disaster scenarios flashed through my mind.

None of those disasters manifested themselves. Instead I lived a fantasy.

“You’re weird Atticus.” Said Jason. Then he put his beer down, pulled me into him, and we locked lips. They were warm and full, and pressed against mine with a passion I had only dreamed about. Then it got better. His hand came up to the nape of my neck and held me at the same time his tongue pushed into my mouth. I opened my lips and give him permission to own me. My heart thudded in my chest and still clutching my beer bottle, I wrapped my arms around him as tight as possible. Our tongues wrestled, in and out of each other. I dropped my hand once again onto his ass and squeezed. He thrust his groin into mine and I knew he must have felt my erection, but I was too busy sinking into a fantasy to be embarrassed.

I could have cried when, after a much longer time than expected, or was necessary, he pulled back. He didn’t let go of me. Instead he moved behind me and kept his arms around my chest and stomach. One thumb was hooked in my jeans mere millimetres from my cock. He even pushed his groin into my ass. I could feel his bulge! He rested his chin on my shoulder and gave me a final peck on my neck.

“Did you enjoy that Atticus?” He said.

“Mnn.” Was his sniffy reply, before Atticus raised his nose even higher than normal and wandered off. I prepared myself for the disappointment of being released from Jason’s embrace, but to my surprised he remained.

“Thanks Tommy.” He whispered.

“No… no problem Jas.” I had to remind myself to breathe.

“Sorry if that um, embarrassed you.”

“Oh god no. I m..mean, no, you’re fine. Cool.” Yep, I was handling this totally cool.

“No other friend would have done that with me.” He kissed me on the cheek. Fuck. What was going on? “Can you pass my beer?”

I leaned forwards to fetch the glass from the shelf, and had to bend over in the process. Once more my heart beat an unnatural rhythm; As I did so Jason dropped his hands to my hips and bounced his groin into my ass, just as though we were about to fuck. My vision went blurry just for the briefest of moments. What the fuck? I stood and passed the glass over my shoulder. He returned one arm around me, hugging my chest and tucking him hand under my arm.

“You don’t mind if I stay here?” He asked. “Just in case the twat comes back?”

“Oh no, fine no, that’s cool. However long you want Jas.”

Once he’d taking several gulps of his favoured Estrella, he hooked his thumb into the hip of my jeans and rested himself against me. Confusion and lust fought a battle, raging throughout my body. I had no idea what Jason was up to, and he couldn’t know how much it was tearing me apart. I was desperate to tell him everything and beg him to take me. But I knew it was futile, and I wanted to avoid losing a friend I’d known since we were kids. So I suffered in secret, and took a little joy in feeling him against me.

We remained in contact for a half hour or so and when it became evident that the cretin wasn’t coming back, Jason pulled away from me. In my mind it was with some reluctance but I knew I was projecting. The rest of the night went off as normal. With some effort I supressed the emotional train crash in my head and we drank beer and chatted about pointless subjects.

So the scene is set for the dawning of my understanding of the depth of my addiction. We’d got back to Jason’s place, made small talk and drifted off to bed pretty quick. My phone showed 2:41 when I woke and needed a piss. I struggled off the sofa and stumbled from the lounge, but instead of turning right to the bathroom, I turned left and found myself outside Jason’s room. His door was open. Lumps appeared in my throat and boxers. In the wash of the moonlight through thin curtains I saw him. Duvet thrown aside he lie on his front, right leg crooked up by his side, wearing only a pair of tiny light and dark striped ‘boy shorts’. In fact I would describe them more as French knicker style cotton briefs. The low level arousal that seemed to be my default state during these days ramped up. My cock pushed hard against my boxers and with a wiggle of my hips I gave it room to stick forwards and tent my underwear. Lust overcame all sense.

I crept into the room and paused halfway to the bed. I could hear him breathing regular and slow. He was fast asleep. I moved towards the bed, my heart the loudest sound in the room. I reached the side of the bed closest to his ass and knelt down. I knew this was wrong but I couldn’t stop. In slow motion I watched myself reach out and with the lightest touch I traced the curve of his ass cheek. It was warm. I repeated the motion, this time with a little more force. He neither moved nor stirred. Being as gentle as I could I gripped the bottom edge of his shorts and pulled up towards his waist exposing his right buttock, the stretchy material disappearing into his crack. It was beautiful in the moonlight. I stroked it with my whole hand. He felt like warm silk. I caressed him like a lover, soft and slow, as though wiping dust from the wings of a butterfly. Before I was able to stop myself I was leaning forward and my lips rested on the warm, firm skin. I was in heaven. I kissed him across the full roundness of his ass cheek, a tongue lick here and there. Then I rested my face on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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