Doc Zach Thank You Princess

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WARNING: This story involves scenes of graphic sex including seduction, reluctance, domination, mind control, oral, inter-racial breeding and anal. If that is not what you are looking for don’t read on. All sexual acts depicted in the story are committed by adults over eighteen years old. This is a story in a series of Doc Zach and his various encounters. Stories of Doc Zach and his patients have not yet been published.

In previous stories I told that a bicycle accident at college taking pre-med left me in a coma with a brain concussion. It made me an empath which while in touch with only females I can read their minds, target specific thought centers to enhance feelings or in sexual encounters enhance specific centers of their bodies. I tap into their deep needs and bring those feelings to the surface.

I am now a well establish internist specializing in Woman’s Issues. I concentrate my practice to young adult females with eating disorders, body image issues and female patients seeking weight control. My female clients are limited to eighteen to forty five years in age. Due to my empathy skills and ability to read female minds I have very high success rates, both with the daughter and their mom. I am extremely successful via client referrals and have built up a very lucrative practice. I am now in my late forties with distinguishing gray around the temples. I never want for sexual encounters.

My first two daughters each with my mom and sister are in pre-med in a well know college. Two more daughters also with my mom and sister are eighteen year old seniors in high school and the other two just started high school. My sister and I rolled our inheritance and smart investments with Mom’s finances and purchased a large estate where we all live. Society knows the six young females to be my nieces or my younger sisters but all six are my biological daughters.

My practice is filled with daughters of well to do mothers who willingly pay my fees. I don’t accept insurance so I don’t have to comply with pricing constraints or medical filings or reports. I attend a few medical conferences throughout the year and was attending one when this event occurred. She came out of the conference room wing her high heels tapping the parquet floor. She was built like a ‘brick shithouse’ as some males are want to say.

She had long black hair currently hiding what had to be DD or even E cup breasts. Her satin blouse was almost see through and two open buttons showed off her deep cleavage. Her waist pulled in nicely and flared out to full wide hips, baby hips they are called. Her ‘tease you like all hell’ outfit was complete in what looked like a school uniform skirt. I couldn’t see her ass but I speculated it was full and tight. Her gaze would make her deep green eyes burn an emerald laser beam through lesser men. When she came abreast of me, no pun intended, I said just loud enough for her to hear, “Thank You, Princess.”

Her high heels clicked for several steps then stopped. I heard them softly tapping until she stood beside me. “What did you say?” she asked challenging me. She towered over me as I sat in the overstuffed leather chair in the lobby bar.

I said again, “Thank You, Princess,” as I looked up at first the heaving mounds of her huge breasts then captured her burning green eyes. “You filled me with wonder and questions as you pounded by on some mission controlling your thoughts and I wanted to thank you for the fantasy that will fill my mind about you for the rest of the evening.”

“You don’t know anything about me old man. You don’t know anything at all,” she snapped back at me.

“Give me your right hand!” I barked. If I know her type and read her correctly she will submit to my command. She tapped her heels loudly letting out a huge breath then slowly gave me her right hand. I took it palm up and ran my fingers slowly across her heart and life lines and caressed the center of her palm. Her breathing softened and her eyes glazed as I leaked my power into her. Her story was easy to read. My mind drifted over her past as I warmed her body and eased her tension. I gave her a feeling of security and turned up her sexual centers just a notch to thaw this emotionally frozen woman. I watched her body tremble.

“My first thought is when you dressed after your shower this morning you had several choices of panties to wear. After several affairs with other weak men the milk toast husband that you married for safety did not help you pack. He therefore does not know what panties are in your suitcase nor why you chose them. You can either tell me now what colour and style you chose to cover your pussy or sit in the chair opposite me, raise your skirt, open your thighs and show them to Daddy.”

When I said ‘Daddy’ she took in a scared hissing breath and pulled her hand away. She did not turn and dash away so I knew I had her hooked. “Sit down Princess and show Daddy your panties,” I said in my deep controlling voice.

She stood there Büyükesat Escort her huge breasts rising and falling as her breath ran away from her. Her choices ran wild in her mind as she stood there confused by this strong willed stranger. Princess trembled and her heels clacked on the wood floor. Losing her will to leave she pushed the opposite chair closer to me and sat. She looked around then locked her green eyes on mine and slowly pulled her school girl skirt up her now open thighs. The first to appear were the red lace hems of her black thigh-highs. Slowly her skirt rose and her upper bare thighs widened.

Her face and cleavage turned bright red. The gusset of her plain white cotton panties appeared. There was an obvious wet spot all across that swath of cotton that prevented me from seeing the dark curls encasing her pussy lips. Princess was leaking her juices into her panties and the fragrance drifted to where I sat.

“Daddy likes his good girls to dress like little ladies under their skirts. I hope your bra is just as plain and innocent. Is it Princess?” I asked weaving a spell with my voice. “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, What?” I barked. “Yes, D-D-Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Are my Princess’ panties getting wet?” “Yes, D-D-Daddy,” she whimpered.

“You loved your daddy didn’t you Princess. He use to tickle and cuddle you and kiss your cheek and call you ‘his princess’. But that all changed when your large breasts started growing. Your daddy stopped all that and you felt rejected and hurt. Tell me about that night, Princess.”

“How do you know all these things about me Sir?” she said as tears came to her eyes and she looked down at her very expensive black high heels between her open thighs. Her stockings glistened in the pale light of the lobby bar.

“Tell me about that night, Princess,” I said in a stronger voice.

“I turned eighteen the week I was to leave for college. My parents gave me a great party and all my friends were there as a combined graduation and birthday party. After we cleaned up and mom went upstairs to bed I found my father in the TV room sitting at the end of the sofa. I curled up and put my head on his lap as we use to do until my breasts grew in huge. We watched the movie as he finally ran his hands through my long black hair. I shivered at his long absent touch. I felt his hand move down my back and across my hip then slowly it slid down feeling my big ass.”

“I had already changed for bed and had my silky pj shorts and team jersey on with no bra. I held my breath as my daddy’s hand slipped under my pj hem then under my panties and felt my bare ass. I moved towards the edge giving his hand room and his fingers moved into the crack of my full ass. I almost died when his fingers moved across my backstar and found the moistness between my pussy lips.

I was dripping into my cotton panties. He wet his fingers from between my virgin pussy lips. No boy had ever touched my pussy. That was for my daddy! With his fingers wet from his daughter’s female juices he circled the opening to my backstar pushing a fingertip against that dark ring. I moaned and trembled.”

“His other hand slipped into the loose neck of my team jersey and cupped one huge breast. My large long nipple hardened and pushed against his palm as my breathing became long and deep. I felt something pushing against my cheek and realized in shock that my daddy’s penis was getting hard. I turned my face and let my hot breath warm his cock under his pjs. He gripped my breast hard as my lips captured his fat cockhead separated only by the thin cotton cloth.”

“By now his one wet finger had worked its way past my analring and was pushing into me. I soaked my panties and my pj bottoms from the thrill of daddy playing in my ass. It was painful at first but became pleasurable. I felt daddy’s hand leave my breast and adjust his pjs then felt his bare cock against my cheek. His hand then pulled at my top and I raised up until my breasts were uncovered. His hand gripped each huge breast and pulled each dark hard nipple. I was finally proud of my huge breasts.”

“As scared as all hell my wet tongue roamed along daddy’s long fat cock. He would moan when I licked his cockhead and I tasted his liquid leaking from the top. I liked it! I wanted more from my daddy! My lips encircled the head and my daddy moaned loudly. His hands left my body and I was sad until he positioned me onto my knees. He brought my face to his cock then reached under me and touched my wet pussy in my panties. I moaned and took his cock into my mouth.”

“I wanted my daddy’s cock to fill my mouth so I took as much as I could. His fingers wet themselves in my dripping moistness and he rubbed my pleasure knot. I trembled from the pleasure and took his cock deep into my mouth. I coughed a little when his fat cockhead touched the opening of my throat. I slid my wet lips to his cockhead and sucked as he gave more liquid Elvankent Escort onto my tongue. I loved his taste and wanted more; I wanted it all.”

“Some of my girlfriends had boyfriends and at our sleepovers told about sucking cock and filling their mouth with hot thick cum. Some girls swallowed and some held it in their mouth and spit into a tissue. I wanted my daddy to fill my mouth with his daddy cum and then I’d swallow all of it. That cum once upon a time inside his balls and ejected out into my mother had made me. I wanted all his thick daddy cum. Those girls told us how to pump your hand on the cockshaft while you suck the head. So that is what I did to my daddy. My spit and saliva wet his shaft as I sucked it back up.”

“He made me gluck as his fat head hit my gag reflex but I didn’t care. I took his cock as deep as I could while my hand moved up and down his long shaft. My lips would smack my fingers when I took him deep. His fingers roamed between my pussy lips as my warm juices wet him. He even went back to rub my dark star. When he did his finger tip would push into my ass and his palm would rub my clit causing me to moan on his cock deep in my mouth.”

“My thighs trembled when he pushed his finger deep into my ass. I moaned when he pulled out only to feel him push two long fingers against my assring. I groaned and pushed back forcing his two fingers to go into my ass. It hurt so much but I wanted my daddy to give me both pain and pleasure.”

“Princess reach under your skirt and play with yourself. Look into my eyes. There is no one here but you and me. Make yourself cum when he shoots into your mouth,” I commanded.

Her wild emerald eyes looked around and moved her ass to the edge of the leather seat. She flipped her skirt and sat just her cotton panty covered ass on the warm leather. Her hands reached under the front of her skirt and fingers slid into her white cotton panties pushing aside the wet gusset. I could easily see her red gash surrounded by back curls on her pussy lips. Her fingers got busy.

“Daddy moved his fingers in my ass rubbing my swollen clit freaking me out with building pleasure. My body was trembling while I soaked his wrist with my female juices. I was embarrassed with my wetting my father but he made my body overheat. His hands on my breasts were pulling my large hard nipples and pain and pleasure was strumming throughout my body. My face went fast on his cock. I took him deeper and deeper punching my throat opening. On one hard pull on my nipple I pushed down and took his cock into my throat. I kept him deep inside me as my tongue licked his balls.”

“Daddy rose up as he trust into my throat. I slid back to his cockhead and sucked his fat crown. I took a deep breath through my nose and took him into my throat again. I swallowed along his shaft and cockhead and daddy moaned deeply. I liked that he cut off my breath with his cock. I liked that his cock filled my mouth. I liked that his hand crushed my huge breasts. I loved that his fingers filled my ass. I wanted to give all my body to daddy!”

“With my lips I felt a bump under daddy’s cockhead and he growled when I sucked and licked there. I did that over and over and daddy started trembling his thighs shaking and thrusting off the sofa. He started thrusting up into my mouth filling my throat over and over. His fingers were moving in my ass and my nipples were being pulled and twisted. I felt a mounting heated pleasure throughout my body and I screamed on daddy’s cock as I came. My hot juices poured out from my pussy soaking daddy’s wrist, my panties and my pjs.”

Princess stopped her story as her thighs slapped together trapping her hand and she moaned softly as she trembled through her climax. Her eyes were shut tight and her mouth was open wide in the silent scream. Her head looked at the ceiling as her face rocked up and down. Saliva dripped from her lips as she looked down towards her lap. A few passing guys had stopped to watch and listen to this long black haired beauty pleasure herself in the bar lounge. Before she opened her eyes they moved on giving me wide smiles and thumbs up. We were alone again.


“As I trembled in my climax daddy thrust into my mouth. My head moving down and up caused daddy’s cock to fill my throat over and over. As he went past the ridge of my throat that bump under his cockhead would be rubbed in pleasure. I felt his balls rise against my chin then he groaned and trembled. His cockhead swelled in my throat and I felt his first blast of hot cum slide down my throat.”

“I wanted to taste my daddy’s cum so I pulled back to just my lips around his cockhead. My hand pumped his shaft as load after load of hot cum filled my mouth. I sucked as best I could but my daddy filled my mouth with so much hot cum it leaked past my lips and dripped into my cleavage. I swallowed my daddy’s loads one after another as his fingers moved inside Beşevler Escort my ass. I wanted all his cum and was sad when his cock stopped pulsing in my mouth.”

“Oh Princess!” daddy groaned and I felt such happiness in pleasing my daddy. His hand left my breast and he pushed down on my face making me take his cock into my throat. His cockhead trembled in my throat as he groaned and growled. He moved his cock slowly inside my throat going for all his pleasure. I sucked up his shaft getting the stray cum globs and licking his fat cockhead. Daddy didn’t hear it but I heard a board creak in the hallway that overlooks the den. Mommy must have heard us and seen us in the light from the TV.”

“I cleaned up my daddy’s cock and balls the best I could. After he pulled his fingers from my ass I sucked those fingers clean. I licked his wrist like a cat getting my juices off his skin. I kissed daddy’s cock then sucked one last time getting a fat glob of his cum then slipped his softening rod back into his pjs. I kissed all over his face telling him I loved him and would always be his Princess and he could take me anytime we wanted.”

“That would not be the case. It was very cold emotionally in the kitchen in the morning. Mom didn’t even speak to me. She had to know I sucked her husband’s cock, my daddy’s cock and he made me cum. Daddy avoided me all the time until I went to college. Mom told me not to come home for Thanksgiving and sent me to my Aunt and Uncle for Christmas as my parents were going on a cruise. My uncle arranged a summer job for me so I never really went back home. My father died before I graduated, I think from a broken heart. I have been cold to men and dominate older women ever since.”

What is your name Princess?” “Maureen,” she said softly.

“Maureen come here and sit on my lap and let me taste you off your fingers,” I ordered her.

She slowly rose and settled on my lap flipping her skirt first so damp cotton panties sat on my thighs. She brought her fingers under my nose. I inhaled her fragrance then took her wet fingers into my mouth. As I sucked them clean with each suck I made her feel it right on her clit. She took in a deep breath each time then she shifted and felt my long fat cock under her ass. She rolled her hips so her ass massaged my cock up on my thigh.

“My long fat cock is gonna fill your ass with my hot thick cum Princess. I’d suggest you take me to your room and forget about your other plans for tonight. You’ll be busy pleasuring my cock Princess,” I whispered into her ear then bit her lobe over her earring. “Yes Daddy!” she moaned.

Maureen stood and gave me her hand and walked me across the lobby to the elevators. The guys smiled at the lucky man being led by a knock out stacked babe. The women had envy eyes perhaps wishing they were brave enough to give themselves to that handsome older man for one night. When we entered the empty elevator I moved to the back pulling Maureen into my arms and kissed her deeply. My power seeped throughout her body raising the pleasure within her groin and the cotton bra.

I thawed her controlling thoughts that had dominated her for these past years and raised her sweet memories of her desires for her daddy. I could feel the tightness in her shoulders soften and her warm breath on my neck as she breathed in my scent. Since my accident coma I produce strong manly pheromones which unnerve the females in close contact giving them a hunger for intimacy.

The elevator stopped at each of the several conference room floors and people got on. The guys’ eyes lit up in the mirror as I reached under Maureen’s skirt and pulled down her white pussy juices soaked panties until they dropped onto her black high heels. She daintily let them slip off her shoes and let them stay on the floor. Some women turned beet red when they entered the elevator and saw the white soiled fragrant panties on the floor. They knew the scent of female juices. The men smirked and I’m sure some chubbies started drifting down pants legs.

A robust middle aged women got on and saw the white panties. She caught my eyes in the mirror reading my mature handsome features and mouthed, “Oh My!” and fanned her face with her hand. Maureen moaned and hid her face deeper into my shoulder as I slowly raised her skirt creeping it up her stocking thighs and let who ever wanted a look at her fabulous naked ass. The air in the elevator got warm and the fragrance heavy. I thought some of the females in the elevator were adding their scent dripping into their panties.

“Daddy you’re so naughty! You’ve taken off my soiled white panties, Daddy,” Maureen moaned loud enough for all to hear. “Do you want me to stop Princess?” I asked just as loud. “Oh No Daddy. I’m just saying you’re naughty. I hope you don’t spank me later for saying you’re naughty, or my soiling my little girl panties” Maureen said as moans went off in the elevator.

“Twelfth floor!” the elevator announced. “That’s our floor Daddy. You better let my skirt down so I can walk you to our room. I then better take my skirt off since I don’t want to soil my school uniform,” Maureen spoke in a little girl’s voice. The guys groaned as we walked out. Just before the doors closed Maureen lifted her skirt showed off her ass and laughed loudly, “Daddy my panties! You left them in the elevator.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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