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You’re not normally the one in charge, because most of the time you’re happy and more than satisfied when somebody else takes over. But this time is different. This time there’s a hardness to your eyes, a smirk on your lips that tells your willing little victim that you are the boss here, and you will get what you want.

She stands before you, watching your fingers tap the bed as your eyes roam over her body. She shudders like you’re touching her with your gaze, and the blush on her face shows that she knows you’re slowly undressing her in your mind.

When you’re done imagining what she looks like beneath those clothes, you meet her eyes and say only one word: off, and she knows what you mean. Slowly, she undresses, peeling her clothes away one by one until finally she’s sliding her underwear down her thighs, her shins and to her ankles where she steps out of them and straightens, her full breasts seeming to grow as her nipples rise to attention.

Your visual exploration begins again and you realise that she’s smooth down there, there’s not a single stray hair to hide the already glistening folds just peeking from between her lips. She shifts under your scrutiny, unsure of whether she passes your inspection, and you offer her a sly poker oyna grin in return and hold out your hand for her to take whilst you shift forward to the edge of the bed.

You slide her onto your lap so she’s straddling your thighs and you open your legs, spreading hers open in the process. You can smell her arousal, almost feel the heat at the bottom of your belly where her centre is closest and you almost lose control right there and then, but you resist the urge to throw her down and plunge your fingers into her tight little body. Not yet, you tell yourself, not yet.

Her breasts are at eye level, the puckered nipples staring at you and begging, you’re sure of it, for your mouth. You cup them with your hands and squeeze almost painfully, she gasps and throws her head back, and her hips grind against your stomach, leaving a warm wet patch on your tee. You circle her nipples with your thumbs and index fingers and squeeze again, this time closing your mouth over one and sucking hard.

Her hands grasp the hair at the back of your head and pull, so you bite as punishment, tugging at the bud and making her cry out to the ceiling. You smirk and in one swift movement pull and push her down onto the bed. You nudge her thighs apart with your knees canlı poker oyna and push them up until her knees are almost level with her breasts, one of which you notice is red raw from your earlier ministrations and it makes you feel quite pleased with yourself.

Her sex is as red as her nipple and as you take a moment to study it, your hands resting on her shins to keep her in place, you swear you can see her clit pulsing and twitching. You touch it lightly with your thumb, feeling heat and wetness and yes, the steady beat of her drumming heart.

She’s panting and her legs are shaking but you’re too busy exploring her to notice, trailing the tips of your fingers through each fold and teasing the rim of her entrance. You sink a finger in to the knuckle and she spasms around you and you love it. You twist it and draw it out, admiring the way it slides in and out so easily, bringing more hot, thick wetness with it each time.

She’s watching you and you know it, so you bring your fingers to your lips and lick them teasingly, and the way her eyes darken and her body jerks thrills you. You crawl on top of her, thrusting your hips between her legs and beginning a steady rocking that she matches. You capture her full lips and she moans internet casino into your mouth, but not loud enough to satisfy you. You jam your hips hard against her, the harsh material of your jeans rubbing roughly against her centre until she’s screaming your name into your shoulder and coming all over the front of your pants, arousal coating the seam, behind which your own clit is throbbing and wet with arousal.

After a time she falls, exhausted, onto the bed and smiles contentedly. You smirk as you unbuckle your jeans and slide them off along with your soaked underwear. You grasp her legs and pull her down to the middle of the bed and then you crawl over her until your knees are resting either side of her head. You tangle your fingers into her hair and look at her expectantly until she realises that she must return the favour.

As she opens her mouth to take in your throbbing clit, you pull her face against you harshly and she has no choice but to suck you in immediately. You press one hand against the wall above the headboard and rock your hips mercilessly against her face, pressing into her and barking orders at her to suck you, lick you, make you come into her mouth.

Her talented tongue flicks your clit hard and it hits you suddenly, making your body jerk and spasm over her face until she’s covered in your wetness from her chin to the tip of her nose. You smile down at her as your orgasm ebbs away and stroke her cheek tenderly. Good girl, you whisper.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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