Dress Rehearsal

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The English room was always a bit cold, and Erin knew this, but never prepared for it. It is a cold March morning, but instead of a warm sweater and pants, she opts to wear a blue plaid skirt and tight black sweater. Her legs are warm, except for just above the knees, where they are not covered by knee-highs. Goosebumps appear all over them, and Erin rubs her hands over her legs in an attempt to get them warm. Rubbing her hands over her legs like that reminds her of her fiasco with Veronica last evening. It had been so wonderful—so strange, yet so real. She did not really know what to make of it, exactly. For starters, she does not like girls, and is still dating her boyfriend of two years. She never had a lesbian experience in her life. Erin always imagined herself in strong, masculine arms. Though, last night, when she felt those warm, tender arms cradling her, she knew that is what she wanted.

The best part of the evening prior was that she had landed a great role: that of her director’s slut. Though Veronica certainly thought she was solely profiting off of an innocent, eager girl, Erin really felt she benefited from the sheer experience. She was willing to do anything to please. As her English teacher lectured about themes and motifs in some ancient novel, Erin’s mind was on when her next rendezvous with Veronica would be.

At that instant, there is a knock on the door. The teacher walks over to answer the door and comes back to Erin with a green pass in her hand. She lays it on her desk. It reads:


Please meet me after 7th period so that we can discuss a few things. I have another proposition for you.


Erin’s heart begins to race. She runs her fingers over the writing, studying the loops of the cursive and imagining Veronica’s hand moving as she wrote this. She wonders what she was feeling, thinking, dreaming, when she wrote this note out. More importantly, she wonders what this exact proposition is. She knows what it pertains to, certainly, but she does not know Veronica’s exact plan. The school day could not go by quickly enough. It is only first period—6 more periods to go.


After government class, Erin runs down the corridor to Veronica’s office. Though, she does not want to seem too eager. She forces herself to stop, slow down, and catch her breath. Just before she gets to Veronica’s door, she smoothes her skirt and takes a deep breath. She knocks.

“Yes?” Veronica questions.

“Hello, it’s Erin.”

“Oh! Why of course, Erin. One second, please.” Erin can hear some things being moved around inside of the office, but is too nervous to really focus on the noise. After a moment or two, the door opens and Veronica steps out into the hallway. “I suppose you got my note. Do come in.”

“Thanks.” Erin walks into the office and sits down in a chair in the far corner, crossing her right leg over her left so that her skirt slides even farther up her leg. Veronica cannot help but smile at the overly innocent outfit, but forces herself to be cold and demanding. If not for her acting abilities and incredible willpower, she would be all over Erin, kissing every inch of her body.

“Now, I suppose you want to know why I called you in.”

“Well, I can guess…”

“Silence! Do not say anything. Let me talk about this without any interruptions. Understand?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Your audition was good. Well, I told you that yesterday. You definitely have a lot of potential, and I am willing to work with you. Now, let me reiterate that this role will be very demanding. There will be a lot of mandatory rehearsals after school, and even, perhaps, during the school day. They may not be planned. You may just get a pass like you did today, in one of your classes, and you will report to me. The beauty of this is that I can get you out of any class that I want, and I can have you virtually whenever I want. Though, I need to know from you about your commitment. Are you willing to put in the time?”

“Of course.”

“Alright, then this is a permanent arrangement. I should have you sign a contract or something, but I think we did a great alternative to that last night.” She grinned. “Now that you have agreed, rehearsals must start right away.”

“Oh? How soon?”

“They will start today, right after school. Unless…”

“Unless what?”

“What class do you have next istanbul escort hour?”

“Right now I have lunch, and then I have Spanish.”

“Are you doing anything important en la clase hoy?”

“No, can’t say that I am.”

“Well, do you mind missing a day of class?”

“No, can’t say that I would.”

“Alright, then consider it done. In return for my gracious excuse of your absence from that class, you are going to do me a favor in return. You will begin your rehearsals with me.”

“What would you like me to do?”

“First…” She slowly walks toward Erin and places her hands on her shoulders. “First, tell me where you got this sexy outfit and how you knew to wear it.”


“Oh, come on. You don’t know about my enthrallment with you? So young, so innocent, so sexy…and they don’t even know it. You look beautiful.”

“Thanks.” Erin blushes. “You do too.”

‘Damn’ Veronica thinks to herself. ‘Here I am trying to act cold and I am melting. Focus, focus.’ “Enough of this little chit-chat. Now, I want you to take that sexy little outfit off for me.”

“Sure.” Erin begins to unbutton her skirt.

“Scratch that. No, stop, stop. I changed my mind.”


“I want you to leave on your outfit, except for one article of clothing. I want you to take off your panties for me.”

Erin reaches under her skirt for her panties. Her fingertips brush against the outside of her mound and she is already wet. She can feel the heat radiating from inside of her. She wishes she could just slide her finger inside her underwear. But, pleasing herself is not a priority at the moment, and she must comply with her mistress’ commands. Before doing anything stupid, she pulls the panties quickly down her legs.

Veronica has to resist picking up Erin’s underwear and licking the crotch where she can see wet stains. “Wonderful. Now, I am going to introduce you to the next phase of your assignment. I want you to sit on my desk.” Veronica walks over to her desk and brushes everything to the ground. She pats the desk. “Right here. Put your sweet, tight behind right here.”

Erin hops up onto the desk and looks intently at Veronica. Her legs dangle over the side and kick back and forth. Veronica can see her knees are bruised, and are very girlish looking. How she would like to just…oh….but all in time.

“Now, I want you to lay back onto my desk and bend your knees so that your feet are flat on the top of the desk.” Erin turns and leans back so that she follows the orders. “Good girl.” She can peek up her skirt and see her mound. But something is a bit different. She lifts the skirt up more so that she can see if what she really thinks she sees is a figment of her imagination or not. Once the skirt is up at her waist, she sees that her suspicions are true. The soft, bushy mound of yesterday is now completely bald.

“You shaved?”

Erin stammers. “Well…yes…” She had forgotten that when she got home that she had shaved off all of her hair. She had been so embarrassed the night before, when she had a full bush. There had been no need to shave it or trim it too much. Josh hadn’t been down there for over a year.

“Why did you do this?”

“I just felt…embarrassed…I felt so immature. I was embarrassed that I was not prepared. Although, how could I have been, when what happened was completely spur of the moment? Once I got home, I rushed upstairs so that I could shave it off and…”

“Why did you do this?”

“Why…not…? I don’t understand. I thought you would be pleased with me.”

“Your hair is nothing to be ashamed of. I love every part of you. I love that about you, because it showed pure innocence. Not that I don’t love your cunt now. I love it any and every way that it comes. But, honey, you don’t have to do that. Okay?”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Now, you just lay back and I am going to make you feel really good.”


Veronica leans down to kiss the moist pussy in front of her, trying not to be overly eager, but running her tongue up and down the lips and greedily forcing it over and over her slit. As she works her tongue in, she hits Erin’s clit with her nose. So much for warming the girl up and gently easing her into this. She was not sure if Erin had ever had someone go down on her, but she was not about to debate. Veronica was determined to give yenibosna escort it to her the best she would ever have or could ever imagine. She wants every inch of her. She wants a mouth full of foam and teeth of pie.

She parts her lips with one hand and shoves her tongue in and out, sliding fingers over her clit, over her ass, over her clit, over her ass, inside her cunt, running up and down her legs and on top of her mound.

Erin sighs in pure delight. Never had she had this experience, in the very limited sexual experiences she had. She could direct Veronica in where she so badly wanted her tongue to go next, but decides to just lay back and continue to be surprised. Sensation after sensation…even lying on her back on her bedroom floor never felt quite this good.

Veronica continues to attack this fresh cunt. She smells springtime…like the smell after it rains, but with a faint scent of peach mist. Her tiny lips begin to swell up and get darker. Veronica’s head bobs up and down, letting her long hair brush the inside of Erin’s thighs. She moans long and hard. ‘If she gets excited by this,’ Veronica thinks, ‘wait till what I do to her next.’

Just as Erin begins to move her hands down her stomach to reach Veronica’s head and pull her closer, Veronica stops. Erin lets out a high-pitched whine.

“Don’t stop, please…” Erin pleads.

“I have to.”

“But why? Please, finish, please…”

“You think that was something? That was just a warm up. Hang on just one second.”

Erin moves her hand down to her cunt and starts to rub her clit ferociously, kneading it between her thumb and finger, squeezing it, pinching it, pulling it, in circles, repeating this exercise. Meanwhile, her other hand begins to slide up her sweater, inside her bra, and finds her left nipple, so hard. She knows that she is touching herself on her teacher’s desk, but is really too turned on to be that embarrassed or self-conscious. She does not even realize that Veronica is still in the room. Erin has entered some sort of alternative reality—the place, perhaps, that Veronica was in last night. It was just her and this extreme eroticism that she needed to stay in.

Veronica is fumbling around in her bottom desk drawer when she notices that Erin’s breathing has picked up a bit. She raises her head and sees Erin, eyes closed, touching herself on her desk. The scene of this schoolgirl, going at it, without any care for her surroundings, makes Veronica want to rip off her own pants and begin to shove her fingers inside. Yet, she resists. This is about Erin—this is about making her feel complete ecstasy like she had never quite experienced. If Veronica could achieve this, she will have won Erin over. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but the way to a girl’s heart is through her g-spot. And if you can go down on a girl well enough, she will never stop coming back. This afternoon was about getting Erin to be eating out of the palm of her hand.

Then, this ecstasy is interrupted. Veronica brings her hand down hard on top of Erin’s mound, whacking both her hand and her cunt.

“Owwwwwwww!” Erin cries. “Why did you do that?”

“Did I ever say you could touch yourself?”

“No, but I thought…”

“DID I?”

“No, you did not.”

“Then why did you do it, may I ask?”

“Because…I was just…I…”

“You’re a horny little slut, aren’t you? And my tongue was not even enough? You’re so greedy that you want more. Isn’t that right?”



“Yes…that’s right…”

“Say it. Say ‘I am a horny little slut and I want more.'”

“I am a horny little slut and I want more.”

“Good. So interesting for you to say that, because you are in luck. There is more.”

Erin’s eyes get wide. “Oh?”

“Silence. Now lay back and let me work.”

She complies and lies back on the desk and closes her eyes. Veronica goes back down to her bottom desk drawer and pulls out a pink dildo. It is about seven inches long or so, and rather wide. Down the shaft is a bumpy, raised area, right about where the g-spot is. Veronica has used it many a time, and has been quite successful in her efforts. This is the perfect one.

Erin’s eyes are still closed, and she has no idea what Veronica has in store for her. She hears fumbling around and the drawer sefaköy escort shut, and Veronica’s breathing become almost silent. The clock ticks, the room is like a vacuum except for the hum of the computer in the corner. Whatever it is, she wished Veronica would hurry up. All this anticipation was killing her.

Veronica looks down at her unsuspecting victim. She is so innocent, and so helpless, completely at her will…and ever so trusting. Could she ever suspect that Veronica would sink to this level? More importantly, she wondered if Erin ever had anything inside that cunt except for those fingers. As she wiggled her tongue around inside her, she certainly felt extra-tight. Erin did not look like the type of girl with a vibe hidden under her bed.

She contemplates whether she should get her a bit more stretched out with her fingers first, and would not mind sliding those fingers inside again and feeling her tightness throb around her. Yet, it might be better just to catch her off guard. Shoving this device into her, as she lay unsuspecting…would be much better for both of them.

Veronica positions herself so that she is sitting on the edge of the desk and is between Erin’s milky white legs. Her skin is so smooth, so soft, and her lips look so delicate and taut. She grabs the dildo and puts it right at Erin’s entrance. Then, without any more thinking, she pushes it in. The dildo is hard to shove initially, but with a little bit of force, Veronica works it inside of her. She pushes and pushes so that she can get it as far in so that she can hold onto it, still.

Erin gasps. Never in her life had she had more than two fingers inside of her, and even that was filling. Now, to have this toy inside of her…was ecstasy, yes, but caused her to wonder what other sorts of things that Veronica owned, and why on earth she would keep such materials in her desk drawer. Though, focusing on all these questions would go unanswered for a bit as she refocuses on the rapture of having this inside of her.

Veronica begins to work it in and out very slowly, not wanting to hurt her much. She had suspected that Erin was tight, but never in her wildest dreams was this tight. Shoving the toy inside of her was quite a feat, and her walls are less than cooperative as she tries to pull it out again. Slowly, she pulls it so that the tip is almost outside of her entrance. She pauses.

Erin’s eyes open and she looks at her teacher, grinning, focusing on that tight little cunt and how she wants to abuse it. Just at that moment, Veronica shoves with all her might and thrusts the dildo all the way inside her in just one shove. It feels like she is being ripped open on the inside. She is overly filled and getting this rod rammed into her without mercy. It reaches the back of her shallow pussy so far that Erin is sure it must be going into her cervix or something.

The toy comes out, and then hard back in again, going deeper this time. Veronica does not even know where she is anymore. Her student is not on her desk, and she is not here. It is pure passion, carnal feelings, lust, and a desire to shove something very large inside something very small and tight. She wanted her, and she wanted her to be all hers. Shove after shove, she begins to loosen that rigid cunt and train her little slut.

Erin is on the verge of crying. It is incredibly painful, yet at the same time, her juices are seeping out of her and she does not want it to stop. She knows Veronica is an animal, and wishes she would dig her claws into her and attack her. Bite her. Fuck her. Fuck her as hard as she possibly can.

Veronica keeps thrusting ruthlessly, probing her farther and farther, reaching places she never imagined that she could reach. Erin is holding herself up and back with her hands, and her hips are involuntarily bucking up and meeting the thrusts of the toy. Her palms are sweaty, and they begin to slip and slide down the desk. The thrusts begin to be less deep, but are more frequent, matching the tempo of her breathing. As she begins to scream, the toy is shoved all the way inside of her and it is like a prick. The dissonance fades, there is a resolution, and she holds the longest fermata she ever experienced in her life.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck,” she cries, shrieking and hollering and trying to catch her breath so that she does not hyperventilate. “Oh godddddddd was that goooood….oh god…..”

Veronica demurely pulls the toy out and licks it, as she stands right in front of Erin. “How as that?”


“That was…rehearsal number one, my dear.” She smiled. “Now go put your panties on and run along back to class.”

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