East End Lovers Ch. 04

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(This chapter is narrated by Maureen. Just to remind anyone coming back to this serial, and for new readers, the story is about a long term romance between Maureen and her son Cliff. It started in 1974, when Cliff was 18 and Maureen in her mid-forties, and is set in and around London’s East End. This chapter is set about six months after the affair began.)


After the role play session we had had where I’d taken charge and basically treated Cliff as my sub (Ch. 3), I was expecting Cliff to want to take charge of one of our sex sessions and get me to do what he wanted. I had already told him that about the only thing I wouldn’t do is take his prick right up my bum, and was expecting he would want to be the dom at least so he could get me to suck him until he came my mouth. While I sucked him nearly every time we went to bed, I hadn’t yet sucked him right to orgasm. However, to my surprise he didn’t seem to want to be in charge, at least for now, and he brushed aside the possibility when I brought it up.

This all got overtaken by events however in May 1975, when my son and I’d been at it for a good 6 months. I was really into it and loved the anticipation, the risks, the foreplay, and what we did in bed; we still usually managed a quickie or even two sometime during the week, often just standing up by the kitchen sink, and we had a good long romp with two or even three sessions of intercourse every Saturday afternoon when my hubbie Ken was away with his beloved Arsenal. The footie season finished at the end of April and while I knew that after this Ken would sometimes be out on Saturdays on a variety of errands and so on, I also knew I wouldn’t be getting as much of my son’s gorgeous penis as in the past. The other fly in the ointment was the fact that Cliff was by then of course giving his girlfriend Sue a good seeing to at least twice a week – I tried to pretend I wasn’t jealous but deep down I knew I was – who wouldn’t be in my situation? – Sue was young, pretty, slim with good boobs, and also much better educated than me.

I guess this was partly responsible for what happened. You may recall that my best friend was Irene, known as Auntie Irene to Cliff, though not a real aunty to him. I’d known her since I was about 15, and she was a couple of years older so she’d always tried things out before me. Her husband Des had been a docker, had lost his job in the recent dock closures and had been incredibly lucky to get a job on the new North Sea oil rigs. This meant he was away for I think 3 weeks at a time, then returning home for ten days. Des had stopped having sex with Irene about the time he lost his docker’s job, and Irene had found solace in the arms (and bed) of her nephew Dave. She had given me chapter and verse on what they did, and lucky Dave had regularly been cumming in every one of Irene’s orifices for a good 9 months.

I used to see Irene most weeks and we’d go to a film, or sometimes a country and western night in one of the local pubs (this was all the rage then). I think it was a Thursday around the middle of May, and we’d agreed to go to see Three Days of the Condor at a cinema in the Borough (the area just south of London Bridge). We got there for a showing at 7pm but just as we were about to buy tickets, there was a major electricity failure, and of course the show was cancelled. Irene suggested we have a drink, and when we got to the nearest pub she went off to the bar to make a phone call.

She hadn’t asked me about this, but the call was to Dave and she had asked him to join us. We’d had a gin and orange by the time Dave turned up, and he at once bought us another – a double. I’d known Dave a bit for years. He was I think then 23 or 24; he’d been apprenticed at 15 as a joiner, and had never had two pennies to rub together until about 18 months ago when he’d set up his own shop fitting business. He was I guess pretty good, as he was getting contract after contract in the good West End shops; he had a couple of lads working for him, and by this time had moved from his parent’s flat in Hoxton to his own place about a half mile from where we were drinking.

Dave was not bad looking, and had greatly improved in the least year or two by working out and had got his physique into good shape. Irene had told me about his prick of course, and about what a stud he was, and of course after a couple more drinks, she and Dave started to get a bit amorous and I started to think three’s a crowd. However when I began to make excuses, Dave started to talk about a new television recorder he’d bought called a VCR – no-one I knew had one of these yet and I was interested to see what it did.

So before too long we were back at Dave’s flat – a top floor place in a large Victorian house, very nicely done up – and Dave was about to demonstrate the cassette recorder. We were all pretty tipsy by this time – Irene and I had had 4 gin and tonics including a couple of doubles. I blame the drink for what happened aydın escort next!

Dave put on a video cassette and came and sat one of the two sofas in the room between me and Irene. Of course I should have guessed – it was a sex video. It was in some foreign language but that really didn’t matter. It started off with three women in different bedrooms – one around 20, one of my age and one in her late sixties – getting dressed in very sexy underwear, all with stockings and underwired bras. The film made a big thing of them pulling their knickers on over their hairy fannies. Then they joined their husbands, and two of the couples drove to join the third – the older ones – in some big brand new country house. Dave clearly knew the story, and he told us that they were meant to be three generations of the same family. There was a bit of chat and drinking in the film before the sex kicked off – the first coupling was the youngest man fucking his grandmother from behind while she sucked on her son’s prick. They were of course all good looking people, and the sight of the very mature woman in just stockings and bra being serviced by two well endowed younger men was a real turn on.

By this time, Dave and Irene had their tongues down each other’s throats and I was starting to feel hot and wet. Dave turned way from Irene and kissed me, gently at first and when I didn’t resist, more deeply and I thought well what the hell, Cliff’s probably fucking Sue right now why shouldn’t I have some fun, so I made it clear I was up for it. Dave and I continued to snog and pet – he put his hand under my blouse and soon managed to undo my bra and start to handle my tits – while Irene undid his trousers and pulled these and his pants down. His prick was about the same size as Cliff’s, a bit above average, and Irene started to kiss the tip and then suck him.

I was very hot and bothered by now, and when Irene came up for air, she told Dave to get his kit off so the two older ladies (i.e. us) could get a proper look. He didn’t need asking twice – while he stripped, Irene pulled off her dress, showing a matching bra and knicker set and stockings held up by suspenders. She pulled down her knickers too, revealing a nice full bush and a well swollen pussy.

“Come on Maureen, you’ll get left behind and Dave’ll get all embarrassed… get that skirt and blouse off… come on girl, stand up and come here… there, that’s better, we’ll all feel more relaxed when we all see what we’ve got on offer!”

I was wearing tights not stockings, so after Maureen had taken off my blouse and skirt, I pulled down my tights, and with my bra already undone, was soon sitting back down just in my knickers. The video by this time was at the end of the first coupling, with the son’s cum dribbling down his mother’s face, and her grandson pulling out his prick to cum on her arse. Dave sat back down between us and pushed my head down towards his prick, while Irene started to snog him. I sucked on him, until Dave broke free of Irene and told me I’d better stop as I was so good he was near to cumming.

At this point, Irene got up and said we needed to toss a coin for who went first.

“Come on Maureen, get your purse – right, heads I have Dave first and tails you go first – there, so what’s it to be – it’s tails, right come along Maureen, get those knickers down and get Dave to give you a good sucking!”.

I got up, Dave grinned as he reached over and tugged down my knickers, and as he led us both by the hand to the bedroom I saw the video had just got to a point where the middle aged mother was sliding father’s prick into her fanny, while her son was moving up behind her with his penis pointed at her arse.

In the bedroom, Dave pulled me down on his bed and went down on my pussy while Irene lay next to us and stroked his balls and planted kisses on the tip of his prick. I have to say Dave was pretty good at sucking me – I didn’t quite cum but I was really wet and ready for a fuck by the time he’d finished. He moved up, spread my legs about as far as they would go, looked down and filled me up in one thrust with his young prick. Irene moved up beside us and took hold of his balls as he started to fuck me.

“Oh yes Dave, give Maureen a really good time sweetheart, come on do to her what you do to me, come on, you love having it off with two old ladies like us, there I’ll squeeze your balls really hard every time you push it up her cunt, you know she fucks her son too, yes he’s a stud, he gets to cum in all the time, he’s probably had her last night, now you show her what a stud you can be, just slide it hard up, pull it back, in again, yes again and again, come on harder Dave, she needs lots of young hard cock to keep her happy…”.

I was expected Dave to cum very quickly – I know Cliff would have done – but experience did tell and he kept going for a good time before his thrusting and Irene’s torrent of dirty words finally brought him to his peak and he shot nazillibelediyespor.org his load in me with a long deep groan. He pulled out and slumped between us, some of his cum dribbling out on my leg as he moved.

“So Maureen”, he said, “Is that true what Irene says – you having it off with Cliff? How long’s this been going on?”

So I thought he may as well know the story, or at least part of it. I told him how we got started the previous year. He asked what sort of things we did and I told him some of it – not the stuff about peeing together and washing each other after sex, or the fact I liked it a bit rough sometimes, but the things about me spanking him and how he made me cum. I thought that might help to gave Dave some ideas!

True to form it didn’t take much of this sexy talk to start to make Dave hard again. Irene still had on her stockings but had removed her bra by now – as soon as Dave’s prick started to fill, she wanted to get herself fucked, and she moved onto her knees and started to straddle him, getting her pussy right onto his prick and rubbing him with her juices. It was my turn to help out, so I started to kiss him and talk to him.

“Come on Dave, share and share alike, I bet you’ve got lots and lots of spunk left, its time to give Irene a big wet dollop, shall I make sure you’re hard enough… Hmmmm, you’ve got hard quick you dirty sod, yes I think that’ll do, I’ll just hold it upright so Irene can lower herself down on you, oh yes does that feel good, there this is your second old cunt today isn’t it, make sure you give her just as hard a fuck as you gave me, yes that’s s good start, nice long strokes of your cock, not too quick yet my lad, just get it in as deep as you can, yes that looks good, it’s all inside her now isn’t it?…”

I’d never used the words “cunt” or “cock” before as you may have noticed – the first in particular had always before been just an insult not a word to call my sex slot. But I could see from the way Dave and Irene were using them that these words were sort of sexier than pussy and prick. I wondered what Cliff would make of all this, as I knew I’d be talking to him like this soon.

Dave and Irene were really getting stuck in by now – he was biting on her tits, and she was reaching behind to squeeze his balls. At one point she managed to ask me to get some KY jelly from the drawer, and mimed putting some on my finger and pushing it in Dave’s arse. So this is what I did – I reached underneath their fucking bodies, and pushed my wet middle finger hard into Dave’s arse. Clearly this was what Irene did to him as he groaned and gasped, and he stared to pound at her harder.

After a good ten minutes, I could tell Dave was close to finishing, so I took out my finger and moved back to watch – Dave arched back as he spunked into Irene, and Irene reached down to her cunt, gave herself a few rubs, gave a long sigh of orgasm and collapsed onto the bed. I thought that would be all at least for a while, but at once Irene leaned over to lick off Dave’s spunk and her cunt juices from his cock. Then she turned to and asked if I wanted a taste – I thought she wanted me to lick Dave too, but before I could reply, she had moved up to me and given me a short wet kiss on my mouth.

Irene made Dave get up and get us all a drink – it was mid-week and I made sure I only got a splash of gin in mine. When we had the drinks, Dave got back onto the bed between us and we chatted about this and that and of course the other… Dave asked if I wanted to do this again, and of course I said I didn’t know, then Irene said yes of course we’d have to do it again, and was there anything else I wanted to do?

If I hadn’t been still quite tipsy I wouldn’t have said it, but of course I was and so I said-

“Well I suppose we should let Cliff join in shouldn’t we? I mean Dave you’ve had me, and I think it might be fun for Cliff to have Irene if she’s interested – I’m sure he won’t say no … Of course Cliff would have to realise that I’d be doing it with Dave at the same time – so we’d all see each other fucking – I think we’ve still got things to teach each other haven’t we?”

Both Dave and Irene grinned at this and I also realised that they both wanted to see Cliff fucking me, his mum – I also wondered what they had in mind in terms of the two lads working on each of us in turn. I suspected Irene could easily take on two young hard cocks wanting to fuck her at the same time but I wasn’t so sure.

Anyway, not entirely to my surprise, Dave got his third erection of the evening, and he turned again to me. I was a bit sore, so I pushed him on his back, and straddled him, but before I let him inside me I got a big dollop of KY and spread it around the entrance to my cunt, then took hold of his cock and slid down on him. Irene was kneeling beside me. I vaguely saw her do something with the tube of KY, and then I felt a finger sliding into my arse – at first I thought it was Dave then I heard Irene’s voice-

“There Maureen, no point in having two us in bed unless we both give you a good time, there you told me you like a finger up your arse when you’re fucking, maybe when Cliff’s here too you can have Dave in your cunt and Cliff up your behind, it’s nice isn’t it being finger fucked, go on Dave give Maureen’s tits a good feel, look there’re really nice and firm for an old lady, look how firm they are…”.

And Maureen was feeling and squeezing my tits, first with one hand, then she got behind me so we were both straddling Dave, and put her arms around me and started giving my tits a good mauling. She was kissing my neck too, and then I half turned and she came around and we kissed – not a tongues down throats kiss, but much more than a peck, and Dave was watching and started to egg us on, the randy so and so. Maureen moved back round to the side, and it ended up with her having one finger up my bum, feeling my tits with the other while French kissing me – all while Dave was pounding away with his cock. I’d never had anything like this before but I could see why people took to it.

Maureen stopped kissing me and gave Dave his finishing instructions—

“Come on Dave, you’ve just seen two old ladies at it, now do your bit, finish off with a long spurt in Mo’s cunt, give her a big wet load of your spunk, next time her boy fucks her he’s going to know Mo’s been getting it somewhere else, she’ll still be dribbling your cum in a week’s time. Come on push it up her old fanny, look, I’ll help bring her off for you, yes you see us girls like to be rubbed as well as fucked, I just push my finger against her clit and move it round, a bit faster, now a bit faster, yes Dave, shoot your load, come on Mo, he’s just about to cum up you, yes I’ll make you cum too love, oh yes you’re both cumming…”.

And we were, just about, though it was a close thing for me. I was shattered, and collapsed onto the bed. Irene did her thing again and sucked Dave’s limp cock, and then brought the juices to my mouth to share.


I got home that night about as shagged out as I’d ever been. I made out I’d just had a bit too much to drink. Although I’d had a shower at Dave’s, I had another bath as I was full of Dave’s cum.

I’d had sex with Cliff a couple of nights before and the first time we were alone again and able to go to bed was two days later, on the Saturday. Fortunately Ken was out visiting his mother who lived in Southend. This gave us a good 4 or 5 hours alone.

We’d both been working so we started off with a nice bubble bath. You might remember from the end of Chapter 3 how Cliff had got me to cut out some parts of an old bra and knicker set so that my nipples and cunt would be on show when I wore them. I had thought he’d want to use them in a sub-dom role-play thing, but as I said he seemed to have gone off that but he’d asked me to wear them a couple of times, and today also he’d brought them into the bathroom.

I was going to tell him about Dave and Irene, so I thought I’d better make this session special. When we started to soap each other down, I turned around with my bum in the air and told Cliff to give me a good washing between my legs. He’d done this before, but this time, when he’d finished I reached around behind me and pulled his cock towards me. He’d often rubbed his cock against my cunt and arse in this position before, but this time I wanted him inside me, so I made sure my pussy was swollen and ready for him, and pushed myself onto his cock. He gasped.

“Crikey mum, that’s fantastic, oh yes you’re wet all over now, inside and out, oh let me give you a good seeing to, yes oh yes oh yes, oh goodness you’re so good at fucking, I do love you, oh you’re squeezing my cock that’s really nice, yes please more, more…”.

So I did a bit more squeezing with my cunt muscles, but told him not to cum…

“Sweetheart, don’t cum in mummy’s cunt, tell me when you’re nearly ready to cum and I’ll do something special for you with my mouth… yes, push in hard love, give me everything you’ve got, yes…”

At this point Cliff told me he was close to cumming, so I pulled away from him, turned around, and took him straight into my mouth. I couldn’t help thinking that only a couple of days ago I’d been sucking on Dave’s cock, but this time I didn’t hold back, I sucked Cliff in deep and took the base of his penis in my hand so I could control what was happening. Cliff took a moment to realise what was going on, and I broke away for a moment to tell him to cum in my mouth, and after a few more thrusts his cock went into spasm and I felt the warm salty and bitter taste of my son’s semen flooding into my mouth. I moved away a bit, keeping rubbing with my hand to make sure he had shot his full load. I pulled him towards me and gave him a long deep kiss, and we ended up with his spunk dribbling down our chins, until we washed it away.

I didn’t wait long but got out of the bath and pulled Cliff upright. I had started to give him an especially good time today and wanted to continue. After he’d dried me I put on the bra and knickers with the holes cut out, and we went to my big bed.

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