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I have posted several stories about mom, thought I would jump in with how it affected me when I got married, following is a recount of first few years married
In 1975 we had been married 3 year’s, I was 24 she was 21 and had lost her virginity 2 weeks before we started dating. I found out quick that she liked to wear mini skirts,heels and semi sheer tops with french bras, at the time she was 5’9″,36dd,24,32,dark blonde with blue eyes and she liked to show off when we drove skirt up high, blouse open. I also found early in our relationship that she had sucked guys off on dates in high school to keep her cherry, and she was good at it, I had a gay friend I met thru another straight friend named Stan that I would stop to see and get a blow job while watching his porn movies, he was into hosting swinger party’s twice a month and I had been to several. We started talking about showing her off more, maybe bring a friend in to fuck her with me, I mentioned Roger and she was all for it, he’s the friend that took me to Stan’s. Roger was all for it, he was married at time and came over the following Wednesday evening to see if I was serious, Veronika let him in wearing her heels, thigh highs,french bra and a smile turned into hottest night of our marriage to date. He became a regular joining us, would even stop just for a blow job once in a while.
One Sunday morning we were laying in bed when she asked who’s Stan told her a guy Roger and I know that sucks cocks, asked if he had sucked mine told her yes a few times said she wanted to see it. I told her Stan is gay but he will eat pussy and if we go to his house he will want to eat you, she was fine with that said call him she’s going to shower and get ready, pick out what you want me to wear. Got out her black leather mini skirt, sheer black thigh highs, black french bra, semi sheer white silk blouse and 4″ open toe black heels, she came back as Stan and I were talking, he asked if he could say hi to her handed her the phone and they talked, she told him yes she understands why we are coming up and she is hot to see him suck Kens cock. Then she said yes you can eat me, I like that a lot, she was looking at me smiling and winked then said maybe I’ll suck your cock, but I thought you were gay, oh not particular whose lips are on your dick huh? Ok let me go, so we can get to your house and hung up, got dressed, put make up on and we left.
When Stan let us in he had a silk smoking jacket and slippers on, house was lit by candles and indirect lighting, as we had walked up sidewalk to front door she had unbuttoned 3 buttons on her blouse so her nipples were fully exposed, being in early April in Cleveland it was cold and they were hard,Stan hugged her gave he a wet kiss and sucked each nipple, then while I went to get us a beer he sat on couch with Veronika, playing with her tits and sliding his hand up her skirt. When I came back into room she was playing with his dick, he was naked and her blouse and skirt were off. I stripped and sat on other side of her, Stan started the porn movie, first one was a white woman with 2 black guys, as we watched Stan got on his knees in front of me and started sucking my dick, Veronika watched with eye’s wide then spread her legs as Stan’s hand moved up between her leg’s. When I was close to cumming, Stan moved in front of Veronika, put her legs on his shoulders then started eating her, she climaxed in minute’s then asked him to put another movie on like the first one and finish sucking Ken off, while he was sucking my dick, she got off couch and laid on back, moved her head between Stan’s legs and took his dick in her mouth and started sucking him. I started to cum but he didn’t swallow as usual held it in his mouth, he was moaning and cumming in Veronika’s mouth, told her to hold it in her mouth then he turned and kissed her, swapping my cum and his with her then while kissing both swallowed.
When we were leaving several hour’s later Stan invited us to the next party and we said yes, all the couples were in late 30’s early 40’s so us being early 20’s, Veronika was a big hit with the men and I was with the wives, she would always fuck 3 or 4 husbands and suck a couple more off swallowing their cum. We stayed with them about 2 years and then decided we were moving to Jacksonville Fla to get out of the cold winters, we continued swinging there after meeting several men and couples thru a swingers paper that we joined
To Be Continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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