Fucks Her Students Part -2

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sameer, Piyush and I had already had a session of great sex.

It was 3:15 a.m. I was getting sleepy. I stood up from my chair and told them to continue the studies in the morning. “All right boys, I am going off to bed. I am getting sleepy now. We will continue this in the morning.”

I turned and walked to my bedroom door. I had just reached the door when Piyush interrupted.


“Yes, Piyush?”

“We have a request to make.”

“What is it?”

“Can we fuck you again, now?”

“You did, 2 hours ago.”

“Can we do it again, before going to bed… please.”

I looked at them. I was a bit horny to be truthful. Getting fucked after 4 years had got my juices flowing but I was also sleepy. “Ok. But make it quick,” I said.

“We will, ma’am,” Piyush replied immediately. I bent over the dining table and pulled my gown up. Piyush pulled his jeans and underwear down and stuffed his cock into my pussy.

He grabbed my butt and began pounding me. He was pounding me hard from the get-go. His thrust made my boobs pop out of my gown. Just 5 minutes later, he came. “Bring it here, let me clean it”, I said.

He walked closer to my mouth. I began licking his dick. Sameer was ready. He pushed his stick in while is was licking Piyush’s cock. He too started hard. In fact, he was banging me harder than Piyush. He too came quickly.

I knelt down and licked his cock clean as well. They both put their clothes back on and went to the guest room. I got into my room and went to bed.

The next morning, at 10:30, I was sitting on the sofa in the living room. My legs were resting on the glass table in front. I was reading a newspaper. My son was doing his usual business, sucking the milk out of my boob.

Sameer and Piyush walked out of the guestroom. They looked happy. After the previous night, they were now more open and relaxed around me. “Good morning boys,” I greeted.

“Good morning, ma’am,” they replied one by one. They sat on the sofa, on each side, and kissed me one by one. I put the paper away and replied to their kiss with the kisses of my own. My son was still sucking the milk. “The breakfast is on the table”, I said.

“How often do you breastfeed your son, ma’am?” asked Sameer. “As much as he wants,” I replied. “Still, how often is it?”

“At least 4 times a day. They could be more. For example, if he doesn’t feel like eating any food, that day he drinks milk almost every 2 hours.”

“That many times?” Piyush said softly. “Didn’t you make him drink normal milk?”

“I tried to but he didn’t like it. But he likes to suck it from my boobs. At least, this way he is drinking milk.”

“The boy is clever. He knows which milk tastes the best. He is a man after all”, exclaimed Sameer. We all laughed.

“He is my life”, I said, pulling the cheeks of my little angel. “Whatever he likes, I will do for him.”

“What if, when he grows up and wants to fuck you?” said Sameer. “Then he can fuck me,” I replied. “He can fuck me all day long if he wants to.”

“Last night was awesome, ma’am”, said Piyush. “You were quite horny.”

“What do you mean were!” I replied immediately, winked. “Look at you, ma’am, still ready to go”, exclaimed Sameer, pinching my other boob.

“I wasn’t fucked in over 4 years. I am horny for more”, I replied, giggling. “There was a time when I used to get fucked more than 7 times a day.”

“What!” both boys exclaimed together, surprised. I continued. “Yeah, I used to stay naked in the house all the time and my husband’s brother used to fuck me whenever he wanted. Then the bastard left me and my son.”

“Staying naked all the time and allowing a man to fuck you whenever he wanted. Wow, ma’am, that is so naughty and kinky,” said Sameer.

“Oh, that is nothing. When I was in college, I went on a holiday trip to Goa with seven of my friends. They were all boys. There, for a week, they all fucked me all the time. On the last day of our stay, I allowed them to fuck me anywhere they wanted. That day, I walked around Goa, completely naked. I was fucked on a beach with thousands to people seeing the sex show. I was fucked in a moving car. I was fucked in the middle of the street. I was enjoying myself. That was one hell of a holiday.”

“Wow ma’am, we didn’t know that you are such a slut”, said Piyush. I smile and winked. “Ma’am, can we do the same?” asked Sameer. “Do what?” I inquired.

“Fuck you whenever we want?” he explained. I was horny and wanted to get fucked hard. “When are you guys going back to your hostel?” I asked.

“Tomorrow evening”, they said disappointingly.“Then let’s do it. Until tomorrow evening, you two can fuck me any time you want. I will stay naked all the time.” I replied, pinching their cheeks.

I took off my slip and short and got naked. They did the same. My son was done with his milk and I was free. “Ma’am, are you on birth control?”, asked Piyush. “No,” I replied.

“Do you have a condom?” he asked further. “No,” I answered. “What if you got pregnant?” he enquired again. “Don’t worry, it will not be your problem. I am already raising one k** on my own. I will raise another one as well if it happened.”

He was at ease with my answer. Sameer was hungry, hence he got busy eating breakfast. Piyush sat between my legs and began licking my pussy. After 15 minutes, he laid on the sofa and asked me to ride him.

I obliged. I inserted his cock in and began hopping up and down on it. My 38dd boobs were bouncing hard. Piyush squeezed them. I was moaning and bouncing on his dick.

This time, he lasted longer. It took him 20 minutes to cum. He came all inside my pussy. Piyush went away and Sameer came over. He flipped me over and laid me on my back.

Without any delay, I thrust his dick inside me. He started pounding me hard. It was as if the two were having competition with each other to see who could last longer. Sameer lasted for 25 minutes. But that wasn’t all.

For the next 36 hours, they had a free license to fuck me anytime they wanted. And they took full advantage of it. Until the Sunday evening, when they eventually went back to their hostel, I was fucked over twenty times. Before leaving, I kissed them both.

“Ma’am, can we come over and fuck you next weekend?” asked Sameer. “No,” I replied sharply. “But why?” he asked again.

“Now, here is the deal. If you want to fuck me, then you must score well in your end semester exam. If you have scored over 80% in your end semester exam, you will be allowed to fuck me for an entire week. So, now focus on your studies and score well in the exam,” I replied.

“Do you make a promise, ma’am?” Piyush asked.

“Yes, a promise. Score well in the exam and fuck me for an entire week”, I replied.

They were overjoyed. But I was forced to abandon my promise. After this little weekend of ours, I found out that I was pregnant. I didn’t know who among the two was the father and frankly, I didn’t even care.

When I told them, they didn’t seem to be very excited. I assured them that the baby will be the only mine and none would know who the father is. Nine months later, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. But I did fulfill my promise 2 years later when they got placed in a company.

Then, I allowed them to fuck me for a full six months. They lived with me for those six months. Once again, I started living naked in my house. I was getting fuck all the time. But that only lasted for six months.

But I didn’t just let them leave without giving me anything. I later found out that my daughter was with Sameer. Hence, to make things even. I once asked Piyush to come over to my house.

Sameer had joined his company but Piyush’s joining was over a month away. I asked him to stay with me for a month and fuck me all the time during that duration. He was happy. My plan was to have a baby with both of them.

Since, my daughter was already from Sameer, decided to have a k** with Piyush as well. My plan worked and I did get pregnant. But to this day, Piyush doesn’t know that he has a son with me.

So, here it is fellows, my sex story. Do you like it or not, tell me in the comments below.

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