Girl Scout Moms Ch. 05 – Will Someera Sin?

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GSM5 — Will Someera Sin?

About a week after getting Diane and to join the 70% Club (and failing to induct Stephanie), that I ran into my “friend” Someera at Back to School Night at our kids’ school. I put “friend” in quotes because while she can be fun to hang out with, I don’t consider her a good person or a reliable one. Basically, she’s full of shit. Maybe everyone is to some extent, but she’s full-er. While she publicly portrays herself as a devout Muslim, I have seen her drinking alcohol and eating pork. I enjoy those things too, but the fact that she claims to not do that and does it anyhow is annoying. I had nominated Someera as one of the subjects for the 70% Club experiments because she is beautiful, and very exotic looking, and because I would get an extra satisfaction watching her face between my legs eating my pussy.

Not long after greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek and basic pleasantries, Someera pointed out two women with a young child.

“Poor little Madison over there,” she started, “Can you imagine growing up with two moms and no dad? Carpet munchers.”

I was annoyed at her homophobia and inclined to let her know it, but instead of telling her what I thought of her disgusting views that image of her munching at my carpet moved me in the opposite direction. I decided to let her think I agreed with her disgusting views as I thought it might make it easier to turn her.

“No, I can’t quite imagine it,” I said. “Nor can I imagine a life without a nice hard cock to keep me happy,” I joked, hoping to turn the conversation toward sex.

“I’m starting to get to know that feeling — Ali hasn’t given me any in a long time. He seems to have no interest anymore.” Someera confided.

“What? That’s crazy,” I said. “You’re fucking hot.” “I’m no dyke, but even I’d consider going down on you,” I joked.

Someera smiled at the flattery and chuckled before saying “Homosexuality is a mortal sin in Islam, punishable by being dropped from a tall building or other height, but if it wasn’t I might need to take you up on that.”

I laughed and then let it go. I wasn’t sure yet how I was going to do this and didn’t want it to move too quickly.

The conversation turned to more mundane topics, but when we said goodbye, I immediately texted Jill and Anna “Time for another 70% Club meeting. Meet me at my house tomorrow at 11.”

I now had to get Someera even more than before but I knew she would be a tough nut to crack. This was going to require some brainstorming and teamwork.

The next day at 11 the doorbell rang and I greeted Jill at the door. She had a bottle of cabernet in one hand and a bottle of vodka in the other. She was wearing a yellow bikini beneath a sheer robe-like cover. She looked amazing. I helped her with the bottles and then we kissed, our hands simultaneously roaming over each other’s asses.

I looked up and out the window and saw Anna approaching the front door with Diane in tow. Literally. Diane was wearing a collar and Anna was walking ahead of her with a leash connecting her hand and Diane’s collar. I opened the door and Anna said “Look what I brought, my newest pet.” Diane blushed.

“I’ve been training young Diane to become a professional pussy pleaser,” Anna said. “She’s getting quite good. And I figured the Club could use another member.”

We all sat down on the sofas and opened the wine. I recounted my encounter with Someera and told them that she has to be our next “experiment.” But how do we do it?

We bandied about a few ideas while Diane obediently went down between Anna’s legs and licked her wet snatch. It was hard to concentrate as it was turning me on. Jill too, judging from her hand rubbing her own pussy. Incredibly, Anna was probably the least distracted of all of us even though she was the one getting her pussy licked.

Anna said, “We have to stick to the EFFECTS principles just as with anyone else, but it sounds like for Someera she will need to be able to claim it was against her will. But it obviously can’t truly be forced.”

Diane’s head popped up from Anna’s pussy, her face coated in Anna’s juices. “I know!” she exclaimed, “Hypnotism.”

“Do you know how to hypnotize someone?” Jill asked skeptically.

“No, but I don’t think she really has to be hypnotized. She just needs to think that whoever she’s with thinks she’s hypnotized so when she does become a lezzy she can claim it was against her will,” Diane explained.

Anna said “I think Diane is on to something. We get her to think some of us are really hypnotized and doing things against our will. That could provide the cover she needs to do what she really wants without having to take responsibility for it. I don’t have any idea if she really wants to dyke out, but if she does, a hypnotism scenario could give her the opportunity while maintaining some kind of deniability.”

We developed a plan for the seduction of Someera, followed by a 4-girl orgy. Anna, Jill, Diane and I licked, fingered and Kolej Escort fucked each other for hours.

I texted Someera and invited her to go with me to the beach the next day. Unfortunately, she had plans that day so we agreed to do it the next Saturday. The wait was torture, as I was so excited about the possibility of having Someera on her knees between my legs worshipping my pussy. I wasn’t sure it would happen, but it was going to be fun trying either way.

On Saturday morning Someera came over to my house so we could drive to the beach together. We were going to a portion of the beach on the south end of South Beach where topless sunbathing is common and acceptable. We would “surprisingly” run into Anna and Jill there. Someera and Jill had met a few times before, but didn’t know each other well. Someera had never met Anna.

From the time she arrived at my place, I was putting the EFFECTS into place. Lots of Eye contact, Flattery and Touching. On the way to the beach, I steered us toward Erotic conversation and expressed sexual Frustration.

“I really need to get laid,” I said. “Dating can be fun, but it’s like panning for gold — you have to sift through a lot of mud to find a nugget of gold. I’ve been on few dates with this new guy, Rob, but no sex yet. Not sure what he’s waiting for. I thought for sure it would happen last night. We went for dinner and then he wanted to go to a strip club. I wasn’t interested in seeing naked women, but I figured it would get him turned on and we’d go home and fuck afterwards. I’m not into chicks, but I gotta say it was pretty erotic. I think it was just me looking forward to the sex afterwards, but I was definitely DTF,” I laughed.

“There was this one dancer who was Middle Eastern and kinda looked like you,” I said. “Not as hot as you, but still really hot and exotic. I bought Rob a lap dance from her and that chick could really move. Her tits were amazing — not her original equipment, but it was an incredible boob job. I actually asked her for the name and number of her plastic surgeon. Hey, you never know, it might come in handy someday.”

“Then Rob surprised me and bought a lap dance for me. It was kinda weird, but interesting. I was so horny looking forward to fucking Rob, that it was kinda turning me on even more. Not that I’m a dyke or anything, just that Rob was so turned on watching her rubbing her tits and ass on me. You know how guys all have that lezzy fantasy. I was so ready to fuck that when the dance was over, I went to Rob and said “It’s time to go.”

He was clearly disappointed until I told him “I need some cock. Can you supply it? He was taken aback by my language, as he hadn’t heard me talk like that, but he obviously wasn’t going to say no.”

“So we left and went back to his place. I went to the bathroom to freshen up and when I returned to the bedroom the fucking loser was passed out on the bed. Can you believe that? I actually thought about pulling his pants off anyhow, sucking his cock and riding it while he was asleep, but then I thought, this fucking loser doesn’t deserve this pussy.”

Someera laughed at my story. “Ali sometimes passes out when I want to have sex, but I can’t believe Rob did that on what would have been your first time together. Ali at least used to get excited about sex. Now I practically have to beg for it and even then he usually doesn’t want to or does it begrudgingly.”

“That’s just crazy,” I said. “You are so fucking hot. When that dancer was giving me that lap dance I was imaging it was you. You should get a job there,” I joked, “that would teach Ali a lesson and you’d have plenty of hard cock at your disposal.”

I glanced over at Someera and her nipples were clearly erect through her turquoise bikini top that accentuated her bronze skin tone. It could have just been due to the air conditioner, but I was hopeful the sex talk was getting to her too.

We got to the beach and headed to the area Anna and Jill had prearranged to meet. They were already there, sunbathing topless and, as Someera and I walked by, Jill called out “Katerina! Katerina!” We walked over to Jill and Anna and they got up to greet us, their terrific tits out for all to see. Jill hugged me barechested, which caused Someera’s eyes to nearly pop out of their sockets. Jill then went to hug Someera, but she backed away, clearly freaked out by a hug from a topless woman, so they just kissed each other’s cheeks awkwardly. I introduced Someera and Anna and Anna was looking her up and down like a lioness assessing her prey.

We laid out our towels next to Jill and Anna and Anna offered us some “punch.” She didn’t mention that it contained alcohol — a lot of alcohol — but I certainly knew and I’m pretty sure Someera suspected it. But Someera gratefully accepted a cup of punch, as did I. And although the alcohol was hidden about as well as possible in the punch, there was so much of it that it was nonetheless pretty obvious. But I guess Someera was OK with it Rus Escort as long as she could claim she didn’t know about the alcohol.

Someera and I started to sunbathe when Anna started a whispered chant, “Set them free! Set them free!” Someera looked at her quizzically and Anna said, “Set those gorgeous girls free. Let us see those beautiful boobs. You don’t want to get tan lines, do you?”

Someera looked at me nervously and I winked at her before pulling my top off and letting the girls hang out. “C’mon, Someera, just do it. You’ve got the best ones.” Someera nervously looked around and then hesitantly unclasped the top and let her tits tumble out.

Shortly thereafter, Jill asked Anna if she could help her reapply some sunscreen. Anna happily obliged and mounted her back as Jill laid down on her stomach. She sensuously rubbed the sunscreen into Jill’s back and shoulders and then moved lower to Jill’s lower back and thong-“covered” ass. Someera had dark sunglasses on, but from the side I could tell that she was watching Anna and Jill very closely. I could also see that her nipples were very hard and this time it definitely wasn’t because of cold or air conditioning.

Anna then told Jill to turn around so she could get her front. Jill flipped over and Anna went straight to work on her breasts, rubbing the sunscreen into them in a pretty blatantly sexual way. I, of course, knew what was going on but I was still shocked by how openly sexual Anna was being in public. Someera was fixated on the action beside her but also trying to pretend not to be watching. But her squirming in her “seat” was giving her away.

I was loving the show Anna and Jill were putting on, but my role was to act repulsed by lesbianism so as to be aligned with Someera. So I said to Anna and Jill, “What are you doing? If I didn’t know any better I’d think you two were dykes or something.”

“What if we are, would you have a problem with that?” asked Anna.

“Well, yeah,” I said. “That’s kinda gross.”

“It’s not gross,” Jill said. “Every girl has a little lez in her. Didn’t you ever experiment in college?”

“What? Of course not,” I said. “You mean, you’ve actually done it?”

“I don’t kiss and tell,” Jill said with a grin.

“Neither do I,” said Anna. “Except for pussy kissing — that I’ll tell you all about,” she said, laughing.

“Oh my God!” I exclaimed.

“That’s disgusting!” Someera said.

“Don’t knock it till you try it,” said Anna.

“I don’t need to try it — Ugh!” I said.

“Homosexuality is a sin punishable by death in Islam,” Someera said.

Jill chimed in, “OK girls, let’s change the subject and just enjoy ourselves.”

“Good idea,” I said. We were all quiet for a while and then moved on to other topics. Eventually, the subject moved to marijuana. Anna asked Someera if smoking weed was forbidden in Islam. Someera explained that it is generally illegal in most Muslim countries, including Morocco, but that it is pretty widely available, especially hashish. Someera revealed that she had smoked weed in the past, but not in a long time, but admitted that she had enjoyed it.

“Let’s go to my place,” Anna said, “I have a little weed set aside for special occasions. And not-so-special occasions. Let’s hang out at the pool and smoke a little weed.”

Jill quickly agreed, of course, but Someera was very reluctant. I told Someera that I had never tried it and wanted to give it a try. I pulled her aside and quietly begged her to come so I wouldn’t be left alone with the lezzies. She finally agreed.

Someera and I drove together to Anna’s house and Anna and Jill went together. In the car, Someera asked if Jill and Anna are a couple. I told her I didn’t think so — they are both married to men and have kids and today was the first time I had seen signs of them possibly being more than just friends. I jokingly told her to pay close attention to the carpet at Anna’s house to see if it looked chewed up. “That’s gross,” she said, chuckling.

When we got to Anna’s we all settled in the living room and Anna went to get the weed. When she came back, she had a joint but explained that she thought she had more and will need to order more. She said she gets it delivered, so she just needs to send a text and the delivery person should arrive in about 20 minutes. We all talked about how crazy it is that there is home delivery for weed. All of us but Someera knew that Diane would be playing the role of pot delivery girl.

That was my cue to steer the conversation back to sex and lesbianism.

“Sooo, um, ah, what’s the deal with you girls?” I said to Anna and Jill, as per our plan. “You two were awfully touchy there at the beach.”

They both smiled back and then looked at each other before Anna said, “Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not a problem, but it just seems weird,” I said.

“Weird?” Anna asked. “How is it weird? She’s hot. Most women are attracted to other women deep down. It’s very Yenimahalle Escort normal.”

“I don’t think most women are attracted to other women. I’m not,” I said.

“Is that so?” said Anna. “I bet that deep down you are, you just let your inhibitions and worries about societal norms get in the way.”

“No, that’s not true. I’m strictly dickly,” I said.

“Wanna bet?” Anna asked. “Are you willing to put your money where your mouth is?”

“What are you talking about? How would we bet on that?”

“I bet I can get you to willingly and happily lick my pussy,” Anna said calmly and with a twinkle in her eye.

“You’re fucking crazy!!! How much do you want to bet? I could use a new pair of Louboutins,” I laughed.

“OK, let’s bet a pair of Louboutins,” Anna agreed. “What is that about $1200?”

“Something like that. And how do you plan to get me to do that, willingly and happily,” I asked.

“Hypnosis,” Anna said. “I will hypnotize you but won’t tell you what to do. I will simply lift your inhibitions and have you act on your innermost sexual desires.”

“This is insane,” Someera said. “It’s like a car crash — I don’t want to see it but I kinda gotta see it.”

Anna’s mention of hypnosis was Jill’s cue to text Diane and have her arrive with the weed in a few minutes.

“And you know how to hypnotize someone?” I asked skeptically.

“I do. Do we have a deal? A pair of Louboutins?” Anna said, holding her hand out for a hand shake.

“Hell yeah,” I said and shook. “I don’t believe you know how to hypnotize someone. I don’t even think hypnosis is real. And even if it is, there’s no way in hell it is going to turn me into a pussy licker. This is going to be easy.”

The doorbell rang and Anna, Jill and I knew it was Diane with the weed. Someera had never met Diane, so she’d have no reason to question anything.

Diane was wearing short cutoff jeans and a tank top with a bra that gave only minimal support to her big, soft tits. She looked scrumptious.

Anna asked Diane to come in as she went to get her wallet. Diane said hi to all of us but then said, “Is everyone OK here?” as if she was picking up on a strange vibe from our bet and conversation.

“Everything is fine,” Jill said. “We were just having a very interesting conversation, that’s all.”

“Interesting, huh?” Diane said. “What were you discussing?”

“Have a seat and a little weed with us and we’ll tell you,” Jill said. Diane sat down and Jill took out the weed, lit a joint, took a few hits and passed it around.

“We were talking about hypnosis,” Jill said. “Do you believe in hypnosis?”

“I don’t know,” Diane said as Anna returned to the room with her wallet. “I saw a hypnosis show in Vegas once and I wasn’t sure what to make of it. People were doing some crazy stuff. But it was fun.”

“Fun, huh?” said Anna. “It is fun. I’ll tell you what,” Anna continued pulling bills out of her wallet, “I’ll give you an extra $200 if you let me try to hypnotize you.”

“Wha, uh, what are you going to try to make me do?” Diane asked warily.

“Nothing bad,” I promise. “Hypnosis can lift your inhibitions, but it can’t make you do something that you are opposed to.”

Diane did a good job of acting very concerned, before saying “They said something like that at the hypnosis show in Vegas. Make it $300 and I’m in.”

Someera and I looked at each other with a WTF? Face. Mine was an act, but hers was authentic.

Anna started taking off her necklace, which had a locket on it and asked Diane to sit down on the sofa.

Anna stood in front of her holding the necklace and locket and swinging the locket side-to-side.

“I want you to concentrate on the locket and follow it with your eyes back and forth. You are in a safe place and among friends. Relax and enjoy this experience. You will have an opportunity to do things you’ve always wanted to do. Things you have dreamed about doing. I will not tell you what to do, but I will ask you what you want to do. Soon you will fall into a very deep sleep. When I say the word “Penelope” you will lose all inhibitions. There will be no shame or fear to prevent you from doing what you want to do. You will be free. Penelope.”

Diane closed her eyes and relaxed her body. Anna said, “You are now free. Free to do as you wish, unrestrained by fear, shame or society. You can indulge your deepest fantasies. When I say “Awaken,” you will feel refreshed. You will not remember being hypnotized. Everything that happened since I said “Penelope” will disappear from your memory and it will seem like only a second or two has elapsed.”

Anna continued “If I ask you to do something that your moral fiber objects to or that you don’t want to do, you will tell me ‘I won’t’ or ‘I can’t.’ If I ask you if you want to do something you want to do deep down — something consistent with your being — you will do it happily.”

As if to test Diane and prove the lack of coercion, Anna said “Diane, do you want to go home and take the $300 that I promised?”

“I won’t” Diane said quietly.

“Would you like to punch me, Diane?” Anna asked.

“I can’t.”

“Do you want to see my naked body?” Anna asked.

Diane smiled and said “Yes, please.”

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