Good Intentions Ch. 01

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When Brian walked in on his eighteen year old brother casually deep throating a pink dildo on a Friday night, he was horrified, bewildered, and absolutely amused. He didn’t know if he should turn tail and retreat or burst out laughing at the sight of Quinten sitting on his bed with his legs primly crossed, eyebrows furrowed in concentration, and his plush lips wrapped so securely around the slab of silicone that he looked like he was sucking on a lemon drop.

When Quinten’s bright green eyes abruptly swiveled over to him like two magnets Brian was still standing there with a half formed smile on his face, the amusement winning out in the end. The moment they made eye contact, Quinten began choking on the toy, his pale cheeks erupting with a hot blush as he struggled to yank the dildo free from his throat.

Brian, instead of rushing to his aid, began guffawing at him. Y’know, like any normal sibling would do. Quinten managed to save himself, and like it would help, tried hiding the dildo behind his back, which only made Brian laugh all the harder.

“Dude, what the hell!” Quinten yelled.

Brian wiped at his damp cheeks with the backs of his hands, still giggling at the absurdity of it all. He would’ve normally scowled back and tip his head up with superiority, but he couldn’t muster the usual bravado; he’d been utterly disarmed.

“I should be asking you the same thing,” he replied, his voice continuing to echo his amusement. “What the fuck are you doing?”


“Right. That looked like a whole lot of something. I’m not trying to start a fight, but is there something you want to talk about? I mean…” He trailed off awkwardly at the glare he received. He had always had an inkling that his little brother liked other men but had lacked the courage to bring it up to him. Quinten could have quite the temper if pushed, and the last thing he wanted was to have a screaming match during the holidays.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong,” Quinten argued. “What I do in my spare time is my business. So go away.”

Brian relented. They weren’t the closest of siblings, but he’d always thought that Quinten could talk openly with him about things. But, he supposed, that was a result of growing up. Quinten was allowed his privacy. Brian wasn’t about to stomp all over his boundaries because he wanted all the deets. It wasn’t exactly his business.

“Fine. But learn to lock the door next time. You nearly gave me a goddamn heart attack.”

“Looks more like I gave you a boner,” his brother sniped back.

Brian opened his mouth to refute before glancing down. To his surprise, bafflement, and humiliation, he did indeed have a boner. To be fair, once he got over the fact that it was his brother doing it, it was kinda hot watching someone suck on a dick.

“Your fault,” he muttered, because, well… it was!

“My fault!” Quinten laughed.

“Yes,” Brian replied, glaring down at his traitorous cock. “All your fault. You ruined Christmas.”

“You’re ridiculous.” Quinten let out a little sigh and slumped over, his anger deflating at their childish argument. “God. Okay… if you must know I was… I was practicing, okay?”

Brian looked up at him, his left eyebrow arched up in question. “For what? A dick eating contest?”

His brother blushed and cut his gaze away. “No, I…” He took in a breath, held it, then explained it all in a rush, “I have a boyfriend. We’ve been going steady for about a month, and he’s been pushing for us to have sex. I want to blow his mind but I’m… inexperienced.” He squirmed, clearly uncomfortable with telling his older brother about any aspect of his love life.

Brian, on the other hand, relaxed. “Oh, I see. How is it, uh… going?”

“Okay, I guess. I mean, it’s not like I’m getting any sort of feedback or anything.” He brought the dildo back out into the open and looked at it with something akin to disdain. “Also doesn’t help that I’m not attracted to this thing whatsoever. I got a pink one cause I thought it’d be less intimidating. But no, it’s just stupid looking.”

Brian nibbled on his bottom lip to keep from smiling at his brother’s bitching; it was cute. He went and sat beside him on the bed to get a better look at the toy. Because of its blinding color, he thought it was hard to see the detailing in it but now that he was inches away, he saw that it was smooth and didn’t resemble a real cock whatsoever. No wonder he hated it.

“You’d be better off just sucking his dick and learn as you go.”

Quinten let out a startled laugh and appraised his brother with a new sort of appreciation, a bright smile tugging at his mouth. Brian eyed his lips, noting idly that they were puffier than normal. Or maybe that was his imagination.

“I mean, I guess that’s always an option.” Quinten tossed the toy behind him with a huff. “But I know I’d just disappoint him. I come off as a total sex kitten knowing it’d impress him and keep him thirsty for me. If he finds out I’m nothing but a fraud, he’ll dump me for sure.”

“You can’t know that.”

“I’m şahinbey escort not ready to test it. I’m fucked, aren’t I?”

The two sat in silence, each pondering the discussion. Brian wanted to help him, and not just because they were brothers. Everyone’s first time should be something special, with both parties fully trusting and loving one another. While he knew that Quinten and his boyfriend were only a month into their relationship, he wanted them to succeed. He had a hairbrained scheme coming into fruition in his head, and with one last look into his brother’s dejected face, he went for it.

“Do you wanna practice on a real cock?”

Quinten snorted and looked at him coolly. “Sure. But where am I gonna find a real life cock before tomorrow night?”

Brian swallowed nervously and shot his eyes down. Quinten frowned, not understanding, until he did it again. The moment of realization had Quinten’s face performing all sorts of emotions. Surprise. Disbelief. Annoyance. Then finally, fury.

“Are you fucking psycho?!”

“You don’t have to shout, I’m right here,” Brian tried to joke. “Can you at least listen to why it’s a decent idea?”

“Decent? I outta punch you, Brian.” He scoffed and crossed his arms sternly against his chest; his jaw was clenched together so hard he’d probably wind up cracking a tooth. “I can’t believe… how much eggnog did you have to drink tonight?”

“I only want to help you, Quin.”

“Sounds like you want a free suck to me.” Quinten paused, then shot Brian an irritated look. “You’re just making fun of me, aren’t you?”

“What? Of course not, I told you. I want to help.” He licked at his dry lips, trying to play it cool. “I won’t look at you or say a word. You get some experience with a person you trust and I get… well, yeah, okay, I get a free suck. But that’s not the point. Just… please, consider it.”

Quinten pretended to; Brian could tell when he was being a bitch on purpose.

“Hm, uh-huh, I see. Yeah, okay. I’m done considering it. Answer’s no.”

Brian rolled his eyes. Well, he tried. “Fine. Fail, then. Have fun being single.” He knew it was a low blow, and he nearly took it back at the way Quinten’s shoulders hunched and his mouth dropped into a pout. But Quinten was an adult now. He didn’t need his hand held anymore; all of his decisions and the consequences following them were his own.

“W-wait,” Quinten muttered when Brian made to leave. Brian waited, his breath catching in his throat. “If we do this, do you promise never to speak a word of it?”

“My lips are sealed,” he answered back truthfully. Besides, who was he gonna tell? He wasn’t crazy.

“And do you promise not to laugh at me if I’m terrible at it?”

“Bro, it’s a blowjob. It’s only really disappointing if you don’t do it.”

Quinten didn’t look like he believed him. “Sure… okay. Okay. Let’s do it.”

Relieved, Brian smiled at him and squeezed his shoulder in reassurance. “Cool. How do you want me?”

“Uh… how do you normally like to uh… receive?”

“I’m good with either sitting or standing. How do you think your boyfriend will like it?”

Quinten hummed, his expression turning inward with introspection. “Good question. He’s a little assertive, so maybe standing up?”

Brian stood and took up position in front of his brother, who merely looked up at him and waited. Brian, too, waited, before sighing and gesturing with a vague sweeping motion.


“Well what?” Quinten asked back intelligently.

“Are you gonna undress me or what?”

Quinten frowned. “Huh? Why do I have to do it?”

“You said that you’re a tease, right? Teases love nothing more than to undress their lover. So get teasing.”

His brother looked about ready to snap at him, but thankfully he resigned himself to his fate and reached forward to start unbuttoning Brian’s jeans.

“Lick your lips.”

“What the fuck, why?”

“Because you’re supposed to be in teasing mode. C’mon, get me a little hot and bothered first.”

Quinten glared, then rather aggressively swiped his tongue across his lips.

“You can do better than that.”

“For fuck’s sake!” Quinten shoved his hips back. “I thought you said you weren’t gonna say a word!”

“I meant while you’re sucking me off,” Brian answered calmly, while inside he was bursting with laughter. Fuck, this was turning out to be really fun. “So before that happens, I’m going to give you pointers. I promise, it’ll help.”

Quinten’s jaw clenched but he didn’t refute that and dragged his brother back forward. He gripped the zipper, stopped, then with a sheepish flick of his eyes, licked his upper lip slowly. Brian’s stomach clenched at the sight. That was a bit hotter than it had any right to be. This was a terrible idea, truly.

“B-better. Now lower the zipper slowly.” Quinten obeyed, his eyes down and focused on his task. “Keep looking at me.” Again, his brother listened as he pulled, the sluggish sound of the şahinbey escort bayan zipper echoing about Brian’s head. Without being asked to, Quinten took hold of the waist of his jeans and began easing them down, all the while staring up. “Good. Now look at my cock and moan a little, like you’re turned on just by looking at it.”

“Are these real pointers or are you directing a porno?” Despite the dryness in his voice, Quinten froze the second he lowered his eyes and saw the prominent bulge in his brother’s briefs. Getting undressed by someone else’s hands and knowing what was to come, Brian had easily gotten more aroused despite Quinten’s bemoaning. He watched with faint amusement as his brother’s cheeks dusted pink and his mouth slipped open. He didn’t force a moan out, but his reaction was more than enough. “Oh god, I think you’re bigger than him.”

Brian smirked and stood up straighter, his shoulders pulled back. “What’s that?”

“I… nothing. Any other pointers?”

“Yeah… kiss it.”

Again, Quinten didn’t argue, though Brian was surprised he didn’t. His brother simply leaned forward and delicately pressed his pretty puffy lips on top of the hidden lump of flesh. At the feather-like contact, Brian’s cock twitched; Quinten flinched back but didn’t say anything.

“Now look up, and wink.”

“You’re such a…” Heaving a sigh, Quinten performed.

“Good boy,” Brian praised. He meant it as a joke, but Quinten reacted to it by blushing harder and tucking his bottom lip between his teeth. Brian awkwardly cleared his throat and turned away. Stupid, stupid, stupid idea. “Okay… now lower my underwear and get started.”

Quinten hesitated, his fingers unsure as he hooked them under the band. Brian bit into the tip of his tongue as he waited. If Quinten wanted to push him away, then he wouldn’t argue, but he secretly wished that that didn’t happen. On the one hand, he really did want to help, and on the other, he was really looking forward to having his cock sucked. He’d been truthful when he reassured Quinten that it didn’t matter to him if he was terrible at it. The warmth of his mouth would be more than enough to satisfy.

Eventually, Quinten rediscovered his courage and yanked the briefs downward. Brian’s cock sprang out almost comically and nearly smacked his brother in the face. Brian looked down from out the corner of his eyes to gauge his brother’s reaction, and wasn’t disappointed.

Quinten seemed to have lost the ability to think as he stared at his brother’s dick like it was a mythical creature. Not to toot his own horn, but Brian wasn’t surprised. Flaccid, he was a modest five or so inches, but at full throttle, he was easily seven and some change, with a uniform girth throughout that was almost as wide as his fist. It hung heavy between them with the slightest upward curve, and at the end of it, it had a smooth tapered head that was damp with precum and continuing to emit more. His pubic hair, soft and overgrown from laziness, covered up a solid inch or two at the base but did nothing to hide the fact that he could do some damage if they weren’t careful.

Eventually, Quinten blinked. “Yeah,” he intoned blankly, “you’re definitely much bigger than him.”

Despite promising not to talk, Brian had to ask. “You’ve seen his already?”

“Mhm we’ve given each other handjobs.” He peeked up, his eyes round. “I don’t think I can fit this in my mouth,” he said honestly.

“Try,” Brian insisted. “And if you can’t, then we’ll figure something else out. I’m sure Garret wouldn’t mind being practice,” he added in retrospect, remembering at the last minute that one of his best friends would gladly volunteer.

Quinten pulled a face at the sound of the older boy’s name. “No thanks. He’s probably got a STD or something.”

“He sleeps around but he’s not irresponsible.”

“That’s still a nope.” Their banter seemed to have relaxed Quinten somewhat because in the next second he had his warm fingers wrapped around the middle of Brian’s dick. Brian sighed, immediately liking how soft his brother’s hands were, and especially at how he couldn’t quite wrap his entire hand around it. Quinten glanced up, his face unreadable, and leaned in. Brian held his breath until almost delicately, Quinten poked his tongue out to lap at a bead of precum threatening to drip onto the floor. He immediately drew back. “Oh, that’s…” Without finishing his statement, he did it again, that time a bit more confidently. “Mmh.” His lips parted, and without any further complaint, the head of Brian’s cock disappeared inside his brother’s mouth.

Brian couldn’t help but let out a low moan as he was suckled. Quinten looked up at him through his bangs as his tongue swiped against the meatus, collecting more of his nectar. He continued their eye contact as he allowed himself to slide a little further down, his plushy lips already widened to its max width. His tongue arched gracefully underneath the shaft while his hand gingerly stroked at the escort bayan şahinbey root of Brian’s cock and tangled within his hairs. Quinten kept going until the head tried to slink down the back of his throat, nearly causing him to gag. Having reached his limit about midway down, he pulled completely off to take a breath.

“I thought you said you weren’t gonna look at me,” were the first words Quinten spoke.

Brian hurriedly looked away, his heart thudding in his ears. “Sorry.” But not sorry. Definitely not sorry.

Quinten didn’t respond. Instead, he stuffed his brother’s cock back inside his mouth with another hum. The first go of it had given him courage, as he moved a bit faster without any hesitance. He stopped on a dime, however, when he got as far down as he did last time. Instead of pulling away, he held it and breathed in and out deeply through his nose. Brian could hear him swallowing as his mouth contracted around his cock in a steady pulse. He was trying to work the head in, but it wasn’t budging.

“Don’t push yourself, Quin,” he whispered as his brother tried impaling himself with zero success.

Quinten promptly slapped his belly with the back of his hand, but began pulling back anyway. “You’re just so big,” he groused once he caught his breath. “It’s like trying to swallow an award winning cucumber.”

Brian hesitated before saying, “Maybe just work with what you can. You don’t have to get everything down right away, just… suck me off for now.”


“It’s okay, really.” Brian broke his promise to look into his eyes. He hoped to convey just how okay he really was with it. “And if you can’t deep throat him, either, then that’s okay, too. He’ll take it as a compliment, I’m sure.”

Quinten didn’t look like he believed him. But he sighed and reaffirmed his grip, then got back to work. His soft lips wrapped about Brian’s cockhead like a familiar friend, and instead of pushing it further inside his mouth, he forcibly rubbed his tongue against the frenulum then flicked it up to lap at the pisshole.

“Ah-h,” Brian gasped, his eyes shuttering at the pleasure rippling through him. Taking confidence from that, Quinten began stroking his shaft from the base all the way up to where his lips were sealing him in, his grip firm but not restricting, his tongue once more pressing against the engorged glans. Brian rewarded him with a trickle of precum, which Quinten sucked up and swallowed with a loud gulp.

Quinten pulled off of him and smacked at his lips. “God, you taste so good, dude,” he blurted, voice husky.

“Yeah?” Brian asked, but Quinten was already on the move again.

His mouth greedily sunk down Brian’s penis then up before he reached his limit, over and again in a steady rhythm while his hand, lubricated by the saliva he left behind, stroked and twisted about the rest of his shaft in correlation.

“Mmh… mmf… mmff…” intoned Quinten, his eyes shuttered closed and looking entirely comfortable now that he found his stride.

Brian outright stared, his mouth hanging open with shock. His hands twitched with the need to reach out and card his fingers through Quinten’s short dark hair, to encourage and gently reassure him that it was good. Brian didn’t move, forcing himself to stand absolutely still and watch as drool trickled from the clench of Quinten’s lips as he lost himself into the rhythm of sucking his big brother’s cock. Now that he wasn’t trying to overexert himself, he was showing himself to be quite decent at giving head. His boyfriend, whoever he was, was in for a treat. And if he ever complained that Quinten wasn’t good enough for not needlessly choking himself, Brian would beat the shit out of him.

“You’re doing amazing,” Brian murmured.

Quinten peered up at him, his green eyes hazy with lust. He began pulling back, and for a moment, Brian thought he was about to tell him off for talking. But Quinten merely looked up at him as his lips dragged then popped off of the crown of the head, revealing the swollen, purple mass of flesh that he’d been lovingly stroking with his tongue. Brian’s precum was running cloudier now as it dribbled freely and ran over the back of Quinten’s thumb as he idly rubbed at the frenulum.

“Take your sweater off,” Quinten demanded.

Brian didn’t inquire why; he obeyed without hesitation, a thrill shooting up his spine as his brother drank in his naked body with his eyes. He wasn’t overly muscled or anything and even had a slight pudge thanks to their mother’s homecooked meals, but Quinten reverently reached up with his free hand to skitter his fingers up his stomach anyway, past the firmer press of his abs and didn’t stop until he could caress then pinch at his right nipple, perky and hard thanks to the coolness of the room and what they were doing.

Brian winced, and his cock jumped in his brother’s grip. Maintaining eye contact, Quinten then stuck his tongue out to swipe up the cum running a bit more freely, a bit more thicker, the line of it bisecting his tongue neatly. Quinten then paused with his tongue resting over top his bottom lip, entirely on purpose, showing off the cum he’d lapped up, glistening and white, before allowing it to disappear inside his mouth. When he swallowed it down, the sound thundered in Brian’s head. Quinten’s expression was almost entirely impossible to read. Brian had no idea what was about to happen next.

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