Got Milk? – Delilah , Mac Ch. 04

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“Oh, hell yeah!” Mac shouts as he dances through the door of his classroom, the final period of the school day.

8th period for a senior was like a paradise: No teacher harassing you for homework, no tests or even a curriculum. Just a space to kill time before the final bell rings. Mac, of course, is twice as happy for one reason: He has indeed conquered his test. Being that it was a computer established test, he got his final grade instantly.

But the biggest deal is that he kept his promise to himself. And also to Delilah, who is already sitting down in her desk, giggling at Mac dancing his way into the classroom. “I take it you failed, eh?” she quips.

“Very funny, HA HA,” he replies. “As you can see, little Miss Sunshine, I made that test my bitch!” Mac then takes the liberty to flutter the printed test score at her face, her head dodging the edges of the paper as she smirks at him. Once the fluttering stops, Delilah glances at the grade marked in bold numbers and letters. She was very pleased at what she saw: A bold red “A”. “Haha, heck yeah, man! That’s what I’m talkin’ about!” she proudly says as she stands up to hug Mac tightly.

Mac was more than happy to return the favor, wrapping his arms around her waist. He could feel that her white-and-black polka dotted blouse and her white skirt both are still damp from her being outside in the jungle-like heat most of the day. But he didn’t mind at all. He loved every second of it. After all, this is what he wanted, and who better than Delilah to give it to him?

Taking a quick look around the classroom, Mac seems a little puzzled at the lack of students. It was usually packed and loud inside the free period. But today, it seems it was only about 6 students, Mac and Delilah included. As Mac slowly ceases the hug, he asks her “Doesn’t it seem like a ghost town in here to you? Where is everyone else?”

“You got me, tiger” Delilah shrugs. “I have no clue. Scattered around the school, maybe?”

“I dunno, it’s just unusual, that’s all. But I’m not complaining!”

“Haha, I bet you aren’t!” Del said with a wink. “Well, a deal’s a deal. You kept your promise, and now I’ll keep mine.”

Mac nods, ready for whatever Delilah has in store for him. “So… what should I do?”

“Alrighty… you are going to sit behind me and wait for my signal. But just be natural; don’t do anything, don’t SAY anything, and don’t try anything. We have 90 minutes before the bell rings, so you better be patient, or else I’ll kick your ass” she says in a joking manner.

Chuckling, Mac says back to her, “Sure, whatever you say, DRILL SERGEANT, SIR!” He follows with a salute, which results in a playful shove from Delilah. With a last giggle, Mac makes his way to the last seat on the far left the back of the room, with Delilah taking the second-to-last seat in front of him. The windows of the classroom sparkle brightly due to the afternoon sun beaming through, making the area an illumination of light.

Mac takes a good look at Del and her outfit, admiring the beauty and sex appeal that is in her presence. Her white floral skirt leans towards her left leg as she sits down. As Mac feels his crotch tingle, all he could do now was wait and observe.

Delilah, on the other, becomes seemingly oblivious to her admirer. She pulls out her iPod from her black purse and begins to put on her headphones. With a click of a button, her music begins to play. She sits there completely still with her back facing Mac, aside from moving her head to the beat of the song.

Mac takes a quick glance at her feet behind the bar of the desk chair: Nothing. No such movements. Her flats stay glued on. Not even a wiggle from her toes. Mac thinks to himself, Hmm… no idea what the hell she is up to. But I guess etiler escort I’ll be patient for now. But what did she mean by signal…? With a sigh, Mac settles in and sits back into his chair, proceeding to mess around with the apps on his phone.

Minutes go by… nothing.

More minutes go by… not a single movement from Delilah. She just sits there, listening to her iPod, jamming away. All Mac can do at this point is alternate between watching her and his phone. With sweat escaping his forehead, he hopes that something happens soon before class ends.

The other students left in the class were all into their own things: One was asleep at his desk, 2 more were drawing figures on the chalkboard, and the other hijacked the school TV to play his Nintendo 64. Any other day, Mac and Del would join him in a game of Super Smash Bros, but today was different.

Mac’s patience is starting to wear thin. Here he was, now at the mercy of his best friend, Delilah. The sweetest girl he’s known. And here she was, killing him with kindness and mystery, without a speck of acknowledgement of him.

An hour soon passes, and still nothing.

Mac is now getting nervous, as there is only 30 minutes left until school ends. Stress begins to take over Mac’s soul. He knew how it felt to lose hope for watching a girl to play with her shoes in class, and nothing happens. He knew how it felt to be patient, and not get his bargain. With any other random girl, it wouldn’t be as big of a deal to him. But this was DELILAH, the Holy Grail of them all. A girl who NEVER dresses up, and never looks that feminine. Mac, in all his years of knowing her, has never even SEEN her feet before. This might be the last time this ever happens. And she is not doing a thing about it, EVEN THOUGH SHE SAID SHE WOULD.

The over thinking and the stress buildup (along with his hormones) begin to attack Mac’s crotch even more. His hardening cock is poking through his jeans, desperate to get what it craves. It looks like it was time to accept defeat. Delilah got him. She won. She has teased and trolled him again.

Or did she…? *vibrate*

Feeling his phone in his pocket, Mac sighs as he pulls it out. A bit of his stress was lifted when he saw that the notification was from Delilah. With an immediate press into the icon, her text reads:

Alright, get ready. And remember… don’t do or say anything. lol

And just like that, Delilah brings her chair around to its side, the back of it facing Mac’s right. She still pays no attention to him, and carries on with nodding her head to the music. She never smiles, or even makes eye contact with him.

Mac takes a deep breath, and finally looks down at her feet. The shine from the sun reflects off of her sheer stockings, showing how smooth they are. Not one snag or even a rip in them; Her stockings are perfect to the touch of her legs. And her worn out white flats… the very same white ballet flats she bought over a year ago. The same white flats she always wore around her house, all in their now-beige glory.

Delilah softly hikes her skirt up, revealing her pantyhose-covered thighs to Mac, who bites his lower lip. She then stretches her legs out, crosses her ankles together, and begins to lightly wiggle her feet and legs in unison. That alone makes Mac’s manhood jump slightly. This buildup was insane, and her ignoring him just made it even more sexy. It was almost taboo. Mac stays quiet, shivering with lust as Delilah works her magic. Uncrossing her ankles, Del brings her legs back and sits forward, resting her arms on her desk. She begins to now mess with her phone, confident that Mac was stalking her with his eyes.

With a audible swish, the heel of her right etimesgut escort stockinged foot begins to pop out of her ballet flat. If Mac wasn’t staring before, he definitely was now. He was scared to blink, not wanting to miss a single microsecond of the action. The smooth and damp heel goes right back into her flat. And back out. And back in.

Her left foot continues the tradition, with her heel popping out with a swish. And then back inside. And now back out. Mac can only admire and adore how perfect even her heel looked to him. Using the front part of her right flat, she scratches the exposed heel of her left foot. She was such a natural tease, and Mac could only respect her for that. Well, she did say she did her research! he thought to himself.

And then it happens…

Delilah quietly sighs, and slowly (but definitely surely) slides her right foot out of her flat completely, exposing her pantyhose-covered toes.

Mac… with his mouth almost wide, and his eyes burning a hole through the object of his desire, finally gets his wish: Delilah indeed had the most amazing and beautiful feet he has seen in a long time. The sheer stockings and the shine from her sweat succeeds in making her foot very inviting. Her toes are even properly taken care of with a clear nail polish, but with a white French tip. Who would’ve thought that Delilah, a tomboy by her own admission, was careful enough to take care of her feet that way, most of all for Mac? He dares not to answer that thought, and continues to stare at her gorgeous foot.

Del slowly eases her right foot back into her flat, and brings her legs to a 90-degree sitting position, with both flats square on the floor. Leaning even more into the desk, she allows both flats to slip off this time, and quickly puts them back on her feet. And then back off, then on once again. It was like a shoeplay pendulum. Mac makes a internal game of how many times her toes pop out with each slip.

With a nod of her head to the music in her headphones, Delilah once again slides her shoes completely off. However this time, she places her feet upright, allowing her heels to stick out as high as they could. Her toes have the honor of pressing into the insoles of the flats hard, smothering them with a unique love. Her heels would battle each other in the air, like two rams head butting each other to a stalemate. She does this multiple times for the next 5 minutes, her toes never leaving the insoles.

Mac wanted nothing more to grab his desperate crotch and rub one off, but they were in a public place, and he did not want to risk getting exposed. This was killing him, but in a good way. His cock throbs through his pants, stopped only by the zipper that barriers it.

He quietly vows never to doubt Delilah again as she now presses her toes down onto the back of both flats, making them raise up completely vertical. And with a effortless gesture of her toes, the flats begin to sway upwards back and forth, never daring to hit the ground, or the tops of her ankles. Another 5 minutes this continues, leaving only 10 minutes left until the bell rings.

Placing both feet back inside her flats, Del goes for the coup de grâce. Mac can only sigh with satisfaction as Delilah finally crosses her right leg over her left. She allows it to relax itself and gives Mac a clear view of her crossed leg, the arch of her foot tucked into her white flat. She hikes her skirt even further up, and Mac licks his lips. There was no turning back now, and there was only one last thing he wanted from her in this position.

As if on cue, Delilah starts to bounce her right foot lightly, still tucked inside the flat. Mac watches with a perverted curiosity, his eyes almost melting at such perfection. etlik escort With a hum from her voice to her music, she flexes her toes as high as they would go inside her worn out flat. The fabric of the ballet flat stretches with her toes, proving how customized they’ve become to her foot. It was almost like she was wearing socks instead of flats. While her toes were still flexed toward the ceiling, her ankle would slightly rotate horizontally from left to right. With each movement, Mac’s hunger for her feet increased. He wanted more and more.

Delilah subliminally obliges him by bouncing her foot once again. This time, however, she scrunches her toes inside her flat once, which makes it adapt to her toes curling by bending with them. Mac quietly grunts. She scrunches them even harder, the toes threatening to escape the cleavage of the flat a little.

Mac feels it in his groin. He wants those toes to break free.

Delilah scrunches them as hard as she could, making her toes pop. And with a hum of triumph, her toe knuckles finally escaped the cleavage of her flat. It reveals her arch a little, but with the heel still in place inside her flat.

Mac, in all his fetish years, has NEVER seen that before, and it tingles him to where he feels a bit dizzy. But his excitement keeps him watching on as Del bounces and swings her entire crossed leg, once again flexing her toes and rotating her ankle in the process.

When she scrunches her toes one final time, her toe knuckles pop out of the shoe cleavage again. However, the struggle (along with the constant leg bouncing) is too much for the flat to overcome. Her heel finally completely pops out of the shoe, resulting in the legendary dangle technique.

Still no eye contact from her at all. Just a sway of her dangling flat on her toes from back and forth, side to side. Mac feels a slight tear in his eye from all the mesmerizing hypnosis from her dangling flat. She is fulfilling his school shoeplay fantasy to the fullest. But in his mind, there was just one last thing that NEEDED to happen.

Please… please, Del… He says to her in his thoughts. God, please let it fall…

Delilah’s crossed leg bounces with a more violent purpose. Her ballet flat threatens to hit the ground, but is still clinging on to her toes. Her toes flex highly; the flat still dangles away. She scrunches them; the flat is STILL attached to her big toe. Mac thrusts softly with his crotch, feeling he could burst any second. He begins to use whatever supernatural force he imagined to make her shoe fall off. Questions begins to form in his head:

What would she do if it fell? Would she pick it back up? Would she leave it off?

He’d never know if it doesn’t fall.

Delilah’s flat begins to slip off her toes slowly, her leg bouncing away in a now calm manner. The flat etches even more off her toes, until it was only down to her second and big toe. Mac stares possessively at it, biting his lip again and tapping his own foot in frustration. The flat comes down to only her big toe, still dangling slightly. Delilah nods away to her iPod, still ignoring him.

The flat swings highly towards the floor, then backwards at her heel. Forwards, and backwards again. It etches EVEN MORE off her big toe, STILL dangling with a almost sentient determination.

Mac was now breathing hard. Just a little bit more… he tells himself. The flat is swinging… swaying… bouncing…


Mac jumps in his seat as he looks up at the clock. Class was over, and school was done for the day.

He looks back down at Del’s flats, but they are already back on her feet. Sighing in disgust, he breathes hard as he burrows himself in his arms. He was this close to realizing his goal. If only he had more time!

Delilah walks towards him, softly taps on his head, and smiles at him. As Mac looks up at her, she shakes her head at him a humorous fashion and says, “That was just the appetizer, tiger. Walk me home, and we’ll get to the main course!”


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