Halloween Ch. 03 – Three DPs

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Emily stood up and went to the bar. She pulled down five glasses and poured out doubles of cognac. Then she opened the fridge behind the bar and pulled out a big bottle of Coke and mixed brandy-and-Cokes.

“Sugar and caffeine,” she said. “Just what we all could use.”

Dan laughed and said “Do you think anyone’s going to sleep?”

Dana stood up. “Let’s clean up. Dan, come on and let’s let them shower first; we’ll tidy up a bit in here.”

We all went to the bar and drank. Dana giggled. Shelley looked at her, and Dana said “Here we are standing at the bar like it was a cocktail party. Instead, I’m full of two men’s come and have two women’s come smeared all over me.”

Dan chimed in. “Well, just look at it as a cock-tail party…” and we all groaned and pantomimed throwing things at him.

Emily and Shelly looked at me and shrugged. We went into the master bedroom and stepped into the big two-spray shower, where we took turns sandwiching each other and rubbing our bodies to get soapy. I closed my eyes and felt the different textures of their bodies, these women who had each shared my life. Emily was fuller, rounder, more muscular. Shelly leaner, more bony, taller. Two sets of nipples were prominent as she brushed against me.

I started to harden and four hands were suddenly caressing my cock and balls.

“Give it a break, ladies. At least one of you is going to want to use this later.”

We stepped out, refreshed and a little more awake, grabbed towels and dried each other off.

In the living room, Dan and Dana had tidied the pile of comforters and set out some snacks and refilled our glasses with brandy.

We sat in a circle, rubbed feet, and talked. It didn’t take long for it to begin to be about sex.

Dan talked about watching the three women pleasuring each other, watching his wife bring my wife and my ex- to orgasm.

Dana talked about watching Dan shoot his come into Emily’s mouth.

Shelley looked at Emily and told her how laying under Emily and watching her come while I was fucking her had almost made Shelley come untouched and given her one of the best orgasms she could recall when I entered her.

I asked the group “Tell us about the best orgasm you can remember.”

Everyone got a far-away look and started smiling. Shelley said “You first.”

“Hmmm. There are a few. Back in college, on shrooms once… or Shelley that time we were in Vegas with Gina? And I was fucking her and you felt me get ready to come and just as I started to you pulled me out of her pussy and started licking me? God damn, the transition. Or, Emily – that time we took opium?”

“With your lawyer and his girlfriend?”


“Which orgasm?”

“All of them, I think. The opium made them feel like the earth literally moved.”

Emily stopped. “Damn, I remember that one. The one when you both were fucking me?” She actually bit her lip and moved a hand along her belly as the recalled it.

Dana asked “Both fucking you? One in front and one in back? What was it like?”

Emily smiled tightly. “Amazing.”

“Describe it?” Shelley asked. “He’s told the story and I’ve heard it from his point of view.”

Emily gave me side-eye. “You told her that story.”

I shrugged. “I told you all my stories from before you. I seem to recall you jilling your brains out to some of them. Did you mind then?”

Emily smiled and looked at Shelley. “So, did story-me get you wet?”

Shelley nodded. “Oh yeah. I owe story-you a few dozen orgasms. At least.”

Emily turned to Dana, who had one hand on her nipple and the other on Dan’s half-hard cock.

“You know how you feel yourself opened up and this incredible energy poured into you every time someone enters you? And that energy builds and builds and when he comes in you it just explodes? And then you just start coming, and you’re just helpless with pleasure?”

Dana and Shelley both smiled.

“Now multiply it by four or five.” Emily said her voice flat with desire.

She got up, ran her fingers along the line of glistening lubricant running down her thigh. “I’ll be right back.”

Shelley leaned back on me and I caressed her nipples, hardened to a full two inches of glory. I rolled them gently between my fingers and caressed her small breasts. She was watching Dan and Dana. Dana was straddling one of Dan’s thighs, rubbing herself against his leg as she caressed his hard cock.

We heard the toilet flush.

Emily came back with her purse.

She opened it and took out a condom. We all looked at her, puzzled.

“A little late?” Dan asked.

“Depends,” Emily said with a smile.

She looked at Dan, then at me.

“Dana, can I borrow him? And Shelley? And will one of you get some lube?”

We suddenly realized what was coming. Dan and I looked at each other and after a moment, smiled.

Dana got up and left, returning in a moment with a pump bottle. She knelt over Dan’s already hard cock and slid her güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri mouth over it. Dan’s body moved in response to the pleasure she was giving him.

Them Emily handed her the condom, and she opened it and unrolled it over Dan’s cock. She took the lube and pumped some onto her hand and started giving him a hand job. He moved slowly in time with her. Then she reached up with her lube-covered fingers and probed the crease between Emily’s ass cheeks.

Emily straddled Dan, and suddenly we all moved to get a closer view.

She knelt, knees spread widely and arms braced behind her as Dana took Dan’s lubed and sheathed cock and held it up so that Emily could slowly sit back and place the tip at her sphincter. Emily sighed and slowly sat back and we saw the head of his cock enter her as her mouth opened into an “oh.” She supported herself on her arms and paused, a look of intense concentration on her face. Dana held the base of Dan’s cock and Shelley leaned forward and gently rubbed her finger over Emily’s pink clit, hard and exposed and slick with her juices. As she did, Emily sank down onto Dan until she was sitting on him and we could see his balls and the base of his cock up against the opening of her ass. Her pussy was bright red, the inner lips swollen and just peeking out, dripping with juice.

Emily slid up a few inches then back down as Dan just held still. Then slid up and back down again. Shelley leaned in and tongued her clit as Dana ran her hand over Emily’s breast. They all paused a moment, then there was a burst of activity as Emily bumped herself up and down just and inch or so at a time and Shelley put her whole mouth on the open and slick pussy that was open, yearning just above the cock that was filling her ass so satisfactorily. Dana was kissing Emily, holding her body up and kneading her breast at the same time and suddenly Emily’s body was shaking and her knees vibrated as she came. She gasped and breathed deeply as it ended.

Dana let Emily down, leaving her arms to support her with the help of Dan’s hands pressed against her shoulders.

Shelly stood up and kissed Emily, her come-soaked lips shining in the dim room light.

Dana moved down to watch her husband’s cock enter Emily’s ass and leaned in to kiss his balls. He grunted and said “No, not yet. I want this to last.”

Then Dana moved her mouth up to Emily’s pussy and started sliding her bright pink tongue up and down Emily’s equally pink slit. I saw her push her tongue into Emily then slowly slide it up over her clit as Emily groaned. Her face went slack with lust – I remembered how such a brilliant woman suddenly lost all powers of higher thought when she was truly aroused, and I always had a moment of satisfaction when her face went from its usual animated expressive state to one in which it looked as though she’d been drugged and was on the verge of unconsciousness.

I was watching her face and then looked down at Dan’s lube-slick cock sliding in and out and the rough brown ring pull out and push in as he did and then watching Dana as she leaned back in and started licking Emily’s slit again. I moved in behind her and ran my hand down her back and around her ass to her pussy and felt how incredibly wet Dana was. Dana leaned harder into Emily as I did and moved to cover her pussy with her mouth. Emily arched her back and had a series of spasms that were agony and pleasure all together.

Shelley walked around behind Emily and pressed against her. Then she knelt down and moved herself so she could lower her pussy to Dan’s face. She was supporting Emily from behind and bit her lips as Dan started licking her.

Dana pulled herself up and turned to me, her face glistening. She leaned down and took my already-hard cock in her mouth and pushed me all the way back to her throat.

She pulled her mouth off me agonizingly slowly.

Then she sat back.

Emily and Dan were making small movements as the slid in and out of her ass a few inches at a time and Emily looked at me and strained her knees wider open so I could see her pussy lips part just a little – they were so swollen with arousal that they didn’t close any more and left a dark pink opening where I longed to be. I moved between her knees and suddenly remembered when we’d done just this so many years ago. As my cock slid into her sodden pussy it felt like a time machine that ran me back through all the years – good and not so good – and then suddenly I was bottomed out in her pussy, her smooth cervix pressed again the head of my cock and I felt Dan sliding into her through the thin wall between her pussy and ass, and we each moved in and out just a little bit and again and again and then Emily just exploded with pleasure, her pussy clenching me so hard that it almost hurt, and her body thrashing as she screamed out in blinding release. I looked up and saw her face, screwed tight with her orgasm, and behind her, my wife Shelley’s face, slack with desire.

I leaned down and kissed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Emily’s sweat-drenched nipple as she slowly relaxed and then slowly slid out of her.

I slid back on my knees and saw Dan slide his condom-sheathed cock out of her ass, glistening with lube and a few flecks of brown. Shelley stood up, and he rolled Emily onto her side and slid out from beneath her.

He pulled the condom off his cock and went to the bar to wash up.

Dana came back into the room, carrying a few condoms.

“I want that.” she said.

Dan looked at her, eyebrows raised. “But we’ve never…”

Shelly finished for him “…done it in the ass?”

Dana shook her head. “No. But there’s going to be a first time.”

Shelley looked thoughtful. “I’ve never either. Do the two of you think you can do it twice?”

Dan looked her up and down. She was scrubbed, the matted pubic hair now stood tufted and springy. Her inner lips and clit protruded and were a dark, glistening red. “Something will come up, I bet,” he said and they both laughed.

Emily rolled to all fours shaking her head.

She slowly stood up, rolling her legs back and forth just a bit.

“Oh, you want to do that. You really, really do.”

Shelley took the condoms from Dana’s hand and tore one off and opened it.

She leaned down and took the helmet of Dan’s cock into her mouth and licked the tip and she pulled it away. Dan was fully hard, and she unrolled the condom over him.

Emily picked up the bottle of lube and pumped some into her hand.

She pointed at me. “Lie down.”

I did, on my back, my three-quarters hard shaft springing upward. Dana got the cue and moved over to me and dropped onto all fours. She leaned down and tasted the tip of my cock. “It’s always amazing to taste another woman on a man.”

Then she slowly slid her mouth down until her lips were at the base of my cock and the tip was pressed against the back of her throat. As I hardened, I slid down into her throat just a bit, and she moaned around my cock and caressed one of her breasts.

Emily had finished applying lube to Dan and moved to rub it into Dana’s ass. Dana kept me in her mouth and then released me and moved up me, kissing through my pubic hair, to my belly and up my chest. She stopped, licking my nipples and then licking her way up to my neck and chin, and then running her tongue around the edges of my mouth as she settled over me.

Shelley and Emily moved close to watch me enter Dana. Emily commented on how pale her pubic hair was and how transparent it seemed as I opened her inner lips and slid into her superheated pussy. She was wet and I was hard and I felt her heat wrap around me and slide smoothly and wetly down over my hardness until I was buried in her.

She drove herself down and I felt the end of her and the lump of her womb.

Dan moved behind her and looked down at us. “That’s just damn hot,” he said.

Then he knelt and used his hand to slide his cock down to Dana’s pink asshole.

I felt her tighten around me as he touched it, and then I felt the walls of her pussy compress against me as he slowly slid the head into her. She was tense and trembling in my arms, and I had a moment of fear – were we hurting her? I looked back and saw her face – flushed with desire, biting her lip to keep from crying out – in pleasure? I wondered.

Her face and her internal landscape changed as he slid slowly into her, and when he was maybe halfway in, I felt her shudder and her pussy rippled around me as she had a small orgasm and her eyes closed and her mouth and jaw shuddered just a little bit. She pressed her mouth to mine and kissed me so hard our teeth clacked together, and then she tried to move her hips – just a fraction, but enough to move me and Dan inside her.

With that, he slid the rest of the way in, and I could feel the length of his cock pressed against mine through the wall of his wife’s pussy. I pushed up, the head of my cock bumping her cervix and he slid in and out and as he pressed in, I slid in and out and we did it maybe a dozen times as Dana sweated and moaned and grew more and more aroused.

Her juices were flowing down over my cock and balls, and suddenly I felt Dan press strongly into her and grunt and I swear I felt the pulsing of his cock through Dana. His orgasm set her off onto a series or orgasms that began as one short strong one and with just a pause for a breath built into one that felt like she was pulsing and clenching my cock fifteen or twenty times as she squirmed and alternated moans and sharp cries of pleasure. She was just finishing and I was trying to hold my orgasm off when suddenly I felt the twinge in my balls and the bright line of pleasure and pressure that reached my tip and I was slamming upward into their combined weight and I felt ropes of come shoot out into the back of her pussy; as I kept coming her pussy became more and more soaked and slippery until I held myself and had güvenilir bahis şirketleri one tiny pulse and suddenly was done and couldn’t catch my breath.

Dan rolled off Dana and then rolled her off me, and as I lay back and caught my breath, I saw that Shelley was watching us. My wife’s face was the opposite of my ex’s – as she got aroused her face hardened into something fierce and brilliant as her lips and cheeks reddened. Emily was sitting sprawled in front of her and had what looked like three fingers up into Shelley’s cunt as she worked her clit with her other hand.

Shelly standing there, muscles tight as a drum, and so close to coming that I expected it at any moment.

Instead, she pulled Emily’s hands away from her and came over to me.

I had come twice, but was still mostly hard, and so Shelley, leaned over, took me in her mouth and sucked away much of my come and Dana’s juices covering me. She took me deep into the back of her throat and suddenly I was hard again. She lifted her head and moved onto me to slide her pussy down along my cock, her huge swollen lips sliding along the ridge at the bottom. I was slippery with her spit and what was left of Dana’s and my come, and so the wetness and her heat made me push up against her.

Her face was alight with lust, and she moved up and straddled me as my baton-hard cock entered her.

She sat up and ground her hips back and forth, sliding me back and forth inside the tight space of her pussy. I didn’t know if I’d ever come again, but I was decently sure I could stay hard for the rest of the week.

I looked over and Emily and Dana were kneeling in front of Dan, sharing his half hard cock, and I say Emily slide her hand around his butt cheek and saw him jerk forward as I assumed she slid a finger up into his asshole.

And in a moment, he was hard, and the women sheathed his cock and started pumping lube onto it.

Emily took a few fingers full and moved behind Shelley and Shelley closed her eyes and arched her back as Emily slid the lube deep into her asshole.

Dan moved behind her, and in one motion, slid into her asshole. I felt the sudden violation of it and saw Shelley’s shocked face – her eyes and mouth flew open, and she gasped.

I held her face and looked at her and as she looked down mouthed “OK?”

She took a sharp breath and nodded yes.

I slid up and down a bit to move my cock and give her a bit of pleasure, and then Dan slowly slid out and then just a little in – out of time with me which made it awkward, but then suddenly we found a rhythm and began moving in and out just and inch or two at a time see-sawing back and forth inside her as she held herself carefully open to us.

Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip slightly; her cheeks were flushed and her neck was blushing bright red with arousal. As I watched she arched her neck back, and Dan leaned forward and nuzzled her hair. Her nipples were as hard as fingers and slid across my chest.

We held this rhythm in her still body for – I’m not sure how long – it could have been three minutes or it could have been ten – and suddenly Shelley started moving along with us, and then in an instant, her motions overpowered ours. I’d closed my eyes, focusing on the way her familiar pussy felt so different, shaped by the cock just a quarter inch away in her ass, and suddenly I was holding her as she humped up pressing Dan deep into her ass and then down, pressing me deep into her cunt. I looked at her and her face was transformed into a mask of pleasure.

Suddenly, we were holding ourselves still as she moved herself onto each of us in turn, driving harder and harder as I felt her tension build and suddenly she was flailing between us, her pussy fluttering around my cock. Dan pressed down and I felt him drive deep into her as she spasmed between us, her eyes rolled back and her mouth open and a line of drool falling onto my neck.

Her walls clenched again and again around me and her juices flooded the tight boundary between us.

She made animal grunts and noises, and Dan I and answered them with noises of our own.

Her body locked as every muscled tensed and her pussy clenched and held tight around me – and I’m sure her ass locked tight around Dan. She leaned down and bit me as she made a final grunt and suddenly went limp in our arms.

I was buried to the back of her cunt, and I could feel Dan buried equally deeply in her colon. We lay, limp and breathing deeply for a moment, and Dan began to inch out and then back in. We were both so damn hard, and Dan began moving more and more strongly as I kept myself pressed into the hard lump of her cervix until he was driving himself into her and she was holding me, shuddering as he did until suddenly he pressed in and I felt his cock spasming through the soft wall between us. I tried to tip myself over to orgasm, to feel the warm pleasure work its way up from my balls, but – nothing.

Dan kept himself buried in her and I could actually feel it as his cock softened and shrunk and Shelley’s pussy became the familiar wifely sheath I knew so well.

He rolled off her and I heard the wet smack as his cock pulled out of her.

Shelley smiled down on me and nodded yes. She looked at me and said “I want you to fuck my ass.”

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