Harem Ch. 2

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I guess it’s all about giving them what they need. A couple of days after my night with Katrina, she called me to say that her offer was genuine, and not due to the extreme emotional stress that she had been under. She did however, ask if it was okay for her to call me when she felt lonely. Seemed fine to me.

Strangely, not one second after I had put down the phone, it rang again.

“Hello?” my voice sounded curiously.

“Hi.” The voice sounded familiar, but I couldn’t quite place it. “It’s Amanda. I’m a friend of Katrina’s, remember?” She sounded a little worried, so I was quick to rescue her.

“Yeah, sorry. I just haven’t spoken to you in a while, that’s all.”

“Well, we never did speak very much anyway, um,” she paused, she was sounding rather nervous. Amanda never used to sound nervous.

“Can I help with something,” I asked, trying to be soothing.

“Yes. Katrina said… Katrina told me what you did for her.” I gulped, Katrina really did tell her friends.

“I see, so…”

“So I was wondering if…” she paused again. “I was wondering if… I was wondering if, I could come over and speak to you.” I knew where she was headed, but I decided to help alleviate some of her anxiety.

“Sure. If you want to come over and talk, that’s okay. Do you know where I live?”

“Yeah, Katrina told me. I was thinking, maybe I might just hop on over, but I decided to call first.”

“Thanks for that, I think I might have got quite a surprise if you suddenly appeared.” She sighed, and laughed at that.

“Okay then, so I’ll see you soon?”

“Soon sounds fine to me,” I said and then she hung up. I couldn’t believe how casual I had sounded. Katrina had actually told one of her friends about that night. I didn’t know whether to be angry with her or feel grateful. But then greater concerns overtook me, such the terrible mess I had to clean up before my guest arrived.

When Amanda did arrive, I had the place looking reasonable, and had changed into something a little more formal. I think, from the look on her face, that she felt upstaged by my clothing. She was wearing some light summer dress, thigh-length, with floral patterns. Frankly, I was awed by her looks more than I thought I would be.

Despite her earlier nervousness, she seemed to be assured, smiling broadly. She was like a statue carved from alabaster; very white skin, platinum blonde hair, crystal blue eyes.

“I didn’t think, you know, that I would be able to do this,” she said to me, belying her appearance of confidence. “It’s the sort of thing, that -,”

“That always seemed sordid,” I finished for her. She nodded. “Truth is, I didn’t see this coming. I never thought that –,”

“That you would be chased around by us?” My turn to nod. It then became uncomfortable; we were silent, trying not to look at each other.

“Look,” I finally started,” would you like a drink?” She sighed and nodded rather emphatically. It was early in the evening, so rum and Coke seemed to be an okay starter. It seemed to work too, before long Amanda was more than a little tipsy and free speaking.

In fact, she must have regained her confidence as she started stroking bornova escort my arm while we were talking. Since she was much shorter than me, I found myself looking down the front of her dress. As I stared at the swell of her breasts, I realised for the first time that her dress had spaghetti straps, and she wasn’t wearing a bra! Amanda had come prepared.

“So,” I said, knowing that conversation was wearing thin,” what exactly did Katrina tell you?”

“Everything,” she said the word so slowly that I couldn’t tell if she was being sexy or if she was drunk. “That’s why I’m here,” she continued,” I want you to do to me what you did to her.” If you think it’s possible, I became aroused without having an erection, just like with Katrina.

“Okay,” I said, and started towards my bedroom. I had to half carry Amanda; she was definitely a little drunk. We rushed things more than when I was with Katrina. I think Amanda was desperate for a release, or maybe just the attention. We were stripping each other frantically, the biggest problem was Amanda’s shoes, and she nearly tripped herself.

She had such a hard time with her shoes I told her to leave them on. She seemed to agree, and from her vantagepoint on the floor, she ripped down my trousers and underpants. She was about to suck on my flaccid dick when I stopped her.

“Katrina didn’t do that. She was the centre of attention, okay?” Amanda didn’t seem too disappointed. She stood rather unsteadily and leapt into my arms. With her legs around my waist, she almost dragged me down, so I had to lean her back against the wall. Then began the furious kissing, while I somewhat roughly kneaded her buttocks in my hands.

Amanda was a lot less subdued than Katrina was. She kept clenching her legs, mimicking thrusting motions. It still didn’t cause an erection, but the feeling in her ass cheeks as her muscles tensed and relaxed was amazing. But she grew impatient, breaking lip contact.

“I want you to do it to me, now!” Who was I to argue? I laid her back on my bed in much the same way I had with Katrina, pelvis at the edge allowing easy access. I took a brief moment to drink in the image of my lover.

Where Katrina was tall, dark and skinny; Amanda was short, light and round. She wasn’t fat, she was voluptuous. Small pockets of body fat rounding out her very womanly curves, around her hips, breasts, her ass was very soft to touch. She didn’t have a flat stomach, but then again, neither did I. She just had a bit of a soft, round belly. While Amanda was definitely beautiful, there was one word that summed her up even better: sexy.

When Amanda became a little restless, I decided that was enough looking, time to start the music. I went in to her lips, before moving down her throat, kissing all the way. I took the same path as with Katrina, down between her breasts, stopping to flick from side to side, sucking her erect nipples, nibbling slightly.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol or if she was ticklish, but nearly every kiss I planted on her body caused her to giggle. I didn’t mind, her giggles made her tits bounce and her belly quiver. And the look on her face was buca escort almost indescribable: a silly little smile that hid the knowledge of what we were doing.

Continuing down her stomach, her giggles became soft moans and heavy breathing. When I reached her pubic mound and her almost white hair, her breathing was erratic and shallow. I paused to inhale her womanly aroma, pleased that I had aroused her so much. I fondled her thighs, planting kisses on them, before I moved back her private hole.

I hesitated at her pussy, and I heard Amanda suck in a deep breath, and hold it. I glanced up to see her face contorted in concentration; brow furrowed, mouth set in a grimace, then she looked at me, a plea in her eyes. I lightly blew across her vulva, her eyes glazed, her face relaxed and her head dropped back to the bed.

Then I set to, licking large circles around her cunt lips, my own lips brushing against her swollen clit on every pass. All I could hear was Amanda’s ragged breathing, punctuated with the occasional moan. Amanda definitely needed a release; she was sitting on so much pent up sexual energy that before long she was crying out.

“I’m coming, oh God, I don’t believe how good this is I’m coming!” she screamed so loud, I’m sure anyone in the vicinity knew a miracle had occurred. After words failed her she continued to moan and groan while her body twisted and turned every way possible. When she regained the power of speech she was most grateful.

“Oh God, I haven’t felt like that since… I’ve never felt like that! What did you do?!” I simply smiled at her.

“More?” I said.

“Hell yes!” she laughed, and relaxed her body while I attacked her cunt again. She was instantly responsive, spouting unintelligible words as I warmed up her clit for more action. When I had her clit standing proudly from her lips I spread them wide open. I gazed with fascination at her glistening red centre, her very core of sexual power.

The way her cunt pulsated was incredible; her pussy pushed out so much that it opened her vagina wide. I watched as her lubricants leaked out, pouring down into her ass crack. When I had my fill of staring, I decided to give her a poke, and slipped two fingers into her accommodating pussy. While I fingered her, I went back to sucking her clit, causing a slight shudder to ripple through my lover’s body.

“Are you alright, Amanda?” I said. She just mumbled in return. I don’t know why it hadn’t struck me earlier, but Amanda was very different from Katrina. I realised that I should give her something different to tell her friends about.

I stopped playfully sucking her clit, and started on it like it were a little cock, keeping it in my mouth and applying lots of pressure. With this, Amanda started thrashing, as if to escape. Meantime, I turned my fingers to the task of stimulating her g-spot. From the first touch, she bucked, moaning loudly.

Remembering her impatience, I decided hard and fast was the way, so I sucked hard and fingered fast. Amanda’s moans heightened in intensity and she continued to buck and thrash, casting about looking for refuge from her exquisite torment. Finally çeşme escort she realised there was no escape.

“OH GOD, what are you doing to me?!” she screamed. Then it happened, she came hard, and it took me a few seconds to realise that she was squirting come! I blinked and moved my head back, only to catch a spurt on my chest. Her come was dribbling from my chin, and she was squirting onto my chest.

I was completely awe struck at the sight of her red pussy spurting forth her milky come. She was screaming to high heaven, her body twisting, her face contorted with excruciating pleasure, until the waves began to subside, the squirting ceased.

Anxious not to lose the moment I went back her cunt, sucking her clit, massaging her g-spot. But she seemed to be spent. Desperate, I did the only thing I could do. I placed a finger from my other hand at her asshole. It was well lubed from all her juices dripping down there, so my finger went in easily. She shot out a little shriek when I penetrated into her warm rectum, but other wise she was still coming down.

I worked fervently to get more fingers into her, and then she sighed and relaxed. I thought it was over, but when she relaxed, the pressure I was applying overcame her. My hands slid into her holes. I had a fist in her cunt and a fist in her ass. Amanda simply screamed a scream of pain and terror. I worked my hands back and forth in her holes.

“No, stop please stop, don’t…” she cried out, but I could tell that it was the greatest feeling in the world for her, I could tell because she was squirting again. This time it all went to my chest and it wasn’t as milky. I was amazed at how well I could block out Amanda’s screams.

I just focused on the feeling in my hands. Her cunt trying to suck me in, her ass trying to push me out. After a while of my pumping she stopped saying no. In fact she stopped saying anything. This time there was nothing I could do to prevent her orgasm passing. But thankfully, that took quite a long time, and she eventually lapsed into unconsciousness.

I would have checked to clock, but I had no idea when we started. It felt like she had been coming for hours. Thinking of come, I cleaned up hers from my chest, stopping to try its taste. It didn’t have much of a taste. I’ll never forget the feeling and the sound of my hands pulling out of her tight holes.

Seeing nothing else to do, I got into bed and pulled the sheet over us. I fell asleep still wondering why I didn’t have an erection.


I awoke to find Amanda climbing out of bed rather unsteadily. I watched her find her footing. She looked radiant in the early morning light. I had forgotten that she was still wearing her shoes. I watched as she crept over to her crumpled dress, her hips swaying, ass bouncing. The way her body moved when she bent down to retrieve her dress, her breasts bobbing.

I watched as she slipped her dress on over her naked body. I hadn’t noticed the previous night, but she didn’t have any underwear. She turned and saw me watching. She smiled slightly. She grabbed a nearby pen and paper, wrote something down.

“Call me,” she said, leaving her phone number.

“Do you want some breakfast?” I asked her. She shook her head.

“No I should get going.” She came over and gave me a very deep kiss. She patted me cheek and said,” thank you.”

“My pleasure,” I replied. With that she stood and left my house. I glad that wasn’t the last time I saw her.

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