Hope, Charity , Faith Ch. 03

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* All characters in this story are of legal age. *

Funny thing about the Arias family and my friend Ricky and his one other sibling, Hope Arias. People assume they are mixed, half Spanish or something of that sort. Their looks would bear this out in our stilted community, but the actual truth is humorous to a degree. Ricky’s mother back in the day hooked up with this guy she’d met on a trip down south.

Reportedly, this guy was extremely attractive, built and racially ambiguous despite being vehemently militant. It was love at first sight for Lenore whose maiden name was Jackson. This unnamed guy eventually became the father of two beautiful children and coexisted unmarried in the household for a couple of decades when he wasn’t in jail for one petty crime or another.

Lenore ever the dutiful common law wife, spent many a dollar and dime travelling back and forth taking Ricky and his older sister to see their father. His irreverence and insistence that she would bear a third child out of wedlock upon his release, prompted good Lenore to end things on the spot. She had enough of the pseudo revolutionary and pretty words that spread her legs and melted her core.

On her way out of said prison, Lenore met one Felipe Arias, himself just paroled for a petty crime. Although nothing like her basic husband, Felipe was a dutiful and caring stepfather to his step children remaining an enriching part of their early lives until he was finessed out of their shared home by a frustrated Lenore.

Ironically, he’d adopted the children as his own, but Lenore balked at his desire to have one of his own with her. She denied that request citing his other five children with two different women prior to their initial meeting and relationship. Things became so acrimonious and toxic in their home, the hardworking truck driver began spending more time on the road while their nurse mother actually moved into a two bedroom apartment meant for her and Ricky’s older sister, Hope.

These days, their step father spends most of his time with his current thirty something girlfriend and yet, more inherited step-children. This means Ricky, mostly lives alone in the family home, a modest residential, two story duplex.

The ground floor is mostly unused with Ricky maintaining an apartment of sorts on its second floor.

Their parents make sure the place is stocked with groceries and a lot of parenting is done with periodic checks by their mother and step father when he’s in town.

Since Hope left for college down state, Ricky has his run of the place, but has yet to do anything meaningful (I.E. hooking up with girls) with his good fortune.

We mostly crash, playing video games and watching movies. The basement floor of his home is equipped with a washer and dryer, which allowed me to wash my stained clothing. My phone started ringing while I was stuffing my shirt into the wash.

“Yeah, what’s up man.”

“Man, you gotta get up here and help me out; this asshole is killing everybody on my team.” Ricky was online gaming and particularly fond of this Call of Duty type game with zombies.

“Not my speed man, you gotta handle that.” Honestly, I got confused with those point of view games, preferring tamer fair in fighting games.

“Well shit, at least you could give me some moral support.”

“Can do, just give me a minute.” I hung up as the phone started ringing again almost immediately.

“Hey Ricky, I said I’d be right up!”

“Wrong again; geez did you move in with him after I-hurt you?” My shoulders instantly tightened up at the measured, calculated tone of Kimberly Biven’s voice.

“No, and why’re you calling?” My heart started thumping as I worked at keeping emotion to a minimum.

“Welfare check, I assume you’re ready to capitulate after punishment?”

“Excuse me?”

“I giving you an out, righteously after you were “EXTRA” with me the night earlier. I understand you had an emotional breakdown, and that’s why you hung up in my face. But Jaleel, I’m special and you were out of pocket.”

“Geez, I was?” I made no attempt to hide the dripping sarcasm in my voice.

“Apologize…and all will be forgiven. Of course I’ll have to withdraw my earlier offer from the table due to your juvenile outburst. Easing you off the grid would be problematic to my relationship with Jayson. I can’t have that because I’m in love with him.” I was already recording our conversation.

“I’m really happy for you two, honestly.”

“Apologize to me Jaleel.” Kimberly was indignant to a fault.

“I’m gonna have to take a raincheck on that; I’m sure you understand in all of your infinite wisdom.” I was doing my best not to scream at the top of my lungs into my android. The recording continued as she undoubtedly processed my words from the other side of the line.

“If you don’t do what I’ve said; the spankings will continue.”

“Understood Kim; hey girlfriend, name one of the puppies after me when you two are blessed.”

I couldn’t take it anymore ending the call abruptly. Raw emotion washed over me, triggered bursa escort by the callous lack of emotion and indifference to what she’d put me through. I was inside the rectangular laundry room noticing a towel which I quickly used to muffle the primal scream that erupted from my lungs.

My brow was painfully furrowed, eyes felt puffy from the emotional irritant. Kimberly Bivens didn’t give a fuck about my feelings. Only her ego mattered at this point. I’d overstepped some social boundary in her twisted mind. I knew she was coming after me until I apologized.

“Jaleel get in here man; this bitch is killing my team!!” I went back upstairs to the second floor finding my bud frantically mashing buttons as an onscreen assassin plowed through his online associates like butter. I decided to keep the call from Kimberly to myself as I sat down watching the carnage.

Everything on the screen was a blur as I joined my friend popping up on screen for a few seconds before I was blasted into oblivion. This happened several times in succession while my friend screamed orders into his headset.

“Stretch, where you at girl; I need some backup!! Hey DJ, you gotta flank that bitch before she…FAWK MAN, she got you again!!” The online avatar of the unseen enemy continued making swiss cheese out of my friend’s group.

“Ricky what the hell; did you piss somebody off?”

“Tracy-WATCH OUT HERE SHE COMES AGAIN!!” I watched his online partner get blown to smithereens before it came around again taking two more members on that pass.

“Damn man, who is that?”

“Shut up man-GET HER, THAT BITCH IS COMING AROUND AGAIN!!” It looked like the entire online team were offed followed seconds by one by one sign outs from the virtual battlefield. Ricky’s team had more than enough of the repeated snuffing as he stood spiking his headset on the living room carpet.

“Man, who was that?” I wanted answers as I stared at the screen finding the character standing still, immobile without a target. Ricky ignored me stomping over to his front door opening it wide with a violent yank.

“ASSHOLE!!” He yelled down the stairwell leading to the first floor of his home. The avatar blinked out on the screen of his large flat screen television as if in response. Ricky slammed the door returning to the couch plopping down on the sofa flat on his back.

“Ricky, you okay?” He was pouting, looking to all the world like a humanoid care bear staring up at the ceiling.

I didn’t think he was going to answer me anyway. My good friend Ricky Arias was what you’d call a male diva of sorts, spoiled, and coddled for a good portion of his life. I was already familiar with this tactic as I heard some footfalls coming quickly up the stairs. Whoever they belonged to, was bolting up to the second floor.

“Ricky, we’re not alone?”

Before he could answer as if he would, the front door to his second floor apartment burst open with equal force that he used slamming it hitting the wall behind it. Luckily their wise step father saw fit to install a door stop there or there would’ve been a hole in the wall. I found myself looking at what I presumed to be Ricky’s older sister.


She was still five four in height but noticeably heavier having been thinner right before leaving for college two years earlier. We’d met at one of the family’s functions, a backyard party at a relative’s home. Hope Arias was probably best described as flighty, maybe touchy feely with a bohemian edge to her antics.

I recalled that she herself was an avid gamer facially resembling this actress named Jessica Parker Kennedy, a fan favorite because she was on The Flash and this show, Black Sails. Some of her peers lovingly joked that she reminded them of a living adult version of Jazmine DuBois from that Boondocks cartoon.

“Hola Jaleel!” She walked into the living room stopping short offering her hands wanting me to stand up to greet her. Hope had taken those Jazmine comparisons to heart sporting hair tightened into two large, bushy ponytails. She gave me a deep hug once I was standing.

“How long have you been home?”

“About six weeks; taking a break from class to reconfigure.” Her attire bore out the lackadaisical reason for her return home. Hope was wearing this canary yellow, night dress over what looked like a blocky figure. It was jarring to find Sponge Bob’s countenance staring back at me from the front of her attire.

“How’s school, I mean how is it being away from home?” Hope held up a single finger silencing me as she stared at her still fuming brother on the sofa.

“Ricky, are you gonna let me into your group?”


“You’d better let me be a member of your group or I’m gonna keep going all predator on your ass. Come on little brother; it’s something we can do together, you know, bonding?” Hope Arias was cute as a button and apparently dangerous online.

“That was you?!!” I was surprised.

“Excuse you much Jaleel; the shock is uh, not empowering.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“Antiquated mores of what bursa escort bayan some call established gender roles that says I have to adhere to an oppressive narrative. You should realize that what holds me down, also limits your potential as well, Jaleel.”


“Girl power baby; respect the vadge, homie.” Hope punctuated her diatribe by giving me a playful nudge in the ribs with her elbow as she regarded her brother.

“Come on Ricky; end the bloodshed.”

Later I would be informed by my best friend that Hope had been dogging him online since right before returning home on extended sabbatical. She’d started using her roommate’s console to dish out online havoc wanting into his digital clique.

“GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!” Ricky blurted out, still a pissed off care bear in human form, turning away facing the back of the couch. His older sister ruined an afternoon of gaming with his other friends. Hope’s eyes narrowed for a second before resuming her normal innocuous expression.

She handled my arms jointly moving me to the side before walking over to the couch to viciously slap the back of her brother’s head. It was one of those wet slaps that echoed loud upon impact. I was jolted as Ricky swiped at his sister who was too fast backing out of the way. Before he could do anything else, Hope was sitting on his chest pinning her little brother flat on the sofa.

“Ricky, do you wanna get jacked up in front of Jaleel, huh?”


“Ricky, you’d better get that wild hair out of your ass.” Hope warned as he struggled to toss her on the plush beige carpeting.

“YOU’RE HURTING ME!!” Ricky turned a bright shade of red as his older sister redoubled her efforts raising her feet off the floor. I lurched forward frantically pointing at his face which got results when she looked down at her brother.

“Oh I’m sorry Ricky; you okay?” Hope rolled off Ricky turning on her knees, worried.

“GET OUTTA HERE!!” She was caught off guard when Ricky suddenly gave her a violent shove. The siblings ended up rolling across the floor in an impromptu wrestling match that ended with Hope Arias pinning her brother to the floor. She held his arms pinned down at the wrists.

“Give up.”

“NO, SCREW YOU!!” Ricky yelled defiantly.

“Guys, I’m going downstairs to get my laundry; you two have fun.”

Seeing the siblings engage in this type of rough horseplay wasn’t unusual since I’d known them. Hope and Ricky spared regularly whenever they were in proximity to one another to the consternation of their parents. Their mother initially made the offer to Hope of living together post separation from their step father based on these interactions. I gathered she’s gone out of obligation and familial coercion. By the time I got to the bottom of the stairs I was getting a message prompt on my phone.

“Figures.” Kimberly’s number stared back at me from the face of my phone. It was a message, probably meant to rattle me further. I walked into the laundry room opening it to find a seconds long clip.

Kimberly Bivens decided to poke the beehive once again sending me a ten second clip of her panty clad butt. She was lying on her bed probably using a selfie stick as I noticed her jean mini skirt riding up on her waist revealing the extremely small white panties stretched across the perfect looking butt.

I recalled a verbal dustup when I inadvertently mentioned the fact that she purposely wore panties smaller than her actual size. Now here I was in my friend’s basement admiring my cheating girlfriend’s butt once more. She gave it aa bit of a modest jiggle with a twist of her hips. Kimberly was lying prone on her bed. I recognized the fluffy white comforter dotted with tiny bits of pink.


That motherfucking Jay Stello’s hand suddenly appeared in frame giving her left butt cheek a loud resounding slap which made it jiggle more. Kimberly’s ass wasn’t so much big as it was perfect created by dual ovals that made up its shape. His mitt-sized hand remained in place kneading that cheek as Kimberly moaned audibly. The sound was too loud in the cramped laundry room as the door opened out of nowhere revealing Hope. I quickly clicked off the clip, staring at her probably flushed.

“Stay for dinner, I’m making some crab cakes, shrimp and fries; you can play with Ricky too. I’m not gonna interfere for the rest of the day.”

“Well, I was sleeping over anyway, thanks.”


“Yeah?” Hope stepped into the laundry room pulling the door up behind her.

“Are you watching porn?”

“No; I’m uh, not doing that. I wouldn’t do something like that in your house.” I felt embarrassed under her gaze as Hope stared at me with this impish smile that I knew to be a poker face. She seemed to have the same glib expression on her face no matter what was going on in her life.

“GIVE IT UP BIG DADDY!!” My android was quickly snatched as she pivoted turning her back to me intent on seeing what I was looking at. I snatched back at my phone, but Hope held the phone out in front of her chest shoving escort bursa her hip into my abdomen as Kimberly’s clip sounded off again.

“Give me that back; that’s my private uhm, stuff Hope.” It was pardon the expression, hopeless as my friend’s older sister watched the clip a few times before glancing over her shoulder at my face.

“What’s the big deal Jaleel; it’s just a flat ass?”

“It’s not that flat; that’s a good thirty six inches right there.” I facepalmed after instinctively defending her stats. Hope just smirked watching the clip a few more times.

“Whatever, it’s plain and she’s using the old panty trick trying to make it look bigger.”

“Oh, That’s a thing? All girls know about that?” I raised a brow.

“Well yeah Jaleel; I used to have a friend that did that, even stuffed her bra with socks, too.” Hope leaned against the washer as I put my clothes in the dryer. She was still in custody of my phone appearing to go through my phone. It was collateral damage because I’d been too stupid to put a lock code on it.

“A “friend” huh; is that code for you stuffing your bra, huh?”

“Not even, I won the genetic lottery fool; I’m rocking a 34D for your information. The male species is so predictable basing sexual gratification on physical abundance instead of…HOLY SHIT!!”

Hope’s intellectual rant was interrupted as her eyes became big as saucers. She was holding my phone with two hands bringing it closer to her face. She righted herself from leaning against the washer as I got closer looking at the face of my phone. Apparently, Kimberly sent two second long clips.

“Ah shit; fucking…!!”

My heart leapt into my throat at the clip which revealed that motherfucking Jay Stello’s huge lubed up penis being stroked by a disembodied hand obviously belonging to my girlfriend. Adding insult to injury was the jerky, partially falsetto yelling from the jock as a deluge of semen ran volcanically from the crown of his cock evenly coating Kimberly’s blurred, jacking fist. Hope glanced from the phone up at my distressed features.

“Jaleel this is, well something else; have you told Ricky that you’re BI?” I hiccupped with a sudden burst of indignant anger.

“I’M NOT FUCKING BISEXUAL YOU GOOF; MY GIRLFRIEND IS MAD BECAUSE I HUNG UP IN HER FACE THE OTHER DAY!!” I barely realized I was yelling at the top of my lungs. Hope remained silent processing my explanation.

“Don’t you think this is a little extreme for a lover’s quarrel?”

“Uhm, she cheated, I caught her in the act and uh, Ricky saw it too. She called me up later and wasn’t even upset that I busted her getting fucking railed. We were, like talking about it and she was being so dismissive and cold. Bitch had the nerve to offer me some consolation pussy, but said she was dating that motherfucking Jay Stello!” Everything just started pouring out of me while Hope stood there listening.

“Jaleel, I don’t think this girl is good for you.”


“I don’t think this female is even that guy’s girlfriend and you should count yourself blessed to be rid of her. You’re just a kid, eighteen starting out in life and somebody like this will RUIN you.” All of a sudden Hope was sounding a lot older than her twenty years of life, and a little bit condescending for my tastes.

“THANKS FOR THAT!” I snatched my phone out of her hand intent on hitting the stairwell back up to her brother’s second floor apartment. Hope caught my hand at the doorknob, using her other to cup my cheek.

“Hey man, Jaleel I’m sorry, okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” My heart was still thumping after talking about my present difficulties. I’m sure Ricky was upstairs finally enjoying some uninterrupted gameplay online while we were in the basement.

“No I mean it; probably came off judgmental and for that, I apologize. I’m so sorry, more than you’ll ever know Jaleel. I like you, and you’re my brother’s best friend; I don’t want anything between us, alright?”

“Okay, I’m gonna go upstairs now.” I was still feeling the pent up emotion as Hope stopped me from turning the doorknob.

“Can we talk a little more Jaleel; I wanna come clean, too.”

“Um, sure.”

This time Hope opened the door taking me by the hand leading me into the adjacent basement recreation room. Felipe Arias stepfather extraordinaire had once again outdone himself personally coming up with something akin to a self-contained living space replete with a fully stocked bar, small bedroom in the back.

The center of this area resembled a living room bordered by two leather couches resting in front of a faux fireplace with a flat screen television hanging over it. The expensive looking coffee table was three slabs of black stained glass with everything resting on top of this really plush white carpet. Hope led me to the longest couch directing me to have a seat as she went over to the bar.


“Uh, sure.”

“What’ll you have Jaleel?”

“Uh, I guess I’ll have some wine; uhm, white wine please.” Hope busied herself behind the bar mixing a drink. I wasn’t surprised when she placed a canned energy drink down on the foam coaster in front of me. She had prepared herself a screwdriver with an orange slice hooked on the edge of her glass. We toasted awkwardly taking respective sips.

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