I get to know my cousin better

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As I look back on these stories I’ve written I realize what a screwed up life I have lived. But sex, anal sex and incest is still part of my life and I enjoy it. My step mother is now in her mid seventies and the dangdest thing is that I butt fucked her this week and she will still let me pussy fuck her every now and then but she really likes the buttfucking. I just make the excuse I’m going to see my parents and go over there. At 60 years old I’m not as horny as I was at 15 or 16 but she still plays with my ass and now I can buy toys at adult book stores for her. (our latest and greatest is the 10 inch 4 inch across black dick I purchased about 10 months ago. I thought she was going to pass out when she saw it. She made the comment “Where was this when you were growing up?”
Back to my story

After we had moved to the country and I had witnessed my grandpa ass fuck my step mom in the barn and had played with my dad’s dick, other things began to happen
One night when I was just about to go to sleep, I heard my door open and my step mom came into my room. She didn’t turn on the light and she was walking very lightly. She tiptoed to my bed and crawled in beside me. She lifted up the sheet and reached for me. I was still pretending to be asleep as she pulled my shorts down and began to play with my cock. She asked me”Are you awake yet?”
“Yea,” I said quietly. “Won’t Dad hear us?’
“The best thing you could have done was give him that blow job. He won’t do anything even if he catches me, and I know he knows I’m in here now.”
With that she got real close to my ear, like she always did when she was turned on, and said
“Have you talked to your cousin about jacking off and sucking each other yet?”
“No,” I said. ” I didn’t even know he liked that stuff”
“Oh, he likes that stuff alright” she whispered. “I know for a fact that his mother has butt fucked him too.”
She was stroking my dick pretty hard by now and her breathing was getting short. My dick had grown in the past two years to a nice 5 and1/2 inches and had grown in girth pretty good too. She was really beginning to beat the hell out of my dick and I was getting ready to cum. She slipped her head under the covers and took my dick into her mouth and began to suck it in earnest. I shot a good glob of cum in her mouth and she sucked all of it down. Sat up on the side of the bed and whispered huskily, “Go check out your cousin and lead the conversation into something to do with sex and I’ll bet you get to find something really nice real soon.”
With that she stroked my now limp dick a couple of more times and quietly left the room. I couldn’t sleep very well the rest of the night. I jerked off twice more but couldn’t get to sleep.
The next day I slept through most of my classes. But just as soon as my cousin had finished his chores he rode his bike down to the house and we began talking.
I was just about to say something about being horny when I saw my grandad go towards the barn with my red headed aunt in tow. I grabbed my cousin by the shoulder and started dragging him towards the barn. He kept asking me what was going on and all I could tell him was just come with me and I would show him something he wouldn’t believe.
We ran as hard as we could but I knew we would have to be quiet when we got close so I slowed down and put my finger to my lips to show him to be quiet.. We slipped quietly up to the side of the barn and I looked ino a knothole and indicated for him to look too.
Just as I figured! Grandpa had closed the barn door behind them and was going over towards the chicken feed sacks. My red headed aunt was already bent over them and waiting. Grandpa came over behind her and raised up her dress and there was the whitest ass I had ever seen. Man don’t anyone in this family wear underwear?
She waited until he got ready then turned around and began to suck his dick. She was a pretty good cocksucker too. She began to moisten his dick with her saliva and groan a little at the same time.
My cousin looked through the knot hole and then looked at me and lipped to me with no voice,”That old man has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen”
I just nodded and went back to watching what was unfolding inside the barn. He began to sink that big cock into what looked like her pussy, from where I was I couldn’t tell. She moaned and let out a grunt and grabbed the sacks with her hands and squealed a little. The old man pulled back and shoved it back in. She must have been a little dry because she really let out a grunt of pain. He pulled it out again and shoved it back kocaeli escort in and out and in and out and in again. She must have been getting moist now because he wasn’t having to push so hard. Now he settled into a rhythm and began to really fuck the shit out of her. She laid there for a few seconds and then her expression began to change and her vocal expression began to change and then her expression began to change. She was now getting into being fucked pretty good. Her total behavior changed and she began to start to moan and groan and move her hips like she was getting to appreciate this some now. He picked up his pace and really began to fuck her hard and rammed his large dick into her like there was no tomorrow. Just as he began to grunt she began to scream. It scared me just a little because all of a sudden I was afraid someone would look out of the window and maybe see us looking through the knotholes. After looking around I didn’t see anyone and looked back and saw him stiffen up and groan a little and stab that big fat dick in her once more.
“What do you say, girl?” he asked her.
“Thank you Daddy” she said.
“Good girl” he said. “Now suck my dick clean and let’s go back to the house.”
With that, my cousin and I began to sneak away from the barn and ran across the pasture to a dried creek bed that was at the edge of the property.
When we got there we both slumped down on the ground with our backs to the wall of the creek.
“WOW” said my cousin. “That was the hottest thing I have aver seen. That old man has the biggest dick I have ever seen in my life. She took it right up the ass.” He must have had a better view than I had but I figured that’s where she was getting it. That whole family likes assplay.
“Have you ever had anything up your ass?” I asked. Man was this ever a good opening. I was horny and so was he.
He opened his zipper and drew out a long but not too thick dick and began to stroke it. I knew I was getting close to an answer. “Yeah, “he said ” My mom takes me to the shed and buttfucks me every now and then. I’ve kinda gotten to where I like it. Every now and then she’ll suck me after she has fucked me and I really like that.” he said as he stroked his dick slowly and cupped his balls.
“Man, I ain’t ever seen someone get fucked like that though.”he said.
“You ever got buttfucked or anything like that.
And so began a long conversation about me and my step mother. What was it about this clan of people that the liked to butt fuck so much?
After we had talked a little bit he looked at me with a quizzical look on his face and said “Wanna fuck each other and get rid of these blue balls?”
I was game. Man I was finally gonna get to fuck someone else in the ass. All this time I might mention that I had my dick out and was jacking off too.
I stood up and dropped my drawers and kicked them off and kept stroking my dick. He looked down at my dick and pointed at a tree that was laying over in the creek bed and motioned that he wanted to fuck me in the ass first. I quickly dropped over the tree and spread my cheeks. He spit on his dick and began to try putting it in my asshole. It took a little but slowly it began to go in. One stroke and about an inch. Second stroke maybe another inch of it in. He spit on his dick once more and drew it back and made a harder stab and the whole thing went in up to the hilt. I felt his balls slap mine. He began to fuck me in real sincerity now. Pounding my ass. Pounding it hard. Man this guy was getting serious about his ass fucking. I was serious about it too. I liked the hell out of it. I was enjoying this and thinking about how it would feel when I got to fuck him. He started grunting and making obscene noises and pound me really hard. I felt him stick his dick up my ass really hard.
He began to grunt and I knew he was getting close. He shoved it in and kept it in my ass for a couple of seconds and then I began to feel him jerk and quiver. He jerked and thrust and jerked some more. And then he pulled out of my ass. He was spent and I knew it so I gave him some time to recover. As he sat on the limb I walked up to him and made like I wanted him to suck me. I had no idea whether he was into that or not. But he had just seen our aunt suck my grandads dick so I thought what it was worth a try.
To my surprise he dropped to his knees and began to suck it. Man that was hot!!!!
As he began to suck I knew if I wasn’t careful he would get me to blow my wad in his mouth and I wouldn’t get to fuck him in the ass.
I told him that that felt good darıca escort but I really wanted a piece of ass. And with that he bent over the same limb I had been laying across and I found his ass hole. Slowly at first but that boy was ready. He made a little backward thrust and my dick went all the way in. Right up to the hilt. Man was that good!!!!!!!
I didn’t take any warm up. I began to fuck him in earnest. Hard and fast and it was good. It didn’t take very long for me to build up to my climax. I started shooting cum in his asshole with full force.
I had just about finished my last blast in his ass when I heard a female voice say “WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE??!!”
My dick came out of his ass and went limp immediately as I looked up on the edge of the creek bank and there stood my cousins Mother. Her hands were on her hips and she had a mad as hell look on her face.
She walked down into the creek bank and walked right up to where we both were.
“:I saw you two run up here from the barn and wondered what the hurry was. I come up here and catch you with your dick up my sons’ ass. What have you got to say for yourself?” she asked.
What could I say? Lady I just watched your father-in-law fuck his daughter in the ass in the barn and I thought I would come up here and get me a piece of ass too?
Well I might be brave but I didn’t say anything. I was caught butt fucking someone and I guessed the whole world would know pretty soon.
Well?” she said.
I just tried to cover myself up but I was scared to death.
She looked down at my dick and her face changed expressions.
“Well?” she said again. “Are you going to say anything or just stand there with those beautiful dicks covered up with your hands?”
Slowly, she sank to her knees and she took my now limp dick in her hand and slowly sniffed it. I knew it smelled like shit. She had seen me fucking him in the ass. Was she going to now tell me that my dick smelled like shit?
Then just as slowly, she took my dick in her mouth and began to suck it. Moving her tongue over the head and cleaning it off just like I had seen my step mother and aunt do. Then the pace began to really pick up as she sucked and slurped. I looked at my cousin and his eyes were as wide as mine. We both looked at each other in total amazement. And now my dick was starting to get hard. Really Hard.
She reached over and got his dick and slowly started jacking him off. She pulled him to his feet and drew him closer. Then she started sucking him too. She alternated sucking us both for a few minutes. I wanted to come in her mouth so bad.
There is no way in the world I could have dreamed this stuff up. These things just don’t happen, I thought.
And just as I thought it couldn’t get any kinkier she turned him around and began licking his ass where I had just finished fucking him.
She looked at my cousin and then at me and stood up. I was in awe because I really wanted her to finish me off with a marvelous blowjob. This woman was good and I really wanted to come.
She looked at me and said “Did you like fucking him in the ass?”
I nodded as she pulled on my dick again. “Would you like to do it again? I want to watch close up this time!!”
She pulled me closer to him and told him to bend over cause he was going to get butt fucked again. He did. She knelt down and took my dick in her mouth and began to suck me off and slurp and wet my dick with her spit. Then she turned around to him and spread his ass cheeks wide and stuck her tongue in his ass and began to lick it. She then thought it was slick enough and told me “Stick that dick in his ass where I can see it. OK now shove it in hard and deep!”
I began to fuck this boys ass as if my life depended on it, and I wasn’t real sure that it might not. If I could make her horny enough we could get some stuff on her and she wouldn’t tell on us, maybe
I grabbed him by the hips and began slamming my dick up his ass hard and fast. The harder I slammed the louder he grunted and groaned and the closer to the dick and ass hole she got.
I got stiff and shot my wad in his ass and began to really like it. He did too but he was on the receiving end but I could sense he was liking it.
She stood up and started taking off her dress. As soon as she had it off she spread it out on the ground and started taking off her bra and panties. GOOD GOD!!! This woman had huge soft tits and hair all over her pussy. I mean a pile of pussy hair that would make you think something could live in there.
She told gölcük escort her son” Lay down on the ground with your dick in the air, boy, I’,m going to fuck you.”
I didn’t want to be left out but I started to back up a little. She turned and looked at me and said,”Stay right where you, boy cause I’m gonna want some of that dick too.”
I think that I could have died right then but my heart wouldn’t stop beating. I watched as she slowly mounted my cousin and began to thrust his prick in her cunt. She was hot. I mean really hot. She began to ride him for all he was worth. She was slamming her cunt down on his dick and just about knocking the wind out of him every time she did.
And then she turned to me as said. “Get your dick ready boy cause your gonna get to fuck my shithole. And you can come in me anytime and as many times as you can. I want that dick of yours stuck up my but. Now come around here and let me suck it and get it wet again. I’m gonna show you two boys what fuckin’ is all about.”
And with that she sucked my dick into her mouth and left it wet with saliva. “Get in ” she said.
And I obliged her.
I crawled up behind her and found her asshole and stuck my dick in it and started cramming it in just as hard as I could. I was so hot and horny that I woould have fucked an knot hole.
She began to groan. Her moaning became very loud. I would stroke her in her ass and my cousin would stroke her in her pussy and between us we fucked the shit out of her. Literally!!
I felt her shit try to come around my dick as she began to moan and scream.
I began to feel her shudder. I wasn’t real sure what an orgasm really was but I was pretty sure this woman was having one.
“Fuck Me” she said. “Hard, and I do mean hard. Slam that dick in my cunt and cram it in my ass and fuck me till I am ready to quit”.
I could feel my cousins dick pressing on the underside of my dick from inside her cunt and the wall of tissue that was between her cunt and her ass. MAN, Did that feel good and I was not that far from cumming. I could feel her still trying to shit as I stuffed my dick just as far a I could up her ass. She was having orgasms quickly. She had already had two and working on her third.
FUCK, FUCK, FUCK FUUUCCCCKKKK!!!!!! she screamed.
I couldn’t handle it more any, and I began to cum in her ass. I shot as much cum as I had left and that seemed to still be a lot up her ass. But I didn’t take my dick out but I thought I would at least play with her titties. I reached around her and tried to find a nipple on it but there was my cousins mouth attatched to the left one and I couldn’t get his mouth removes. So, I reached around with ny other hand and found her nipple. Man that nipple was at least and inch long and maybe even a little longer., I slid my dick out of her and around on the side where I could get my mouth on her tit. She was moaning and still moving her hips back and forth. I knew my cousin had already shot his wad but she wasn’t giving up this saddle horn for nothing, and continued to ride him hard.
I hung on to her tit and sucked on it till I thought I was going to pop it. She rode him for another minute or so and then sat straight up and began to shudder. Then she went stiff and then collapsed on his chest. After a few minutes she looked around at my dick which I had now brought up closer to her, and made a motion with her mouth like she wanted to suck it again. She got it very quickly. She began to suck my dick and clean it off with her tongue. I knew it had shit on it but I didn’t care. She was still impaled on his dick and just moving back and forth on it.
She sucked me for a couple of minutes and then spat my dick out and pulled her cunt up off of his dick which was now getting soft.
” Tomorrow I want to see both of you immediately after you get off of the bus” she said. “We need to talk about this”
And with that she got her dress and shook off the dirt on it and put it on. She picked up her bra and panties and walked out of the creek bank and off towards the house.
“What in the hell just happened,?” I asked my cousin.
“We just got buttfucking each other and it must have made her so hot that she wanted to get in on some of the action, I guess” he said.
We both sat down in the dirt. I looked over at him and he was slowly stroking his cock. I slowly began to tug on mine and it was making a valiant effort to get hard again. I didn’t think it would but if he was going to have one at least I was going to try to be ready. He started jacking off with his semi-hard cock and said, “I wonder what tomorrow will bring?”

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