In the Closet

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Angela White

All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

My mouth was firmly pressed to Haley’s as I pushed her into the closet, my hands fumbling at the hem of her shirt as they worked their way up the smooth curves of her tight tummy to cup her breasts over her bra.

I can’t believe we’re finally doing it, I thought to myself as I pulled her close to me, our bellies pressed together as I tried to drink her in, our breasts heaving in unison. She pulled my shirt over my head, and our lips tragically parted briefly to allow the fabric to pass between us before we came together again. My tongue ran roughly against hers, exploring her mouth as my hands probed the clasp of her bra.

In one motion, I pulled off her bra and her shirt, and casting it aside, knelt to take her firm breast in my mouth. I could feel the skin on her lower back prickle with goosebumps as I worked her nipple with my tongue, tracing it back and forth, side to side, flicking at it until it became hard between my lips.

Hungry for more, I began tracing kisses down the underside of her breast, down to the bottom of her ribs, around her bellybutton, and down, down, down…

I moved a hand to unbutton the top of her jeans when she placed a hand on mine.

“Annie,” she whispered, “I really, REALLY want to keep going, but I also really have to pee,” she laughed. “Can we hit pause for a sec?”

Disappointed, I looked up into her eyes.

“Okay,” I pouted, “but make it quick, I can’t wait any longer.” I reached for the handle of the closet.

It wouldn’t move.

“Uh oh,” I said, jiggling the handle.

“What?” She replied with genuine concern.

“The door! It’s locked from the inside, I can’t open it!”

“What?” she said with mild panic. “Move, let me try.”

We shifted in the tiny closet as she sidled past me to jiggle the handle.

“… shit,” she replied. “Shit shit shit.”

“It’s fine!” I reassured her, “My mom will be home soon, she can let us out. We’ll come up with something!”

She squirmed and bit her lip. “When will she be home?”

“Usually around five or so,” I replied, looking at my watch.

She grabbed my wrist to look at my watch. “That’s an hour and a half from now!” She exclaimed. “What am I going to do? I really, really have to go!”

I bit my lip and looked around. My closet was filled with girly clothes. I think my mom was a little concerned with my boyish tendencies, and tried to overcompensate by buying me as much pink stuff as she could. But there was nothing here to help alleviate the current situation.

“Annie!” she hoarsely whispered. “What am I going to do?” She had tears in her eyes.

“I don’t know, I don’t know!” I replied frantically, trying to think.

Haley gasped. “Oh God.” She said, “I can’t hold it. Oh GOD what am I going to do?”

Author’s note – from here, you can choose your own adventure. Or read both, I’m not a cop. The first one is what really happened, and the second one is what I fantasize about on lonely nights. Let me know which one is your favorite!

— What REALLY happened: —

Reaching for a nearby sweater, I pulled it off the hanger. “Here,” I said, holding it up. “Use this!”

“What?” She said, confused, her face twisted with suffering.

“You can pee into this, it should soak it up, I’m sure of it.”

In fact, I was sure of it. I had used the same sweater for just that purpose just last week, but I wasn’t ready to share that with her, not just yet.

“No,” she said, eyeing the sweater, “I… I couldn’t…”

“It’s fine,” I replied, “I’ll put it at the bottom of the hamper, and I’ll wash it later.”

She didn’t reply, but looked longingly at the sweater, bouncing gently, her face flushing.

“It’s fine!” I said, shoving the sweater Kızılay Escort into her bare chest, “Hurry up before you burst!”

Haley gave the sweater one last look before finally relenting.

“Oh God,” she said, unbuttoning her jeans, “I’m so embarrassed.”

“It’s fine,” I said, as casually as I could, though my heart was racing.

“You can’t tell anyone!”

“Of course not!” I replied. Who would I tell? I would jealously hold on to this memory for the rest of my life.

She pulled down her jeans, revealing the dark brown curls of her mound. I could see a small wet spot in her panties, which soon had me forming a wet spot of my own…

She bunched up the sweater, and started pushing it between her legs. I watched as the pink sweater was positioned beneath her pussy, and held my breath in anticipation.

Haley’s face was twisted in concentration as she looked to make sure the sweater was in perfect position to receive her offering. She held it there for a while before I realized I hadn’t been breathing.

“You okay?” I asked, panting softly.

“I can’t go,” she said, visibly confused. She chuckled. “I had to go so badly a second ago, but now…”

“You have a nervous bladder,” I said. I thought for a moment. “I know!” I said, and started fumbling on the button of my pants.

“What are you doing?” She asked, still hunched over the sweater.

“You shouldn’t have to go alone!” I said, reaching for a pair of gray sweatpants. “Here, we’ll go together.” I pulled down my pants and bunched the sweatpants between my legs.

I didn’t really have to go, but I wish I did. I pushed and I pushed, furrowing my brow with concentration. Haley was wrapt on the bunched up sweatpants between my legs as I gently grunted with exertion.

Finally, I managed to coax some pee to the surface, and with a final push, I felt the cloth in my hands grow damp between my legs as I let out a tiny spurt.

I smiled and looked up at Haley, who was focused on my crotch. “I’m doing it,” I said to her with a chuckle. “I’m peeing, right now. Look!” I pulled the sweatpants away from my crotch so she could see the darkened wet patch in the fabric. “I have some more.” I said, re-bunching the fabric and pushing it between my thighs.

Haley smiled, “Ooh, I think I can go too.” she pressed the sweater up against her pussy and closed her eyes with concentration. I could hear her pushing, vocalizing little sounds of exertion as she tried to persuade her bladder that this was okay, that standing here, hunched over a pink sweater in my closet, it was okay to let go, it was okay to feel that sweet relief.

Finally, I saw her eyebrows relax, and a wide smile brightened her face.

“I’m peeing,” she declared with a laugh, but it was unnecessary. I could hear the muffled hiss from the fabric as she pushed her pee into the sweater. She chuckled giddily, “I can’t believe it, I’m going, right now!”

Subconsciously, I had started moving the sweatpants between my thighs back and forth accross my pussy, delighting in the feeling of the damp fabric rubbing against my clit. The gentle tickling made me feel the need for release, and happily I obliged.

“Me too,” I said, looking into Haley’s eyes, “I’m peeing too.” I let out another long spurt into the fabric and show it to her. She laughed, and pulled the pink sweater away from her pussy. She was still peeing, and I could see it splashing into the rapidly dampening fabric, growing heavier and heavier with her pee. Eventually, one side grew saturated, and she turned it between her legs, wetting another side of the sweater until almost all of the fabric was darkened with pee.

The gentle hiss of her pee hitting the cloth turned into more of a muffled splatter as the sweater grew more Escort Kızılay and more damp. I was allowing myself to release into my sweatpants whenever the need took me, but was mostly relishing in rubbing my wet pants against my pussy.

“I’m still going,” Haley declared with an embarrassed laugh, “God I had to pee so bad.”

“Here, take my pants, I’ll hold your sweater.”

“Are you sure?” She asked, embarrassed. “It’s all wet.”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

I passed her the pants, and she swapped it Indiana-Jones style with the sweater, pushing the already-damp side against her lips, and before long I could hear the muffled hissing as she pushed her last few spurts into the new fabric. The idea of my pee pressed up against her pussy, the idea of her pee mingling with mine… it was almost too much to bear. I took her dampened sweater and pressed it still warm against my mound, tingling with the feeling of her pee against my lips.

I could see her naked stomach tensing, trying to push the last of her pee out into the sweatpants.

“There,” she quavered, “That’s the last of it. Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Don’t be!” I reassured her, “I peed too, so now we have dirt on each other!” I said with a laugh.

I bit my lip and turned away. “I also have a confession to make…” I reached to the bottom of the door and flipped a latch, and the closet door opened easily, casting the bright light of the afternoon sun on these two girls who had just peed in the closet.

Haley stared in shock for a long moment, then smiled wryly. “You bitch,” she laughed.


–Alternate, Fantasy Ending–

“Oh my God,” Haley exclaimed on the verge of tears, “what am I going to do? I don’t think I can hold it that long…”

I thought for a moment. “You really have to go?”

“Yes,” Haley affirmed, “Oh God, I’m going to burst.”

“You could pee in my mouth,” I suddenly blurted, then squeaked and covered my mouth with both hands.

Haley paused. “I could what?”


“Did you say I could pee… in your mouth?”

“No.” I lied.

Haley thought for a second, then squirmed, holding back her bladder with a hand between her legs.

“Were you joking?” She asked, seriously.

My heart was pounding as my brain screamed for me to say Yes! I was joking! Haha, what a silly joke!

But instead, I said, “No.”

Haley thought for a second. “How would we do it?” She asked, moving from side to side in an adorable potty dance.

Just say you were joking! My brain screamed. This is crazy!

“I put my mouth on your… down there, and you just… go. In my mouth.”

“And… what, you just, like, swallow it?” She asked, biting her lip.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, “I think I can do that.”

Haley thought for a second more, then, without saying a word, she started unbuttoning her pants.

“Are we doing this?” I asked, too scared to move.

“I can’t hold it,” Haley said, “I don’t think we have a choice.”

Haley pulled her pants down to her ankles, revealing the sharp contrast of her pale skin against the dark brown unkempt curls of pubic hair between her legs. I knelt before her in response, then sat on my butt, shimmying down between her legs as she straddled me.

“Just, go slow,” I said shakily, “I don’t know how much I can take.”

“I’ll try,” said Haley, equally shaky.

Swallowing one last time, I licked my lips and slowly brought them to Haley’s mound. I was immediately greeted with the salty-sweet taste of her pussy, already slightly damp with some accidentally released pee from earlier. I turned my eyes up to lock with hers, and nodded.

“Okay,” Haley quavered, “Here I go.”

Looking up past her mound, I could see her stomach tense as she strained to coax her pee to the surface. I opened my mouth wide on her pussy, creating a cup with my mouth sealed on all sides with my lips. I felt a single hot drop of pee escape from between her lips and land on my tongue.

After a moment, Haley relaxed her stomach with a sigh. “I can’t do it,” she said, “I don’t know why, I had to pee so badly before.”

Without pulling my lips away from her pussy, I brought my tongue up to her lips. Haley gasped from the sudden contact, and her body tensed with the sensation. I began moving my tongue from side to side, brushing back and forth against her lips, gently teasing her clit.

“Oh fuck,” Haley suddenly declared, “That’s… oh, that’s working. Annie, I’m going to… I’m gonna pee, Annie. Are you ready?”

I nodded as best as I could, and pulled my tongue away from her lips while maintaining the seal around her pussy with mine.

“Here I go,” Haley said, smiling.

Suddenly, a long, hot spurt of pee filled my mouth, squirting against my tongue and almost filling my mouth before she cut it off. The warm, salty taste came as a shock, but I shook it away and started swallowing. I couldn’t swallow all of it at once, it was too much, but with three gulps I managed to clear most of it away.

Haley moaned and released another hot spurt into my mouth. The pressure against my tongue and the back of my throat was intense, and it filled my mouth almost to the brim. I started swallowing, but before I could finish, Haley released another stream into my mouth.

“Oh no,” Haley said suddenly, “I”m sorry, Annie, I… I don’t think I can stop…”

Spurt after spurt were filling my mouth, and try as I could to swallow it all, eventually I was overflowing. Pee poured out of both corners of my mouth, dripping down my cheeks and chin, drawing a streak down my collarbone, past my breasts and down my tummy to soak into my pants.

I was still trying to swallow as much as I could, but eventually the Haley’s rhythmic spurts turned into a steady stream, which pushed into my mouth and quickly overflowed.

“I can’t…” Haley panted, “I can’t stop it, I’m peeing so much…”

I closed my mouth to swallow everything I had, allowing the pee to splatter against my face and chin.

“It’s okay,” I finally managed, smiling at her, “It’s fine, you can go. Just let it all out, it’s okay.”

Haley responded by moaning, and the already strong stream strengthened, splattering now against my chest as it poured down around my breasts and soaked into my pants, which were quickly dampening. I could feel her hot pee soaking around my hips and down to my butt. There was hardly any part of me that wasn’t completely soaked in Haley’s pee as it continued to splatter against my chest.

Her stream began to slow to a trickle, and I took the opportunity to wrap my lips around her pussy again and drink her in. Her pee was much easier to manage now, and I easily swallowed all the rest of it, delighting in Haley’s faraway moans of pleasure.

As the last few drops poured into my mouth, I continued the work I had started at the beginning, playing my tongue against her lips, rubbing back and forth and side to side. Haley’s back arched with the pleasure, and I knew her final climax was coming. With wet arms, I wrapped myself around her hips and pressed my face between her thighs, vigorously licking her to a powerful orgasm.

As her breathing began to subside, I stood, soaked from head to foot.

“Oh Annie, I’m so sorry,” Haley said.

“It’s fine,” I said with a laugh. “I had a feeling it wouldn’t work, but I really wanted to try.

I bit my lip, and continued, “I also have another confession…” and without another word I reached back to the door and moved a latch beneath the handle. The closet door opened easily revealing two naked girls covered in pee to the afternoon sun.

I impishly looked back at Haley, who stood in shocked silence for a long while, until her face broke out into a wide smile. “You bitch,” she laughed.

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