Incest Curse Ch. 02

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INCEST CURSE 02 – The dignified mother becomes a deranged cock slut while the sister fingers herself looking at brother f*ck their mother into submission

“Oh, dear son, what have we done…”

“Haha, mother you truly jest. After mothering me and my siblings, you still need me to tell you?”

Zeis condescendingly mocked his mother who still feigned reluctance and pretended to be a virtuous woman…

“Reya, I won’t mount you. That all-noble attitude of yours irks me. If you wish to put out the fire I lit up in the depths of your convulsing womb, I command you to climb over here and mount your son, ride me screaming out like the slut you are for your son’s thick cock.”

Saying his piece, Zeis shamelessly stripped in front of his mother and laid down on the divan, facing up, his hard pulsing cock pointing high up straight as if it is a compass needle directing towards the sky.

Reya felt humiliated seeing her son treat her like a whore, but Zeis made a lever move. He played his mother’s body and licked her till her pussy juices started flowing again. Reya is the goddess of fertility, having been stopped midway at sexual pleasure, felt like a ravenous fire burning at her core, and the enticing image of her youthful strong son shamelessly showing her his hard cock only worsened her need.

Zeis is calm enough to hide his desire and needs for the dripping pussy of his mother. He felt that he need to assert his domination. Zeis did not just want fuck his confused and frustrated mother, he wanted to conver her into his cock slave. He wanted to break her dignity by her own volition and make her a lowly whore queenbet güvenilirmi who would do anything for her son’s thick phallus. Having such an elaborate scheme to trap his mother, Zeis knew that patience is of the essence. However, the God of Lightning must have thought too much…

Though Reya has her pride, the goddess of fertility is more feminine than any female being, the more turned on she is, the more submissive the mighty mother of all gods become. Mesmerized by her son’s hard thick member, Reya pleadingly looked at Zeis, as she walked over to the calm Lightning God and lifted her Toga. The aroma of Reya’s sex-starved pussy was refreshing and erotic. Just with a glance at his mother’s drenched sex, Zeis almost lost his composure.

Without a word, Reya lowered herself on her son’s cock, the long nine and a half inches long cock was overtly thick with veins coiling all around it. The bulbous purple head was filled with blood making it a darker hue. Reya was completely seduced by her son’s magnificent looking penis. Lowering herself, as the cock head hit her cunt lips, Reya moaned out with ecstasy…

“Ahhhhh… Its been sooo longggg…”

“Dear son, I almost forgot how sex feels like, make mother remember…” Reya lowered her 50 inches bouncy pale white buttocks. Her wet leaking pinkish pussy start to greedily devour her son’s spear-like hard member. The juices of her drooling cunt flowed down the remainder of Zeis’s cock making his balls wet.

“Oooohhh… Yessssss… Deeear sonnnn… Yourrr thiccccck phallllus… isss maggicalll…”

Looking at his mother, the queen of all queenbet yeni giriş divine beings to moan out like a lowly whore, Zeis felt an unprecedented sense of accomplishment, even more than becoming the Ruler of all Gods. Smugly, Zeis reached out and started playing with his mother’s gravity-defying 48 F cups, he alternately pulled on her nipples as if he milking a dumb cow. The slut mother could not control her herself as she started to spray milk all over the muscular body of the Lightning God.

Grabbing her by the throat, with no shred of respect, Zeis pulled his mother down and sealed his mouth on hers, noisily licking her tongue…


With his other hand, Zeis leisurely slaped the bountiful buttocks of his mother, each hard slap makes the matron goddess moan out erotically in her son’s mouth with her butt cheeks rippling and jiggling.

Knowing that he fully owned his mother, Zeis spread her ass, making the noble goddess show her asshole, he reached his big fingers deep into her ass crack and rubbed her moist pink asshole. Without any warning, he forced two of his finger up her tight anus, stretching the pink ring,


Moaned out Reya as her son callously stretched her sensitive anus. Reya has not even let her husband take her anally. But her young son has no remorse stretching his mother’s virgin asshole. Forcing two of his fingers in Zeis grabbed her by her ass and forced her buttocks down, making her take the full length of his cock. Zeis’s cock reacher deep into the weeping cunt of his mother and hits on the entrance of the womb that conceived queenbet giriş him and his siblings. For a motherly woman having her cervix stimulated is the epitome of pleasure.

Receiving the pleasure that her husband never has given her, Reya fully gave into her son, becoming completely addicted to the divine cock of the God of Lightning and start to ride him with no remorse. Reya’s plump cunt desperately tries to tighten over the hard pulsating cock of Zeis only to spew out more white sticky fluids, as she constantly cummed over her son’s exquisite cock.

The image of the most respected goddess and the queen of Mt. Olympus to ride her son’s cock with her tongue hanging out like a deranged bitch evoked another feminine moan, a bit further from the royal chambers.

“Mmmmmffff… what is brother doing…” faintly muttered a gracefully divine girl, her curves are a clash of ‘abundance’ and the ‘nubile youthfulness.’ Herah, the Goddess of Nature and the sister of Zeis came to seek out her brother who went missing at the Victory Celebration of Gods’ Crusade.

However, what she found was not the brave and heroic image of her brother, but the lust-driven Matron Goddess and the Queen of Mt. Olympus becoming a wretched plaything for her son’s insatiable lust.

The sight of the matron goddess’ ripe cunt drooling out pussy juices, Herah’s virgin cunt started to shiver and spasm on its own as she intently stared at the hard spear of her brother, which remained pointing high, undefeated by the squelching pussy of their mother…

Lifting her toga, Herah jammed a finger up her un-fucked cunt touching her hymen, rubbing her thumb on her clit…

“Oh, mother… how selfish of you to claim brother all for yourself…”

The young Goddess of Nature, played with her hardening nipple and her excited fresh pink pussy lips, as she saw her dignified mother turn into a fuck toy for her brother…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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