Innocence Lost

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Chapter One

“I can’t tonight,” Lisa replies over the phone to her best friend Melinda.

“But you’re home all alone,” states Melinda.

“Yeah. But I can’t. Every time I invite someone over when mom and dad aren’t here, I get caught.”

“But I’m so bored tonight,” pouts Melinda.

“We can do something tomorrow night. Robby will be home from college by then and you will be able to come over,” Lisa says confidently as she takes another swig from the can of beer.

“Okay,” Melinda sighs glumly. “I will talk to you tomorrow then.”

“K. Bye,” responds Lisa as she hangs up the phone. Already bored, Lisa flicks through the channels on the TV, stopping at a music station. ‘Dance your pants off’ is airing and Lisa chuckles to herself as she is up well past her bedtime, even for a Friday night.

Returning from the kitchen with another beer, her fourth of the evening, Lisa starts dancing along with the video. Caught up in the moment, she strips off her pants and starts flinging her long, blonde hair around as she gyrates her 5 foot 4 inch frame to the music clad only in her pink thong panties and cropped white tank top which barely covers her 32B’s. Taking another long drink, Lisa is startled by the front door opening and spills beer all over her shirt.

Peeking around the corner, Lisa sees her brother. Only one year older than her, Robby is almost a foot taller than Lisa, at 6 foot 3 inches. A shaggy blond mop tops his 210 pounds of muscle. She can see how all the girls in high school were in love with him and saddened when he took the scholarship to play football for a BCS ranked college instead of staying home and being the star wide receiver for State. As soon as Robby turns to close the front door, Lisa bolts from her hiding place and times her jump perfectly to catch Robby off guard as he turns back to pick up his bag.

Flying into his arms, Lisa yells, “Welcome home!” and kisses him while wrapping her arms and legs around his body.

Holding the kiss for a second or two too long, Robby finally says, “Hi sis,” with a big smile. “I smell beer.”

With an innocent look, Lisa replies, “Really?”

“Yeah. Really. Why don’t you peel yourself off of me and grab me one,” Robby chuckles.

“Okay,” Lisa smiles back and skips off towards the kitchen

Robby watches her as she prances away and mumbles to himself, “Damn.” He grabs his bag and walks toward his bedroom, trying to shake the image burned into into his brain away. Opening his door and talking to himself again says, “It’s good to be home.” Setting his bag on the bed, he turns in time to see Lisa standing in the doorway, her hair fluttering over her breasts, nipples peeking through her hair and straining at the tight, white fabric, her cleavage readily visible where the spilled beer had made the material transparent.

“Here,” Lisa states as she thrusts her arm out to hand him the beer.

“Thanks,” he replies as he pops the top to the can and takes a sip. “You’ve grown,” he continues, eyeing the new curves his sister has. Remembering at Christmas when he was home last, she was clad in heavy clothing sohe could not see her body and last summer shen she was swimming in the backyard pool, she didn’t have any of the curves she now possesses.

Smiling, Lisa grabs Robby’s hand and says, “Come on,” as she pulls him out of his room. Robby steps past his little sister and leads her to the family room, knowing if he followed her, his eyes would be on her bare ass, barely covered by the tiny thong, and there would be additional stirrings in his pants. Once there, Lisa sprints past him and jumps onto the couch. She grabs the remote before he even has a chance to sit down. “Hmm, what do I want to watch?” she asks herself rhetorically.

“What movie is on?” Robby asks her.

Flipping through the channels, she sees that there are two movies starting at midnight, about five minutes away, and they consist of a romantic comedy and a horror flick. “Seen it,” Lisa states when she passes the comedy. “Looks like it’s going to be the horror movie tonight,” she continues as she sets down the remote.

“Sounds good to me,” Robby adds as he drains the last of his beer. “Go get me another one,” he commands. Lisa does as bidden and when she is out of earshot, he mumbles, “Damn, she’s got a nice ass,” watching as she struts out of the room. Taking the opportunity, he adjusts himself as the stirrings are becoming a problem.

Lisa skips back into the room with Robby watching her breasts bounce unhindered under her tank top. “Here,” she giggles as she plops down hard on his lap, greeted by a groan as she lands on the growing problem. “What’s wrong?” she asks innocently as she curls up in his lap and leans against his chest.

“Nothing,” he states. “The movie is starting,” he continues as he slides her off of his lap and onto the couch beside him.

“Oh,” Lisa pouts, unaware of her raw sexuality and what it is doing to her brother. She slips a leg across his as she cuddles up under his protective şişli escort arm, her hard nipples burning against his ribs. He sets his beer down and drops his hand onto her leg and absent mindlessly starts to rub her knee.

“Gotcha!” Robby yells and pokes her in the ribs during the climatic scary scene at the pinnacle of the movie.

“Ahhhhh….,” screams Lisa as she nearly jumps off the couch. “You brat!” she continues screaming as she hits him across the chest.

“It’s not that scary,” he says reassuringly.

“Yes it is,” stammers Lisa with a tremble in her voice. She curls up tighter against his side and draws her other leg up onto his lap, hiding her face against his chest. Robby wraps his arms around his baby sister, assuring her and protecting her from the monsters on screen.

The movie ends and Robby grabs the remote to turn off the TV. He gently picks her up as she has nodded off during the final few minutes of the movie, safe in the cocoon of his body. He carries her up to her room and places her in bed. Deciding it would be difficult to keep his hands off of her if he changed her into a nightshirt, he tucks her under the covers and gives her a soft kiss on the forehead.

He retires to his own bedroom next door, throws his bags over in front of the closet and strips down to his boxers. Turning off the light, he climbs into bed, only to toss and turn while thinking about the hard little body his gorgeous sister has grown into. He finally falls asleep holding the nine inches of manhood in his hand. The storm that was predicted to hit, causing him to come home early, is starting to light up the sky.

Awakened by a loud thunderclap, Lisa sits up in her bed and listens to the roar of the wind and the pelting of the rain illuminated by flashes of lightening and accompanied by the rolling of thunder. Unable to go back to sleep because of the storm and memories of the movie, Lisa slips out of bed. Padding down the hall, she quietly opens the door to Robby’s room and runs across the chamber to his bed. Seeing him asleep by the light of a flash of lightening, she slides into the bed and curls up next to him. Robby rolls onto his side and Lisa quickly spoons in front of him and Robby throws his arm over her. Feeling safe and secure, Lisa falls back asleep.

Sensing the heat of a body, Robby, still more asleep than awake, starts rubbing his hand over the tight little body spooned up with him. In his drowsy state, he believes he is still at school and one of his girlfriends has snuck into bed with him. He gently kneads the smooth, upturned breasts barely contained by the short tank top. Her nipples hardening in response to the caresses, Lisa moans in her sleep as Robby pinches the tiny nips. Sliding his hand down over her flat stomach, Robby’s hand slips beneath the fabric of Lisa’s thong, allowing his fingers to trace along her shaven lips before entering the valley of her dewy folds.

Finding her nub, he draws his finger across it, causing her to shudder and moan in her sleep as his manhood rises, sliding up between her legs.

Not wanting to wait any longer, he pulls aside her thong and presses the head of him immense tool between her now inflamed lips. Unable to proceed further, Robby grabs Lisa’s hips and rolls them both until he is on his back and she is straddling him, facing away.

The tinge of pain caused by Robby penetrating her maidenhood rouses Lisa back to consciousness. Unable to breath or speak due to the waves of ecstasy from the feeling of being split in two as she slides down his tool, forced on by the downward pressure from Robby’s persistent hands.

A moan is caught in the back of her throat as he moves her up and down, impaled on the rigid pole protruding from the fly of his boxers. The feeling of completeness washes over her as the desires mount as fast as Lisa is sliding up and down.

Robby grunts as he pulls Lisa down hard and explodes into her newly deflowered nest. His hands slide up her sides before he pulls her back over onto their sides, sighing with pleasures as he slips deeper into his dream state, not fully aware of who is with or what he has done.


Robby wakens to the smell of fresh brewed coffee wafting through the house. Outside, the storm has passed by and the sun is trying to peek out from the leftover clouds. Pulling on his shorts and a tee shirt, he makes his way to the kitchen, memories of his wet dream clouding his thoughts.

Walking into the kitchen, he sees the coffee pot gurgling out the last of the water and Lisa, wearing a knee length night shirt, looking through the cabinets. She turns as she hears Robby enter and says, “There is nothing to eat here.”

“That’s okay kiddo,” he replies. “Let me take a shower and I will take you to breakfast to celebrate my homecoming.”

Lisa nods her head and smiles as Robby grabs a cup off the hook and fills it with the steamy blend. “I’ll take milk and sugar in mine,” she states.

“Okay kiddo,” he repeats and hands her a cup before walking off.

Standing in the bathroom, Robby is confused, looking at the spot of blood on his boxers. From behind he hears, “It wasn’t a dream.”

As he turns around, he asks, “What wasn’t a…” Spotting Lisa standing in the doorway naked, he chokes on his words. He didn’t hear the door open. The cascade of water from the shower muffling the sound. “…dream?” he stammers out.

“Us. Last night,” Lisa replies.

“We didn’t. We can’t,” he mumbles as he stares at her perfect breasts and shaved lips.

“We did, we can and we will do it again,” Lisa whispers with a smile. “And from the look of things, real soon.” She takes the few steps to him and wraps her arms around his neck. On her tippy toes, she reaches up and kisses him on the mouth. Robby kisses her back and presses his tongue against her lips. Lisa, not knowing what to do, keeps her mouth closed as Robby reaches down and caresses her tight butt cheeks.

He picks her up and sets her on top of the counter. Positioning himself, he slides into her eager love canal. She moans as he enters her. Taking advantage of the moan, he pushes his tongue into her mouth, invading two orifices at once. He glides his tongue over her straight white teeth, fresh from braces, and darts his tongue in deeper, teasing hers as he matches the pace of his thrusts deep inside her recently virginal recesses.

Lisa breaks the kiss and moans deeply, panting to attempt to regain her breath as the spasms of pleasure cause her to gasp and gulp for air.

Robby feels the pressure build of his pending climax and tries to pull out. Lisa has already clamped her legs around him and locked her ankles in an attempt to pull him deeper, every thrust bringing her to new heights. “Let. Me. Out,” Robby pants.

“No,” she moans back. Unable to hold out any further, Robby explodes into his little sister with a final thrust. regaining her breath, Lisa pants, “Mom put me on birth control last fall when my tits started growing. Besides, I like it when you cum in me.”

Robby breathes out and whispers, “You naughty girl,” and smiles.

“You taught me,” giggles Lisa.

Robby stands up straight and reaches behind himself to pull Lisa’s ankles apart. Slipping from her grasp, he says, “Let’s take that shower.”

Walking into the restaurant, a small neighborhood coffee shop which Robby hung out in during his high school years, the hostess, whom looks vaguely familiar, yells out, “Robby, you’re back!”

Noticing her name tag, Robby replies, “Hi Kate. Yup, school’s over for the year.”

“I saw you on TV when you played. You did great.”

“Thanks. Can we have a table?” inquires Robby.

“Oh, there’s two of you?” Kate asks after coming back to her senses, out of her daydream about Robby.


“This way,” states Kate as she leads them through the coffee shop.

“Does everyone always stare?” whispers Lisa. Robby nods. Lisa walks a little closer to her big brother, partially to show her possessiveness, but mostly to hide from all the attention from the people seated.

Kate leads them to a family sized table near the rear. “Here you go,” she says as she sets down the menus.

“Ah, can we have something smaller?” inquires Lisa.

“From what I remember, there are always people wanting to join the table with Robby,” replies Kate.

“This will be fine,” Robby remarks. “Two coffees, please.”

“What do we have here?” Kyle states as he, two other guys and two girls squeeze into the booth with Robby and Lisa. “I guess you are trying to hide from your old high school buddies,” he continues with a chuckle.

“If I was going to do that, I wouldn’t have come here,” replies Robby as he has to slide over tight against Lisa because of Erica, last year’s head cheerleader, pushes into the booth next to him. “I got home late last night and I’m here first thing. That’s not hiding.”

“So, how has going to a big school out of state been?” Erica asks demurely.

“Not bad,” Robby responds.

“You would have played more here at home and we could have been teammates again,” says Kyle as he starts picking at the leftover food on the plates still on the table.

“True. But I have a better chance of getting drafted and being a big star,” boasts Robby as he leans in towards the table with the rest of his friends, leaving Lisa sitting back, slouching down and totally ignored.

“And then I can say I went out with a pro football star,” Erica purrs as she slips her hand off the table and onto Robby’s leg.

“We haven’t gone out,” states Robby.

“Not yet,” she replies as her hand grasps his upper thigh.

“I wanna go home,” Lisa quietly whines, loud enough for only Robby to hear.

“Looks like we have someone who doesn’t like me,” scoffs Erica.

“I do have to get going,” Robby says. “I will see you all later.”

“Call me,” whispers Erica. Robby and Lisa quickly get up to leave.

“Can you take me over to Melinda’s tonight?” Lisa asks, walking out of the house and calling to Robby who is sitting on a lounge chair in his Bermuda shorts.

“Yeah,” he stammers, staring at his sister in her bikini. “What time?”

“About six,” she replies with a smile. She chose her tiniest bikini, the one that was already small on her body last year. And this year, the triangles don’t cover her blossoming breasts and the patch of a bottom is pulled up tight. She folded the back up into the crack of her butt to show off her tan lines. The mint green color accents her emerald green eyes. She giggles to herself as she struts across the patio. She is carrying a beer for Robby, having stopped at the market for some essentials, food and beer, on the way home. The cashier, another girl who worships Robby, didn’t card him for the beer even though it is store policy and he is of age. Her dreamy eyes watching him and not paying attention to her job. “Here,” Lisa states as she hands him the cold can.

Robby shifts uneasily as he reaches for the beer and says, “Thanks. I’m going out tonight too, so I am glad you are going to be busy.”

“Who are you going out with?” Lisa asks as she stands over him, trying to garner his complete attention.

“Aren’t you the nosy one?” Robby replies rhetorically. “If you must know, I’m going dancing with Erica.”

“I don’t like her.”

“You don’t even know her,” scoffs Robby.

“Yeah, but still…”

Robby looks up at his sister over his sunglasses and a wicked smile overcomes his face. “You’re jealous,” he teases.

“Am not,” demands Lisa.

“Are too,” Robby continues teasing. He swings his leg over the chair so he is facing Lisa. Suddenly, he grabs her as he stands up and runs towards the pool.

“No!!!” screams Lisa as Robby throws her into the water while he jumps in himself.

Coughing as she surfaces, Lisa glares at Robby and yells, “I hate you!” she starts to swim to the shallow end of the pool.

“No, you don’t,” Robby calls out after her, swimming towards the same end of the pool, angling to catch her before she can get out.

“I do too,” she screams and Robby grabs for her. “I do. I do. I do,” she continues as she fights him off.

“No you don’t. You love me,” Robby says as he wraps his arms around her. “Just like I love you,” he says with a smile.

Tears streaming down her face, Lisa looks up at him. She buries her face in his chest as Robby holds her tight. Lisa looks back up at him, stifling the tears, she whispers, “Prove it.”

Robby bends down and kisses her. His tongue tracing along her lips. “Am I going to have to teach you to kiss?” he whispers.

“I know how to kiss,” she replies.

“You know how to kiss mom and dad, but you don’t know how to kiss your boyfriend,” Robby breathes. Lisa blushes. “Now open your lips a little bit and meet my tongue,” he commands. He leans back down and kisses her deeply, tongues intertwining. “Now, isn’t that nicer?”

“Wow,” Lisa pants. Robby smiles and kisses her again. He slides his hands down her back and starts to massage her ass. Lisa moans in the back of her throat at this new development.

Robby breaks the kiss and asks, “Do you want to go inside?”

Lisa only nods because the words are stuck in her throat. She reaches back up to kiss him again. Feeling his nudges, Lisa wraps her legs around his waist and he carries her up the stair of the pool and into the house.

Laying her on the bed in her room, Robby unties the knots of her bikini at each hip and tosses it over his shoulder. He quickly pulls down his own suit and steps out of it, his manhood springing out in front of him. Slipping the head of his rigid pole between her folds, Robby tests for her response. Feeling the wetness of her natural lubrication, he pushes, driving home his cock deep into her depths. Lisa’s moans and grunts as he leans over her, pistoning in and out of her now well broken in honey pot.

“Kiss. Me,” she pants between the groans of Robby’s merciless cock grinding into her. He leans down and does as bidden, kissing her, sucking her lower lip between his teeth and gently biting. Lisa jams her tongue into his mouth at the same pace Robby is pounding her.

A moan escapes his lips as he thrusts hard and deep, exploding with the intense pleasures of the joining. Lisa locks her legs around his waist and pulls him deeper and she follows suit, moaning as she feels the spurts plastering her insides, triggering her own orgasm.

Robby rolls onto the bed next to his love, his little sister, as she rolls with him, keeping him locked inside. He kisses the top of her head before drifting off to sleep. The combination of the beer, sun and sex has worn him out. Lisa falls asleep secure in his arms.


Lisa wakes up alone. She sits up and stretches. A warm flow washes over her as she remembers and smiles. Shedding her bikini top, she hops out of bed and grabs a robe.

Walking into the kitchen with the robe hanging open, she sees Robby all dressed up in blue jeans, a black linen button-up shirt and running shoes. His hair is still wet from the shower. He is putting away the coffee cups they used this morning and wiping down the counter.

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