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I receive your text. It instructs me, tells me what to do.

You are 15 minutes away. Smiling, I put the phone to one side, rise from the sofa, and make my way to the bathroom. I need to freshen up. I want to be clean for you.

Standing under the steadily streaming, steamy water, I wash away the traces of the day. If only it were so easy to wash away my sins. It’s not, but that doesn’t matter. You make me feel sinful and I love it. Even as I smooth the soap over my body I am thinking sinful thoughts. I don’t linger under the water, there’s no time for that. Not if I am to follow your instructions, to do as you told me.

Stepping out of the shower, into the cold air of the bathroom, my skin puckers, the chill making my nipples erect. The towel glances over them as I dry myself and I feel the sensation, not only at the contact point, but also deeper. My body is already preparing for your arrival, my senses are heightened and I glory in the anticipation of what is before me.

In the bedroom I begin to follow your instructions. I do not put on any underwear. My nakedness is a necessity in this particular game. I run my hands over my body. It feels nice, but I know that there is better to come. I know that one touch from you sends me into a spiral. Even the anticipation of your adiosbet yeni giriş fingertips trailing over my soft curves has my nerves tingling. The act will have them screaming. And me with them.

I open the box hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe. You will be here soon. I can almost feel your presence. My hands shake a little as I bring out the things you have requested. The lube is a welcome addition to our games, but I already know that I am wet enough for you to slide into me. It doesn’t matter that you have yet to arrive; I am already dizzy with lust for what you will do to me, for me, with me.

I leave the objects on the side, bar one, and go to lay on the bed. I have a few minutes until you get here. Your instructions were clear and I intend to follow them. Resting my head on the pillows I switch the vibrator on. It gently hums as I begin to rub it against my pussy. I massage the outer lips, letting the mild impression of the vibrator’s mechanics make its notion felt at a deeper level. I am more comfortable now and I spread my legs. The wetness of my pussy, the smell of my sexual awakening, the desire I have for you, is released. I guide the vibrator over my clit and down into the dampness of my cunt. Pressing the rounded tip against the opening, my hips involuntarily adiosbet giriş lift. It takes all my willpower not to push the plastic, cock shaped toy into me. I don’t do it. I want that particular, sensational, orgasm inducing feeling to be caused by you. Nevertheless I can feel my body reacting. I want to be fucked. I know it won’t be long. But it already feels like an eternity.

The vibrator continues to tempt and tease me. I make the toy pulsate with more intensity. My clit is hardening, becoming more sensitive with each passing moment. My breathing is shallower but more rapid. As I forget the events of the day my brain switches to thinking only about the pleasure that is to come. I close my eyes and your image comes into view. I imagine you poised above me, pinning me down, kissing me hard, forcing my legs apart before you enter me, deeply and swiftly. Filling me with all the cock I need, and want, in one painfully pleasurable moment. I almost cum. But your instructions were clear and I want to please you, so I let the orgasm melt away, like a recurrent memory.

As the near-orgasm subsides I bring the vibrator to my mouth. I love to taste myself. My juices are evident on the tip of the pink rubber toy. My tongue emerges and licks the musky substance. A practice for what adiosbet güvenilirmi I shall do later. The thought of your cock in my mouth causes a twitch. I can almost feel my cunt juices seep out and trickle down the inside of my thigh. I place the vibrator back onto my clit and sigh as I feel the intense throbbing drawing me closer to the ultimate moment of pleasure.

I hear you enter the flat. Your timing is impeccable. You appear at my bedroom door and your intake of breath is enough to let me know that I have done as you wanted. You step towards me, I feel your mouth find mine as your hand reaches towards my eagerly awaiting pussy.

“You are wet. Are you sure you didn’t cum?”

I shake my head, my mouth too full of your kiss to speak.

“Good.” You say as you bite my lip and pull away. I continue to tease myself with the vibrator as you undress. I watch you intently. You lean over me and whisper, “Are you going to cum for me?” And in that moment I do. My body arches, the pent up sensations finally released as I move against the tip of the vibrator. A moan escapes and I feel you upon me. The toy is moved away, my hands are pinned above my head and as my soaking pussy contracts with the force of the orgasm you push your way in. Stretching me in one movement. The same movement intensifies what I am feeling and I explode again. Your hard cock fills me and I push against you, taking you in, greedily devouring every inch of you. I embrace the feeling safe in the knowledge that this is just what you wanted.

Just as you instructed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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