Is This What You Really Want? Ch. 10

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Chapter 10: The Final Straw

That whole week, Timothy dreaded when Clare and the rest of the girls were going to come over. He had terrible anxiety about what was going happen, especially since Beatrice made sure he knew (by dropping hints multiple times a day) that they were all going to have some fun with him.

“Don’t think that you’ll be able to hide behind me when they come over, little boy,” she said, smiling darkly as she shook her clawed finger at him. “I’m going to pass you around from girl to girl — they’re all gonna get a piece of you! Ohhhh yyeeeaahhh…” She licked her lips at him as her eyebrows went up and down, promising him untold pleasure and torment to come. Timothy didn’t know what to think about all this. Yes, it was true that he dreaded their interaction more and more with each passing day, and yet…he would have been lying to himself if he said that he wasn’t excited. He had no idea how big the girls would be when they came over. Beatrice seemed to be steadily growing a little each day, although at a much slower rate than she had at the party. Timothy wondered what the secret to the acceleration of female growth was, and he found himself, in his rare solitary moments (usually when Beatrice was in the bathroom), praying to Maia for answers. But nothing came.

The whole week was basically taken up by sitting in between Beatrice’s huge legs on the sofa, watching TV as she worked on her domination website. As he aimlessly watched the host of shows and commercials that flashed before him, Timothy could see his wish coming true, literally before his eyes, all around the world. All the women on TV were bigger, prettier, fresher, and more energetic than he could have ever imagined. They were all amazons — from all the soap operas, the talk shows, and even the newscasts…all around the world, women had become tall, huge, curvy, and voluptuous…almost like goddesses. Their voices were rich and deep, and their eyes flashed with bright power and vitality. Timothy noticed that he hardly ever even saw men on TV, and when he did, they looked short, grey, boring, listless, and totally transfixed by their amazonian female counterparts. He also noticed that there weren’t really any fashion shows anymore. Whereas before all the channels had been inundated by this fashion show and that fashion show, now, there were none to speak of. Timothy understood why…in a world where all the women were massive gorgeous amazons, there was no need for the fashion industry at all. Wherever you looked, you saw beauty — it was impossible to commodify, because it was like air; it was everywhere.

For an instant here and there, as he watched his wishes come true across the world, Timothy felt a stab of pride. This was all his doing — all of this was happening because he wished it! But even as he felt these tiny little flashes of pride, he was almost immediately brought back to Earth again when he looked around at where he was…what he was. He was in between Beatrice’s lower legs…he was no bigger than her shinbone by this point. Judging from the previous measurements, she was about 8’4 or 8’5 now, and he couldn’t have been more than two and a half feet tall. There wasn’t much mistaking it — he was in a woman’s world now, and he had no power at all.

Just because she loved to rub it in, Beatrice had bought him a present to emphasize his tininess: a barbie doll. This doll was exactly one foot tall, and had long blond hair, which actually went well with her tanned plastic skin.

“It’s one of those new barbie dolls,” she said to him happily, “the ones that look like actual women, and not like those pathetic little stick figures that men used to want a woman’s body to look like.”

“It’s…it’s…kinda big,” said Timothy as he struggled with the doll. She was a little smaller than half his size.

“For you she is,” said Beatrice, laughing, “And from now on, you will show her some respect by addressing her by her name.”


“Yes Timmy, her name — it’s Cassie.”


“Yes. Can you say hello to her? Say hello to Cassie,” laughed Beatrice in a playful and exaggerated baby voice.

“H-hi Cassie,” he said, obeying her and looking at the doll, who stared blankly back at him.

“Aww haw haw, so funny,” said Beatrice. “Look at her! She might not be as tall as you, but I think her arms, legs, hips, and ass all have something on you — here, let’s see!” She took Timothy’s thin little arm in her fingers and lined it up with Cassie’s. Even though she was only half as tall as he was, her plastic arm was undeniably thicker and stronger-looking than Timothy’s waifish arm.

“Oh my god she’s bigger than you,” said Beatrice, as if she could barely believe it. “Here, let’s compare your legs!” Cassie’s was definitely more defined…and considerably larger. Her butt was much bigger as well. Beatrice lined them both up horizontally on the sofa, so that they were lying down next to each other. The curve of Cassie’s hips rose above Timothy’s, with plenty of room İstanbul Escort to spare.

Beatrice shook her head as she smiled, clearly pleased with the new purchase. “Pathetic,” she said, her huge body shaking with laughter. Timothy felt his mind reeling as his cock hardened…was he actually being turned on by this series of size comparisons with a lifeless doll?? It couldn’t be…and yet, there it was…his tiny little boner, sticking up from out of his lap.

“Well well well, look at what we have here!” said Beatrice, her voice rising. “It looks like little Timmy here has taken a liking to Cassie. Love at first sight, huh?” She teased him as she reached over across the sofa to manipulate his body. She held him up so that he stood unsteadily on the sofa, and with her other hand, she took Cassie and brought her up to his face.

“Why don’t you give your little lady crush a kiss?” snickered Beatrice. She forced Timothy to kiss Cassie over and over. His lips actually went fairly well with hers, he realized. Her mouth was an actual hole, and he was shocked to find himself enjoying sticking his tongue into her. Within minutes, he was aggressively making out with her, abandoning himself.

“Wow…talk about embracing the role,” laughed Beatrice. “Here, let Cassie repay you the favor.” She forced Timothy to lay on his back on the sofa and brought down Cassie’s mouth so that it hovered above his erection.

“You want her to blow you, little guy?” cooed Beatrice down at him. “You wanna shoot your load in her mouth?” She brought Cassie’s mouth down on him, and mimed her voice as she made her go up and down, up and down on his length, deepthroating him.

“Mmmmm…mmmmmm…mmmmmm!!” said Beatrice, miming Cassie’s voice. “Come on Timmy, shoot into my mouth, Timmy!” she said, bringing the doll off his dick and up to his face. “Whitewash my tonsils, Timmy!” Beatrice put Cassie’s mouth back down on his cock, and after a few more passes he couldn’t take it anymore and ejaculated down the doll’s throat.

“Mmm!! Mmmmm!! Oh!! Oh yes!! Ohhhhh…*globlobloggghhhh*!!” Beatrice impersonated the doll in a lewd and lusty voice as she forced its head down on Timothy’s ejaculating cock. It looked from his vantage point that the doll was actually alive, vigorously and aggressively devouring his cock and cum. He threw his head back into the cushion of the sofa, totally overwhelmed as he gave himself completely to the doll’s oral stimulation. He didn’t care that he was a pathetic actor in a completely farcical scenario that was dictated by his cruel and pitiless girlfriend — he didn’t care that he was actually reduced to this awful state of hopelessly ejaculating down a doll’s throat — he didn’t care that it was because he was getting off to the fact that the doll was actually thicker, bigger, and wider than he was…he didn’t much care about anything anymore at this point. Beatrice had broken his spirit; she had hammered him down so low, to such an abysmal state of emotional and physical depredation, that he was actually able to abandon himself to this miserable little role and enjoy it.

He looked over into Beatrice’s fierce eyes, shining darkly out of her gorgeous face, the face of a dark angel. Yes, he had really discovered the reality of his situation now — the abandonment of hope and the embracing of his utter ruin was all that he had left to give him pleasure, and so give him pleasure it did. He shot rope after rope of cum down the doll’s throat, and when he was finished, Beatrice pulled the doll off his poor spent cock and shook its face in his, talking in that same high-pitched mocking voice.

“Mmm, Timmy that was sooooo tasty,” she said, moving the doll around like it was having a conversation with him. She shook the doll back and forth, and Timothy could hear sloshing coming from inside the doll…his cum.

“Mmmm you hear that little boy,” Beatrice continued in the doll’s voice, “that’s all your cum in my tummy! Mmmmm I’m gonna have to do that to you more often until I’m all full…up to the brim…so full that it’s leaking out of my open mouth. Aaaaauuuggghhhghghghh!”

It was all just too much for Timothy to handle and he collapsed back on the sofa, staring up at the ceiling as his mind went blank. “I hope you realize I’m not kidding about that,” said Beatrice a little later, her voice back to normal.

“A-about what?” asked Timothy nervously.

“About you filling up that doll with your cum,” said Beatrice.

“Uhhh…h-how am…am I gonna — ” he began, but Beatrice cut him off. These days, it was almost impossible for him to complete a full sentence without her interrupting him.

“You leave that to me,” said Beatrice, her dark eyes flashing expectantly. Suddenly the doorbell rang and Timothy almost jumped to his feet on the sofa.

“Or…to us,” said Beatrice, a dangerous smile creeping across her face as she stood up to answer the door. Timothy felt like a rock had just dropped into the middle of his stomach. No…it couldn’t be…he thought Escort Bayan that the girls were coming over later that week! Had Beatrice been lying to him all along!? What did she have planned!? He didn’t have much time to panic, because almost as soon as his little mind could get racing, he saw Beatrice leading Clare, Ashley, Patricia, and Katie into the room. They were all laughing and talking excitedly at once, looking around at the house.

“Holy shit!” said Clare loudly, “this house barely contains you, Beatrice! I mean, look at you! You look like a fucking giant in here!”

“I know,” laughed Beatrice. “You should see me in the bedroom — my head almost touches the ceiling!”

“Wow,” said Clare, “well, we’re not too far behind you…or at least, I’m not, haha!” She stood up as tall as she could, and Timothy could tell that even though she wasn’t quite Beatrice’s height of 8’5, she was only a few inches shorter — Clare was definitely above 8 feet.

“Ha!” barked Katie boisterously, going up to Clare and standing up as tall as she could, “what are you talking about, Clare? I’m at least as tall as you, if not more! Come on Beatrice — look, we’re standing back to back — who’s taller?”

“I think…” said Beatrice carefully, peering at the tops of their heads, “I think…aww hell I don’t even know — I think it’s a tie.”

“A likely story!” said Katie energetically, bouncing vigorously on her toes. “Well, anyway — I’ve got the biggest ass of anyone here!” As if to prove her point, she waltzed over to the sofa where Timothy was sitting and shook her giant ass in his face. His entire view was obscured; her butt was absolutely enormous, probably five or six times his weight at this point. Katie shook each cheek up and down, up and down, mocking him.

“Well, Trish here has the biggest boobs,” said Ashley proudly, pointing to Patricia, who blushed and she bounced her enormous tits with her hands. “And I guess I’m just ole’ boring me,” continued Ashley in jest. “I’m not the tallest or the biggest in anything.”

“But you’re the smartest, Ash,” said Clare immediately. “Come on, at least give yourself a little credit here.”

“Fair enough,” said Ashley, shrugging her shoulders.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say,” said Beatrice, standing up and addressing the whole group, “that we’re just a whole bunch of badass ladies here — can we all just agree on that?”

“Agreed!” they all said. Timothy could barely breathe as he looked at them all — they were all so big, so tall, so huge in every way, and so crushingly beautiful, that he had to actually remind himself to inhale and exhale. They literally took his breath away.

“And rich badass ladies at that!” continued Beatrice, whipping out her phone and showing them the statistics of her financial domination site. “It’s only taken a week, ladies, but I already have over one million subscribers!”

“One million!?” screamed Katie in delight. “Oh my god, Beatrice — you’re a fucking genius!”

“How much is a subscription?” asked Clare, who was almost breathless from excitement.

“One hundred dollars, even,” said Beatrice impressively. “Per month.”

“Oh. My. God,” said Patricia in a hushed voice. “Beatrice…that…that means…”

“Yes,” said Beatrice slowly as she stood up tall and proud, crossing her arms over her huge chest. “I just made a hundred million dollars, in one week, literally sitting on my couch and sharing pictures of my fat ass and knockout curves. You should see the messages these pathetic little men write to me. And I’m just taking all their money without having to lift a finger.”

“Brilliant,” breathed Clare, deeply impressed. “That’s just brilliant, Beatrice.” Clare walked up closer to her and stood next to her, pivoting to face the other three girls. It looked like she was about to make an announcement of her own, and she was.

“And on the back of that amazing, incredible news, I think now is a good time to break some news of my own,” she said, smiling ear to ear.

“Oh?” asked Ashley, bending forward, intrigued.

“Yes!?” asked Katie, bouncing up and down on her feet, shaking the house with her movement.

“Well, you know all that stock we all have?” said Clare, building up to the climax, “It’s now worth quadruple what it was a month ago, because those new flavors that we introduced have been more of a hit with consumers than we could have ever predicted. Hell, even our competitors are now trying to copy our business model! Ladies…each and every one of us is now the proud owner of millions of dollars worth of stock!”

“Oh my god!” cried Katie, “we’re all millionaires!”

“Multi-millionaires!” corrected Ashley, her full cheeks reddening in excitement.

“Holy shit, look at us all,” said Patricia in shock.

“Fuck yeah — we have the world by the balls!” shouted Clare, balling up her fists and looking up at the ceiling (which was not very far from her head).

“It’s time to celebrate!” said Beatrice joyfully. She danced Eskort over to the fridge and brought out bottle after bottle of expensive champagne and vintage wine.

“Ooooooo,” said all the women in pleasure, anticipating a fun afternoon. All this time, Timothy just sat there inert on the sofa. He was blown away by the power and vitality of these women. His brain didn’t really feel like it could process much more than simply staring at their huge, lithe, curvaceous bodies, and listening to their dulcet voices.

A little while later, the women were all gathered around the sofa, sitting or lounging on the floor as the mood took them. They had mostly ignored Timothy up to this point, but Beatrice could only keep it up for so long.

“So I got Timmy a doll today,” said Beatrice, interjecting into their conversation.

“Oh did you?” said Clare. She looked down at Timothy teasingly. “Do you snuggle up to it at night to keep the monsters away?” she asked him in a baby voice.

“N-no, I…” he began in a tiny voice, but once again Beatrice cut him off.

“Who said you could talk?” she asked him roughly. “I would’ve thought it was clear from Clare’s tone that her question was rhetorical…and anyway, no, actually — get this everyone — I just got him the doll for fun, to play with and compare his skinny little runt of a body to, but he actually got turned on. By the doll!”

“What a little perv,” laughed Katie, looking over at him and winking as she shook her head.

“And I got the doll to blow him, and he actually came down its throat!” laughed Beatrice.

“Oh my god, what??” laughed Clare.

“What in the actual fuck?” said Patricia, hardly believing her ears.

“I believe it,” said Ashley quietly, flipping her gorgeous chestnut brown hair as she looked over at Timothy. “Timmy’s into humiliation — I think we all knew that, right? And what’s more humiliating than to be blown by a literal inanimate object that’s shaped like a human…and to cum in its fake plastic mouth anyway?”

“Hmmm yes, I think you are the smartest one here, Ashley,” laughed Beatrice, “and actually, you’ve given me a wonderful idea.” Timothy’s heart sank as Beatrice sat up from her lounging position on the sofa. He did not want to be part of another one of Beatrice’s ideas. She pulled his little body effortlessly into her lap.

“Now ladies, listen to this,” she said, and then all of a sudden Timothy couldn’t hear anything. Beatrice had put a finger over each of his little ears, completely blocking out all sound. He could hear the vibrations of Beatrice’s voice through her lap as she talked, and he could see the excited reactions of all the girls. They were all whipping out their phones and tapping busily away…they were all up to something…and somehow, it was going to involve him. Timothy dreaded what lay ahead.

Twenty minutes later the doorbell rang. Patricia leapt up to get it, and she returned with a medium-sized package. She hurriedly opened it, and Timothy’s heart sank even further. It was another doll. Except this one was a little taller and thinner than Cassie. The girls all giggled as they lined the doll up with Timothy, making him stand on the floor next to it as Patricia made it stand straight up. He was only an inch taller than the doll, and even though it was overly thin, its arms, legs, and hips were still thicker and wider than his.

“Pathetic,” said Beatrice. “And she’s a size zero. Guess that makes you a negative size, little boy.” She had brought out Cassie, and was shaking her around for the other women’s amusement. They put their ears close to the doll’s stomach and laughed when they heard Timothy’s cum sloshing around. “Oh there’s more where that came from,” promised Beatrice. “All in good time.”

Right on cue, the doorbell rang again. This time Katie sprang up to answer the door, returning moments later with a package of her own, which she immediately and enthusiastically tore open to reveal a doll of her own. This doll was about as tall as Cassie, a couple inches shorter than Timmy, but was curvy and voluptuous. The girls took great pleasure in lining up Timothy’s naked body with this doll, who, negating height, dwarfed him in every way. Timothy was feeling smaller and smaller by the minute. This cruel humiliation was really starting to take its toll, and he could feel himself shrinking more. What was truly terrifying, however, was that he was actually able, for the first time, to see the other women growing. He looked at Beatrice’s legs and actually saw them extend a little bit. Their growth process was accelerating, even as his shrinking was quickening!

Two more doorbell rings sent Ashley and Clare bounding up to the answer the call — within minutes, two more dolls had joined the rank around Timothy. They all surrounded him on the sofa, with the girls making sure that their faces pointed his way. The last two dolls were a good deal taller than him — they were around three feet tall, and the girls were delighted to see that Timothy’s head didn’t even come up to these dolls’ chins. And they were womanly-looking dolls, with curves in all the right places. Timothy couldn’t help but notice with trepidation, as he stared at all these dolls looking at him, that they had open mouths and hollow throats.

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