Joy of Jonathan Pt. 03

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My name’s David a thirty something white guy who’s had a bad string of uncooperative white woman and so I’m returned to my college days of jacking off with guys. I am completely naked with my cut cock bare smooth and bare, lying all soft and flaccid between my legs. I’m still all mellow from having had my guest jack me off. Jonathan’s sitting next to me, this completely naked black man, slender, tall, and fit with dark chocolate skin cuddled up next to me. He just finished pumping out his creamy cum load onto my chest and he had me lick my jizz off of his delicate black hands after he jacked me off to completion.

“Hey, that was thirsty work,” Jonathan says, “Do you have something I can drink?”

“I have juice, cold water, a beer, some wine, what do you want?”

“How about some juice.”

We get up and I walk naked to the kitchen, I always love the way my bare feet feel on my parquet floors. Jonathan is right behind me as I feel his hands gently fondle my bare ass.

He downs two tall glass of cranberry juice. He wasn’t kidding when he said he was thirsty.

“Back to the couch and some more hot porn?’

“Oh yes!”

This time it is me fondling his black bare ass. I’m amazed at what I am doing. What’s come over me? We snuggle up together. On screen, the next porn scene begins. In it the two actors from the prior scene are just waking up in bed together, it appears it is morning. The black football player tosses off the covers and reveals his naked body has no hair anywhere. His black body is smooth from his baldhead to lacking pubic hair and having utterly shaved balls, his cock is semi-hard eight inches. Next to him is the buxom blonde-haired woman wearing a pink thong panty with nothing else sleeping on her tummy. He slaps her wide white ass and she playfully in mock anger bites his cock. She gets up displaying his bare 36 double dee boobs, flat tummy, and wide hips wearing that pink lace panty. She gets up and slips into a pair of pink four-inch platform mules with eight-inch heels, and walks out of the bedroom while the black man plays with himself, toying with his huge balls and thick prick.

“Damn she is hot,” Jonathan exclaims. “Don’t you just love the sight of a juicy bare butt and high heels?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Do you know, it’s almost impossible to find those shoes like those on sale.”

“Really.” I say with some astonishment as Jonathan squeezes my balls.

“Almost but in the end I tracked something like them down. I love all the shoes she wears on this disk, they’re such a turn on, at least for me. How about you? Do they turn you on?”

“Ahh yeah. I guess I do have a foot fetish. High heels definitely do it for me,” I squeeze his black hard meat to emphasize the point.

Jonathan sighs with pleasure, “Yeah I’ve always wanted those fucking shoes…”

We resume our mutual jacking as the scene continues.

She returns with a tray carrying coffee for the two of them and the Sunday paper and gets back into bed still wearing her heels.

“That’s what I like. A hot naked thing wearing heels in bed!” Jonathan says softly as his fingers play with the tip of my cock.

“She does wear them well,” I mutter reacting to him pleasuring my penis. I try to do the same with his large black cock tip.

She cuddles up to him, resting her head on his chest and under his arm, so that as they read the paper and sip their coffees, she can play with his cock and he can play with her tit, as They split the paper between them and read

He is feeling frisky after downing his coffee and begins to pull off her pink thong panties, as she mockingly complains. He reveals a small pair of balls and a two-inch flaccid penis between her legs. He goes down on her and swallows whole her balls and cock and begins to give her a blowjob. Her penis grows to a slender five inches while he sucks her off.

“Tranny porn,’ I mutter aloud astonished, as Jonathan slowly pours more oil on my bare cock.

“I told you this was kinky, do you like?” Jonathan says as his black fingers run along the length of my seriously aroused penis.

“Oh yes…” I reply as I apply more lotion to his hard eight inches of meat. It’s a good thing I have large hands otherwise, I would have a difficult time working Jonathan’s thick black cock. I still have a hard time getting my head around the fact that I am letting some guy play with my cock and me playing with his cock. Never done anything like this before but it feels soooo fucking good.

Why did I wait so long to find this out.

We get into a nice masturbating rhythm as on screen the white tranny with the 36 double dee’s explodes her cum load into her black lover’s mouth. He complains about his hard on saying he needs to go take a morning piss. She tells him to hold it and follow her. He follows that wide soft white ass on those shapely legs as she mincingly walks on her platform pink mule high heels in the direction of the bathroom, saying she has to tinkle as well. They manage to get to the dual toilets but she grabs his mushroom Bakırköy travesti black cock head and pulls his along while he complains about desperately needing to piss. She opens the shower door and lies on the floor with still wearing her pink platform high heels. She brings her knees up holding her piss erect penis directed at chest, as her man squeezes tight his balls and prick. Fuck babe I need to pee, he whines. She squeezes her balls and a stream of golden urine pours out of her penis and soaks her tits. Go ahead baby let it loose, she says in a breathe voice. Now you’re talking babe, and he does so and she is bathed in his powerful river of golden piss as well.

“Oh my God! What the Hell….” I burst out shocked at what I’m seeing.

“Piss play…don’t you just love it…that incredible feel of hot steam sticky fluid on your bare skin, so horrible naughty and yet so goddamn nice.” Jonathan says as he continues to stroke my member.

On screen after he’s empty his bladder all over her she gets up dripping with his piss, takes his large prick in her mouth and begins to work his prick to get it all nice and hard. Get inside me, she whispers to his cock head. She gets up and spreads her legs as he approaches, aiming his erect black meat at the center of her juicy big white ass. As the cock presses up against her ass love bud and he forces his way into her ass, as she begins to play with her erect penis. The two get into a hot synchronization with her jacking off her white prick and he plunging his large black cock in and out of her ass.

“Oh my…anal sex!” I exclaim as I feel my cock get even harder as I’m even more aroused at what I’m seeing.

“And she has an ass that begs to be fucked, don’t you agree,” Jonathan says clearly enjoying me jacking him off and enjoying working my meat as well.

It’s all so damn hot…my cock being controlled by someone else, having him masturbate me and I just have to lay back and let him use my prick, he decides how fast or slow to go, when to stop and when to continue, my cock is his control over my body, my needs, my lust. Ahhhh…God this is soooo…good….

I also can’t get over having my hand wrapped around Jonathan’s hot black cock. His member is so thick and hard and yet the skin is so smooth and soft. Never felt anything like it. To know that I have his sex in my control, that I can make him feel whatever I want him to. Make him squirm, beg, moan, and want it…is so much power. To wield this power using his eight-inch pole of sexy manhood and he’s letting me control his sex it’s so damn incredible. Such a rush.

Then there is what we’re watching….this massive black football player with his equally massive black cock that he is ramming into that white babes juicy soft ass…all the while ‘she’ is wanking her slender cock for all she’s worth…oh fuck….this is getting to be to much…stimulation overload…’s all building up….to red hot overload….

I’m moaning….Jonathan’s moaning…the sounds of balls slapping ass…the grunts and moans of fucking….ohhh….godddd…I’m sooooo going to explode….

On screen the white she-male slut is cumming and then the Black guy is filling her ass with his cum as well….

“Oh God…oh God,” Jonathan manages to say. “Let go…now….”

I do so and he abruptly jumps off the couch and collides over me as he tries to steady himself with one hand placed next to my head while he wanks off his own meat that is barely an inch away from my chest.

“Oh God….oh Godd…..YES!!!!!” Jonathan bursts forth with creamy hot jizz, rich thick hot goo lands on my chest….then he starts losing it and he is shooting off wildly, landing on my chest, neck, chin and even a blast on my lips. Jonathan pants with exhaustion as he falls back onto the couch.

On screen, the black dude has pulled out of her ass and he shot so much jizz into her ass that it is already oozing out.

My cock is jangling in the wind begging to be finished off. I just let it hang.

“Oh David…you wore me out, boy,” he has to catch his breath as his body shudders with the aftermath of all that pleasurable sex. “ahhhhh…….woooo…haven’t had a session like this in a very very VERY long time! Oh thank you! I just knew the moment I laid my eyes on your ass that this was going to be hot.”

I’m slowly calming down as well. No release so I’m buzzing with lust, every inch of my skin is craving sex.

Jonathan reaches over and turns off the porn and hits the eject button. He swishes his black bubble butt at me as he goes and retrieves the disk, bending over to display that glorious big mass of ass to me. Then like a dancer he spins around with his now somewhat flaccid black penis and balls swinging as he moves.

He stretches like a satisfied jungle cat after a hearty meal. “Man that was NICE….oh my….I can feel that juice I drank calling me…I need to pee….” A wicked thought fills his eyes. “Are you up for something really naughty but oh so nice?”

My mind is a mess Beylikdüzü travesti with heat and the smell of cum and it can’t process anything at the moment. “Ahh….oh…I guess…but what…’

“Don’t you worry about it. Close your eyes I got a real surprise for you.”

I just hear and obey…I’m too exhausted but not satisfied to think…I feel myself pulled up out of the couch and carefully led through my apartment to somewhere. Jonathan’s voice murmuring in my ear coaching and guiding me, his hands all over my naked body, my ass especially, but he carefully avoids my penis. I hear a door glide open.

“Now be carefully here, step up, that’s it, now lean in, that’s it place your hands here.”

I feel cool smooth surface on my feet and hands.

“That’s it, no; bring your feet together, there just perfect. Now wait a minute….ahhhh….almost….there….all that cranberry juice…..yes….it’s all bubbling up in my balls…..ahhhhhhh…almost…….ahhhhh….yes! There it is!”

With that, I feel a blast of hot fluids hit my bare butt.

“Ohhhhh…yes….such a pretty ass…..let me paint it….ohhhhhh…”

I feel hot sticky fluids pouring all over my naked ass cheeks…finally the smell of it registers in my head….


Oh Hell! He is pissing on me!

I just stand in my Jacuzzi all bare ass naked and I’m letting this wickedly hot black man piss all over my ass. OH God!

“Oh….yes….pretty sight…golden…and white creamy flesh….don’t you just love it?” Jonathan moans as he continues to stream out his urine all over my ass.

I do feel so damn terribly wrong…like I’m being violated without the pain…humiliated and abused…yet I’m letting him do this to me….why?

Because it feels so fucking good…..

“Ahhh…there. All done. Now to freshen up and get my clothes back on.”

I stay in the tub feeling the piss drizzle down my legs and pool around my bare feet. The smell of urine is thick in the air and it smells bad…but….so interestingly nutty and well…kind of okay…I just don’t feel like moving…

“Did you like my panties?” I hear Jonathan ask from the living room.


“And those shoes she was wearing…don’t you just lust after them?”

“Ahhh…kind of.” I hear myself say.

“I have a pair sort of like that, should I bring them next time?”

The fact that he has a pair of women’s high heels somehow doesn’t faze me at this moment. “Ahh yes.” I hear myself say.

“Oh good. I was hoping you would say that.”

I’m not sure how long I stand in this pool of piss but eventually Jonathan calls out to me.

“We must do this again some time! Oh yes! Thank you so much! Had a wonderful time. Bye for now.”

I hear his shoes echo on the floor and the door shuts as he departs.

Wow. I try to move and am able. The feel of his urine is on my skin as well as all his cum loads. I’m drunk. I wobble to the kitchen as I realize I’m so damn hungry from this work out.

My head begins to clear about and that’s when I can feel the desire still lurking in my loins. I’m still craving sex. I get a red silk thong and step into it, and then with the thong wrapped around my legs I inch my way over to pick up my butt plug. I grease its penial plastic shaft, and then insert it in my ass as I pull up the thong up over my hot penis and balls, using the thong’s fabric to secure it in the plug in my ass.

I then go to the kitchen, prepare my dinner, sit down, and eat it. Feeling the shaft of the plug pressed deep into my ass. I fondle myself as I eat.

I clean up, then sit down at the computer, and find myself checking out the List.

I pull my prick out of the thong and begin to slowly wank off as I read porn and search the List for something.

I manage to just stay on the edge for hours, working my cock, pretending its Jonathan controlling my erection and keeping me from climaxing.

Finally, I find an ad. A guy is at a nearby bar and needs to piss and get a blow job.



I send him my cross streets.


I watch myself send one of my front and back pictures. No face.


Oh shit. I thought he was just going to use my toilet to pee in. He wants to pee on me. Well? Do I or don’t I. To answer I feel my cock getting hard. I guess I know who is in charge.



I do.




At this time of the night, everyone is safely inserted in their holes watching TV or whatever. The elevator is controlled by the person inside so it won’t stop on another floor until it arrives at the one signaled by the person inside the elevator. Bomonti travesti Therefore, no one can surprise me if I ride it. With these thoughts, I watch as I reply, YES. I WILL COME TO U NAKED DOWNSTAIRS TO LET U IN.


I frantically pull off my thong as I stumble off of the chair. I am heading toward the door as I push my thong down my legs, step out, and leave it behind, as I do so I hear my butt plug fall to the floor as well. I race to the door and head down the hall to the elevator. I anxiously wait as if finally arrives and I get in and I take it down to the lobby. I pray that no one in my building is going to be around to see me naked and letting someone into the building. The elevator seems to take forever. It must be past five minutes…he probably left. My cock and balls are bouncing with anticipation and lust. He’s got to be there.

Finally, the door opens and I burst out of the elevator and see across the lobby through the glass wall that is the front of the building and the glass front door a guy in black boots, jeans and a sport coat doing squeezing his knees and legs together. I recognize that ‘I have to pee so badly’ dance. I open up the door, let him in, and go grab the elevator before it can disappear trapping us down here.

“Nice ass,” he says.

We get in the elevator and he keeps eyeing my naked body, checking out my ass and hard cock.

“Nice. Fucking nice. Only a hand job?”

“Yes. Only a hand job.”

“Too bad….” As we ride the elevator to my floor, he begins to fondle my ass.

“Now follow me.” I say as we step out of the elevator and walk toward my open door to my penthouse apartment.

I don’t know why but I let him fondle me, his hands play with my naked ass and even venture to touch my balls and semi-hard penis. When he gets into my apartment, he stops and pulls away for a moment.

“The bathroom is just through here,” I point and walk in that direction as I pass through my living room/dining area.

“Fuck….I am about to burst….” He says as he catches up to me and we enter the bathroom. “Finally…I fucking need to piss badly.”

“We are here.”


We step onto the tile floor of the bathroom and we are assaulted by the smell of stale urine. Oh shit. I never drained the tub; it still has Jonathan’s pool of piss in it. Oh well. I open up the glass door to my sunken tub and shower with my back turned to him. As I turn to face him, I hear something splash into the tub that is now behind me. I watch as he yanks off his belt, undoes his pants, pulls out his aching engorged penis, “I can tell by the smell that you’re seriously into this…that’s great…”he says as he aims his prick at me.

“Hey….wait till I get in the….”

“Fuck…..” and he lets loose with a burst stream of hot golden piss aimed at my chest.

“Hell! No….wait….” fumble into the tub and his piss keeps up with me. The force of his urine stream is powerful.

“Don’t you fags love this…ahhhhhh…..”

His hot new piss adds to the Jonathan’s piss pool on the bottom of the tub as his golden sticky fluids dribble down my naked body. I feel so violated and used. So, abused and humiliated knowing I let this stranger in to piss all over me. What is wrong with me?

Lust and perverse desire is my answer. My cock drips some precum fluids in response to my thoughts.

Damn it to Hell,…I like this….Damn….

“Ahhhh…I can’t wait till you start on my cock…..turn around I want to cover your ass with my piss….ahhhhh…”

I do so and I feel the hot sticky smelly urine coat my butt.

“Spread them wide…..ahhhh…”

I do so.

“Fucking nice….”

I feel him take careful aim to shoot his stream all along my ass crack.

I hear him sigh and feel his stream let up.

“Wow that was great. Now, fag, I want to see you stick your toy in your ass while you work on my dick.” He steps close to me.

I look down into the tub and see that he had picked up and tossed my butt plug into the tub and that was the splash I heard.

“You really want me to stick it in me?”

“Fuck yeah….come on bitch I know you love this. I can see that your cock is as hard as a rock.”

He’s right, it is. I shrug and do it, sliding the piss-moistened plastic into my ass hole, set my butt down on the bottom of the tub, feeling the warm piss all around my butt and legs. I reach out to grab his thick erect member with one hand and with the other, I grab his butt. I dig deep into his ass cheek and begin to pound away at him.

“Hey…relax…make it last…make me beg for it…”

The smell of urine is thick and it feels so sticky and weird on my body. I feel like some slut faggot just like he thinks I am. But my balls and cock burns with desire and fills everything with a feverish blur. I work his thick hard member with my other hand sink my fingers into his butthole. I would think that I am hurting him, but he seems to like it. I can feel the plug in my ass and its presence adds to my aroused state.

“Oh fuck man…you are good…..use some lube on me…”

I reach over to get the bottle of conditioner and spread a mass of it along the length of his dick. Then I begin to work it into his skin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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