Just Once for Mom

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Author’s Note: Welcome to my latest story, well its a few years old, but is new here. Unlike a lot of my longer slow burn pieces that delve into the conflict of a taboo relationship, this one is shorter, more to the point, and some simple taboo fun. So…let’s get onto it. Lovecraft68

Chapter One

“Yeah, baby, oh, just like that,” Sarah moaned, “Fuck me with that big hard cock!”

She spread her legs wide and thrust the dildo harder into her aching cunt.

“Harder!” Her eyes closed, she pretended it wasn’t a rubber toy between her legs, but the real thing, “I need it so bad!”

Obviously, or she wouldn’t be on her bed plunging a fake cock into her neglected pussy and rubbing her clit. Masturbating like a young girl rather than a forty four year old married woman.

Sarah replaced her fingers with her silver vibrating egg, pressing it hard to her needy clit and closing her legs, with the dildo buried deep inside her. Crossing her ankles, she arched her back off the bed, pinching her left nipple with her now free hand.

“Oh,” she whimpered, teetering on the edge.

She imagined her phantom lover, she couldn’t even pretend it was Larry anymore, grabbing her hips and telling her to get on her knees like the slut she was. Sarah obeyed her fantasy lover, rolling onto her knees.

Pushing her ass in the air, she slid her arms beneath her and grabbing the end of the dildo, pumped it in and out. Sarah’s thighs were trembling and she bucked her hips into her rubber lover while grinding the bullet onto her clit.

“Fuck me! Oh, fuck me, fuck fuck, fuck!” She turned her head into the pillow and squealed in pleasure.

Sarah bucked her hips, her cries muffled by the pillow in case Tim left his room to go downstairs. She couldn’t imagine how embarrassing it would be to be caught masturbating by her twenty year old son. Not that she wasn’t embarrassed just by the fact she had to resort to this, but at least this was a private humiliation.

She moaned softly when the final waves of her orgasm flowed through her. Sliding her legs down the bed, she lay on her stomach, breathing hard, the dildo buried in her still twitching pussy.

Sarah’s hips jerked as the bullet continued to vibrate on her now over stimulated clit and finding the remote next to her, switched it off as she rolled over onto her back, her breasts heaving with her still rapid breathing.

Sitting up, she opened the draw to the nightstand and put the toys away. She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and took in her reflection in the mirror over her bureau. For the thousandth time, she wondered how Larry could continue to leave her alone so easily.

She kept her deep auburn hair long, the way her husband liked it, even though most women her age had begun wearing theirs much shorter. Her face was smooth and wrinkle free and her complexion, like most natural redheads, fair. Sarah’s bright blue eyes were set over a small patch of freckles around her nose, giving her a cute girl next door appearance.

From the neck down, the ‘cute girl’ comparison ended. Not chubby by any stretch, Sarah did possess a full set of curves she liked to think were all in the right places. Her full breasts were smooth and creamy, with a smattering of freckles between and above them and her pink nipples were so light, they were only visible due to how fair her breasts were.

Her stomach wasn’t hard and flat, but neither did she have a ‘belly’. Her skin was soft and smooth and her hips flared out, giving her a nice womanly shape. Her thighs, like her stomach, were soft and inviting. She’d heard women similar to her be described as ‘thick’, she herself preferred the word lush.

Sarah had gotten that term from reading erotic stories at night to provide some inspiration for her fantasy encounters. Between erotica, watching porn and her vivid imagination, she had no shortage of material to get off to, but by god, the real thing would be nice once in a while.

She supposed she had herself to blame in a sense. Larry was twelve years older than her and back when he was thirty two to her twenty that wasn’t big deal, but now he was in his mid-fifties and whereas she was in her sexual prime, he had little to no interest.

Larry also traveled frequently, some months spending more time on the road than he did home. They had argued about that constantly the last couple of years. There was no need for him to be away that much, but he insisted he needed to do it at least until Tim was out of college which was two more years.

Sarah could handle the lack of sex when he was on the road, she could tell herself it was his job and suck it up. But when he was home? That was another matter because he always complained he was tried and had flat out admitted his drive was low and he just didn’t think sex was a big deal anymore.

That selfish attitude inspired more arguments with him getting more and more defensive. When Sarah had suggested Viagra or other pills to help him get going, he’d gotten even more grup seks yapan gaziantep escort defensive.

The last time she’d asked him what he thought she was supposed to do, he had shrugged and said there was always batteries. What made it more infuriating was she did love him and she knew he loved her and aside from sex, Larry was a good man.

He was honest, thoughtful-providing it didn’t involve bedroom activities- caring, a good provider and a very good father and up until a couple of years ago a good lover, making the drought of the last couple of years more frustrating because it’s not like the sex was so bad she didn’t miss it.

Now ‘sex’ was maybe once a damn month and it barely lasted more than a few minutes and he refused to let her persuade him to go another round. Laying naked on the bed, the rush of her orgasm fading, she once again let the situation get to her.

What was she supposed to do? She certainly didn’t want to leave him, his good qualities far outweighed what didn’t happen any more in bed. Cheating was also out of the question. She had no doubt he was faithful to her and wouldn’t do that to him.

But…Sarah would be lying to herself if she said she hadn’t thought of it. In fact as just now proved her fantasies were no longer about Larry, but also not about a particular person. Right now all Sarah wanted was cock.

Oh, how she loved a man’s cock. Not that most women didn’t enjoy it, but Sarah practically worshipped Larry’s when they used to have sex all the time. She loved the feel of a hard cock in her hand, getting harder and harder and throbbing in her palm.

She loved to give hand jobs, squeezing it so tight she could feel cum racing through it, before erupting all over her hand. And head? Sarah enjoyed sucking cock to the point she would be so worked up it would only take her seconds to cum after giving a blow job.

But sex itself was what she craved most right now. Getting fucked in every position because they all felt amazing in their own way. Sarah had been so wound up lately she wondered if the chance came up if she would succumb to her desire.

Fortunately for her, she’d never put herself in a position to find out. Sarah picked up the bottle of wine from her night stand and poured her third glass of the evening. That had been a sad pathetic pattern, the last few times Larry went away for more than a couple days.

She’d shower, put on some sexy lingerie as if she had someone to show off for, then drink enough wine to get a buzz. The alcohol fueled her already out of need for satisfaction and she would then undress herself, sometimes going so far as to imagine a strong pair of hands doing it.

Once she was naked the toys would come out and the sad game of sexual make believe would start. When she was finished with round one, she’d drink a little more, then masturbate again, but the second time much slower and more sensually, like a slow love making experience after a good hard fuck. If she had to choose right now, Sarah would take the hard fuck for sure.

Sarah chugged the wine down way to fast, and released a contented sigh as it left a warm happy trial down her throat and into her stomach. She put the glass down and poured herself another glass, drinking half of it before she put the glass on the stand.

She lay back and idly ran her fingertips along her hard nipples. She ran her hands down her soft stomach and then down her inner thighs, again picturing her soft hands and slender fingers being the hard, firm hands of a man.

A man, not Larry, a man, any man. Any man who would appreciate her body and all she had to offer and show that appreciation by giving her what she needed. Closing her eyes, Sarah, ran her fingers through her wet slit, slipping two inside.

Her other hand came into play, rubbing her clit, but slowly and softly. “Yes, baby,” She moaned for mister invisible, “Nice and easy, be good to me, oh, yes.”

She took her time, edging herself, the way a familiar teasing lover would. Then again, she was her own familiar lover and had been for far too long. She came, and unlike her prior orgasm, this one was a slow luxurious climax that flowed through her and left her limp on the bed, unable to do anything, but lay there in a puddle, her heart racing.

She forced herself to lift her leg and pull the sheet up far enough for her to reach it and pull it up to her chest. It was an equal effort to reach over and shut her lamp off. Her nightly ritual of semi drunken masturbation finished, Sarah began to drift into sleep.

Her last thought, as it was many nights, was that there was nothing more pathetic than an adult that had no other choice, but to masturbate. People should never have to get themselves off, ever.

Chapter Two

Sarah opened her eyes and then rolled them when she saw it was only midnight. She’d have figured between the wine and solo sex, she’d have slept right through the night. After grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan a moment she realized she’d awoken because she had to go to the bathroom.

“People in porn never have to pee,” she mumbled as she forced herself out of bed and slipped on her black robe. “Then again, people in porn have sex with other people.” She added bitterly.

She left her room, quietly padding down the hallway and past Tim’s room. Is door was open slightly and there was a faint light coming from behind it, maybe he was watching TV or on his computer.

Sarah used the bathroom and on her way back down the hall, paused and cocked her head. She swore she heard the sound of moaning. She crept closer to Tim’s room and now could clearly make out the sound of a woman getting it and pretty good from the sounds of it.

Tim had broken up with his high school sweet heart Lisa a few months ago and hadn’t been seeing anyone that she knew of. From the sounds of it he was doing more than seeing someone at the moment.

Just great, she was playing with herself and her son was getting laid. Sarah and Larry had no issue with Tim bringing a girl home, they preferred that to him slinking around in a parking lot or getting the snot beat out of him by some crazy father. But they wanted to know ahead of time and told him to be quiet and respectful.

Tim hadn’t said a word to her and the door being open was far from respectful. Instead of moving quickly past the door and saying something to him in the morning, Sarah found herself slinking closer to the door and to her dismay the noises of the lucky young lady getting it put to her had her nipples stiffening.

Christ, she was sinking to an all-time low here, eves dropping on her son having sex. Sarah jumped when she heard a deep voice call out, “You like it, don’t you, you pig!” That didn’t sound like Tim and if it was, Sarah owed him a slap in the mouth for speaking to a girl like that.

Her eyes widened when she heard a different voice and she then rolled her eyes when it dawned on her there was no one in the room, Tim was watching porn. She began to pass the room, when for some odd reason she decided to peek in.

She stopped in her tracks when she saw Tim’s lap top screen displaying a stunning brunette on her knees getting it good and hard from behind. She noticed the woman was no young girl, but the guy behind was pretty young.

Sarah was well aware of the fact milf and cougar porn was a big deal, but had no idea Tim liked it. She told herself to move along, but the image of the woman getting fucked had her captivated. The way her eyes were bulging and her mouth wide open as the stud drove his cock repeatedly into her along with her yelps of pleasure was exactly what she fantasized of.

The woman’s large tits were bouncing wildly and she was bucking her well rounded ass backwards into the thrusting cock behind her. Sarah’s breathing picked up and as if it had a mind of its own, her hand strayed inside her loosely tied bathrobe and slid over her moist pussy.

Move, she told herself, but whether it was the wine, her out of control horniness or both, she stayed rooted to the spot. Sarah heard a soft moan that did not come from the computer and her eyes shifted to the side where they fixed on her son sitting on the edge of his bed with his cock in his hand.

A voice in her head screamed at her to turn around and get her ass back in her room, but that voice was overruled by a softer, but more powerful voice that whispered.

“Look at that fucking cock.”

Her son’s cock was big, no more than that, close to huge! There it was, hard as a rock and at full attention between his legs as his fist pumped up and down his shaft. Tim wasn’t small, slightly over six feet and with a rugged build. His hand was not small, but there was a lot of cock exposed over his hand as it worked up and down.

What the hell is wrong with you, you pig? The voice of reason asked, but again was ignored by the lust driven part of her that wouldn’t allow her eyes to leave her son’s cock. My god, it was beautiful! Sarah’s fingers caressed her palms as if she imagined wrapping her own hands around that amazing dick.

“Get out.” She whispered to herself, “Now.”

Her feet ignored her words and she leaned her head further into the partly open door, getting a better look at her son jerking off. Her eyes finally left his cock, checking out the rest of him. Tim was just in a pair of shorts that were pushed down to his thighs and her gaze moved up along his hard flat stomach and wide, strong chest.

The muscles in Tim’s forearm and upper arm flexed as he stroked his cock and his blue eyes, her eyes, were intent on the scene before him. His square jaw, with the five o’clock shadow he favored was relaxed, his mouth partially open as he breathed hard and moaned quietly.

Tim had her eyes, but Larry’s short sandy blonde hair and looking at him, grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort nearly naked, masturbating, the thought struck her like a physical blow’ goddamn her son was good looking. Not just good looking and with a nice build, but again, that cock!

What the hell was wrong with her? She felt like she was in one of those stupid fake incest movies she’d seen bits and pieces of while doing her own porn surfing. What, one look at her son’s dick had her wet and feeling like a dog in heat?

She couldn’t blame the wine either, no amount of booze should be able to make a mother look at her son in a sexual sense. But something was and maybe it was as simple as this was how frustrated she was, but oh, that dick looked good.

Sarah stepped closer, easing the door open a little more, her fingers now on her clit, and her eyes once again locked on Tim’s cock, eagerly awaiting the thrill of watching it explode. She slipped her other hand in her robe, finding her aching nipple and leaned a bit to the right to get a better angle to watch.

She leaned too far and the door swung open, banging into the bureau behind it. Tim jerked his head around and exclaimed, “Holy shit!”

If the situation wasn’t so awkward, his reaction would have been funny. Simultaneously trying to yank his shorts up with one hand, he fumbled with the mouse, trying to shut the movie off. Tim dropped the mouse and settled for slamming the lap top shut while trying to stand and turn away from her to get his shorts up.

“Damn, mom!” He said over his shoulder, “Ever hear of knocking?”

“Ever hear of closing your door?” Sarah replied while walking into his room and over to his desk.

Tim turned and seeing her standing right in front of him, fumbled with his zipper.

“Easy, honey,” She grinned, “You don’t want to do that too fast and hurt yourself.”

“Why are you in here?” he asked, his face flushed from embarrassment.

Sarah knew her face was red as well, but it was for a totally different reason.

“Seeing the door was open, I was just going to pop my head in and say hello.” She smirked, “Figured I see what you were up to and I did.”

“Thanks.” He muttered, “Sorry about that mom, I should have made sure the door was closed. But this is a little humiliating so, you know if you don’t mind.” He gestured at the door.

Sarah remained where she was, her eyes on the impressive bulge in her son’s still unsnapped shorts.

“I’m sorry to, honey.” She told him, “Sorry you have to do that.”

“Do…that?” Tim’s blue eyes narrowed, then he turned even redder. “Right.”

“Really Tim, “She put her hand on his arm, “A good looking boy like you shouldn’t be jerking himself off.”

“Mom!” He looked more closely at her, “You been drinking?”

“Day that ends in Y, right?” She laughed, then indicated his chair. “Why don’t you sit back down and relax, honey?”

Tim gave her an odd look, but sat down and began to fumble with his shorts, trying to snap them. Again, moving seemingly of their own volition, her hands reached out and grabbed his, moving them away from his crotch.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“Tell me, honey, why are you playing with yourself? Young man like you should have a nice girl to do this for you.”

“Well I broke up with Lisa.” He said, looking at her, suspiciously, “You know that.”

“That was a few months ago.” He shrugged, “Just haven’t met anyone and don’t want to screw around just to screw around.”

“You’re a good young man, Tim.” Sarah’s eyes continued to linger on his crotch. “It’s a shame when people go without because they try to do the right thing.”

“I guess.” He nodded, “Mom? This is a little weird, can we….what are you doing?”

What was she doing? She had sank down on her knees between his legs and was now looking up at him.

“Like mother like son.” She sighed, “I have to get myself off all the time, honey.”

“Whoa, TMI!” he exclaimed, “I don’t need to know that, mom.”

“Come on, Tim. You’re not a kid. You have to know I do. I mean, look at me, I’m a woman in my prime with a husband whose gone as much as he’s home and when he is?” She made a farting sound with her lips, “He may as well not be.”

“I…yeah, I suppose I’ve figured out you and dad probably don’t have a lot if, um, time together.”

“The time isn’t the problem as long as he made good use of what we do have, but he’s older than me Tim, and he doesn’t want me anymore.” She pushed her lips into a pout, while staring up at him through her lashes, “Is it me, Tim, and I not attractive anymore?”

“Not you, mom. You’re very attractive.”

“Yeah?” She smiled, “What about hot, am I hot like those Milfs you jerk off to?”

“I think you need to go back to bed. Mom.” He said uneasily, and made to stand up.

Sarah put her hands on his thighs, keeping him in the chair.

“Answer my question and maybe I will.” She sat up higher on her knees well aware that her loosely tied robe was showing off quite a bit of her chest.

“You mean are you hot?”

“Yes, look at me and pretend I’m not your mom. I’m some woman you see at a club or bar, you check me out, what do you think?”

“Well…” he frowned, “Hard to think of it like that, you are my mom.”

“Look at me kneeling between your legs.” She edged closer to him, then sank back down so her ass was on her calves. “I’m not your mom, just a horny older woman right in the spot you’d most like to have one.”

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