Katrina In The Sun

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Big Tits

The characters and events in this story are the product of the author’s imagination. Any similarities to actual persons or events is purely coincidence.

It has been one of those weeks that make you glad when it’s over. Saturday has arrived sunny and warm on a late spring day. This is to be a lonely weekend for me. I have been a widower for the past 2 years, and my kids are all away for the weekend. My sons are off camping this weekend and my daughter is with a friend’s family in the mountains. I couldn’t go because of a meeting I had to call for Friday afternoon that could not be postponed. There is another one early Monday that includes people coming from other offices around the country, so there was no way I could get away this weekend. I have decided to take care of the spring yard work I have been putting off for weeks.

I have spent the morning on the front yard, and after a light lunch it is time to start on the back. Instead of putting my sodden tee-shirt back on I decide to go without it, and apply sunscreen to my shoulders, upper chest and upper back. I have been working in the back long enough to work up a pretty good sweat again, and I’m presently raking the grass clippings. My back is to the house when I hear a familiar female voice call my name. “Mr. James?” I turn around to find Katrina standing behind me.

Katrina is the twin sister of my daughter’s boy friend. Our families have been friends for sometime, and I have watched this child grow into a lovely young woman. She is now 18 and just graduated high school as an honor student with a full academic scholarship to a prestigious university. She has blond hair that comes just below her shoulders, a lovely face and crystal blue eyes. The most striking feature about her is her figure. She now has a very womanly body that I have noticed on the occasions we have been together lately during visits between our families. Her usual attire consists of baggy jeans and t-shirts or sweatshirts that do not display her figure. There have been occasions, when I have been at her house, that I have seen her ready for a big date. With her hair fixed, light makeup, and wearing a short sexy dress that shows off her charms she is drop dead gorgeous.

Since our families have been so close our children have spent a lot of time together. During those times, at our house in particular, Katrina and her brother have become like my own kids. My wife and I have had a loving and friendly relationship with all of them.

I greet my lovely visitor and notice that she has a beach cover-up on. It is white and covers her down to about mid thigh. She is showing more leg than I have ever seen before and what I see is very nice indeed. Her thighs are well toned and shapely as are her calves and she is wearing sneakers.

“Mr. James, do you mind if I lay out in your back yard? I want to get started on my tan before beach season gets here.” Before I can ask why she doesn’t use her own yard she continues. “My little sister Liza is being a pain at home, and won’t leave me alone.”

I know that Liza can be a pain. She is about 7 years younger than the twins, and is spoiled rotten. Her parents have doted on her so much that she thinks she runs the house. It is not uncommon for her to throw a tantrum when she doesn’t get her way, and her parents give in rather than deal with the tantrum. I don’t like being around her any more than Katrina does.

“Not at all Katrina,” I reply, “as long as you don’t mind if I keep doing my yard work.”

“No, I don’t mind.” I notice that she has been looking me up and down as if she has never seen me before. Suddenly I am self-conscious about being in only ragged cutoffs and grass stained sneakers. Although I’m 44 I have kept myself in shape over the years. I work out regularly and the effort has paid off. While I am proud of the way I look I find myself uncomfortable under this young woman’s gaze.

Clearing my throat I say, “Fine, help yourself and I’ll just go back to what I was doing.” I turn and go back to my raking. I watch from the corner of my eye as she spreads the beach towel that she has brought with her. She reaches into the pocket of her cover-up and takes out a tube of sunscreen and sun glasses, and drops them on the towel. I turn to tell her that there are sodas in the refrigerator, and the words catch in my throat. Katrina has undone the buttons on her cover-up and proceeds to shrug it off of her shoulders. She stands there in a white string bikini that covers the essentials but just barely. The thin material of the top clings lovingly to the curves of her ample breasts and allows her nipples to make tents in it. The bottom barely covers her young womanhood and allows her nether lips to push out against it. It is obvious that she at least trims her pubic patch otherwise a good portion of it would be showing. She stands there watching me watch her and slowly raises her arms to put her hair up out of her way. This motion causes the beautiful globes of breast flesh to rise. The friction of the material must stimulate her nipples because they are standing out more than before.

Her hands drop to her sides as she says, “Yes, Mr. James?”

The sound of her voice breaks the spell that I’m in, and I Escort Etlik proceed to tell her about the sodas. She thanks me and proceeds to sit on the towel and reaches for the sunscreen. I return to my work, but try to observe her actions at the same time. The application of the sunscreen begins on her face and proceeds down her luscious body. Her hands seem to lovingly apply the lotion to her soft shoulders and arms, then proceed to her upper chest and down her breasts to where they are covered by her top. There is ample breast flesh spilling from the sides of her top and this gets attention as well. Her smooth concave abdomen is next all the way to where the material covering her sex begins. Those long, smooth shapely legs are next, and her hands smooth the lotion over the supple skin. Once her task is completed she recaps the tube puts on her sunglasses and lies back on the towel.

I return to my work and notice that my cutoffs are tighter in the crotch than they were when I put them on this morning. My eyes are often drawn to the gorgeous creature baking in the sun on my lawn. After about half an hour I call to her, “You better turn over before you get over done on one side.”

“Thanks Mr. James.” She turns over and reaches for the sunscreen again. Her next words almost cause my heart to stop. “Mr. James, would you put lotion on my back please?”

“Sure.” I manage to choke out, and walk over to kneel beside this vision of beauty. I put lotion in my hand and rub my hands together to warm it, as I do she reaches behind herself and undoes the strings holding her top in place. She puts her hands under her cheek like a pillow her with face turned toward me. She waits patiently for me to begin, and has a knowing smirk on her face. My hands begin at the nape of her neck and begin to spread the lotion across her smooth skin. Her muscles are well toned and resilient beneath my hands. I have reached the small of her back and notice that the back of her panty is low enough to see the beginning of the cleft between the magnificent globes of her tush. My fingers knead the tissue as the lotion is applied here.

The tightness in my cutoffs has become uncomfortable as my hard-on is now full bore. I rise up and attempt to find a more comfortable position for my equipment. I hear her say, “Your hands feel real nice, Mr. James.” The smirk is now a knowing smile. This vixen is taunting me. Two can play at this game.

“It looks like you missed a couple of spots on the backs of your legs, Katrina. Do you want me to take care of that too?” I ask.

“Oh, please Mr. James. That would be so nice.” There is a note of tease and sarcasm in her voice.

Putting more lotion on my hands I begin at her knees and use both hands on each thigh. I work slowly up each one and pay particular attention to the crease where her thigh meats her tush. By the time I finish both thighs I notice her breath is a little deep and there is a damp spot on her panty. Turn-about is fair play I think. I say, “How’s that Katrina?” There is no answer, as she seems to have lost her voice now.

Once again I return to my yard work and succeed in getting my body to calm down some. This is a very uncomfortable situation and I need to get control of myself. You’d think I was a teenager the way my hormones are reacting.

Another half-hour passes, and I am parched and decide to go in for a soda. I tell Katrina she is done on this side as I pass by, and ask if she wants a soda too. She replies, “Yes, thank you,” to my back.

As I pass through the mudroom I quickly sponge of my face and upper body at the sink. Then I head for the kitchen to get the sodas. I finish rummaging in the refrigerator for the sodas, stand up and close the door, and turn to head back out. My progress stops short as I realize the Katrina has followed me in and is standing with her back against the counter across from the refrigerator. She has been watching me and has a curious look on her face. I pass her a can of soda, which she opens. She puts the can to her lips and tilts her head back to take a long drink. The action of lifting her arm to drink causes her breasts to bob delightfully before my eyes. After her first long sip she says, “Wow, that’s good. I didn’t realize how thirsty I was. Thanks Mr. James.”

“You’re welcome, Katrina.”

“You know, Mr. James, you have a nice back and great legs.”

I just about snort soda out my nose on that one, but manage to thank her for the compliment. Then she says, “You know what else Mr. James? You are a really good looking man.” My face gets warm and I know I’m blushing, and I don’t blush easily.

“Thank you, again Katrina. It’s nice to know that a young woman of your age finds someone my age attractive.”

She crosses the kitchen to stand close in front of me. I haven’t noticed how tall she’s gotten until now. Her eyes are level with mine and I find mine locked to her crystal blue ones. She adds, “Oh, I have found you attractive for some time now.” The heat of her lovely body warms the short span of air between us and I feel it warming my skin as well.

I find myself getting very uncomfortable with that comment. While I am trying to think of something to respond with she says, Etlik Escort “Do you think I’m pretty Mr. James?”

“Katrina, I think you are one of the most beautiful young women I have ever seen. I’m sure that you hear that often from the young men you date.”

Now it’s her turn to blush and she turns a charming shade of pink from the top of her head to where her chest disappears into her bikini top. I find myself wondering if she flushes like that when she is aroused as well, and quickly banish the thought. “Thank you, but you’d be surprised Mr. James. Except for the dates for the proms I haven’t dated all that much. The boys I would like to ask me out never seem to, and those that do make it sound so vulgar that they make me feel dirty. My dating and experience with boys has been very limited.”

The old brain does a quick reassessment of this young woman, and what has transpired so far this afternoon. It is difficult to accept that someone as lovely as Katrina is still as innocent as she seems to be at this moment. I also begin to see a vulnerability that I had missed before. This young woman will bruise very easily if I am not careful. While her teasing may have been understood as arousing, I don’t believe she understands what that truly means. Her next statement really floors me. “Mr James, would you consider helping me lose my virginity?”

I can’t help myself. My mouth drops open and I’m sure there is s dumbfound look on my face. Her reaction to mine immediately shows me that she has interpreted it to be rejection of her request. That lovely face melts into tears and she turns to run away from me. I recover quickly enough to grab her shoulders to stop her retreat and turn her to face me. She immediately buries her face in my chest while wrapping her arms around me. My arms wrap around her shoulders and my hands begin to stroke her back to sooth her. The feel of her tender smooth skin under my hands and her luscious body plastered to mine begins to have the inevitable affect on my body. Before my reaction can become too noticeable I move my hands to her shoulders and gently push her back enough so that I can look at her face.

“I’m sorry Katrina. My reaction was not one of rejection but astonishment. I did not mean to hurt you in any way, but I think we need to talk about this.” I reach for the box of tissues on the counter and hold it for her. She takes a tissue and wipes her eyes and blows her nose.

“OK Mr. James.”

“Please go out and get your cover up and meet me in the den.”

I have put on a shirt and I’m sitting in the easy chair in the den when Katrina comes back in. She has put her cover up back on as I asked and I motion her to sit on the love seat across from me. She sits with her knees together and her hands folded on her lap like a prim schoolgirl. Her face remains a little flushed and it looks like the flood of tears could begin again any minute. I give her a moment to collect herself before I say, “Please tell me what this is all about Katrina.”

She takes a deep breath and begins. “Well, I told you about my dating before. Since it has been almost non-existent I have very little experience with boys and absolutely no romance in my life. When I’m with my girlfriends I hear them talking about their relationships and sex and how wonderful it all is and I’ve had these feelings and urges for several years now and want to experience what they are talking about but it just hasn’t happened and masturbation isn’t enough any more. I like you and do find you attractive so I came here today to seduce you into taking my virginity. I even bought this bikini for today, I have never worn anything so revealing before, but I thought that when you saw me in it you would want me. Now I’m ashamed of myself for throwing myself at you, and you now think I’m a foolish schoolgirl.” The water works started again and she reached for the tissues on the coffee table in front of her.

“Katrina, I am very flattered and honored that you consider me worthy of giving me the gift of your virginity. However, this is a very special gift that should be shared by two people who care very much for each other. I am sure, that before too long, you will find such a person to share this with, and I don’t want you to find that special person and regret not having this gift to share with him.”

“Thank you for your kindness Mr. James, but I’m not concerned about all that. I would like to feel some of these things now, and learn about pleasing a man. This way, when I meet that special someone you’re talking about, we can please each other without worrying about all that awkwardness. I guess if you’re not willing to help me I’ll just have to start accepting dates from those guys who want to get me into bed.”

That last comment got my attention. This young woman is bound to do this, one way or another. I can remember back to that time in my life and all the rampant hormones I had running through me. I also remember those first attempts at lovemaking and fumbling through somehow. Then I met an older woman that took pity on me and gave me an education in lovemaking that helped me. The last thing I would want is for this young woman, whom I care about, to have a bad experience that may Etlik Escort Bayan have long lasting effects on her. In her eagerness to have this experience she may allow the wrong man, or boy, to attempt to deflower her. That could be a catastrophe if it harms her and leaves her scarred for a long time to come. No one deserves that fate. I have pretty much decided to do this, but I want it to be the right experience for her. A plan has rapidly formed in my head. I also notice that she has gotten up and is getting ready to leave.

“Please wait Katrina,” I say.

She stops and turns to me with a hopeful look. “Yes Mr. James?”

“If I agree to accept your gracious offer it will have to be on my terms.”

“Oh Mr. James, I’ll do anything you ask me to.” She almost gushes and begins to remove her cover up again.

“Stop. The first condition is that it will not happen right this minute.” Her face falls again, but I continue. “I want this to be a special occasion that you will remember for a long time to come, which is as it should be. You are going to get all of the romance that I can provide, and if you still want to go through with this we’ll see what happens.”

She thinks about this for a minute before responding. “OK, that sounds nice. What else do you want?”

“You and I are going on a date. We will have a romantic dinner for two and then I will take you dancing to this little place I know. After that we’ll play things by ear. What I want you to do now is go home and get yourself ready. Tell your parents I will pick you up at 7:00.”

“Oh, my parents aren’t at home. I told a fib. They are away with my brother and sister and won’t be back until late Sunday. And by the way, what should I wear, Mr. James?”

“We will be going to a nice restaurant so I would think a cocktail length dress would be suitable. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

“Yeah, I have just the thing in my closet.”

“All right then, I want you to go home and get ready for our date. I’ll see you at 7, and by the way, for this evening I think you should call me Brad.”

“Sure Mr…I mean Brad. I’ll be ready at 7.”

As soon as Katrina has left I call and make reservations at Maxim. That’s a restaurant I go to that has the ambiance that I want for tonight. Now it’s time for me to get ready. By the time I finish it is almost time to pick up my date. I decide to take the Cobra Daytona Coupe tonight. It’s a kit car I built myself. The only thing I didn’t do myself is the paintwork. Throwing myself into building the car helped me get through my grief at losing my wife. It seems appropriate for my date tonight.

I arrive at Katrinia’s house a little before 7. Before my finger can press the button for the doorbell the door swings open and a vision of extraordinary beauty greets me. She has put her hair up nicely, which shows off her slender neck and supple shoulders. Her make up is light and enhances her crystal blue eyes as well as making her look a little older. The dress is a slip dress of a satin Navy blue material that clings like a second skin. There are spaghetti straps and it hangs low on her chest revealing a pleasant but not vulgar mount of cleavage. It stops about 3 inches above her knees and her glorious legs end in Navy blue high-heeled strap sandals. There is a small jacket over her arm that matches her dress and a Navy blue clutch purse completes her outfit. My eyes return from their inspection of this beauty and lock with hers. She says, “Does my appearance meet with your approval sir?”

“Most assuredly princess. You are drop dead gorgeous. She blushes prettily and bites her bottom lip. “May I help you with your jacket?” She hands me her jacket and I help her into it. Her perfume is intoxicating and I catch a whiff of the herbal shampoo she uses. I offer my arm and say, “You carriage awaits.” When we reach the car her eyes light up and she gives me the appropriate oohs and ahhs. I hold her door as she gets in. Her dress rides up her lovely thighs and she presents a delightful display of legs. The big Ford engine rumbles to life, and we are off. There is not much conversation in the car, and I take careful glances at my lovely companion and her gorgeous legs as I drive.

When we arrive at the restaurant the valet holds the door for Katrina as I come around to give him my keys. He swallows hard and has a lustful look on his face, and hardly looks at me as he takes my keys. It seems that he just received the same leg demonstration I had a short while ago. I smile at Katrina and take her elbow to lead her into the restaurant. I mention to her that I doubt I will have to tip the valet when we leave since she has already tipped him handsomely. My comment takes a moment to sink in and another blush and a lusty smile reward me. In the restaurant our table is ready when we arrive, and the headwaiter escorts us to our table. My date is the object of desire and envy as we pass through the dining area to our table and heads turn as we go by each table. Our table is slightly secluded from the rest and after the headwaiter seats us Katrina removes her jacket and places it over the back of her chair. The dinner is excellent and the company is outstanding. I find that she is an excellent companion and talks about things like the intelligent young woman that she is. When the check comes Katrina excuses herself to use the ladies room, and I tell her I will meet her in the lobby. I help her on with her jacket and we are off once again.

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