Katrina to Kat Pt. 03

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Kat blushed slightly, sitting this close to Carla. As she looked across, Carla motioned to Hannah for another round of drinks. For a moment, Kat felt something vague a dis-quieting. She didn’t know what it was maybe the hand gesture reminded of something, or someone, she tried thinking hard her brow furrowing, but for the life of her, she couldn’t quite remember. But as soon as Carla looked back round at her, and those beautiful blue eyes caught her, the thought and the un-easiness just seemed to slip away.

Carla, smiled and looked at Kat’s untouched plate, “You’re not hungry?” before Kat could reply she added “Or maybe you hunger for something else?” for a moment, Kat felt a jolt in her loins, staring into those eyes, she felt a rush of heat and moisture to her vagina. She squirmed a little in her seat, pushing her legs together tightly. She didn’t answer, but looked down, away from those beautiful eyes and to her plate. Picking up her knife and fork, she suddenly felt the urge to eat.

Carla, watched Kat, suddenly digging into her starter with gusto, she herself barely touched the lovely food. When Kat had finished, she signalled for Hannah to remove the plates. Kat watched, Hannah collect the plates and smiled shyly, as she turned away, her eyes, falling to Hannah’s beautifully rounded bottom. Carla leaned closer, and whispered, “such a beautiful little arse isn’t it?” Kat nodded and Carla added “But so much nicer, when it’s red after a good spanking”.

Kat almost gasped as for a moment, an image literally forced its way into her mind, of Hannah knelt down over Carla’s knees with her lovely round bottom exposed. She could almost hear the smacks as Carla’s hand descended and feel the heat of the red mark left behind on her own bottom. She flushed as in her mind, Hannah turned her head to Carla, only it wasn’t Hannah it was Kat and in her own voice, she was begging for another. Her nipples seemed to be pressing so sorely against her corset, and her mound, was showing its pleasure. Kat Flushed deeply which amuse Carla and she almost jumped, when Carla reached out and stroked the back of her hand.

The stroke to her hand had broken the image in her mind, and Kat, was suddenly very aware, of where she was, and who she was with. Her nipples were aching, and the feelings in her mound, made her squeeze her legs tighter together. The urge, to reach down and touch herself was almost impossible to ignore. But she managed. If only just!

Carla, smiled, watching the emotions, flow across Kats face, she noticed her squirm in her seat and felt a heat of her own. Kat was just perfect, for her intentions, even if she didn’t know it yet. But she would when the time was right. Time was something Carla had plenty of!

The four piece orchestra, struck up a tune, and a few people got up to dance, this was one of the specialties of the Moulon Rouge, dancing between courses, nothing hurried. Carla stood, and held out her hand to Kat, “Shall we?”

Kat stared a moment at her hand, and then at the dance floor, before shaking her head “I don’t dance usually”.

Carla smiled, as Kat looked back at her eyes, those beautiful blue eyes, “Well my little Kitty Kat, this isn’t usually, and it was not a request!” There was a slight Ankara bayan escort hardness to a tone, almost a command, and Kat found herself rising and taking the hand offered to her. Carla led her to the dance floor, and turned her to face her. She put an arm behind Kat on the small of her back, applying sufficient force to move her closer so that their bodies barely touched. She reached down and took Kats other hand and held it tightly. She raised an eyebrow “Well?” Kat moved her free hand, not quite sure where to put it. Until with a sigh, Carla took her hand and placed it around her waist. “There, it’s not difficult Kitty Kat” for a moment Kat was confused, Kitty Kat meant something to her, but she couldn’t for the life of her think what it was, but she felt more relaxed and better every time, Carla said it. She waited for Carla to replace her hand, and then began to sway with Carla. Kat had never been much of a dancer, well not that she could remember anyway, but with Carla firmly guiding her, it all seemed to fall into place. She danced and didn’t even notice, she had moved herself closer, until she realised she had rested her head on Carla’s shoulder, when had that happened she wondered. But she didn’t move, she wasn’t even surprised, to feel Carla’s hand move from her back to her bottom. It actually felt very nice, feeling Carla’s hand on her bottom, not embarrassing as she would have imagined it might. She sighed when Carla gave her bottom a squeeze, moulding herself tighter into Carla’s lovely body. For a moment, she closed her eyes and just drifted, with the music and the body pressed to hers.

She felt a couple of light taps on her bottom, and frowned as she opened her eyes, for a moment, Carla’s body felt cold, but it must have been her imagination as she again felt the warmth of her. She smiled as Carla tapped her bottom again, maybe a warning or an invitation to what might happen later. She wanted to close her eyes again and drift, but Carla whispered “The next course is ready, time to sit down”.

Kat wanted to refuse, to tell Carla she was very happy where she was, and she wasn’t hungry, but she didn’t. She nodded and Carla led her back to her table. Carla held her chair for her, and then after she was seated, sat herself.

Carla took Kats hand and openly placed it on the table, for a second Kat felt the thrill of her desires for a woman being exposed, even in such a mundane way. But that was dispelled as Carla again signalled Hannah. Once again, there was that feeling, a feeling of dis-quiet, Kat concentrated and could almost hear the steady beat of a metronome in her head. She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but for the briefest moment, it seemed really important, in fact vitally important. But once again it slipped away like a shape in the fog. She found Carla looking at her and smiled. Carla said “Comfortable?”

For a moment Kat felt the urge to admit, she was feeling very very nice, but not comfortable. Her mound seemed to be demanding attention and her nipples ached with such a fierceness she could not imagine possible. She could feel her heart beat throb through her chest to each extended hardened nipple. She flushed again and nodded her head, “Yes Comfortable”.

Carla looked away, a small Escort bayan Ankara smile creasing her lips, but her hand remained on Kat’s and stroked the back of her hand in a deliciously sensual measured way. Kat squirmed again, again pressing her thighs close together. Hannah returned with the main course. It looked delicious, and smelled wonderful, but that’s not what caught Kat’s attention. Hannah was topless, her Basque now gone, replaced by a waspie corset, which left her beautiful full breasts exposed. Her nipples were brown and small hardened points. Kat frowned when had that happened, she quickly looked around and saw the other waitresses were similarly attired. Hannah bent from the waist and placed the food down allowing her breasts to hang. Carla casually reached up and stroked her breast and then her nipple. Hannah smiled. Looking back at Kat, Carla said “They really are lovely, aren’t they” she smiled even as her fingers stroked the girl’s nipple harder “Would you like to feel?”

Kat felt her hand move almost involuntarily, but stopped herself. But Carla took her hand and placed it on Hannah’s breast. Kat blushed and looked around, hoping no one was watching, but even so, she couldn’t help but marvel at the softness, fullness of Hannah’s breast and the hardness of her nipple again her hand. She bit her lip, as she found herself squeezing the girl’s breast. Her own nipples renewed their aching and her slit, becoming damper.

Carla smiled and gently slapped the hand, holding Hannah’s breast, “enough for now Kitty Kat”. Kat quickly took her hand away, and smiled an apology to Hannah. Hannah nodded and smiled back, showing not the least bit of upset or embarrassment.

Carla nodded to Hannah, dismissing her, and she withdrew, standing a short distance away. “You enjoyed that didn’t you?” she asked Kat, Kat nodded and lowered her eyes to her meal.

Carla lowered her hand from the table and Kat jumped as her fingers touched her leg. Carla smiled and said “Eat Kitty Kat, don’t mind me” Kat felt her fingers on her leg, just below the hem of her skirt.

She looked around, hoping no one noticed and then put her own hand down on Carla’s. “I’m not sure, that doing that is such a good idea” she muttered.

Carla smiled at her, her blue eyes, catching her attention once again. “Of course it is, now eat Kitty Kat and enjoy” Kat felt almost a compulsion to release Carla’s hand and pick up her cutlery. She fought for a moment, but couldn’t help herself and gave in. Carla nodded as Kat picked up her knife and fork and began eating. She didn’t touch her own food, her hand busy tracing small and intricate shapes on Kat’s leg.

Kat felt the sensuous fingers and the hard nails, touching her leg, slowly rising, slowly pushing under her skirt. Oh God she thought, she should stop her, but obviously God wasn’t around that night, as the fingers continued their slow assent. Her skirt moving up as they did. She squeezed her thighs together, for a moment, trapping the hand, but she found her thighs opening, and inviting the fingers to continue their journey. She blushed as the fingers, reached her stocking tops, and then the soft delicate flesh above, her knees coming further apart. Her eyes closed and she stopped eating, Bayan escort Ankara as the warmth flooded her loins. God she was so wet, so wanton. She thought of her red shoes, and for a moment, felt a whore. Her legs opening allowing this beautiful invasion.

Kat gripped the cutlery tight in her hands, her knuckles going white with pressure as a single finger, very slowly traced the outline of the split in her crotch less knickers, the nail catching a moment on the Velcro rose before it separated. Kat closed her eyes, knowing she could do nothing about this and knowing she didn’t want to either. Carla leaned closer and whispered “Oh my little Kitty Kat, is such a naughty girl!” she paused as her finger re-traced the split “So naughty, and so, hot and wet!!” Kat groaned through her tightly pursed lips.

For one moment, Kat thought about stopping Carla, stopping her touches, so delicate, yet so insistent. She felt the nail, part her lips just a fraction and gasped as the hardness of the nail, teased her soft delicate flower. She felt her hips push forward, she felt her thighs, pushing as wide as they could, against the confines of her skirt. Like a wanton, whore, she was begging with her body for more, even whilst her mind tried to scream stop. The nail circled her nub, which was thrust from its hood, exposed, delicate and demanding. She could feel the hot slick juice, coating her, betraying her arousal.

Carla leaned close and whispered, “Has your husband ever made you feel like this, Katrina?” Kat’s eyes flew open, for a sudden moment, the thought of what she was doing, betraying her husband, crowded her mind.

She felt ashamed at her arousal, about her hot wetness, but she couldn’t lie “No!”

Carla smiled, “No, never!” her finger seemed to be electric, everywhere it touched sent a jolt of pained, sensual pleasure through her body.

Kat bit her lip “Never!”

Carla leaned closer “Not all the times, he has fucked you?”

Kat bit her lip, hard, but her body betrayed her and she thrust her hips forward again, wanting more of Carla, wanting her to invade her. The crude words, only made her hotter, forcing images in to her head of her husband, how he made love to her, no not made love, how he fucked her. She closed her eyes, without realising it one of her hands gripped her breast through the corset, her other scrabbled to pull her skirt higher.

The images in her head, betrayed her feelings, to her. Her husband fucking her, and she taking it, but it had never felt like this, this was so much more!

Carla’s voice intruded on her thoughts, “Tell me Kitty Kat?”

Kat opened her eyes, staring into the mesmerising blue ones. “No never” she choked out.

Carla smiled “Good, remember how it feels Kitty Kat” and her finger withdrew, although her hand remained high on Kat’s thigh. Kat felt like a blow had landed, her stomach full of pleasurable painful knots, revolving and hurting, but in such a good way.

She begged “Please!”

Carla glanced at her, “Not yet Kitty Kat, patience” and said no more. Kat, wanted to grab her hand, force herself on to it, but it would do no good she knew that. She felt hot, her breathing ragged and heaving, her skin felt slick with sweat. But she sat, that hand that had caused so much pleasure, heavy on her thigh, the fingers twitching occasionally so close to her, so very close. It was a form of torture, one she couldn’t comprehend, but torture no less. Carla smiled “Besides, it’s time to dance!”

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