Keeping Her 4.0

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Sarah looked in her full length mirror and sighed, adjusting the hemline of the tight black dress. This was the third outfit she’d tried on, and if she tried on any more, stalled any longer, she would lose her nerve. She’d had a hard time deciding. What did one wear to seduce one’s professor?

She felt so cliched. Sexy young college student willing to do whatever it took for a better grade. But the thing was, she already had a B in Animal Behavior. She was in no danger of failing. What she was in danger of doing was loosing her 4.0. She knew she shouldn’t be so proud of that numerical representation of her smarts, but she was, dammit! And she wasn’t about to lose it over some stupid misunderstanding with her prof.

She checked her dark red lipstick and fluffed out her long brown hair, turning sideways to eye her curves with her deep blue eyes. The tight dress perfectly displayed her tight runner’s butt and high perky breasts. If Mr. Lieder didn’t go for her offer it wouldn’t be because she hasn’t made her best effort. She hesitated briefly between strappy black high heels and what she called her hooker boots before strapping on the heels. Then she left her dorm room, walked out of the honors dorm, and headed off across campus.

The door to his office was standing open when she arrived. She walked in, shutting the door and turning the lock behind her. Mr. Lieder’s “office” was really just a desk jammed into the corner of the herpetology collections room. This meant Sarah had to walk past shelves and shelves of liquid filled jars containing variously recognizable remains. Tiny bumpy newts, coils of snakes, lumpy gray blobs that could have been pretty much anything. The first time she’d been in his office the sight had been quite distracting. But as she has returned over and over to argue about the test the collection lost its ability to shock. On this night she wound through the floor to ceiling maze without a second look.

Mr. Lieder was at his desk, back to the door, headphones on, scrolling along on his computer, ignoring several messy stacks of papers on the desk. Sarah paused for a moment to study him before making her presence known. He was a new to campus phd student in his late 20s or early 30s. Thank the gods. If the professor in question had been her ancient paleontology or soils professors she would just have taken the B, pride be damned. Mr. Lieder was shorter than she was with dark hair and a three day stubble. He was dressed in cargo shorts and a concert tshirt. She had heard that he had been complaining about the lack of satisfactory female companionship in their small college town. Antalya Escort That should make it easier for her to do this thing.

She squished a sudden swell of stomach butterflies and closed the remaining distance to tap Mr. Lieder on the shoulder. He jumped, grabbing off his headphones, loud metal music pouring out.

“Jesus, Sarah, you surprised me,” he said, turning back to his computer opening and closing screens, clicking around until the music shut off. So he remembered her name out of the 100+ students in her class. That was a good sign. “You’re not here about that test again, are you? We’ve been over this before and I thought you understood. You missed the test and didn’t make it up before I handed everyone else’s graded exams back. I would have to make up a whole new test just for you, and frankly, I don’t have the time. Plus then I would have to do the same for everyone else in the same situation, and I REALLY don’t have time for that.” He leaned back in his ancient orange cushioned office chair and crossed his arms.

Sarah stepped closer and leaned her butt against the edge of his desk, short hem riding up high. The movement drew Mr. Lieder’s attention and she was sure he snuck a peek at her lacy neon green bikini underwear. Good. “So what we need to do is make sure I’m in a different situation than anyone else wanting you to remake them a test.” She leaned toward him and ran her fingers across the Slayer logo on his shirt, doing her best to make sure he got a look at the top half of her underwear set.

He rolled his chair back a foot or so clanking into a shelf of jars and stammered, “Um, what you’re suggesting, I can’t, faculty fraternizing with students is frowned upon…” He trailed to a stop as she shimmied out of her dress to stand before him in sexy green underwear, high black heels, brown hair cascading down her back. “It may be frowned upon, but you know it happens. And I bet you’ve been secretly hoping it would happen to you. Well, here it is.” Sarah made a pouty face and looked at Mr. Lieder through her eyelashes. “I’m not happy with my grade professor. And I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make it better.” She reached behind her and pulled a condom packet from where she had tucked it under her underwear waistband.

Mr. Lieder stared at his smoking hot mostly naked student brandishing a condom at him. “Fuck it.” He said. “Let’s do this.” Sarah felt a thrill of excitement and relief. He wasn’t going to report her! This was followed closely by a another sudden stab of nervousness.

Despite liking to dress provocatively, she really wasn’t Antalya Escort Bayan very sexually experienced. She’d lost her virginity to a boyfriend her freshman year, but sex had been clumsy and quick and hadn’t gotten much better with subsequent attempts. They’d soon broken up. Her only other tryst had occurred with Zorro of all people one drunken night at a friend’s Halloween party.

She took a deep breath and stepped towards him, hooking her thumbs under the top of her panties to slide them down. “Where do you want me?” Mr. Lieder held up a hand. “Not so fast. You said you’d do whatever it takes, right? If I’m selling out, I might as well get the full package. Let’s start with some dick sucking.” He stood up briefly, yanked down his cargo shorts and boxers, then sat back down again knees well spread to give her full access to his rapidly stiffening penis.

She looked at it dumbly for a second. His member was a modest girth and length, rising straight and proud from his fuzzy dark pubic patch. This was something she hadn’t yet gotten around to experiencing. But she had said she’d do anything.

Sarah knelt down on the gritty floor and reached forward tentatively to run her fingertips along his smooth shaft. She let her fingers explore from the swell of the head down to the base. She gently ran her fingers through his pubic hair and cupped his balls. He let out a little moan and the chair squeaked as he shifted his hips. Ok, time to get to business.

Sarah carefully unwrapped the condom and slowly rolled it down Mr. Lieder’s penis. Better safe than sorry! Then she leaned closer, stuck out her tongue, and did a quick little lick of his tip. The taste of condom would never be her all time favorite, but she could do this. She stifled a little giggle. She was giving her first blowjob!

Ok, think. How did this work in the pornos she’d seen online? Obviously, his dick had to go in her mouth. Sarah leaned forward again and kissed the tip, slowly opening her lips while leaning further down, allowing more and more of his dick to slide into her mouth. When the mouth situation became uncomfortable, she reversed directions and slid her lips back toward the tip again. Mr. Lieder moaned again, so she knew she was doing something right. She repeated the sliding motion several more times adding in some licks and swirls with her tongue. When she needed a break she replaced her mouth with one hand, the other cupping his balls gently. She kissed and licked the inside of his thigh a few times eliciting yet another moan. After alternating between her mouth and hands a few times, Mr. Escort Antalya Lieder stopped her.

“Ok, we’d better get on to the main event before I cum in your mouth. Over there on the desk, lean over.”

Sarah got up off the ground and dusted her dirty knees off right quick before turning to the desk. She bent over, resting her chest on a stack of assignments and sticking her ass out towards him.

“Mmm. It’s been a while. I sure have missed this.” Mr. Lieder had moved up behind her and ran his hands across her back, down the smooth curve of her butt, and down the outside of her legs. Then he reversed direction and ran up the insides of her thighs, ending by cupping one hand tight against her lace covered crevice. He ran his fingers back and forth over her panties, pressing firmly. “Moist. Nice.”

He peeled her underwear over her butt and down her legs. She lifted her feet one at a time to get entirely free and he flung the bright green garment away. Sarah felt him get into position behind her and pushed back a bit, wiggling her butt against him. Once he was lined up he slid in with no preliminaries. She gave a short gasp at the sudden fullness the same time he gave a happy sigh. He started rocking his hips and soon found a rhythm that worked. He thrust fast and deep and the old desk shed papers as it shook from their fornicating. Sarah clutched the far edge of the desk and held on. She moaned, more turned on than expected by the whole ordeal. One of them kicked the chair and it rolled away to clank off of more glass specimen containers.

Mr. Lieder grabbed her hips tightly and thrust deep into her, once, twice, again, releasing his semen into the condom inside of her. After a few more small slower movements he stilled, leaning over her back, taking the time to fully enjoy the moment as his penis slowly lost its rigidity and worked its way out of her pussy. Sweat from his forehead dripped down onto her back.

Sarah caught her breath before Mr. Lieder did, taking the advantage to find her dress and pull it back on. She had enjoyed this experience way more than she had expected. She smiled. She could live with that.

“So…” he said, looking around on the floor, searching for where his shorts had ended up. “Um, what exactly did you want from me again? An A in the course? I could get in a ton of trouble if anyone ever found out. But after that… Damn. You want an A? I’ll give you an A.”

“I don’t want you to give me anything,” she said. “I earn my As. What I want is for you is to make another version of that stupid test for me to take. You have office hours on Tuesday morning at 11. I’ll be by then to take my test.” Mr. Lieder nodded, still in a bit of a sex daze. Sarah retrieved her underwear from where it was draped over a dusty jar of woodhouse’s toads where they had fallen and stalked triumphantly from his office.

Sarah graduated the next year, 4.0.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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