Lauren and Grey Ch. 03

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He had not heard from her in weeks. Not since New York and the ensuing phone call. It had actually been days but the time passed like mud through and hour glass between contacts. The silence was deafening. He could not know if she decided it was over or if she wanted more.

He wanted to call her every day, but had resigned himself to this safer way of staying in touch with her; longing for those fleeting glimpses of time. The odd part was that it wasn’t all that sexual. Sure there were the few moments of sexual banter, but it was more like talking to an old friend or putting on a favorite pair of old worn jeans; she just fit. Fit too well he thought.

On his way to lunch he practiced his staid routine; twist the lock, pull the door shut, check the knob and head to the car after a stop at the mailbox. It was a Monday, 11:52 a.m. to be precise, when the plain brown envelope peeked from behind the Wall Street Journal to the ground. He bent over and picked it up and examined the outside.

It had only his first name and the return address was simply NYC. On his way to the dumpster to toss the junk mail, he opened the envelope. Peering inside, the he could barely make out the loot contained inside a Ziploc bag. If it was what he thought it was……

Quickly he tossed the junk mail into the dumpster. A quick scan of the parking lot revealed that his other suite mates were already off to lunch. He speedily retreated back to his private office and triple checked the lock on his door and turning up the stereo so he could savor the contents undisturbed. He figured he had at least an hour alone with the package.

Pushing back the papers with one hand while turning the envelope upside down, the sexiest pair of lace trimmed see-through underwear plopped on his desk. His heart was fluttering and a tingle began deep inside his crotch. Still secure inside the protective plastic; illegal bahis he leaned back in his chair holding the bag gingerly by the corner and just stared at the prize.

So mesmerized by the thought, he almost didn’t notice the note peaking out of the original envelope: “Just thought you might enjoy these. They are covered in thoughts of you, L”. He couldn’t help but smile at the knowledge that the very panties before him had been worn while Lauren pleasured herself while thinking of him. The realization was overwhelming.The heart flutter had now become a distinct beat. The tingle had now begun to create a bulge.

His mind raced with images of the picture that she emailed him the day after their lone encounter. It was a reward for his prose; the words that started all this madness. He had described in sexual detail his exact thoughts of her via email and she had responded so brilliantly with a photo; an up-close photo of her hand down these very panties.

Exhaling deeply, he turned to his computer and clicked on that image. He couldn’t help, but to grin at the sight while reaching for the plastic bag. He broke the seal and inhaled deeply. The impact of her sweet aroma on his senses was almost overwhelming. A Pavlovian reaction was taking place in his pants causing him to shift to relieve the tightness in his boxer briefs.

Removing the panties as if they were the most treasured item in the history of man he brought them to his nose and continued to deeply inhale her essence.

“Good God” he blurted; his mouth simultaneously watering. He reached down and began to stroke the growing ridge now fully erect in his pants. The wanting for her was overwhelming. All he could think about was kissing her. How they had stood on the street corner and kissed. He remembered exactly where his hands were and the feel of her body beneath his fingers; so very close to illegal bahis siteleri her breasts but consciously not touching them. So close.

He interrupted the stroking long enough to hold the panties by the corners. Lace trimmed see-through boy shorts…exactly as she described them. He could barely make out the slightest trace of white perfectly centered in the crotch. Never letting go of the underwear, he reached with his free hand and unlatched the snap on his shorts and lowered the zipper. He pushed back from his desk and pulled down his underwear while hers were squarely against his nostrils.

His rock hard cock was now free of the cotton constraints and throbbing. This was certainly better than any drug he thought as his index finger lightly trailed up and down the length of his shaft. His eyes closed imaging it were her fingers now teasing his scrotum.

The intermittent mental flashes of how she traced his hand with her fingers that night. Telling him how sexy his hand and fingers were. It made him feel wanted and virile. He so wanted that hand and especially those fingers to trace her body. Wanting to trace her body with his fingers and to s-l-o-w-l-y undress her with his hands. Stopping after each stage of undress to outline the various garments left until finally reaching her naked body.

Imagining that he would stop just long enough to run his tongue across her clavicle to her collarbone and up her neck to her ear; breathlessly whispering, “I want my fingers to trace the path my tongue will follow. “He could imagine the hair on her arms standing on end as he pulled down her net stockings to reveal her mouth-watering body.

Using just the tip of his index finger, he begins tracing from between her toes, over her tendons, across the top of her foot. Looking into her eyes as his finger slowly goes over her ankle adding more fingertips up her canlı bahis siteleri shin. Painfully slow each deliberate action; the graze of his palm over her knee and across her perfect thighs, casually letting the back of his hand graze the wetness of her labia. He could see her body tense at the touch. Gliding up across her belly he moves his fingertip across her hard nipples.

Still imagining how he would make love to her; he takes the tip of his finger and teases the head of his cock. The sensations making him clench and twitch. He then wraps those long lean fingers around his thick throbbing shaft and begins to stroke.

Wanting her had overtaken him again. He had never enjoyed masturbation so much before he met her and now that he had her savory panties it was downright delectable.

Starting at the base and slowly sliding upward towards the head. At first the strokes were long and slow. Making sure to not grip too tight he never stopped thinking of her; the smoothness of his shaft in the palm of his hand. The very hand that she thought was so sexy and him wanting it to be her hand; her delicate and feminine hand. He visualized continually kissing her while she fucked his cock with her hand; such a delicate object giving such violent pleasure.

He really wanted to cum now; to get to the enjoyment. He needed that feeling of release with her even if it was in his mind. He took her panties into his hand and began to stroke his cock again. This time the feeling was instant and electric. The feeling of her panties on his excited and throbbing man-ness was perfect. Again he imagined her there with him: watching. Watching as he stroked his smooth hard cock with her panties.

He could picture her there rubbing her wet pussy. She was watching hungrily as his adept digits gratified his shaft with her impure underwear. His cock exploded the first shot of cream. He grunted trying to stifle the moan that came from within. The moan he wanted her to hear; his cock convulsing. The lace wrapped tightly around his throbbing member. He wanted her to know that she excited him and brought him intense pleasure; often.

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