Madam Jerk

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I was headed home on leave when our bus hit a roadblock. The police were looking for something and they were searching all of the vehicles, our bus included. It wasn=t much of a delay, but it was just enough to miss my connecting bus.

When I checked at the information counter, I found that I was going to have a delay of several hours before the next bus. Not much point in losing your temper over a thing like this but I must admit that I said gosh darn to myself a few times.

Looking around the terminal wasn=t very exciting, so I called home to revise my arrival time, then checked out that my luggage was taken care of and would be on the next bus. When that was done I left the terminal to have a look around the city.

The terminal was on the corner and a big hotel took up most of the next block. In the other direction, there was a restaurant a few doors down from the terminal. It looked about half way between a greasy spoon and a decent restaurant, but I was hungry and decided to have something to eat. A waitress brought me a menu. She was friendly, smiling at me as she helped me to decide what to order. Actually, the food was good, and the service excellent, probably because there were so few patrons in the restaurant and the waitress was coming on to me.

As she was serving me my meal, she asked me what outfit I was with and where I came from, so I told her my sad tale about the missed bus connection, and being stuck here for several hours with nothing to do.

She seemed to be a nice young woman, maybe about twenty and quite good looking too. She was sympathetic about my plight and ended up sitting with me between customers as I was eating. She was lamenting that she had to work or otherwise she could take me to her apartment where she said we could probably find something to do. She was even suggesting that I could take a bus tomorrow and stay with her for the night.

But she did tell me that there was a movie theater no more than a hundred yards away, down a side street. She said that it wasn=t the biggest or the best but they did show pretty good movies, and I could put in some time there.

I told her that I would love to stay with her, and that would beat the movies any day. But I had been away from home for a long time, and my folks were planning a welcome home party. Besides, I had already called them and told them about the delay and when I would get there.

When I finished the meal and paid the bill, I gave her a big tip, but she refused to take it. She walked me to the door, and when I was sure we couldn=t be seen, I reached down and grabbed her ass. She didn=t object, so I reached down below the short uniform she was wearing and slid my hand up the inside of her bare leg until I reached her damp panties. Shoving the crotch of her panties aside, I worked two fingers up in her cunt, and fingered her for a couple of strokes.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a nice kiss, telling me that she wasn=t getting much these days because it seemed like most of the guys she knew were overseas. She was still trying to get me to change my mind and stay over as I was bidding her goodbye.

Come back and see me sometime when you=ve got more time she said as I left. When I saw my reflection Trabzon Escort in a store window, I saw that she had given me a souvenir, a big smear of lipstick on my face. Laughing to myself, I cleaned it off with my handkerchief.

Sure enough, the movie theater was right where she said it was, and she was right, it was not the best. I bought a ticket, a chocolate bar and some popcorn then went into the theater to find a seat. It was early afternoon and there were lots of empty seats, so I picked one where I could sit by myself and sat down. The main feature film was just starting and I settled down to see the movie.

Just minutes later a rather well dressed women, probably in her early thirties sat down beside me. She was wearing a really sexy perfume and she really made a production out of sitting down, taking her coat off, putting it on the seat and then sitting on it.

I thought to be annoyed at the interruption, thinking that there were lots of other seats, why did she want to bug me. Then I thought what the hell, the movie wasn=t all that great anyway, so why make an issue out of it? But I didn=t have long to wait to find out what her game was, she had hiked her skirt up to about three inches above her knees and was pressing her knee against mine. I played dumb, but didn=t move my knee either.

You could see that she was getting more and more frustrated with me because I was not playing her game. She wasn=t a bad looking woman either, a little too plump for my taste, but really an attractive looking woman.

Finally, she reached over and put her hand on top of my hand. After a couple of minutes when I hadn=t resisted, she put my hand on her bare knee and continued holding her hand on top of mine. After a minute or two, I moved my hand and my companion groaned. With that, I slid my hand up the inside of her leg until I could just begin to feel her pubic hairs grazing the back of my hand. Pushing my hand down, I grabbed her leg firmly, just where her leg met the cheek of her ass, and held it firmly in my grasp. I could feel her sopping wet pussy against the back of my hand and she was moaning softly. She wasn=t wearing any panties.

She moved closer to me, as close as you can in those damned theater seats. Her ass was making seductive little movements and I knew she wanted me to get on with it, but I was playing hard to get, making her work for everything she got.

Finally I gave in and felt her cunt and she let out a very audible gasp. Her hips began to move in time to the gyrations of her ass as I investigated her cuntal area with my fingertips, even reaching way down to feel her little rosebud with my finger. She was paying very careful attention to everywhere my fingers were going and what they were doing. Putting three fingers together, I rubbed them up and down her cunt slit, driving the poor woman close to the edge.

Resting my investigation of her cunt for a moment, I started to feel her tit with my other hand. I could really only feel the tit that was nearest to me. She quickly took my hand and worked it up under her blouse and her bra so that my hand was resting on her naked tit. It felt good to me, and judging from her reaction, it must have felt good to her too! The tip Escort Trabzon of her tit was really hard, and the nipple was standing straight out and about the thickness of my little finger.

There was no question about it, this lady was really getting turned on. She turned to me and kissed me on my cheek. Then she nibbled on my ear, and blew softly into it too, doing a pretty good job of turning me on in the process. I turned my head to her and she gave me a nice kiss, but with one hand buried in her cunt and the other pleasuring her tit, I was in no position to hold her to me for a really good kiss.

I accidently on purpose grazed her clit and the response was worth the price of admission, but I was on the way to finger her. At first, I stuck one finger in her cunt, then two and finally three fingers up her fuck hole, first wriggling them around and then thrusting them deeply in and out with as much force as I could given the cramped space that we had.

I could tell that she was getting close to orgasm, so I stopped thrusting into her and went back to exploring her cunt and the area around it. When this had slowed her down a bit, I went back to stuffing my fingers in her cunt again, and thrusting as best I could. She was getting closer, so that only lasted for a minute or so.

Going for broke, I gently caressed her clit, and I can tell you that really got her attention! She was panting like a bitch dog in heat, so I went for it, stimulating her clit with rapid little circular movements with my finger tip, holding quite a bit of pressure on my finger.

I had thought that she was getting pretty hot before, well let me tell you, that woman went berserk. Even though there were no patrons sitting near us, she was making so much noise and thrashing around, I thought we might get kicked out of the theater. She had three violent orgasms in a row! She then turned her attention to me, pulling my cock out of my pants and beginning to stroke it into submission. I was as hot as a pistol, but she stroked me so slowly there was an overwhelming desire to reach my climax, so when I finally busted my balls, it really hurt. I can=t recall coming that strongly any time before that. She had a little cloth ready to catch my cum, and clean me off, but it really turned me on when she licked some of my cum off the back of her hand.

I spoke to her, but she only put her finger to her lips and I realized that not a word had been spoken through all of this. She straightened herself up, gave me a peck on the cheek, got up and left the theater, even though the feature film was not finished yet. I stayed and watched it all, although I can=t say that my mind was focused completely on the movie after that.

Despite the fact that there was nearly two hours to go until my bus left, there was no way I was going to sit through this movie again. Reluctantly, I gathered up my stuff and left the theatre, sort of wandering along the street looking in the store windows. When I got to the restaurant where I had eaten, the waitress saw me look in the window, and came out, asking me if I had changed my mind about staying with her for the night.

I told her no, that I had not changed my mind about that, but I would like to come in Trabzon Escort Bayan and spend some time with her before my bus left. There were no customers in the restaurant, and she told me it was always busy around mealtimes especially lunch, but like now, there were times when the place was virtually empty. Usually business picked up later in the evening, from about eleven until closing around one in the morning.

From the beginning it was apparent that she wanted me, and I think that she had the idea that I would stay over to spend the night with her if she could just get me horny enough. She got me horny all right, but she should have known that I could not stay, for that is what I had told her.

We both had our hands all over each other, and the fact that there was always the chance of someone seeing us, only added to the spice! I told her all about my adventure in the movie theatre. She told me that she had heard of this woman, and the young guys were starting to call her Madam Jerk! She said that the woman always picked a younger, good looking guy, and always in the late afternoon when there were few patrons in the theatre. She said that just about every encounter was different, but some sex play took place, and only involved a hand job.

I was beginning to like this little girl, and while I couldn’t stay over tonight, there was no reason that I couldn’t bus over here in a week or so and stay with her for a couple of days.

“I’d like that,” she said, smiling big time.

“I’m beginning to think that I would like it too,” I told her as was feeling her naked tit through the front of her waitress uniform. Then I put her tits back in her bra and felt her belly. All of this was really getting her turned on, when she got up and told me to follow her. She went to the ladies room, pulled her panties down to her ankles, her skirt up over her waist and bent over the wash basin, holding on to the taps.

She was standing there, her pretty little ass in the air and she was begging me to fuck her hard, so what was I to do?

I dropped my pants instantly, pulled my rock hard cock out of my shorts and began rubbing the head of it up and down her cunt. That really turned her crank. Three times was all I could manage, when I had to plunge my rod deep in her for a frenzied fuck until we both came together like gangbusters.

She told me that the cook was the only other person on duty, and he didn’t matter because he was gay, but it wasn’t good to take chances with things like this, so told me to go back to my table while she wiped my cum from her cunt with a paper towel.

When she came back to the table she had fixed herself up so she looked fresh as if nothing had happened. We exchanged addresses and telephone numbers. And I promised to keep in touch with her and come to spend some time with her shortly.

When it came time for me to go, she slipped on a jacket, and walked the short distance to the bus terminal with me. My bus was sitting there, engine idling, in it’s departure bay. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a nice kiss. “Hurry back!” she said as I was turning away from her to get on the bus.

When I found a seat and sat down, she was gone, but certainly not forgotten, As the bus was pulling out of the terminal, I was thinking that what I had thought would be a boring layover had turned into something I would probably remember for the rest of my life, and just maybe something would come from this meeting, I was certainly going to come back soon to find out.

the end

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