Magical Sister Transforms Me Ch. 01

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This is going to be one of the new series I’m working on! Originally this was just going to be a one-shot but as I started thinking and writing more, I wanted to expand. It won’t run super long, maybe three chapters. I’m going to let this go wherever I please and might even let it go off the rails. It’s always nice to have a fun project to keep you grounded.

As for my normal house cleaning, the story tags should cover everything in the story. I don’t like surprises while reading and I’m sure you don’t either. So I try to keep tags as accurate as possible.

I wanted to apologize for the length of time between posts. Sometimes I get a ton of energy to write and can knock things out quickly. Other times I’m just stuck being unable to write. So I am very sorry for my slow releases.

I hope you all enjoy the story!

All characters in this story are 18 years or older


1. My Sister the Witch

I didn’t always know that Carmen was a witch. My twenty two year old sister doesn’t really fit what you think of when you hear “witch”. Top of her class and an award winning cheerleader are far cries from a hag living in the forest.

There has always been this aura that follows her though. Sitting across from her at the dinner table you can feel something that makes you tingle a bit. Like little sparks are hitting you. It’s not constant but you catch a feeling of it on occasion.

Carmen is noticeably attractive and I had to hear about that for years. She stands at a medium height with an athletic build. Her breasts are probably a B cup and very perky. Her well trimmed body is highlighted by her gorgeous ass. It demands your attention with its size and perfect shape.

Her look is topped off with shoulder length black hair and soft tanned skin. She screams sorority girl except for one noticeable feature. Carmen is heterochromatic, meaning she has two different colored eyes. One is a light brown, the other a piercing blue. Looking at the blue one almost draws you in.

I’ve had a lot of time to look at that powerful eye while I do a gap year (or two) before college. At nineteen, surprisingly, I don’t really know what to do with my life so I decided to take some time and find myself and where I want to fit in.

Thus far finding myself and where I fit in has involved hours of jerking off and becoming more of a nasty pervert. In the gaps between jerking off sessions I play hours of video games and self loath. So really it’s just an extension of my high school years.

Having so much time around the house has really turned up my pervert gauge. I’ve discovered and downloaded mountains of porn. In that journey through the depraved I’ve started reading a lot of sex stories. After hours of research I’ve found that I have a bit of an incest fetish. A hot sister doesn’t help with that but having an even hotter mom really cements the fetish.

My mom Alice has always been the object of many men’s affection. She works out three or four times a week and tans about the same amount. Her athletic build is complemented by her amazing tits. They are probably a C cup and have near perfect shape. Her breasts stand proud, especially in a bikini. Her ass really ties the whole show together, with perfect shape and size.

Mom has always been sweet but knows when to put her foot down. She radiates confidence when she walks into a room. It always surprised me that she just got a normal office job. If she went into sales she could be a millionaire. What surprises me even more is her choice on who she married.

There is no real way to describe my dad other than an asshole. He’s not abusive by any stretch of the imagination. He’s always just been kind of a dick. Never taking much interest in things around the house. Just offering criticisms where he can with a hint of passive aggressiveness. He used to be a star water polo player but has let office work take over his body. Leaving him with a beer belly and a double chin.

Overall though we are a happy family that is about to get thrown for a loop by one magical Sister and a pervert son.

2. Sparks from her fingers

The sun is hot today and the sky is clear. Perfect day to sit out by the pool and tan. Not an activity I’d normally participate in but Carmen has joined me. So realistically I can’t pass up the opportunity to gawk at her tight body. She lays next to me in a small little blue bikini. It was hard not to look when she walked out and I realized it was a thong bottom.

“You know everyone knows you’re a pervert, Mike.” Carmen says. I’m startled by her sudden outburst. We have been out here for twenty minutes and she hasn’t said a word.

“Honestly Carmen? I’m not going to fall for it today. Not letting you poke me into an argument. I only have good energy today.” I say. Carmen lets out a single laugh.

“It’s true though. Everyone knows you’re a massive pervert.” She says. I know she’s trying to mess with me. When she’s bored she likes to start shit. It sucks nurdağı escort that she is so good at it.

“That’s not true. I’m not a massive pervert. Again, I’m not going to let you get a rise out of me.” I say. A wicked smile slowly makes its way over Carmen’s face. She’s wearing sunglasses but I know her eyes are lighting up.

“Oh really? That’s not true? So why do you think I’m bringing it up?” Carmen says. She hasn’t even bothered to turn and look at me this whole time. Her statement makes my heart beat a little fast. Carmen rarely keeps pushing unless she has something to push with.

“I think you are just trying to push my buttons because you’re bored. That’s a pretty good reason to bring it up.” I say, trying to sound as confident as possible. The overwhelming feeling that I’m failing doesn’t go unnoticed.

“Do you really think I would bring something so specific up if I didn’t have any proof?” Carmen says. This whole time she hasn’t even bothered to look at me. She has just been looking at the pool.

She was right though, that wouldn’t be Carmen’s normal play. She likes to push my buttons but rarely would she assert something without some grain of truth. My heart starts to pump a bit faster and I don’t know what to say.

“Uhhh well…I think you’re just messing with me. You’re going to try and get me to admit something and then tell me something else. Like that I watch porn too loud or some shit” I say. The longer I talk the less and less confident I feel.

“Oh really? Well dumbass I don’t need to try anything. Maybe you need to try and hide my panties better if you’re going to use them to jerk off with. Idiot.” She says. I feel my face turn bright red. Words fail me and I just start to stammer.

I remember a few nights ago sneaking one of her thongs into my room so I could rub one out. My parents came home early so I ended up just throwing it on the laundry basket in the bathroom after finishing quickly. Carmen must have found it later.

Time seems to pass slowly as I wait for Carmen to say more. I brace for the worst. Am I going to jail? Is she going to tell mom or dad? I could get kicked out and develop a spray paint huffing habit. The possibilities are endless in this moment of silence. It’s broken as Carmen starts to laugh.

“Hahahaha you fucking pervert. I can’t believe you would make such a rookie mistake. It took me so long to figure out what kind of nasty shit you’ve been doing and you mess up that easily?” Carmen says. She quickly goes back to laughing at me.

“It was a mistake alright! I was horny and wanted to get off with something nice on my dick. It was the first thing I noticed.” I say. Making a small and sad effort to defend myself.

“Oh and it just so happened to be your sister’s thong?” Carmen says. She turns and looks at me. Her big sunglasses obscure those mismatched eyes.

“Yeah, it just so happened to be my sister’s thong.” I say. The sounds of defeat in my voice would be noticeable even to the deaf.

“Are you going to tell mom and dad?” I say. Carmen immediately starts to laugh again. Her tits shake in her small bikini top. Even with the nervousness I start to get hard. Carmen’s body is extremely tight. Every little part of her has been toned to perfection.

“Hell no! It’s not like I’m not a pervert myself. I’m just so surprised you got caught so easily. You’ve been sneakier than that over the years.” She says. I’m confused by her reply. Has she caught me before and just not said anything?

“What are you talking about?” I say. A wicked smile creeps over Carmen’s face. She reaches out to grab my arm. As her hand gets close it feels like sparks are hitting my arm. Little bolts of electricity hitting me with little pings. It doesn’t hurt but does startle me a bit.

As she touches my arm a cold sensation radiates out from her hand. Carmen lowers her glasses and I see that bright blue eye. As our eyes meet I’m locked onto it. Staring deeply into my sister’s bright blue eye I start to feel relaxed.

The relaxed feeling is like a trance. Soon visions start to play in my head. Visions of past events that as far as I’m aware only I witnessed.

“You remember when you tried to look for mom’s nudes?” Carmen says. Every word she says echoes through my head. Every movement of her lips soothes me. It’s a feeling I’ve never felt before. Like I’m slowly falling into the world’s softest bed. Another flash and the vision changes.

“Remember when you spied on mom and dad having sex? Using my panties to jerk off.” Her words flow so beautifully through my head.

The visions feel so vivid. Like I’m really back in that moment. I can even feel the cold air conditioning hit me. The smells are all the same. This is the most surreal feeling I’ve ever had. I almost don’t want it to stop. Sadly my vision starts to blur. It doesn’t take long for things to go completely dark.

“Luckily for you though, I’m a bit of a pervert myself.” Carmen’s words wrap themselves around my nurdağı escort bayan ear drums. As the last word glides its way through my brain. I fall into a deep and restful sleep.

I wake up a few hours later. It’s completely dark and noticeably cooler. Turning over I’m struck by an immense amount of pain. The whole front half of my body is burnt. I look like a perfectly cooked lobster.

Slowly I get up, while my skin screams at me with every moment. Carmen is long gone, not even a hint that she tried to put sunscreen on me in the hours I’ve been out here.

Fucking Carmen.

3. Charmed

The sunburn lasted for what seemed like a lifetime. Carmen would giggle every time she saw me carefully walking through the house. Even with dedicated treatment, everyday is pain. Every night I lay in bed and struggle to get even an ounce of good sleep.

Carmen doesn’t make the healing process any easier. Her lack of empathy for what she created somehow makes my skin hurt even more. She seems to be talking to me as little as possible. That was until an encounter in the kitchen about a week after the incident.

Getting out of bed I do a dance that has now become familiar. Doing my best to get out of bed and get dressed with as little pain as possible. Every movement is planned well in advance but somehow I still feel the sting of my sunburn.

Slowly walking down the stairs I make my way to the kitchen. Turning the corner I see my sisters standing there in a common outfit. Carmen has an incredible body. No matter how mad at her I get, I’ll never get tired of seeing her tight and refined body.

Carmen has never had an issue showing off. When mom and dad aren’t here she will usually walk around in skimpy little outfits. Sometimes I feel like she’s trying to tease me to death. Today is no exception and it seems she tried to outdo herself.

My sister stands at the kitchen counter in a tight white tank top. The tight material shows off her toned stomach perfectly. Normally Carmen likes to wear a pair of shorts that can barely be considered an article of clothing. But today she wears a purple thong. The whole outfit makes her glow with a sexy energy.

As I enter the kitchen Carmen turns to look at me. A slight grin comes over her face. She approaches me and puts a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me.

“I’m sorry about leaving you out there” she says. Unable to keep from smiling. Satisfied with the pain she has put me through. Carmen has never been great at keeping a straight face.

“You aren’t sorry for leaving me out there. You’re sorry for just how sunburnt I got. Even with that you aren’t really sorry.” I say. I try to fight eating the food in front of me but the call of breakfast betrays me.

“You did steal my panties and cum all over them. Do you think you deserve a high five for that?” Carmen says. She walks back to the stove and starts making her own breakfast. I get a perfect view of her amazing ass. Highlighted by the thong that draws your attention in.

I hate how often she is right. She could have done much worse than just letting me get sunburnt. She could have told mom and dad. I would have been kicked out or even sent away to a facility. She had a lot of power over me in that moment and all she did was let me get literally burnt.

“Well you’re right. I am sorry about that. Just got caught up in the moment I guess.” I reply after a long pause. It’s hard to concentrate with her ass on display.

“Oh! So when you get caught up in the moment you happen to grab your sister’s panties and use them to jerk off?” She says. Even with her facing away from me I know she has a sly grin.

“Well in that instance, that happens to be what happened.” I say. It’s incredibly hard to maintain my composure. Carmen has always known how to put pressure on me. I slowly lose my ability to eat as my nervousness grows.

“So there is no reason you grabbed the panties of the sister who’s ass you are currently fixed on?” She says. My heart nearly stops for a second. Maybe she saw me in the reflection of something? Maybe she turned a bit and saw me checking her out? I don’t know but it is kind of freaky.

“Mike, I touched your arm and was able to have you see visions of the past. Did you think I couldn’t sense you were checking out my ass?” She says. Carmen lets out a little giggle before turning around. She sits down across from me and starts to eat her own breakfast.

It’s hard to come up with what words to even say at this point. There is a legitimate fear that she can read my mind. Not even sure how far her powers go. If I say the wrong thing she might even transform into a bat and suck all my blood out.

“I do feel bad for how burnt you got. If you want, I do have a solution for that.” Carmen says, breaking the slightly awkward silence. Her voice sounds genuine and I have no reason to think this is a trick.

“What would that be?” I ask. Trying my best to not sound too desperate to make this awful escort nurdağı pain go away.

“I have a lotion that I made myself. It will clear that all up within a few minutes. Might even leave you with a slight tan.” She says. I have no reason to think Carmen is lying. Her voice is always a dead giveaway. If she was messing with me, this would be the most convincing instance of that I’ve ever seen.

“That would very much be appreciated. It’s been really hard to sleep with the whole front of my body burnt to a crisp.” I say. Carmen smiles a bit again. Clearly she remembered how “funny” it was to leave me out there.

“Sounds good! I’ll make some more lotion and bring it into your room tonight. I’ll even help spread it.” She says. Carmen gives me a genuine smile which really puts me at ease.

“Just text me when it’s ready and I’ll go lay down.” I say. My sister nods and goes back to her food. We both eat in silence for a while. Carmen and I have always had a kind of a love hate relationship. Which is pretty common for siblings.

We tend to shift rapidly between that love and hate. We can go from a screaming match to laying down together to watch a movie in the span of five minutes. Our interests generally aren’t shared but we can always enjoy a good film together.

“You look like a crab.” Carmen says, smiling wide.

“Shut up Carmen.” I say.

The rest of the day is spent playing video games and trying to find a show to watch. This is pretty common for me on any given day. I somehow have all the time in the world but no time at all. I’ll spend hours looking through movies and shows only to pick one I’ve already seen.

The time passes slowly and my anticipation grows. It’s kind of exciting knowing I’ll be getting a rub down from my sexy sister. I can’t help but think that she is playing with me. Even if she is, I benefit from it. So I guess I can’t complain too much.

Settling into my video games the time starts to pick up again. It’s pretty normal for me to get into a game and not even notice it’s gotten dark. This is absolutely one of those days. As the vibration of my phone is the only thing that stops my session.

Looking around I realize that my once sunlit room has fallen dark. The only light coming from my TV and a few things that are charging. I look at my phone and see that Carmen texted me.

“I’m always ready! You can lay down now.” She says. I reply that I’ll get in bed now. Getting up and laying down I quickly feel just how burnt I am. My leg bumps my bed and shoots pain through my whole body. Goddamn I hate this sunburn so much. I get into bed slowly and start the long wait.

Time seems to stop as I wait for Carmen. My body still tingles as the sheets touch my burnt bits. Every minute seems like an hour. Slowly leaning over I turn my bedside lamp on. As the light brightens the room the door opens.

Carmen walks in with the same outfit as before. My sexy sister walks her way over to me. In her hand is a mason jar with some kind of lotion In it. She sits down on the side of my bed slowly. She looks so sexy lit by my bedside lamp.

“Sorry it took so long. I had a bad batch and needed to start over.” Carmen says. Her voice is oddly sweet and caring. She opens the jar but I reach out to stop her.

“What is it?” I say. My voice trembles a bit. As much as I trust Carmen, the lotion looks very homemade. It’s a slightly off-green color. It makes me uneasy just looking at it.

“It’s a lotion I found in an old book. You don’t have to worry about it. I’ve used it on myself.” Carmen says in a reassuring voice. Her words seem to have an odd calming effect.

“You promise?” I ask.

“I promise! Now just relax and I’ll get this on you.” She says. Doing as I’m told I get back into a more comfortable position. Carmen opens the jar and takes some of the lotion onto her fingers. Gently she starts to rub the lotion on my stomach.

I’m immediately hit with a range of feelings all at once. The cold lotion makes me recoil but the gentle touch of my sister pulls me back in. Her fingers are sending an electric feeling through my body. One thing I don’t fee is the pain from my sunburn.

Carmen starts to work the lotion into my body. The calm that washes over me is incredible. I find myself looking at her and being unable to look away. My eyes follow her body. Admiring every inch of my sexy sister. I’m seemingly lost in a trance.

“Does that feel better?” She asks. Breaking me out of my trance.

“It does! That’s insane, it’s just disappearing.” I say. Carmen works her way to my legs. The feeling of her touching my thigh makes my mind start to race. Trying my best to not get hard I try to ignore the wonderful feeling.

“Does that feel good?” Carmen asks with a sly grin. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

“Uhhh yeah, it does.” I say. Trying to hide the explosions going off in my brain. Carmen works her fingers into my inner thigh. I don’t think I even have a burn there, but I don’t care.

“Would you like for me to take my top off?” Carmen says. Her grin now permanently plastered on her face.

“Do you want to see your sister’s tits?” She asks.

“Yes! I mean…no! Well…no!” I say. My face turns bright red. Immediately an intense nervousness washes its way over me. Made worse by Carmen’s mocking laugh as she stops rubbing me down.

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