Maid Takes Over Ch. 02

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The story contains lesbian humiliation and scenes on non-consensual / reluctance acts. Please comment whether you like it or not as that is the only way I can know.


I woke up feeling the wetness on my navel to find out Tabassum was licking my navel again.

Finding me awake she said “Deba I think you should wish your mistress in the morning after waking up. Don’t you think so?”

“Good morning mistress”, I said almost immediately.”

“Now that’s a good slave. I hope you remember the clothes you have to wear from today. It’s about time you start showing off that beautiful skin you have.”

I immediately recalled that from today onwards I had to wear nothing but her bra and panties that she was wearing the previous day.

With hesitation and a trembled voice I replied “yes mistress I remember.”

“That’s a good girl”, she said with a big smile on her face. She was living out her own fantasy at my expense.

“There’s another new rule Deba. Remember when you were crawling for me with me sitting on your back? That’s just what you have to do from now on.”

“I don’t understand mistress. What do you mean I have to do it from now on?”

“Being my slave it is your duty to take me from one room to another. I have decided I am not going to walk whenever I want to change rooms. You are going to carry me on your back, crawling on the ground. I hope I have made myself clear.”

“Yes mistress Tabassum, as your slave I will do anything you tell me”, I replied and saw she was taking pleasure in tormenting me.

“Take me to the washroom Deba; I want to take a shower.”

I got down on my hands and knees and with her sitting on my back I crawled all the way to the washroom. She got down and before going into the washroom she caressed my cheek with the palm of her hand like she was petting a dog and said “I want my breakfast ready in my room once I come out after taking my shower.”

I nodded and went to the kitchen and started preparing the breakfast for my mistress. I heard her come out and took the breakfast to the room. She was dressed in one of my grey spandex shorts with only a pink sports bra up top.

“What a beautiful body she has”, I thought to myself.

I kept the breakfast on the bed and dropped down to my hands and knees so that she could sit on me as I had to carry her from the door of the washroom to the bed. After getting on the bed she handed me her bra and panty that she was wearing the previous day.

The panty was very damp and smelling of her sweat and the thought of being forced to wear it was disgusting but turning me on.

“Wear them after you take your bath and do not wear anything else Deba. As a slave that’s all you get to wear.”

“Yes mistress”, was all I could say.

I could not take my eyes off her body. All my clothes were better suited to her than me.

“Why are you staring at me like that Deba?”

“I’m sorry mistress. It’s just that, your body is so beautiful. My clothes look better on you than they did on me.”

“Thank you my slave but remember they are no longer your clothes, they are mine. You already know what your clothes are now.”

“Yes mistress” and I serve her the breakfast.

“Would you like to watch TV mistress Tabassum?”

“Yes I would love to Deba. Go switch on the TV and while I eat my breakfast will you be a dear and massage my feet sweetie? I love the feel of your hands on my feet.”

I start massage her feet while she is changing channels when she finds a channel showing women wrestling.

“This brings back memories from the pool wrestling match we had. Doesn’t it Deba? I made you crawl for me with me on your back as a part of the bet after you lost.”

“It surely brings back memories mistress.”

“Deba go take your bath, I want to see how you look in my bra and panty.”

“I’ll be on my way.”

“Wait a second. Before you go how about another wrestling match?”

“I don’t think this is the right time.”

“Nonsense, that’s an order Deba. Know your place slave. We are going to have another wrestling match right here right now.”

I thought to myself that it’s time to be humiliated again. There was nothing that I can do except follow her orders.

“Ok mistress shall we get started then?”

“Yes”, she replied with a smile on her face.

Last time when we had this wrestling match I realized that physically she is stronger than me. I have to avoid getting into her submission holds or else it is all over. We both took our position on our respective side of the bed.

“Alright, bring it, bitch.” Tabassum motioned me forward.

I approached her s lowly. At first both of us were cautious, feeling each other out. It was clear that Tabassum was a stronger than me, but I thought I was quicker than her.

After a few minutes of rolling around, I got Tabassum in a headlock.

“C’mon, Debashrita, you got her now!” I yelled encouragingly. But Tabassum proved to be too strong, she grunted and managed to slip out of the headlock.

Unfortunately Çankaya Escort for me, as she was freeing herself from the headlock, Tabassum also managed to wrap her long legs around my waist. I was flat on my back now and Tabassum had me in a textbook body scissors. Suddenly her thighs came to life and she started to squeeze.

I had a look of pain on my face, but also one of surprise, like I couldn’t believe the power this girl had. The submission came almost instantly.

“Stop” I cried out. Tabassum released me, and my I lay on my back, coughing a little.

Tabassum sauntered over with a condescending smile on her face, “Wanna go another round, tough girl? Unless, of course, you’re scared?”

I was not the type of person to back down from a challenge, “You got lucky that time, let’s go again.”

I wanted another chance; I knew I could take her. But I did feel just a touch uncertain as my gaze fell upon Tabassum’s powerful thighs that had squeezed out the first submission.

“Alright, let’s go another round, but there’s gotta be a penalty for your loss Deba, so lose the shirt, honey. This is gonna be strip wrestling.”

I didn’t even know what to make of Tabassum’s last statement, “What are you talking about? That’s crazy, I’m not gonna take my top off.”

But practically before I could even finish my sentence, the girl was on me, wrestling me to the ground. We rolled around for about a minute, and then sure enough, Tabassum slowly worked my top off over my head, she shouted triumphantly as she tossed the pink top aside, revealing my nice breasts now contained only by a bra, “Cute tits, Deba.”

I at first tried to cover up my chest, but I quickly realized I had more serious concerns as Tabassum’s menacing thighs were threatening to encircle my waist once more.

I rolled to the side and managed to escape just in time, my quickness saving me from another certain submission. It continued like that for a few minutes, Tabassum on the verge of getting me in a hold, and me using my advantage in quickness to escape.

At one point, it looked like I might even pin her.

I got on top of her, sitting astride her chest and tried to force Tabassum’s arms down with my own thighs in a class schoolgirl pin.

But, alas, it was not to be for me. Tabassum gave an animal-like growl and bridged her body, using her superior to strength to basically throw me off her. There was a startled look on my face as I realized that my determination simply might not be a match for the power of my mistress.

After nearly being pinned, Tabassum wrestled with a new found aggressiveness. She was simply all over me, and in spite of my efforts to fend her off, in about a minute, Tabassum had wrapped her massive legs around my stomach once again. Just as in the first round, the submission came very quickly once Tabassum started squeezing, “Stop.”

“Do you give up?” Tabassum powered down on the hold.

“Yes.” The response was immediate.

“Say it then!”

“Mistress Tabassum, stop, I give up.”

“Say please.”

The internal struggle on my face was clearly visible. I didn’t like being teased by this girl, and I obviously didn’t care for the implied humiliation of having to submit to Tabassum’s request, but at the same time, I was in considerable pain from Tabassum’s body scissors. Eventually self-preservation won out, “Alright, please, mistress, let me go, it hurts.”

“I know it hurts silly, that’s the point.” Tabassum teased as she playfully slapped my cheek to reinforce her dominance. “Now say ‘pretty please’.

There was a tear forming in my eye. “Pretty please!” it was obvious she I wanted to get out of this hold as soon as possible.

“With sugar on top?”

“Pretty please with sugar on top! God, mistress, let me go, I give up already” I was desperate. I had never seen her so helpless and frustrated.

“Oh ok, since you asked so nicely.” Tabassum eased up on her scissors and I gasped for air.

“But I’m gonna take your forfeit for this round while I have you down here, because I don’t believe that you’ll be a good girl and take it off if I let you up first.” Tabassum maneuvered me into a position where she could reach my bra, and went about removing it.

I squirmed and yelled out in protest, “Stop it”, but Tabassum just ignored me and soon enough the bra was off. I didn’t have the world’s biggest breasts, but they were firm and nicely shaped. Once Tabassum had the bra off, she tossed it aside and separated herself from me.

I stood up and bent over at the waist trying to cover my chest. As I stood there, bent over and sucking wind, Tabassum taunted me, “C’mon, I thought you would be more of a challenge but you just submit like a little girl whenever I ask you to.”

I didn’t respond. I was humiliated at how the last round had ended with me practically begging to be released from Tabassum’s scissors.

“I just need one more chance; I don’t care if I’m topless. I’m gonna be the one stripping Keçiören Escort mistress Tabassum when this next round is over.”

I was focused now as I bent down in a crouch and rocked back and forth on the balls of my feet.

“Ooh, such feistiness for such a little girl that I’ve already beaten twice and stripped half naked. I like your spirit though; it’s going to be fun humiliating you my slave.” Tabassum looked serious as she advanced towards me.

We locked up and Tabassum’s superior strength was evident immediately as she forced me down onto my knees. I was straining with all my might to fend off my mistress, but I just plain wasn’t strong enough.

Tabassum forced me onto my back and, for the third time, tried to lock in her deadly body scissors hold. I did manage to escape, just barely, but I was still flat on my back and Tabassum was able to catch me in a cross body pin, her massive form stretched across my shoulders as I kicked helplessly.

Both of us were breathing hard at this point, and although it looked like Tabassum could have kept me pinned all day, it was clear she had something else in mind.

She rotated her upper body down towards my stomach and reached out with her legs, trying to catch my head is a reverse scissors. I saw the danger though, and desperately threw one arm up to try and block the move.

It wasn’t enough though, and Tabassum was able, after a few tries, to snake her leg around the arm and wrap her mighty legs around my head.

“Shit!” I screamed, as soon as I realized what had happened.

Tabassum reached back and grabbed my head by my hair, yanking it high up in her powerful thighs. It was just a formality at this point as Tabassum tensed her mighty thighs and hamstrings; I could see the muscles in her butt tighten as she exerted serious pressure on my head.

My submission was instantaneous, “Stop! I give up.”

This time Tabassum released me immediately, and my head flopped back down to the ground, my face bright red even after only being squeezed in the head scissors for such a short period of time.

But although Tabassum released her hold when I submitted this time, she was far from through. After unclamping her legs, she got up on her knees, still straddling my body, then proceeded to sit down on my face.

My head was just buried beneath the spandex shorts of my beautiful mistress. At this indignity, I started furiously flopping my legs around, trying to bridge out of the bigger girl’s humiliating face sit.

My hands tried to push Tabassum’s butt off of my face, but to no avail. Earlier in the match, I probably would have been able to escape a move like this, but tussling with the girl and absorbing those mighty scissor holds had clearly taken its toll. I was spent.

“Another submission means another piece of clothing forfeited. I think those shorts are coming off, honey.” Still sitting on my face, facing my feet, Tabassum proceeded to unbutton my white shorts.

I just lay there not resisting, totally out of it. Tabassum scooted down my body off my face so that she was basically sitting on my tits. I started gasping for air, my face was bright red and I was clearly quite out of it as Tabassum worked my shorts off my legs.

Now, I lay flat on her back underneath this younger, stronger girl, and to top it off, I was clad only in a pair of pink cotton panties. Tabassum turned around so that she was now straddling my body facing my head as she sat high up on my chest, her massive thighs framing my face, and began the taunting.

“Well, well, seems like you aren’t so tough after all. You white bitches were born to be enslaved by black girls like. Debashrita slave of Tabassum that is your identity now.” Tabassum moved up so that her crotch was on my neck. My head was bent back at a painful angle as I stared up fearfully at my conqueror.

I had been degraded enough by this young bitchy black maid of mine.

I was still going nowhere, trapped underneath Tabassum’s body. “Get off me or I’ll . . . I’ll” I yelled. But Tabassum just laughed. “Or what? You’ll cry? You’ll beg? Don’t worry, bitch, there will be plenty of time for that later. I want to see you helplessly cry and beg in front of me”

Tabassum reached back and pinched my nipples, “I’ll get off you when I feel like it, girl, and not a second sooner, do you understand?” she said twisting my nipples painfully.

Reality set in for me at this point. I was flat on my back, having been stripped down to my panties, desperately struggling just to get air while trapped under the butt of a stronger, more dominant girl.

In a humbled voice I said “Ok, I understand. You’ve proven your point. You’ve totally humiliated me; now please let me up mistress Tabassum.”

“I don’t think so, sweetie. Our little match won’t be over until you’re totally naked. And you’re gonna be the one who takes off your own underwear, I think I’ve pampered you enough by kindly removing all your other clothes for you so far.”

“Never” Etimesgut Escort I tried to sound confident, but my voice quivered in fear.

Tabassum just smiled, “We’ll see about that.”

Then she scooted forward and planted her spandex clad crotch directly on my face. I bucked and squirmed, but had no chance of dislodging her.

Tabassum looked over at me and took her time adjusting her hair and putting it back up in a ponytail. Then she flexed her arms to emphasize her dominance. Just looking at her flexed biceps, her heaving chest with its massive breasts, and powerful legs, it was easy to see how Tabassum had handled me with such little difficulty.

Finally I gave up my struggles and lay passively under the black girl. I tried to turn my head to the side a few times, but each time, Tabassum grabbed me by the hair and forced it back directly into her crotch. After the third such failed attempt, it was obvious I had had enough. I didn’t attempt to move my head, but I started screaming my submission into Tabassum’s shorts.

“Are you trying to say something, little one?” Tabassum teased as she rose up just enough so that I could be heard.

“Please, I submit! Tabassum please let me go! You win, just get off my face.”

“What did you call me bitch? You will address me as Mistress Tabassum, did you forget that. I have been way too easy on you but now it’s time to teach you the art of obedience and humility.”

Tabassum’s tone was stern and her voice had an edge to it. “Now submit to me properly and perhaps I will get off your ugly little face.”

I was beyond humiliated at this point; my will had been broken by the looming threat of Tabassum’s sweaty crotch hovering directly above my face. I stammered in a halting voice, “Pretty please, Mi-Mistress Tabassum, I submit. Please Mistress, I give up.”

“Hmm,” Tabassum appeared to be considering, “Not bad, but your begging still needs work. Well, are you ready to remove your underwear yet? I told you that needs to happen before this match will be over.”

Whatever pride I still had left must have risen up in me at that moment, because I gave a muffled cry from Tabassum’s crotch, “No way!”, “Please don’t make me do that, Mistress!”

“My, aren’t you a stubborn one. Oh well, more fun for me.” chirped Tabassum.

Then she sat down hard on my face and started gyrating her hips, really mashing my face into her crotch. This was by far the most humiliating point in the match so far, as I had long since given up resisting, my panty-clad legs were splayed out awkwardly, and my face resting directly underneath Tabassum’s vagina.

Tabassum’s breathing became heavy and her hands started massaging her huge breasts, it became clear what exactly she was using my face for. But then she seemed to realize where she was, “We’ll save that for another time, honey.” she purred as she looked down at me.

Then she extended her legs and transformed the humbling face sit into a crushing front head scissors. My hands instinctively went up to my tormentor’s thighs as if to try to pry them apart, but it was obvious that that was not going to be a fruitful endeavor.

Tabassum grabbed my hands and started rubbing them over her thighs, “You think you’d realize by now that it’s not a good idea to get yourself stuck between these babies.” she teased.

Suddenly Tabassum’s tone became deathly serious, “Pull down your panties, little girl. Now!” she growled and she clamped down on her head scissors with massive force.

I could tell that Tabassum was exerting serious pressure because her face was twisted in concentration and her leg muscles were fully flexed. My face was literally buried in the crotch of Tabassum’s spandex shorts.

“Stop it!” I shouted, “Haven’t you humiliated me enough already?” I was near to tears myself at this point.

Tabassum just looked over at me and laughed, “I’ll decide when your ordeal is over, and it certainly won’t be until after those cute little panties come off.”

At this point all the fight was gone from me and it was completely obvious who the winner was. Tabassum could have easily stripped me herself if she’d wanted to, but she knew that forcing me to remove my own underwear would just be that much more humiliating.

Suddenly Tabassum’s massive legs flexed again and I yelled out in pain into my tormentor’s crotch, “ok, ok, whatever you say! please!”.

My arms shot down to my sides and I curled my legs up so that I could reach my underwear. With my head still deep in Tabassum’s crotch, I struggled a little but eventually was able to pull my pink panties down and kick them off.

“Good little girl,” Tabassum said, as she patted me on the head as if I was a well behaved dog, “See, I knew you could be trained to be obedient. It just took a little convincing from these babies” she ran her hands down her glorious thighs and squeezed once more.

I again yelled out in pain and started more pitiful begging into Tabassum’s spandex shorts. My totally nude legs helplessly kicked about, finally stopping only when Tabassum eased up on the pressure.

Tabassum finally released her torturous head scissor that had crushed any last resistance out of me and easily flipped me onto my back. My face was bright red, presumably from both the power of Tabassum’s legs and the shame of being humiliated and forced to remove my own panties.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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