Maw Play with a Macro

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

Please note that all characters are clearly over eighteen and written as such in all stories.

* * * * *

The macro dragon smirked, dangling the tiny weakling of a micro over his open maw. His tongue flickered out, the feral-type dragon walking, normally, on all fours, though his forepaws were flexible and dextrous, as much so as any hands. His scales rang through with shades of orange and crimson, rich and lustrous, but the micro in his paw was hardly against what was happening to him, the dripping lure of that huge, wet maw a delight.

Wren giggled and squirmed, hugging his forepaws to his chest as if he was terrified, but it was hard for a micro anthro dragon like him to be scared at all in the face of such devious delight. He wriggled and chirped, long tail flicking back and forth, but all was as he wanted it to be, dangling over Bradley’s maw as if his lover was going to drop him right in there at any moment.

“Oh no…” He squealed, laughing all the while. “Don’t eat me…”

But he wanted it, so very much so, Bradley lashing him with a wet slurp of tongue, wrapping it around him, dragging it over the naked scales of his body. Where Bradley was muscled and powerful, Wren was light and weak, his body skinny and scrawny, no horns to speak ığdır seks hikayeleri of and clad in white scales that appeared, under most lights, a grey shade. But no one was there to win a beauty contest as, finally, blissfully, so, he was dropped into Bradley’s maw, the dragon moaning around him as he slurped him up inside the deep, dark cavern of a mouth that was entirely for him.

Wren moaned and moaned, squirming but not really getting anywhere as he rolled about the larger dragon’s maw. Oh, there was no better place for him to be, truly, than in there, encased in wetness, a cage of sharp teeth jutting up to keep him where he was supposed to be. It was not a prison that he minded being in at all, his body slick with saliva, lusciously coated in it, though he could not deny just how hard and ready his cock was.

Small, so small. Wren was never meant to be a large, dominant dragon at all. He wouldn’t have liked it, much rather pinning himself face-down on that tongue, the slick, wriggling length. Bradley lapped over him, tongue winding around, slurping down the length of his body, rubbing his cock — though every tiny little motion that he made seemed to tease and grind against his length, letting him know how small and helpless he was.

Oh, that was why he had Bradley. And that was just why Bradley would always look after him, smirking open-mouthed, sitting back in a chair with his head tipped back, held high. He grunted around the care and cradling of the smaller drake in his mouth, lapping and teasing, licking him as if he was a treat, though such a treat, if so, was one that had to be savoured, again and again. The dragon was sweet, though not in a sickly sort of way, his body coming with a taste that could only be truly appreciated when he was held in Bradley’s maw for an extended period of time.

Bradley didn’t have to let Wren go, not for as long as he still took pleasure from him. And the two lovers came together perfectly, despite the difference in their sizes, one as good as a giant while the other presented as small as a mouth.

The dripping teeth, the points of them. Wren could not help but lovingly caress them, the slickness, running his fingers down to the points, though he was careful too not to put himself in a difficult position. He couldn’t hurt himself, no, not even in the pursuit of lust, his cock drooling, pre-cum mixing with liberal doses of saliva. Through it all was the dark pit at the back of his partner’s throat, the gulping, swallowing depths, yearning to go down there, knowing he would be safe…but not quite daring to yet.

Maybe one day he would be so bold as to disappear down his lover’s throat. Not that day, however. He was more than content to stay right where he was, tangled in the sloppy, wet delight of a dragon’s maw, turned around that tongue as he was lapped and lapped, unable to even cling securely to Bradley’s tongue when he was so small.

Ah, but Bradley rumbled around him, clearly experiencing his own pleasure from their interaction too, as much as Wren wanted to be the first one to cum. It was a pact between them, that the one who climaxed last had to buy dinner — making some interesting times between them. All in good fun, of course, always in good fun, gasping as his partner trembled, orgasm rippling through Bradley.

Bradley grunted, pumping his dick, spending a load of cum over his crotch, dripping down the hard length of his cock, but he still had to focus on the micro in his maw, how small and fragile his body was even as he rolled and turned. He had to hold back, only to take due care, but that was more than a sacrifice than Bradley was willing to take, looking after his partner at any and all costs.

But he could not stop his orgasm any more than Wren could, the little dragon caught up in passion, thrusting and grinding, humping until pleasure overcame him too. His little cock jerked and bobbed, twitching with the pulse of pleasure from his body, ropes of tiny, slick seed painting his lover’s tongue. It was lost in saliva as soon as it was spent, pouring forth as if it had never been to begin with. Not that his climax was important, even as he shuddered in ecstasy, body twisting, contorting, clinging with all his might to the slippery length of tongue as if it was the only thing rooting him in place.

Yet things had to taper off, sprawling across Bradley’s mouth as he groaned, panting heavily, taking in shared breath from his lover with each gasp. He would not be able to rest there, not for much longer, but there was a carefully warm bath with his lover waiting for him, the aftermath to shared sexual delight that only brought them closer together, day by day. One thing, however, Wren knew for certain.

Being inside the maw of his lover was the only place he would ever want to be.

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