Megan , Jennifer

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Megan and Jennifer had met on the first day of school, and had instantly become friends. They were both in their mid 20’s and were going to a Technical school to learn computers.

On the first day of school Megan had come to her class for Information Technology. She had been afraid she would find all the other students were straight out of high school and they would think she was old.

Megan was only 25, but since she’d already been married, had three kids, and then divorced, probably the only thing the other students would talk to her about was if she could buy them beer. Megan hadn’t let herself go, but after three children and three c-sections you had to expect some bodily damage, no six pack of muscle for her.

After looking at the scores of other students Megan just wanted to melt into the floor. She spied an empty workstation to the back of the classroom; she made her way in the room and just pointed herself toward that empty chair.

As she walked into the room she could feel the other students eyes on her. She overheard some students talking as she passed them they were whispering, but not low enough.

“Is that the teacher?”

“Naw, she’s too young to be the teacher, probably a teacher’s assistant”

“Wait a minute, look at her, she’s no assistant she’s a freaking student!”

“Oh, my gosh you’re right, a little late in life to be starting over, don’t ya think?”

This last statement elicits laughter from the other students around her; all Megan can think about is getting to that empty seat. Just then her foot hits something on the floor, and Megan goes sprawling on the floor, her book bag emptied on to the floor.

Megan’s fall sent the entire classroom into hysterics, she was about ready to just leave all her crap on the floor and go running out the door. Just then a delicate hand touched her shoulder.

“Let me help you”

Megan turned her head up from the floor and saw a young woman standing over her. The young woman was beautiful in a tough sort of way. She had short cropped black hair with tips frosted blonde.

She was muscular but not so much as to distract from her good looks, just well toned arms and she probably did have a six-pack, though her tank top covered that. Megan pushed herself up off the floor, and the young woman squatted down beside her, and they both began picking up Megan’s crap off the floor.

Megan got up and muttered a thank you, and proceeded to the empty chair. The young woman followed behind Megan giving dirty looks to the other students that had laughed, they all looked downward intently focused on their desks.

Megan made it to the empty seat, and the young woman followed and took the seat next to Megan.

“Don’t fret over those idiots, they’re all still thinking they’re in high school, they got no idea what the real world is like, boy are they in for a surprise!”

Megan looked up and got a better look at her. She still thought she was beautiful, but not someone you’d want get on the wrong side of, you could see in her dark blue eyes years that were beyond her chronological years. Judging from her face she couldn’t have been much older than Megan, though she’d probably lived a fuller life or just a harder one.

“I’ve had three months to worry about this class, I guess I just worked myself into a nervous wreck.” Said Megan.

“Don’t worry about it, those students will probably end up trying to become our best friends once they realize we could get them beer. By the way my name is Jennifer.” Said Jennifer.

“Oh, my name is Megan.” Said Megan.

Jennifer wasn’t wearing makeup except for dark red lipstick; she had a piercing in her right eyebrow, and a choker necklace with a picture in the middle of a little boy. She had on a tank top that covered her full breasts, and she had on a pair of long baggy shorts, and high top sneakers, she was also wearing various bracelets on her arms, and had a tattoo of skull with a rose coming out of it on her upper left arm.

Megan had squeezed herself into a pair of black Rockies and some Justin lace up boots, she also was wearing a green tank top with a short-sleeved button up brown over shirt buttoned only half way. Megan had straightened her usually very curly light brown hair, it hung to about her shoulders, and she was wearing a brown headband in it.

“I noticed you looked at my necklace, that’s a picture of my boy Joey.” Said Jennifer.

Megan fingered her own necklace, which hung three small baby rings.

“These are the rings for my three children,” said Megan.

They talked a bit more about their kids, and soon the professor walked in and started class. Megan and Jennifer talked back and forth in class everyday, when they weren’t attempting to learn something. They ended up exchanged life stories.

Basically they each learned that Jennifer had gotten out of an abusive relationship, which had made her tough. But, she was in a custody battle with her parents for her son. Megan just made all the wrong mistakes bursa anal yapan escort with the wrong man and was working to get herself and her kids back on their feet.

Megan and Jennifer became good friends helping each other out in school, but soon, they started spending time together outside of school. When Jennifer found out Megan was just spending every other weekend sitting at home waiting for her children to return from their visit with their father, she got her out of the apartment.

Every other weekend and anytime they had free time from work or school they had a long-standing date to at least go out and do something. Jennifer dragged Megan to dance clubs, and they would dance all night, sometimes with guys, and sometimes with each other, but that was all completely innocent. They regaled each other with tales of their bad past relationship mistakes and enjoyed bashing the peckerheads of their pasts.

Megan had made a friend, he was basically her boyfriend, but she just kept telling Jennifer that William was just her friend that she fucked every now and then.

Jennifer on the other hand, didn’t have any relationships, friend’s that fucked or otherwise, to tell Megan about. Jennifer had been bisexual for a while now, and in the recent year or so, she’d been leaning more toward women.

She didn’t tell Megan this she didn’t know how she’d react and she didn’t want to lose her for a friend. Jennifer would just tell Megan, when she’d ask why she wasn’t with someone, that she was just taking a break from men for a while, which wasn’t necessarily a lie.

Jennifer had developed a crush one Megan, but she wouldn’t tell her. She fanaticized about kissing Megan, and how it would feel if Megan kissed her, but she never tried, she didn’t want to chance their friendship.

Megan expressed to Jennifer that she wanted to start an exercise routine, and so Jennifer invited her as a guest to her health club. They would work out together, and Jennifer would show her all the right exercises to do, so Megan could have abs like Jennifer.

“Well, I’m doing all the exercises to have abs like yours, but what exercises do I do to get boobs like yours,” teased Megan.

“I don’t think they’ve invented an exercise for bigger boobs. Besides your boobs are fine, you don’t need any bigger.” Said Jennifer.

“Yeah, right,” smiled Megan, “The men in this health club, practically break their necks to get a good look at your d cups, and they don’t even glance at my boobs that don’t even properly fill out a c cup, I’m like a b and a half.”

“Well, as men say it ain’t the size that matters it’s how they are used. Besides you got more going for you than just your boobs, how about your long legs, I’ve seen plenty of guys check out your legs. And then there’s your lips, you’ve got full lips maybe not as big as Angelina Jolie or Liv Taylor, but pretty good, bet there’s a few guys that would imagine kissing you or imagine your lips wrapped around their cocks.” Said Jennifer, maybe expressing too much.

Megan blushed at her compliments.

“Well, maybe you’re right. Anyways, show me that exercise again.” Stammered Megan.

Bigger boobs aside, within a period of time of working out with Jennifer, Megan’s body began to get harder. Megan would never be as defined as Jennifer, but there was some definition starting in her muscles. The two girls enjoyed their times together, whether at school, working out, or just hanging out in general.

Jennifer would keep her fantasies to her self, though it was very hard sometimes. There were times when Jennifer just wanted to walk up and just kiss Megan long and hard. Other times Jennifer was afraid that Megan might notice that she was becoming horny sometimes in her presence. Mostly it was in the locker room at the gym, when Jennifer almost could hardly contain herself.

Megan was really shy, but once she got to know someone, she just stopped being shy with him or her and just didn’t give a shit. In the locker room at the gym club they had lockers right next to each other, and the minute Megan got to her locker she would begin stripping, so she could jump in the shower.

Jennifer tried to keep her eyes to herself, but once she couldn’t and she had looked at Megan all naked and standing there. Megan had been right, her boobs weren’t quite as big as Jennifer’s, but that wasn’t a big deal what Jennifer liked was her long legs. Megan was about 5’8” and it was all in her legs, since working out her legs had gotten slender and muscular.

Megan wouldn’t lie out in the sun and get tan like Jennifer did, so her long legs looked like a creamy peach color, which Jennifer loved. Also, Jennifer couldn’t help but notice that Megan had her pussy hair mostly shaved, with just a little bit left at the bottom.

“Why do you shave your hair?” asked Jennifer.

“Shave my hair, I’d never shave off my hair.” Said Megan.

“Not the hair on your head, down there.” Explained Jennifer.

“Oh karacabey escort that.” Said Megan, looking down at her own crotch. “I didn’t on a whim one day, a friend of mine explained how she always shaved her hair there, and I figured I might try it. But, I should tell you the contortions involved are very interesting.”

“I won’t shave my hair, maybe a trim, but it itches too much to shave it.” Said Jennifer.

“After a while it goes away. Let me see what yours looks like.” Said Megan.

Jennifer pulled her panties downward and reveled to Megan her small patch of nicely trimmed dark black pubic hair. Jennifer hoped that Megan wouldn’t see the fact that she had soaked her panties.

“Well, you don’t have a lot of hair down there to begin with, you don’t need to shave it. It looks nice.” Said Megan.

At that moment Jennifer wanted to walk up to Megan and kiss her, and just rub her hand over Megan’s shaved pussy. Jennifer thought Megan would look radiant when she was cumming. In the end Jennifer held herself back, and muttered out a “thank you” to Megan. Megan wrapped herself up in a towel and walked to the showers.

Megan had gotten herself a little bit horny watching Jennifer pull her panties down to show her thatch of pubic hair. She would never admit it to herself, she just told herself the building wetness was because she had been thinking about William earlier.

Megan had never been with a woman, she had thought about it, but quickly dismissed those thoughts. She was walking to the showers, and her mind started thinking about Jennifer, and the more she tried to shut it off, the more her mind kept insisting.

Megan walked to the showers and turned the water on real hot, probably should have taken a cold shower given her current horniness. Megan threw off her towel and stepped in to the shower.

Her mind brought up Jennifer, how she looked standing in her bra and panties, her ample tits showing up out of the top of her bra, and beneath the thin fabric of her bra she could see her hard nipples. These new thoughts brought a renewed wetness to her pussy, and suddenly all Megan wanted to do was rub herself.

Megan thought no, you are not going to masturbate thinking about a girl, you like men. Okay, we’ll think about William here.

Megan started to rub her tits, and they instantly got hard, she lightly caressed each nipple with the tips of her fingers. She tried to think about William, his body, his touch, the way it felt when his cock entered the core of her. She desperately tried to cling to these thoughts as she eased her hand down across her soapy body and down to her pussy; she pushed her finger up inside herself, and began to push it in and out.

Suddenly her mind brought up Jennifer, she thought of the way when they greeted each other how they would hug, and their tits would be pressed together.

Megan tried to dismiss these thoughts once more, and focus on William. She couldn’t even as her finger was moving out of herself and up a straight line to her clit. She decided fuck it.

Megan lay against the wall of the shower, the water still spraying her, her legs splayed out, one hand rubbing her clit and the other hand rubbing her nipples.

She thought about Jennifer and her thatch of hair, she wonders if her finger would feel the same if she was rubbing Jennifer’s clit, as it does when she rubs her own.

Megan’s rubs got more vigorous on her nipples and on her clit.

She thought about kissing Jennifer, their lips touching, exploring her mouth with her tongue, would it be different than kissing a guy, would it be better, softer. Megan thought about Jennifer’s delicate hands, though she looked tough her hands gave away the true side of her, she thought about those delicate hands rubbing her body, and exploring her crevices.

Megan thought of Jennifer’s ample breasts, barely contained in her thin white sports bra, she wondered how those tits would look without the bra. She thought about kissing Jennifer’s tits, and taking each nipple in her mouth and sucking on it, but not like a guy would suck it, lightly with little flicks of her tongue given on each nipple.

At this last thought, Megan lost it, her body started to shake and quiver, her mind brought up all kinds of images of Jennifer, like mind photos. Megan kept cumming, her finger trying to stay rubbing her clit, while her body was spasming, all of her juices shooting out of her hole with each spasm and running down her leg to be washed away by the shower.

She thought of things she would do to Jennifer, and things Jennifer would do to her, how would it feel if Jennifer ate her out.

Her body went into another torrent of spasms.

She wondered about eating Jennifer out, could she actually do it, sure just do the way she actually wanted the guys that she’d been with to do to her, but never had the guts to say so. She thought about watching Jennifer cum and how she would look with her body locked in spasms, mudanya escort as she herself was right now.

At this, her body went through one last large torrent of spasms, and one last squirt of juices out of her, and then her body was just out of orgasms for the moment.

Megan stayed there against the wall for a moment, trying to catch her breath. Her mind was reeling, had she just had an orgasm thinking about Jennifer, she didn’t know or understand what this meant.

Megan just decided to dismiss the whole thing, and tell her mind that she actually been picturing William, instead of Jennifer. Mind made up, she pushed herself off of the wall, and began her showering process once more.

Jennifer had found herself in a state, after Megan went off to the shower. Megan was always running around naked in front of her, when they were at the gym or getting ready to go out on the town.

Once when Jennifer said something about her running around naked like that saying that she thought Megan was supposed to be shy. Megan would just grin and say something along the lines of, we’re just girls here, I don’t see any guys around, so we don’t need to be discreet. Of course Megan didn’t know how her running around like that effected Jennifer.

Jennifer decided against a shower, she hadn’t exerted much this gym visit, mostly she had just instructed Megan on different exercises and watched her as she did them. Jennifer quickly dressed in her street clothes.

Jennifer walked by the showers, she had a strong urge to just strip naked and climb in the shower with Megan, but she stomped that thought quickly

“Megan, I’m leaving. I’ll see you tonight after the ex picks up your kids. Remember we are going to go to that new club in Brookside tonight!” yells Jennifer indirectly at the shower stalls.

“Okay,” says Megan coming from the stall in the middle. “I remember. You’re going to have to help me pick out something to wear!”

“Okay, bye,” said Jennifer.

“Bye,” said Megan.

Jennifer quickly left the gym, and was out to her car within minutes. She had gotten horny at the gym, watching Megan work out clad only in her short shorts and a tank top.

Since, Jennifer had been helping Megan work out, her body was starting to get harder, and so Megan had started wearing more provocative clothing. She would go out in short skirts, and shorts, instead of those dang Rockies all the time, showing off her long newly toned legs, this would drive Jennifer crazy, she loved Megan’s long legs.

One day Megan had decided she wanted to get a few tattoos, so just like that she went and did it, suprising the hell out of Jennifer. Megan had a tattoo of Celtic Knotwork on my backside just above her butt. She had another knotwork around her belly button and another of a sword with a rose winding around it on her boob.

Jennifer figured Megan thought the tats would make her tougher, but Jennifer loved Megan’s tattoos, it just added to her sexuality.

When she viewed one of the tattoos, either because she was running around naked or just a moments view when she bent down or raised her arms above her head, it just turned Jennifer on big time. She thought of those tattoos, as she was driving, and how she would like to kiss up and down Megan’s body, but paying special attention to each of those tattoos. Jennifer arrived home just in time; she was about to start playing with herself in the car.

Jennifer quickly parked and got out of her car, she ran up the stairs to her apartment. Probably looked like she was racing home for an important call, well there was a call, but not on the phone, this was call of extreme horniness.

She unlocked her door, and rushed inside, didn’t even check her mail, just started throwing off her clothes. Fully naked she walked through her apartment to her bedroom, while walking she was rubbing her tit. She reached her bedroom, once there she went to the dresser and out of the top drawer she got her vibrator.

She walked over to the bed, still rubbing her tit, back and forth in her hand. She lay down on the bed legs spread open. She turned on the vibrator, and touched the tip of it, to the tip of her each of her nipples.

She lay there and imagined what it would be like to use her vibrator on Megan. She’d run the vibrator all the way down Megan’s body, leaving it a bit longer at each tit, and then running it down her stomach, she would reach her pussy and lightly touch it to the outside of her lower lips, making lazy circles just before pushing in between.

At this thought Jennifer’s own vibrator found it’s way inside of her, she pushed it deep inside and then brought it back out. Her own wetness clung to the vibrator lubing it, as she ran it up the length of her pussy, until it found the sweet spot of her clit.

Her lower lips encircled the vibrator, and she didn’t move the vibrator anymore, instead it stayed still while she moved her hips up and down, pressing the vibrator into the center of her pussy, her clit rubbing up and down on it with the movements of her hips.

She imagined Megan’s long legs wrapped around her, kissing her full lips, and their breasts rubbing together, making all four nipples hard. She then imagined pushing Megan off of her, and diving into her pussy, licking her with an expertise that only another woman could have.

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