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We have been together, for a while now. Living in that wonderful level of comfort with each other of deep and knowledgeable love that comes over time.

He always granting me a soft place to fall when I need it, and I doing for him the same…we both enjoyed similar interests, and some different ones.

I love auctions, flea markets and thrift stores. He begrudgingly came along.

There was an estate sale listed in the paper. An old huge Victorian home. Reputed to be owned by an established madame, with some odd eccentricities. The gossip and fables that surrounded the home were too interesting to resist. I read with great curiosity the listing of items for sale.

We arrived, to get our number and register for the auction. Looking over the items was truly a pleasure. Large brass beds, seemingly well used. Doilies, lace curtains. The vintage clothing in well lined cedar trunks. Garters, hose, high heeled shoes. Costume jewelry, authentic jewelry. Tins, paintings a vast array of household items.

Then, my favorite finds. Vanity items, vintage combs, brushes, makeup, hair pins. Perfume, powder, lipsticks and items to enhance the human face and form from days of old. Most if not all were mint to excellent condition.

In a drawer of one of the many mirrored vanities was a box, I opened it up, and inside was an almost mint bottle of perfume, made in Paris “Messire”, I never heard of the brand before. Pulling open the stopper of the beautiful etched crystal bottle, filling my nostrils is the most wonderful scent I have ever smelled. Unique and different than any other I had encountered before.

I decided, then and there to bid on the item. Checking with Joe, telling him how high I wanted to go and get his go ahead..he gave it willingly. Knowing how wonderful these small items mean to me.

The day is beautiful, the beginning of summer, the perfect time to enjoy a rousing auction. Bidding is fast and furious and items seem to be garnering a very high price. Some of the reputation adding to the interest in the items.

Finally, after patiently waiting and obtaining a few other items of interest. My item comes up for auction. Box opened, and held up for inspection, my heart jumps from fear that it will be inadvertently dropped.

Joe whispers in my ear “Elaine, are you sure you want that, it seems so ordinary?”

“Yes, yes honey, it’s what I want!” I tell him.

Bidding is starting out unusually low; it is between myself and an older lady who looks like she just sucked a lemon, with the personality to match. I had my limit, all of $30.00, I stopped at that, and “Ms. Victoria Vex” seemingly was to win the item. Joe though, was intent on getting it for me. Finally $48.00 later I was the proud owner of “Messire” perfume.

In the car, I open the box and inspect it further, removing the the cardboard backing that formed around the bottle. Underneath was a folded piece of parchment paper…I read aloud the poem to Joe, it read:

Oh! Might I kiss those eyes of fire, A million scarce would quelch desire: Still would I steep my lips in bliss, And dwell and age on every kiss: Nor them my soul would sated be; Still I would kiss and cling to thee: Naught should my kiss from thine dissever; Still would we kiss and kiss for ever; E’en though the numbers did not exceed The yellow harvest’s countless seed. To part would be a vain endeavor: Could I desist? ah! Never-never.* (*Lord Byron)

“Very nice poem honey, read it again.” said Joe. I again read the poem aloud. Written in an obvious male hand, seemingly a gift for Madame Spellbind.

The rest of the way home, I meditated on the poem, and not just the poem, but Elaine’s recital of the poem in my ear. I don’t tell her enough that I find her voice very sexy. And when she talks romantically, it sends me over the edge. The thoughts of kissing her luscious lips evoked by the mysterious poem, made me burn with desire for my sweet Elaine.

We arrive home late that afternoon, and I promised Elaine that I would take her out to her favorite restaurant this evening. She gingerly carries the bottle of perfume which she finds so unique into the bedroom and sets it on the dresser. My heart leaps to see my precious goddess enjoying simple things like watching children play, holding a puppy, or taking pride in an ordinary trinket or bottle of perfume. It absolutely thrills me to see her happy.

I take my shower first and shave while she lays out our clothes for the evening. As I enter the bedroom from the bath, I approach her and breath the words, “Let me kiss those eyes of fire.” She gives me a kiss and says, “You better put that fire out if we are going to not lose our reservations.” So she enters the bathroom while I put on my suit, less the jacket, and make three attempts before getting the tie just right.

As I step into the shower after Joe, his scent still lingers. I think to myself, how much I love to watch Joe shower, a secret obsession of mine. He still does not know why tuzla escort I am adamant about a see-through shower curtain. Peering through the door. This intimate moment of his. Watching the way he lathers and rinses himself. Hands moving over his body with such personal knowledge. It’s exciting!

Then when dressed, how can I tell you what he holds for me. This handsome man who is completely mine. Sometimes, when I see him pull into the driveway, my heart pounds, palms sweat. He still garners that reaction from me. I not only am in love with him, I am completely in lust with him too.

I am sitting at the foot of the bed as my goddess emerges through the door after toweling off and wrapping the towel around her. She looks at me seductively as she slowly unwraps the towel and lays it across the dresser stool. My body becomes awash with wonder, so simple is this movement, yet so seductive. My pulse races as she purposely teases me by sitting her lovely nude body on the stool and begins to brush her lush blond tresses. She peers over her shoulder and warns me, “That fire appears to be getting bigger, and we don’t have time to put out the flames now.” I rise and stand behind her, cupping her breasts and running my hands down her sides, “I look forward to when we can quench the flames.”

She gets up and puts on a pair of blue panties and slides them on. Then she slips on her dark blue sleeveless dress. That dress drives me wild. It is open in the front as well as back, forming an open Vee down to her navel. The lower portion of the dress fits snugly upon her shapely buttocks. As she sits on the bed to put on her black high heels, I offer, “Allow me.”

I gently place my hand on the calf of her gorgeous leg and ever so slowly glide my hand down to the back of her ankle, barely touching her skin as my hand passes down her leg, as if to gently awaken the nerve endings in her legs, conveying to them the passion I feel for my precious Elaine. I raise her right foot, planting a gentle kiss on top and place her shoe onto her lovely foot. I repeat the process for the left, and then I take her by the hand and lift her to her feet.

Taking the bottle of perfume acquired from the auction, I unseal the cap and take a little onto my finger. Then I brush her hair off her neck and dab a little of the scent behind her ears, kissing the nape of her neck. When I do so, her eyes close in rapture. Standing behind her with another drop on my finger, I run my finger from her throat, between her breasts, and over her firm abdomen. I love feeling the contours of her muscles as I stop just below her navel. With each and every placing, my fingers linger, rubbing and infusing the wonderful scented perfume onto her soft and silken skin. I know now why she wanted it so much. It is intoxicating, however, not as intoxicating as her beauty. My eyes are fixated on her in awe that such a lovely woman as she is my partner for life. My senses reel in admiration of her…

“We’d better go,” she reminds me. Breaking the spell. When we get to the car, I open the door for her, not only to be a gentleman, but I also get pleasure from watching those beautiful legs as she swings them into the car. I get in on the driver’s side and try to sneak a peek at her breasts under her dress as we leave the driveway.

Ever attentive, and thoughtful. Joe always knows how to make me feel wanted. Something that comes naturally to him.

The way he places the perfume on my body, so complete is his touch, our skin seemingly melds at the joining, I can’t tell where his skin starts and mine ends.

As I seat myself in the car, buckling up I get the oddest sensation. The places where the perfume was placed by Joe is tingling, and warming..expanding and widening. To completely envelope my skin, moving both up and down to cover my skin. It is the most erotic and succulent feeling I have ever had.

Completely out of character for me, my hand finds your thigh, hard and tight. I make small circular motions with my finger tips,my nails gently grazing the weave of your pants, moving up to your sex, the look on your face tells me everything I need to know. The combination of shock and complete enthralled attention. I look at you, your eyes lock on mine momentarily then back to the road.

Your cock is responding on it’s own, even if you wished it, you could not control it. Just as I cannot control my incredible need to touch you. My nipples and clit are rising to the occasion. My breathing is becoming labored. The restaurant is just blocks away and I can’t help but wonder what is going on in your mind?

I’m thinking how incredibly I want you right now. The thought crosses my mind of pulling off the road and making passionate love with you. But the best things in life are well worth waiting for. Then I feel your hand on my leg and my heart leaps. I look into your eyes, can you see my burning desire within them? Can you see the love, the passion, the longing for you in the pendik escort windows to my soul?

Having to turn my eyes back to the road, your lovely image is before me in my mind. I am mentally undressing you in my thoughts, touching your smooth skin, planting kisses in your favorite places to be touched. I feel the yearning in my loins. My penis is aching to be inside you, bathing itself within you.

The restaurant is not far, and you sheepishly grin as you gently squeeze my stiff cock. Ahhh, my love, I want you so much right now. Oh, Elaine, you drive me wild. I need you so much.

Never losing that grin you withdraw your hand. We don’t have long, and I am compelled to touch you. My hand finds your bare knee as my fingers knead your soft skin. I slowly work my way up the inner portion of your thigh. You appear to be breathing harder as my hand patiently makes its way to those blue panties.

My finger finds and explores your slit, gently probing as your moisture exudes through the material that barricades me. It doesn’t prove to be enough as I manage to play with your swollen clit. Your nipples look as though they are going to escape through your dress, it excites me even more.

There’s the restaurant! We smile at each other like two naughty school kids with something to hide from the rest of the world.

Once we’ve parked, I enter behind you to hide my obvious discomfort. I play with your butt as you give our names to the host, who has no idea what is taking place right in front of him. He leads us to a nice secluded booth in the corner. As he seats you, I sit down quickly, like a high school boy concealing an erection.

Immediately, a young lady approaches with a couple of menus in her hand and introduces herself, “Hello, I’m Cindy. I’ll be your server tonight. Would you care to order now?” We knew what we wanted when we entered the restaurant, and in my case, it wasn’t food. I ordered a well done T-bone and a glass of water with lemon. Cindy then asks, “Madam?” ….

“Joe, you order for me, something nice and light.” I reply. I place my purse on the extra chair, and arrange myself under the table.

“My wife would like the grilled chicken breast with pasta, olives and tomatoes. Small salad with vinaigrette dressing and iced tea.” You tell her quickly. Trying to get her away as soon as possible.

The feeling that began in the car, seems to be overtaking me, it is not is only building.

From somewhere unknown to me, I stand up, look at you and say “I need to freshen up.” although I am aware the words fall from my lips. I do not consciously think of them, nor do I form them. They just appear.

I stand up, leaning forward as I push my chair back, ensuring you get a wonderful look at the cleavage that captures your attention so much, stand up…brush my hair out of the way….and seductively leave.

Sudden with the knowledge of a very attention getting walk. I can feel your eyes piercing my back and locked on my butt.I ensure you are not disappointed. Exaggerating the sway of my hips.

I enter the bathroom, I look in the mirror

Surprised, when I catch my reflection. There is someone else staring back at me. Auburn hair, soft of face. Yet you have not noticed any change. Not panicked, nor scared in any way, it seems almost normal for some odd reason. It is also more like a hologram of this face is overlaying mine. I touch my face, my finger tips pass through the vision softly landing on my cheek. This is very puzzling, yet I am strangely excited at the reflection that is staring back at me.

I enter an empty stall. Lifting my dress, my right hand finding my belly, splaying my fingers keeping my two middle ones close together, closing my eyes at the feel of my warmed, heated skin. I slip them under my panties, finding my moist and excited slit.

I place my two middle fingers at the very bottom, and pull them to the top brushing my enlarged nub of pleasure. Releasing a sharp intake of breath as I do so. Completely filling them with my ripe juices. I rearrange my dress with my other hand and exit the bathroom.

Making my way back to the table, with a new found sense of self. I stare right at you as I walk back. You feel the weight of my stare. There are no others in this filled restaurant, all are gone, it is just you and I. My eyes never averting their gaze. The look of anticipation washes over your face.

I slowly and purposely again give you a view of my breasts letting the dress fall open even more while reseating myself. Wanting to tease you to a frenzy in a public place. Being suddenly more brazen than I believe I have been since we were younger.

My left elbow on the table, cupping my jaw, my right hand beckons you closer as if to brush off some stray item from your face. You lean forward for my assistance, inches away your nostrils fill with the scent of my sex. The heady perfume that is on my middle finger tips.

My maltepe escort fingers, gently placed on the middle bow of your top lip, under your mustache. I spread my two middle fingers away from each other, tracing the outline of your lip to the corners, leaving a trail of my juice glistening on your lips. Small dew drops of my honey are deposited on each hair of your mustache. Glistening and wetting the very tip of every one. I then bring them back to meet each other in the pout of your mouth.

My mouth involuntarily mimics yours, my eyes locked on yours, slightly closing at the feel, head rolling slightly back then falling forward at the opening of your mouth.

They probe just past the outer shell of your wet mouth, find their way to the pillow of your tongue to be completely devoured by you. Sucking and licking, your eyes closed at the taste inspiriting your taste buds with my sweet lemony tang. My body has become a completed circuit of electricity. I feel the growing tingling move up my hand from the lips of your mouth, to my elbow, over my shoulder, down the front of my chest. Moving across and landing squarely on both my breasts, filling out my nipples even more. The feeling is one of pure, unadulterated desire.

Oh, my sweet Elaine, sweet adorable Elaine, oh how you know just how to make me hunger for you like a ravenous beast. The way you rest your lovely head in hand with those piercing eyes inviting me to drink in your beauty. As your fingers near my lips, my nostrils are tantalized by your pheromones wafted into my nostrils, exciting me even more than I am already. The sweet aroma you place in my mustache lingers as you let me taste your nectar. I feel my body flush with desire, you have lit a flame of passion within my being that must satisfied. The look in your eyes tells me that you hunger for something other than food now as well.

You lick my fingers clean, still holding my hand stand up, pull me out of my seat. Joe turns to look for Cindy, locating her quickly, you take a wad of money from your wallet. Shoving it at her, tell her we will be leaving, and hastily make our exit.

Your hand finding the small of my back, almost rushing to the car. You put me in it. You follow right after. Almost forgetting to buckle yourself in.

Elaine, my head is swimming with desire for you. My desire to make passionate love to you pervades my soul. I can think of nothing else. The flame of desire that burns within my heart must be sated. I must have you. The house is too far, The Excelsior Hotel is just down the road.

As we whip into the driveway at the hotel office, I stop the car and lean over to give you a kiss. Then I try to get out of the car, forgetting to unbuckle my seat belt, and you laugh, knowing you are driving me wild with desire. As I fumble through my wallet for my credit card to pay for a room, I think to myself as the clerk seems to be taking his time locating a vacant room, “Why does everything seem to take forever?” In less than fifteen seconds, I had room key in hand and we were on our way to our room.

After I park the car in the lot, you unbuckle your seat belt as I make my way around the car. I open the door and behold my princess with an aura of beauty about her. Those sexy legs swing out of the car, and it’s as if electric pulses of passion are overtaking me. You take my hand and stand before me. We embrace and kiss like honeymooners. I escort you to our room, my arm around your waist, my hand resting on your pelvis. I can’t take my eyes off of you. You are so, so, very lovely. It seems I love more each second of the day.

Unlocking the door to our room, my heart pounds in anticipation of our evening of love.

Our mouths meet, opening and yielding to each other. Speaking that wonderful language only we share. My hands find the top of your pants and pull out your shirt. One hand remains on my hip. You take my signal and loosen your tie, and start unbuttoning your shirt for me. You begin to try and take my dress off. I stop you gently, and say…”No, no, not yet…” and continue to slowly undress you. Your pants are next. Shoes removed and kicked to the side of the room, pants off and socks the underwear next. Before me now without garments or inhibitions I guide you to sit on the edge of the bed. I wonder what you are thinking.

You, Elaine, you ignite a world of emotions within me, love, lust, desire, passion, excitement, pleasure–all these emotions overwhelming my mind at once. When your eyes met mine, looking into my very being, reading the secrets of my soul that you, and you alone, could ever know, my heart leapt at the joy of knowing you love me because I love you so much.

I turn around and take a few steps back from you. Watching you watch me. I slip my shoulders through the loose folds of the fabric that creates the Vee of the dress, each fall to the matching hip. I turn to my right hip, jutting out just slightly with the turn, I unzip the dress to allow it to fall to my feet.

My panties, the only piece of clothing that remains. Slipping my hands under the band on each side. I slowly shimmy out of them, ensuring my breasts bounce slightly at the movement. I step out of the dress and the panties. Bend over and move them out of the way. Keeping the sexy black shoes on that you love so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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