Mi Familia Ch. 14

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Back to the present…

The sounds of Whitney Houston wailing filled the air as well as the smells of smoke from the kitchen. Vince was once again attempting to cook dinner for his husbands but to no avail.

Vince did know how to make a beautiful table setting. In their Naples style kitchen he arranged a lovely black table cloth with gold trim along with their special black imported china with plates, fine Waterford crystal glasses and silverware.

“Savin’ all my love, for you…and you…” he added. It was one of his favorites when thinking about his two partners. Today was the anniversary of their official culmination almost 18 years ago. “Fuck, look what it took for us to actually get there! SHIIITTTT…” He dropped the skillet on the floor with the burnt fish inside. He’d attempted to fix fish tacos since he knew how much Jared and Diante’ loved them but only his number one knew how to fix them the best.

“Goddamn…what is…” Jared walked in, waiving his hands. “Babe, what’cha doin?” He wrapped his arms around Vince’s waist and kissed the side of his face.

Vince placed the burned pot back on the stove and sucked his finger. Quickly he turned around and gave Jared a hug. “I was tryin’ to cook a meal but…”

Jared laughed and took Vince’s sore digit in between his lips. “What did Diante’ tell you about doin’ this, huh? He’s the woman of the house. Neither one of us can cook shit but boiled eggs and hot dogs.” Jared covered his lover’s lips.

Vince reciprocated the embrace. “Mhmm…barely that. I guess we’ll be doing take out then?” He pressed his body against him.

“Yeah, we will or…” Jared took Vince’s hand and led him to the opening of their patio doors leading out to their private beach. “We could order somethin’ and have a romantic candlelight dinner for three near the waves.”

Vince held his husband tightly and planted a kiss on his shoulder. “That sounds great. Maybe sushi. Diante’ loves that but…” He turned back to face the lovely table he’d set up. “What about all my decorations?”

“Leave it there hun.” Jared grabbed his man.

“We’ll eat breakfast on it er somethin’. Ooh Good lord, are you playing Whitney again?” He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, you know I love her. I got it on loop.”

Vince shifted to hug Jared again. “I know you’re not crazy about her…”

“Nope…so not. Put on some Sade er somthin’, babe. Somethin’ more sensual and then let’s go outside to grab some air.” He started waiving his hand in front of him. Jared coughed, “The smell is getting to me. Ahem.”

Vince kissed Jared again and did as he was asked. He really loved that the two of them finally got everything squared away after they’d talked everything out. Now that they’d been together for so many years, they were inseparable. He put the Best of Sade on his IPOD dock with the first song being “Cherish the Day.”

“Now there…” Jared said, holding his arms open for Vince. “Is a woman that can sing and who I love! If I were still bisexual, I’d be her love slave.”

Vince chuckled Ankara bayan escort and accepted the embrace. They stepped outside, shutting the patio door behind them. The sun setting provided a glorious backdrop over the hills off in the distance. The breeze softly blew, making small noises as it rustled the leaves on the trees.

“You mean if you were still straight?” He covered the TV star’s lips and thrust his tongue in between.

“Uh huh, okay.” He rolled his eyes and grabbed Vince’s backside. “If I were still the dumbass who kept denying…”

“No…no..,I didn’t say that. It took you a while to realize but its’ okay, mi amor. It’s all water under the bridge now.” Vince covered Jared’s mouth with his own again.

“Mhmm… so glad the two of you forgave me. I will always be grateful for that. I acted like an ass.”

“Yes, but…” Vince tilted his head. “We loved you so much, how would be able to hold that against you? Besides, Diante’ gave us the ultimatum that day, remember?”

“Ohh yeah, do I ever.” Jared gripped his lover’s back. “I’ve never seen him so angry in my life. We really upset him with all the foolishness. Mostly me though,” he sighed. “I dunno what I would’ve done without the two of you and I’m glad that you convinced me how important it was to be in love with you and Diante’.”

Vince shrugged, “We had a history, Jared. Regardless of the fact both of us cared for Diante’ more, you and me, had some time together as well. Albeit mostly as friends but, we both realized we could love one another equally as well as Diante’.”

“Yes. I’m glad we formed that conclusion.”Jared kissed Vince again, roughly, gripping his sides through his tee shirt. “Oh God, Vince…I love you…so much. Never forget, baby!”

Vince rubbed his husband’s head. “No never. The three of us will always be one.” He faced him again and offered his mouth for another smooch.

Hungrily, Jared accepted and pressed his own body into Vince’s while dragging him down to the ceramic tiles. “Oohh…Vince, now, huh? Before Diante’ gets home?”

Vince mostly loved these moments as a threesome but he obliged his partner since he too was horny as hell. He peered into Jared eyes and gripped his neck. “Damn…yes baby.”

Jared took off Vince’s shirt for him and threw it to the side. The moment he did, he made a trail from his lips down to the center of his chest, paying special attention to his collarbone.

“Ooh fuckkkk…” Vince grasped his husband’s brown locks, tugging on them lightly with one hand while the other grabbed Jared’s strong back muscles. “Ooh God, you feel so good, Jared.” He took in his partner’s scents. Cologne, Paco Rabane, and body wash mixed in with Jared’s own personal musk that he’d come to love. Vince felt the pressure in his groin. His nipples tingled and hardened to the touch.

“Mhmm…” he moaned in response, continuing his travels down to Vince’s navel, spending more time encircling his belly button with his tongue. He went up a little, licking the fine curls that led to his lover’s Escort bayan Ankara trail. Jared pulled the button on his jeans before sliding the slim denims from Vince’s small waist revealing an impressive hard on surrounded by a small patch of silky brown hair. “Mhmmm, God, I want this.” He threw the pants to the right and nestled his head in between his lover’s legs. Slowly, he licked around the underside of Vince’s jewels onto his perineum just before he found that pink hole. He placed Vince’s legs onto his shoulders to brace him there.

“Ooh shiiitt…Jared, you…oooh GODDDD…” He clenched his teeth. One of his hands pinched his own nipple while the other pressed onto Jared’s head, forcing him deeper into his crotch. The adrenaline began shooting from his cock to other parts of his body. His pre passion juice leaked from the tip of his cock down the sides of his swollen shaft.

“Mhmmm…damn…you taste so good but I wanna be inside you, Vince.” He rose from his position and pulled out the latex.

Vince only nodded. He ached for that release while moistening his lips. His azure orbs met the piercing blues of his husband, Jared whom he never thought would be part of this union but the determination and understanding of all three made it a reality.

* * * *

Diante’ walked into the kitchen frowning as he strolled in from a hard day’s work. He glanced at the stove where the skillet sat with burnt fish.

“Dios mio, I told them not to try cooking…uughhh…” He grabbed the handle and placed it in the sink. When he noticed the table setting, his smile widened. “Well, what is this Jared and Vince. Muy bueno.” He rolled his dreads in between his fingers as he strolled aver to the patio doors. Once he got there, he stopped in his tracks. He cocked an eyebrow and tilted his head, looking at both his partners lying on the ceramic flooring.


He licked his soft lips and rubbed his nipple through the cotton of his shirt. Watching the two of them made his mouth dry as the desert. Two hard bodies, thumping and grinding together, making one gorgeous scene that he himself never got tired of ogling.

“Shiiiittt…” Morillo tossed his shirt off and sat on the step. Between his legs, his cock strained against the zipper and ached for release. Jewels tensing while he observed Jared on top of Vince, pounding his tight orifice. “God, yes, do it baby,” he grinned and bit his lip. In his heart and body, he really wanted to join his two lovers in their moment but his mind said to be the voyeur of this hot encounter. “Surely, I am so very lucky to have two beautiful men as mine. Nothin’ can be sweeter.”

* * * *

Back to the past…

Shortly after their talk, things seemed to go much better for the three friends. Jared did back off completely, allowing Vince and Diante’ to stay on their own and enjoy their loving relationship.

Jared made a full recovery of his minor injuries even though he lost out on a modeling shoot because the shiner. He more than made up for it though with some Bayan escort Ankara shots for Boy Toi magazine, where he sat on a bed full of fur, showing off his delicious body for everyone to see.

His constant female companion, Tessa had eventually made herself his agent, making appointments for him to go to modeling shoots for various sex magazines. He also began doing some mainstream modeling as well, which paid more. This allowed him to finally quit his job as a pizza delivery person and focus on his life time dream of being a pornstar.

During this time, Jared did begin to slightly enjoy being with Tessa and girls in general. He’d gotten more of his share of offers and most he took advantage of as any male in this industry would. Still, in the back of his mind, the only ass that made him happy was Diante’s and it was getting harder to resist the young man now that he seemed to grow up overnight.

When he let Tessa know about his infatuation with his friend, she found it to be very interesting, and told him he should explore the prospect of being with him. Jared told her about Vince and how he was so overprotective of his man, to which she replied, you’re friends right? You all should share!

Of course, Jared agreed but because he wanted to keep the peace in the household, he stayed on the sidelines.

When will I get my chance?

In actuality, Diante’ was not the most important thing he wanted to attain. There was still the roles in adult movies that hadn’t come through yet. He’d tried out for several, thinking he’d nail the part because of his good looks but he was told there were a million straight male actors out there and he wasn’t needed to fulfill any parts. Plus, they wanted guys with more experience and Jared wondered where he’d get that if he wasn’t getting the jobs. Then, some advice was given to him by talking to a female exec who owned an internet porn video company. She told Jared because of his modeling background, he should think about doing gay porn first. “Gay for Pay,” she called it. She recommended some well known friends in the business who paid exceptionally well, some ranging anywhere from 1000-5000 per scene.

“Are you shittin’ me,” he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. All he’d have to do is fuck a guy since he had no desire to be bottomed and he’d clear that much cash? He’d been making a nice buck from showing his ass in photo shoots but now, all he’d have to do is pretend he liked fucking some dude and he’d make that much? This really excited Jared and he took the contacts that the woman he’d given him in stride. Besides that, she told him to come back to her after he’d brushed up his chops as a male on male porn star and so some bi movies for her. She had a concept of doing actual movies and shows for cable TV that not only included hot sex but an actual plot.

Jared was grateful for all the great advice and promised he he’d be back to see her down the road. Walking out the place, he held on to the papers she’d given him and thought about what she informed him of. Being “Gay for Pay” with other men. How would he do this? He wasn’t attracted to any other men except for Diante’ and a little of Vince. How would he jump in bed with these strange men? Would he like it? Could he enjoy making these scenes and get paid and keep stepping?

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