Mitzi Tied and Blindfolded

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This story is about cuckoldry and gay sex and all sorts of perverted stuff. Don’t read it if you like vanilla sex.

Everybody in these remembrances was over 18 at the time of the incidents. Names were NOT changed to protect the innocent, there were no innocents. Enjoy and comment if you are sincere. If you’re just being mean…go away and entertain yourself some other way. Please vote (5’s!) encourages me to write more.


My friend, Geoff had been asking me for years when he could fuck my wife, Mitzi. After all he had known me for years and he knew that Mitzi was a total slut in high school, but somehow he had never managed to fuck her. Never in the right place at the right time, I guess. It seemed to him like everyone else had fucked her; so why couldn’t he? I told him spent too much time being pussy whipped by his hot ass wife! His wife was the arm candy sexy beauty that every man wanted to marry, mine was the hotwife that everybody wanted to fuck!

We finally got it all worked out and this was the day. I had known Geoff and his family for years and had actually fucked his mother several years earlier when I was in High School and she was about 40. I fucked his little sister, Donna when she was younger and I was older and I had fucked Geoff’s wife (also named Donna) before they were married. She was actually a very good friend of Mitzi’s when they were growing up and all through High School. I don’t think Geoff ever knew any of that although he always told me what a slut his mother was.

But anyway, I had seen Geoff in the locker room at the Police Department several times, we worked there together, and knew his cock was at least 9 or 10 inches long when it was soft. So I knew Mitzi was gonna love this. She had had several large cocks before, really, I mean a lot of cocks, but Geoff’s cock was way nicer than normal, very long and very thick and well formed… all in all just a gorgeous cock. If I could have designed my own perfect cock, it would have been his. It was always all I could do to keep from getting a hard-on in front of all the other COPs in the showers while looking at Geoff’s gorgeous cock. Funny how often I just happened to be in the locker room when Geoff was there nude.

I just figured that with Mitzi not knowing who it was that was fucking her and her being blindfolded, it would add to the excitement for Mitzi. Mitzi has always been a total whore and an exhibitionist, but she was usually the dominant partner. She was used to tying me up and fucking me with her strap-on and forcing me to submit to her and her lovers. I had tied Mitzi up before and every time I do she suddenly becomes very passive and compliant and will allow me to do absolutely anything to her body.

Although she doesn’t allow it often, Mitzi loves for me to tie her up and have my way with her. She doesn’t have to feel guilty about anything if she’s tied up and forced. I tie her and leave her exposed in front of the bedroom window with the blinds open, lights on if it’s after dark. I fuck her hard and fast, I cum on her face and titties, I fuck her ass and cum all over her hot ass. I use dildos and vibes and even our strap-op on her. She loves my handcuffs and my Police Baton. I can do absolutely anything as long as she’s tied and has no choice. No choice = no guilt.

This day I had her tied securely, and I blindfolded her also. I had never blindfolded her before. I started her favorite vibe in her pussy and turned it on.

It was time to call Geoff.

Then I got on the telephone. Mitzi excitedly asked “What are you doing? Who are you calling? Get back in the bed!” Then she heard me say, “Yeah, she’s ready now. Come on in the house. The door is unlocked. Be sure to look through the front window when you walk past…you’ll see her there tied up and blindfolded in the guest bedroom just like we planned.” Then she heard me say to my friend, “Yeah sure, why not. Bring him with you, what the hell. The more, the merrier! There’s a gag here, but I don’t think you’ll need it. Besides, I’m sure you two can find something better than that to stuff in her mouth. She’s already way too wet and horny to say no to anybody! LOL! You know what a total slut she is! OK, you boys have fun. She’s all yours now just like I promised. I’ll be back in a couple of hours. Just be sure not to say anything, you know she’ll recognize your voice.”

Then ankara türbanlı escort I pushed the vibe in and out a few times and put it on high and rotate. I told Mitzi that she was finally gonna get that giant cock that she was always begging for. I kissed her and walked out the door. She was calling me names…so I turned around and went back, unzipped and stuck my limp dick in her mouth to shut her up. She instinctively sucked me hard in no time flat. I pulled out before I finished and said “You kids have fun”.

She was still fussing, but not too loudly, as I closed the front door behind me…but …she had asked for it! More than once she had extolled the virtues of a “real” cock over my tiny one. She had made it plain that she would not go forever without having her pussy filled again. I figured that if she’s going to go get bigger cocks anyway, I might as well help determine who’s cock it is cumming in my wife! I knew from the gym what a monster cock Geoff had and I knew he would be the perfect choice to begin Mitzi’s slut renewal process. I was proud of myself for setting this up.

I heard Geoff’s car pull up and I met the guys out front. I didn’t know the second guy. It didn’t matter, he had a cock. We all quietly looked through the front window at Mitzi tied and naked with the vibrator humming in her great big wet pussy. I reminded them again to have fun but no pain or scat…and they agreed wholeheartedly. With a thumb’s up sign, they entered the house and closed the front door behind them. I watched through the window as they entered the room and started fondling her naked body and sucking her titties. I couldn’t hear anything but she didn’t seem to be fighting them.

So I got in my car and drove away with my hard-on in my hand. It was difficult to stay away for two hours, but I had promised the guys and I knew it would be more thrilling for her if I wasn’t there as her protector. My dicklette isn’t much to look at but I swear it stayed hard for that whole two hours! I will admit that I was so horny that I flashed it to a few unsuspecting ladies in parking lot at the Hanes Mall as I drove around there killing time.

I was almost back home when Geoff called and asked if they should leave her tied up or what. I told them to leave her tied, I was almost there. Geoff said “Thanks, Man…she was fucking amazing! We’ll help out any time she needs another ‘real man’, as she put it. No wonder you can’t fucking keep up with her, Dude, the two of us couldn’t either! She wore our asses out!”

I passed them on the road near home as they left the area. I couldn’t see the other guy, but Geoff waived at me with a thumbs up.

When I walked up to the front of the house the window was still open and Mitzi looked so freakin sexy laying there with her naked body glistening with sweat in the sunshine through the windows. The evening sun was lighting up her body like a spot light! I looked around to see if any of the neighbors were watching. I still don’t know for sure. I hope they were.

When I got inside I could see that it wasn’t all sweat…she was covered with cum as well! I said “Well it looks like somebody enjoyed themselves…was it good for you too?” She only moaned…”MMMMmmmmmmm…” I started licking her body clean. The cum was sticky and clumping and still slightly warm as I rolled it over my tongue and down my throat. I loved the way it stuck to the roof of my mouth and the way my cheeks stuck to her body as I rubbed my face around in that beautiful puddle of juice between her cleavage and her belly button.

Fuck the windows, I thought! I left them wide open! At this point I don’t care if the whole world is watching! It made me proud to see my wife in this condition and I wanted the world to see what an awesome wife I have. She was covered from head to toe with sticky cum and salty sweat! It was awesome! When I looked at her cum filled pussy it was still stretched wide open! And I mean WIDE! I had never seen her gapped that wide even with her biggest dildo! Her pussy looked like a tunnel the size of my forearm. A trough of cum was running out of her pussy and at least a pint of cum was puddled up inside of it. OH, did she ever look delicious! My mouth was watering! She was gorgeous!

I said “DAMN! He was bigger than I thought! Were they both that big?” Then the thought crossed my mind…If tuzla escort he’s 9 or 10 inches soft, how fucking big is her hard? Again she only moaned “…Mmmm Huh…Fucking monsters!” as I started licking her hot pussy.

I took the blindfold off of Mitzi and continued licking and sucking the cum out of her pussy. After a few minutes she finally asked, “Was that window open the whole time?” I smiled and said “Oh Yeah…it was…” She drifted back off into some sort of trance as she said in a whisper…”Ohhhh…good…that’s nice…I like that.” I cleaned her up with my tongue and lips and she orgasmed several times as I ate her, but her pussy never did tighten up nearly enough for me to fuck her that night.

She always said that she loved me but “…that little bitty thing will never please any woman…”

She was right; it never has… and never will. But I found other ways to please her…like tying her up and calling some of my buds to cum take care of her for me. After that she often begged me to tell her who they were, but honestly, I still don’t know who the second guy was!

After this event Mitzi reverted back to her high school slut ways and began sucking and fucking all she could, just like she was doing when I first met her. Being a total slut is, after all, what attracted me to her in the first place. There is nothing better or sexier than being married to a cock craving slut and nothing I love better than sharing her body with as many men as I can. It makes me proud to have other men experience how good my wife is in bed. I know that they all wish they were married to Mitzi, or that their wives were more like Mitzi; I heard that a lot! She sure knows how to make me proud.

It has been an interesting life since that day…

Months later I finally did tell her that it was Geoff and she was totally excited to hear that. She said “OH! That is so fucking COOL! Now I know where to get some real cock whenever I want it! Your pitiful little dick may never get inside of me again now that I know a real man is so close.

You might have been in charge that one time, but trust me Little Man, you are NOT, and will never be, the dominant one in this relationship. As a matter of fact, I may just make you suck Geoff hard for me the next time I fuck him. It’s called a “Fluffer”. You do want to be Mitzi’s little Fluffer don’t you, Little Man?”That way you can see what a real man’s cock actually looks like…and tastes like. And I don’t care if he is married to my best friend, I’ll fuck him whenever I want to”.

“What makes you think he will want to fuck you again?” I sarcastically chortled.

Mitzi laughed and said, “Has anybody ever fucked me who didn’t then beg for seconds?”

She had a valid point. As a matter of fact, Geoff had begged me to let him fuck her again ever since that day. How funny is that I was secretly fucking his wife while he was openly fucking mine?

Well, she was right, of course. If she fucks you one time, you will come crawling back begging for more.

As it turns out Geoff had never paid any attention to the size of my little dick in the locker rooms until Mitzi decided to tell him about her plight of never having a “real man” around the house. I thought the two of them would never stop laughing. She made it a habit of calling me “Little Man” any time we were around Geoff. They both always laughed. For some stupid fucking reason that I couldn’t figure out, it made my little dick as hard as a brick! The humiliation apparently excited me. Or should I say, obviously excites me?

Inevitably the talk led to more physical contact and Mitzi always made sure I got to watch, even when it was just petting and joking. It very quickly led to all out fucking in front of me and “…Showing me how a real man fucks a real woman…”

Mitzi told me that next time she was with Geoff, she was going to make me suck his cock for her. I didn’t believe he would ever go along with that, so I wasn’t too concerned about it. I should know by now not to underestimate Mitzi’s powers of persuasion. .

The very next time he walked in the front door of my house Mitzi told me to drop to my knees and suck his cock till he was nice and hard. Geoff said “WHAT the FUCK!!?” Mitzi told him to calm down, she was gonna love showing her husband what a real man’s cock looks avrupa yakası ucuz escort like and since I was no good at being a man, I should at least know how to please one.

She had him sit on the edge of the bed while she laid her head on his lap. She made me strip and get on my knees in front of him. She took his semi-hard cock in one hand and pulled my head forward with her other hand and fed his cock into my mouth. He started growing immediately and he felt awesome in my mouth.

Geoff started pumping his cock into my mouth and Mitzi started playing with her pussy with her face about 3 inches from mine. He started fingering her pussy. He was fucking my face now and choking me with his cock. He started pumping faster and faster. Mitzi half yelled “HEY! You better save that for me”! Geoff told her that there would be plenty for her and that there was no way he was going to stop now! “He’s a fucking pro at this!”

Now it had gone from just getting him hard into a full service blow job! When he started cumming he was so deep that it went straight down my throat and I never even tasted it. Then he pulled it out and it spurted again and again in my mouth and all over my face! Mitzi started cumming at about the same time. Then she licked his cum off of my face and said “We’re done with you. Now get the fuck out of the bedroom! Now, Geoff, fuck me RIGHT NOW!” I watched as she grabbed his still hard cock and pulled it into her pussy. It went all the way in on the first stroke and she gasped and threw her head back and grabbed his ass and thrust her hips up to pull him deeper, her heels buried in his ass cheeks like a bronc rider! WOW! Mitzi has always had such a big pussy! Honestly I believe Geoff’s cock was as big around as my forearm when he was this hard. It was amazing!

She looked at me and in a stern voice said…”Close the fucking door on your way out.” About an hour later he came out of the bedroom and said…”Call me anytime you need help with her, Old Man…er, I mean Little Man.”

After he left I went into the bedroom and Mitzi looked totally spent and sweaty all over. She was beautiful!

She said “Come over here and clean me up Baby. From now on, don’t wait for me to tell you; just come clean me up, cause this kind of thing is going to be happening a LOT from now on!”

The combination of salty sweat, his cum and her juices tasted awesome. She is an amazing lover. And she was true to her word, that kind of thing did happen quite often from then on. And more often than not, I got to clean her up afterwards. I got very good at it and sometimes I was ordered to clean her lover’s cocks too, the same way…with my mouth. I really got off hearing her lovers groan with pleasure with their cocks in my mouth rather than hers. That was great for my ego too.

Mitzi now had a renewed vigor in her step. She seemed to always be happy and proud of who she is. Mitzi’s new personal goal was that from now on she would fuck at least one new man every weekend.

She had no trouble keeping that promise, as well as fucking men like Geoff time and time after time. Often there were swinger’s events or parties where she fucked several men in one weekend. Often she took them one after the other after the other at parties. Kindda like she used to do on Friday nights with the football team after the big game when she was in school.

One time we were half jokingly trying to figure out how many men she had fucked. We both knew that there was definitely at least one every weekend for several years…and that would be 52 new guys in just one year. She was shocked at the number, but seemed very proud of herself. One a week didn’t sound like much, but times 52 weeks…WOW!

Then she got excited and said that she knew it was at least twice that many because at least once a month we went to a swingers party and she always had multiple lovers each time. So she figured conservatively she had 4 or 5 at each event. OK, 12months x 4men is 48men! So she added 48 to the 52 already counted. That was …correct me if I’m wrong, but 98 new lovers in one year? Plus the repeat performances? WOW! Well over 100 new lovers fucking her in a year. It adds up quickly.

We were married for 13 years, but we didn’t start this until about 3 years into it. Still…just in the time I was married to her, she (conservatively speaking) fucked over 1,000 different men!! OMG!! The number could be even higher. And that doesn’t count the early years or the many, many, many men she fucked from the time she started fucking till I met her.

Don’t you wish you could be married to a woman like Mitzi Owens!! I have been a very lucky man! As you can imagine; I have quite a few more stories to write…

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