Mom Pays A Visit

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My Mom was coming to see me for a long weekend. Now that my parents are divorced I don’t get to see them both like before. My Mom is now in her early fifties and still looks good for her age. Mom arrived around 5pm and I received a big hug first thing. My Mom has good size breasts and I felt them poking my chest. I took my mother’s bags and stored them in my spare bedroom. We had decided that we were going to spend the evening at my place.

Mom started to tell me what was going on with her. After the divorce she was having a hard time with living expenses. She said she had to cut way back these days. I had ordered take out Chinese food and I had wine on hand to take the edge off. After we ate we sat in the living room for awhile. I hate to admit it but I was checking out my Mom’s body. I had split up with a woman I was seeing. Let’s just say I was plenty horny these days.

Mom soon told me she was tired from the long drive to my place. She went back to the spare bedroom. I figured I might as well hit the sack also. I normally sleep in the nude but I wore a shirt and briefs that night. Let’s just say I was restless. I had some things on my mind. One of them was my mother. I was thinking about her body. What did she look like naked, I wondered. After lying in bed for awhile I got up and walked down the hallway. The door was shut and I cracked it open.

My Mom was sound asleep. There was just enough from the nightlight in the hallway. I could see the outline of her body. I knew this was dumb of me but I walked closer to the bed. I must have made some noise. My Mom woke up.

“Is something wrong Kent?” She asked me.

“No, I was checking up on you to make sure everything was okay.” I told her.

I pinbahis güvenilirmi guess my bulge was showing. Maybe I was a little excited seeing my mother in bed like that.

“Are you getting an erection?” She asked me.

Now I was embarrassed. My Mom sat up. She swung her legs around to the edge of the bed. She was just a few inches from my bulge. To my surprise she reached out and touched me. If my cock was somewhat hard that contact really set me off. Mom looked up at my face. She pulled down on my waist band and my briefs fell to the floor.

“It’s been a long time for me,” she said.

I didn’t know what to say to her. I let my Mom do her thing. She moved her face towards me. She opened her mouth and took my cock down her throat. I just couldn’t let this pass. I placed a hand on the back of her head. We began to get into it. My Mom was bobbing up and down on my shaft. She reached around with her hands and gripped the back of my legs.

I couldn’t recall how long it had been since some woman gave me head. Mom was sliding down right to the base of my dick. My cock is about eight inches when fully erect. It didn’t take long before my dick was standing straight out. Mom finally pulled away. She took her nightie off and let it fall to the floor. Her tits were full sized and magnificent. I could see that her pubic bush was trimmed down. She got onto her back and she parted her legs for me.

I stood there for a moment. I couldn’t believe that my Mom was offering herself to me. I couldn’t pass up this temptation. I climbed onto the bed. I took hold of my prick. I started to rub my mushroom across her wet slit. Yes, her juices were flowing. I had to have my Mom. I pinbahis yeni giriş slid in slowly into her damp hole. Mom let out these moans. She definitely needed my cock. I slid all the way inside her. I held my cock in place.

“Please Kent, I need to feel you making love to me!”

I began stroking my mother. She wrapped her thighs around my back and held me tight. I gave my Mom the deepest cock strokes that I could. I think I lost control of myself. I told my mother that she was mine now. I was going to fuck her pussy whenever I wanted to. Mom lost her composure. She said that she had been thinking about me these past weeks. My hard cock was on her mind constantly.

I had my arms extended on either side of her body. I lowered my face and surrounded her nipples with my mouth. That really set my Mom off. She said she loved it when a man sucked on her large nipples. Our pubic mounds were grinding together. Mom had her hands on my waist. She was hanging on as I fucked her relentlessly. We were both sweating as we came close to climaxing. My balls were pinching as I tried to hold back.

It was too much for me. I let go and shot streams of my sticky seed into my mother’s body. She let out these screams. I hoped that no one could hear her love cries. I was full that night. I kept squirting into my Mom with my jets of love cum. It took some long minutes but we started to calm down. Mom squeezed my dick like it was locked into a vise. I finally pulled free.

I looked down to see my cream flowing out of my Mom’s pussy. She pulled me down and we had a few erotic tongue kisses. Once we got our composure my Mom went to the bathroom to clean up. She came back to bed and we talked. Mom pinbahis giriş said she had been out of sorts since she divorced my Dad. She didn’t like to admit it but she had been thinking of me. She had sexual thoughts she couldn’t get out of her mind. I said that when I saw her chest that I started getting turned on. I knew that I had to see her naked body.

It didn’t end that night. We had sex a second time. Mom took me in her mouth again. I got hard a second time and then my Mom mounted my staff. She sunk down and my cock slid deep into her passage. Mom was all slicked up with our love juices. She rode me hard that second time. I had my hands on her ass cheeks. I pulled on them as I filled her pussy with my thick member. It was more of the love cries from out first time together. My Mom was like an animal in bed. She slammed down hard as I pushed deep into her tunnel.

It was true, I made her mine those first two times in bed. She said she had to have me no matter what it took. Those few days together were a revelation to me. I tasted and used my mother’s body repeatedly. Somehow I was able to give her wads of my white cum. Even when we finished our lovemaking we would continue in the bathroom. Mom would place her hands on the tub walls. The water would splash us and I inserted my cock into my Mom from behind.

I pushed into her pussy so hard that Mom would rise up onto her toes from the pounding she was taking. Those days went quickly. It was time for my mother to leave. She said that she wished she could stay longer. I said we should think about her moving closer or possibly moving in with me. That where it ended. Mom is back home and I am by myself now.

I am on my bed and pulling on my dick. Mom texted me to say she can still feel my cum swimming around in her pussy. I said that the next time we are together I will save up and squirt more of my cum into her belly. All I know is that we aren’t finished. I want my Mom as my permanent lover from now on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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