Mother , Son: A Love Story Pt. 03

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Thanks to everyone who has requested (nay, demanded!), that this story continue and my apologies for this next installment taking so long to come to life — writer’s block sucks, but I seem to slowly getting my writing chops back. For those tuning in for the first time — please go check out in order “Christmas with Mom”, “New Year’s Eve with Mom” and then Parts 01 and 02 of “Mother and Son: A Love Story.” Please keep up the feedback — it is what inspires me to continue and hopefully makes me write better with each successive effort.

As for the usual — any character’s resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidence. All characters exist only within the confines of my imagination. Now, please go read and enjoy!


This place was something out of an old country-gospel song. A small clapboard church, painted white with a small, but tall steeple, situated in a holler between two low mountain ridges. Mom and I were sitting on hard wooden benches about mid way up the sanctuary, holding hands as the minister, a scrawny, middle aged fellow with a bobbing Adam’s apple, held forth in a sermon about God’s love for us and that love was what our world lacked most.

Mom squeezed my hand as the minister emphasized with a slapping hand on his podium that, “An’ love just ain’t overflowing in this sinful world and when you find love, you need to embrace it and hold it as tight as you can, for it is sure to be a sin in God’s eyes for anyone to let love, which is his most precious gift to us all, to let love be lost and abandoned.”

Several of the church’s parishioners murmured a fervent amen and I glanced at Mom, the sight of her making my heart beat just that much faster and I said in a heartfelt whisper, “Amen.” The look my mother gave me in response made me fall in love with her all over again and to be honest, gave me an erection right in the middle of the church service.

Mom had asked me to take her to church and I was happy to do so. We had gotten up early and we had drove deep into the mountains of Eastern Kentucky to take Mom’s friend, Emma up on her invitation to attend church this sunny Sunday morning — the same church Mom had been raised up in. It was a beautiful day — yesterday’s long rain scrubbing the humidity out of the air and making it a day to be thankful just be alive, not to mention sitting hand in hand with the woman you loved.

Mom looked lovely as always. She was wearing the most conservative of her sexy outfits that she had brought with her on our trip, but it did nothing to nullify her sheer sensuous beauty. Mom’s longish black hair was pulled back in a French twist that draped over her right shoulder. She was wearing another yellow sundress that had a squared scoop neckline that put the upper portions of her voluptuous breasts on proud display. The hemline was just above her knees and showed off her shapely legs in a way that drew the eye of every male with a pulse and not a few of the females around as well. Mom was lovely and exuded sex, but in truth, I think Mom would have looked sexy in a polar suit.

We had been greeted warmly by the minister, a Reverend Golwell, who announced our presence early in his remarks to the church before beginning his sermon. “We are so gratified to have our sister Carrie back amongst us today, her and her son John and we hope they will visit us again. Sister Emma tells me they are considering a move back to our beautiful state and Lord willing, maybe soon we’ll see them every Sunday.”

There were several murmurs and cranings of necks to check us out, the murmurs seeming to be positive in tone. Emma Johnson smiled happily at us from the choir loft and for not the last time, I marveled that someone else knew about Mom and I being lovers and they wholeheartedly approved. When the choir finished its last song and they returned to their seats while the last refrain played out, I looked with great interest as Emma sat down next to a tall, middle aged man a little older than her. They both smiled approvingly at Mom and me as Reverend Golwell began his sermon.

It sent a thrill through me to know that Emma and her Bill were brother and sister, that we weren’t the only incestuous lovers around. I could see the family resemblance in them from the color of their hair and eyes to the shape of their noses. As Reverend Golwell preached, I would let my eyes wander over the worshippers and tried to imagine who else sitting here might know and understand the love that Mom and I shared.

After the service, many folks came by to greet us or to catch up with Mom. As Mom chatted with several folks, I stood by her side proudly, holding her hand as she introduced me to various old friends or neighbors. I had no idea how many might know or suspect that Mom and I were lovers and soulmates, but each seemed to greet us as a couple and I found that wonderful and arousing, although I was a little embarrassed as my slacks did nothing to hide the bulge of my erect cock.

As we walked esenyurt ucuz escort down the steps of the church entrance, an old man tottered up to meet us at the bottom, his arm held and supported by a woman maybe fifteen or twenty years older than Mom. He was short and slightly built, his hair white and thin and he was wearing glasses with coke bottle lenses, magnifying his eyes into enormous orbs.

“Why, Carrie Hamilton! You’ve gone an’ grown up!” the old man said in a voice that belied his years.

Mom squealed with happiness and said, “Why, Reverend Simmons! I didn’t see you when we came in. It’s so good to see you!” Mom hurried to the bottom of the steps and gave the old man a careful hug. He cackled and hugged her back hard.

“Yessireebob! Little Carrie Hamilton all grown up, pretty as ever and with a handsome young man!” He turned to the woman beside him and remarked, “Why, I can remember baptizing this little girl when she was eleven years old. Her daddy was so proud.”

Mom blushed with happiness and introduced me as her son. Reverend Simmons shook my head gravely and said, “Your Mom is just a wonderful woman, but –” and he paused and winked at me, “But I reckon you already know that.” He turned again to the woman on his arm and said, “Carrie, you remember my youngest daughter, Melinda?”

“Pleased to meet you, Carrie — John,” Melinda said. “Papa, I doubt Carrie would remember me. I moved to Detroit about the time Carrie was a little girl.” She smiled at us and said, “I came home to live with Papa when Mama died.”

“Oh Reverend Simmons, I didn’t know! I am so sorry to hear Miz Simmons passed on!” Mom reached out and hugged the old man again. “Marilyn was a wonderful woman!”

An expression of sadness passed over the old man’s face. “Yes, I miss her everyday, Carrie.” Then his expression brightened as he turned and smiled at his daughter. “But my Melinda has been by my side every day since these last nine years or so and we’ve been very happy.” He reached over and kissed his daughter on the cheek and she beamed with happiness.

A thrill shot through me as I read a lot into his remarks. Mom had told me that Reverend Simmons had married his own sister and now I had to wonder if he had the same loving relationship with his daughter.

Melinda seemed to read my mind and almost confirmed my speculations as she grinned unashamedly and replied, “Yes, Papa has made me a happy woman these past years,” she nudged him and added, “He’s pretty spry for such an old coot.”

Reverend Simmons guffawed and said, “Why, I’m just hittin’ my prime. My old daddy lived to be one hundred and ought-three and I’m just eighty-four!”

At that moment, Emma Johnson walked up with her husband and invited all of us to eat with them at a local restaurant. We all agreed to meet up there in half an hour. Once Mom and I were in the car, I looked at her and repeated my remarks from a few days earlier. “Mom, we have got to move here!”

Mom laughed as we pulled out of the gravel and dirt parking lot and onto the highway. “Yes, we wouldn’t be a scandal around here, would we?” She gave me directions for this restaurant we were heading for, apparently a local legend for fried catfish dinners.

“Son, I am as wet as you are hard from all this.” Mom exclaimed as I drove us along, pulling up her dress to show me her yellow thong bikini, the small patch of material dark and wet and her inner thighs glistening faintly with her arousal. “As soon as we get finished with dinner, I’m going to take you somewhere and rape you.” Mom said in a teasing voice. I could only groan and it took all my willpower to tear my gaze away from Mom’s full luscious thighs and pay attention to the curvy road.

The restaurant was in a dilapidated old building with old, well used tables and chairs, but the food was exquisite. It was a remarkable dinner with Mom and Emma and Reverend Simmons dominating the conversation. Along with the talk of old times and remembered friends and family were a lot of knowing glances at each other and a few times I had to stifle a giddy impulse to just stand up and shout, “ISN’T INCEST JUST FUCKING GREAT!” But I knew there was no need to really say it. Our glances at each other — the knowing smiles said it all for us. The topic never came up at the table and I came to realize that although we all were thinking about it, for the Johnsons and the Simmons, this was normal life. I both envied them and found myself eager for the time when Mom and I would be able to share their honest and wonderful lifestyle.

Mom’s face was flushed and she kept glancing at me with a needful look in her eyes. There was almost a visible vibration to her — one I had come to recognize as intense sexual desire. I knew that if I slipped my hand up her dress that between her legs I would find a molten mound of wet pussy flesh.

After the table was cleared of our dinner dishes and we were waiting on dessert esenyurt üniversiteli escort — “Apple Pie from Heaven!” drawled Bill Johnson, I excused myself to go to the restroom. I was just shaking off at a urinal and idly thinking that for an old rundown restaurant, they kept their restrooms clean, when I heard the Men’s door open and Mom gasped, “Get into the stall now, son!”

Before I could say a word, Mom had pushed me into the single stall in the room and closed and latched the door behind us. Mom threw her arms around me and kissed me hard and passionately, her tongue demanding entrance into my mouth to dance with my tongue. I felt my cock quickly harden as Mom pressed her voluptuous body against mine.

I need you right now, John!” Mom moaned, pushing me back and dropping the lid down on the toilet seat. “I need to feel you hard inside me, son!” In a flurry of hands, Mom had my slacks unbuckled, undone and pooled down around my ankles. Then Mom reached under her sun dress and stepped out of her thong bikini. She hand it to me and I was amazed at how it was positively dripping with her cunt cream. My cock stood at full attention as Mom pushed me onto the toilet seat, hiked up her dress and straddled me.

“Fuck me, John. Give Momma that big dick right now,” Mom moaned before kissing me again.

“Ohhhh, Mom — yessss!” I managed to gasp as Mom’s sweet, hot syrupy pussy engulfed my rigid dick and she slowly slid down my erection until her wet, hairy cunt ground against my pubic hairs. Any other words I might have spoken were lost as Mom’s luscious tongue rolled over my own as we kissed passionately.

“Mmmmmgoddd!” Mom moaned as she squirmed happily on my cock, her pussy flesh massaging my throbbing shaft. She kissed me firmly, finishing it with a deliciously lewd lick of her tongue across my lips. “Sorry, son. I couldn’t hold out any longer. I was about to start screaming!” She began to slowly rise up and down on my cock. “God — mmmmm, I may have to scream anyway. I love your cock so much, John!” Mom sighed.

I had my hands on Mom’s waist, helping her piston up and down, trying to make each moment of my mother’s pussy being wrapped around my dick last as long as possible. There is nothing that matches the sweet, sinful sensation of your mother’s pussy sliding wetly and steamily around your swollen cockflesh. “I love you, Mom,” I gasped as she rode me slow and sweet.

“I love you too, son!” Mom whispered back, her voice strained and halting as incestuous pleasure began to overwhelm her. “My sweet, precious John — my lover — my son, Momma loves you too!” The heat from her aroused pussy was incredible and Mom was so wet — her cream flowing into my crotch — drenching our entangled pubic hair. The wonderful aroma of Mom’s wet cunt wafted upwards, making my nostrils flare.

Mom’s slow movements began to pick up speed over several minutes until she was riding me hard, her calf muscles bulging as she worked herself back and forth atop my erection. Mom and I stared into each other’s eyes as we kissed and said sweet nothings to each other. I saw my own love and lust reflected in my mother’s beautiful eyes and then the need, the urge to orgasm. Mom’s pussy tightened around my cock and her fingernails dug into my shoulders.

“J-John, I’m going to — ohhhh yessss, I’m goinggg to cummmm!” Mom wailed and then she spasmed on top of my, lifting her feet off the floor, allowing her own weight to drive me as deep inside her womb as possible, her knees rising to press against my hips. “Yessssss, makingggg me cummmm!”

Mom’s pussy closed tight around my pussy, bathing it in a flood of her molten cunt juices and spurring me on to orgasm. I buried my face against Mom’s mostly exposed breasts, my lips kissing her soft, fleshy globes as my cock began to jerk inside Mom and fill her with my hot semen.

Mom and I gripped each other tight, rocking in synch as only lovers can, basking in the sweet delights of our incestuous lovemaking. We gazed happily into each others eyes as we slowly got our breath back and fuck sweat cooled on our bodies making us shiver delightfully.

It was with regret that Mom finally climbed off of me, moaning softly as my cock slipped free of her clasping cunt with a juicy plop. I felt a hungry twinge of resurgence as Mom stood over me, an angelic smile on her face as she held her dress up with one hand while cupping her sex with the other. “My god, son — that was quite the load!” Mom murmured as she gently rubbed her pussy and then brought her jism covered fingers up to her lips and quickly slurped my semen off them.

Mom reached over and took back her juicy panties and deftly stepped into them. “I can’t believe I did that, John,” Mom giggled. “What will those people out there think?”

I shrugged as I stood up and kissed Mom while buckling up my pants. I could taste myself on her lips, making my cock stir even more. “I’m sure they’ll etiler escort be thinking that we’ve been doing exactly what we have been doing. Does it really matter?”

Mom laughed again, glancing in the mirror and trying to fix her sweat dampened hair. “I guess not. In truth, its making me wet again just knowing that when I walk back out there, those people will know my pussy’s full of my son’s sperm.”

I stepped up behind her, pressing my bulge against her soft rear end. “Yeah, it’s making me hard again too.” I paused as I wrapped my arms around Mom. “No, you’re making me hard, Mom. I love you.”

Mom wiggled in my grasp and kissed me quick, saying, “Down, tiger! We’ll have time again in a little bit, maybe. Right now, our dessert is growing cold.”

I slipped a hand under Mom’s dress and palmed her panty covered mound, feeling the wetness, worsened now by my load of spunk. “I dunno, Mom. My dessert feels mighty hot!”

Somehow, Mom managed to escape my grasp and redfaced and giggling, we both returned to the table where the others were already eating their apple pie. Reverend Simmons beamed up at us and said, “Sorry, we started dessert without you.” He looked at us over his thick lenses and waggled his thick eyebrows lasciviously and continued, “Or maybe you two already had something sweet?”

There was some general guffaws and his daughter, Melinda smacked him softly on the arm and said, “Now, Papa behave yourself.” I felt my face burn and Mom grinned and said nothing, taking a bite of apple pie with her right hand while her left slipped down and caressed my inner thigh.

We enjoyed the rest of dinner and then slowly ambled our way out of the place — Bill Johnson and Reverend Simmons having a good natured, but spirited argument over who was picking up the check. I found myself alone with Melinda on the front porch of the restaurant, her appraising me carefully. For a woman of maybe fifty five or sixty years, she was a lovely woman, with a small, trim figure, Sandy blonde hair going to gray, and brilliant green eyes that were filled with laughter.

“So, John — how long have you and your mother…?” She let the question trail off and smiled at me knowingly.

“Um…since this past Christmas,” I replied, feeling my blush begin anew.

Melinda smiled at me as she stepped up and took my hand and gave it a gentle squeeze that was somehow both comforting and exhilarating. “Ahhh. Why, you two are still honeymooners!” she said and then let out a sigh. “I remember how it was when I came home to take care of Papa. For a while, I thought I’d moved in with a teenager.” We both turned at the sound of her father’s voice as he came through the doors arm in arm with my mother.

Melinda leaned into me a little, her small pert breasts brushing against my arms, nipples small and hard like stones. Her eyes were fixed on Reverend Simmons as she said softly, “And for a man his age, he still surprises me.”

“Any regrets, Ma’am?” I asked in a quiet voice.

Melinda slowly shook her head and said, “Not at all. Well, maybe that I wish I had come home earlier than I did. Every day with Papa is heaven to me.” She turned and looked me directly in the eye. “Is that the way it is for you and your mother?”

I was surprised to hear myself almost choke up as I replied. “Yes, I love her more than anything in the world.”

Melinda smiled and nodded. “Then that’s all that matters, doesn’t it?” She stood up on tip-toe and gave me a peck on the cheek. “I’m glad we got to meet y’all. I hope you and Carrie do move down here someday. Someday soon.”

“Now, boy, you’re not trying to steal my daughter, are you?” Reverend Simmons said in mock anger, grinning as he spoke. “I can’t have that — I’d have to fight you!” The old man held up his fists and waved them about. “Melinda’s mine!”

I held up my hands in surrender and laughed. “No, sir! I would never come between a man and the most important woman in his life!”

We looked at each other in complete understanding and he nodded. Taking Mom’s hand from his arm, he placed her hand in mine and said gravely, “Neither would I, John. You and me, boy, we’re been blessed.” He held our joined hands between his own for long seconds and then said, “May the two of you know nothing but happiness all your days!” I shivered as he spoke, looking into Mom’s eyes. The love I found there was almost overwhelming and I felt like we had taken vows — that our love had just been blessed in a holy way.

Our goodbyes in the parking lot were long as no one really wanted the enjoyable afternoon to end, but finally we began to climb back into our cars. I shook Reverend Simmons hand after helping him climb in his daughter’s van. “John, you take good care of your mother, she’s a good woman.” Before I could respond, he tugged me by the arm, pulling me close and said in a stage whisper, “Besides, a woman that can suck cock like your mother deserves nothing but the best.”

“Papa! I swear!” I heard Melinda gasp. “You’re awful!” Reverend Simmons winked at me as she pulled away and I turned to see Mom turning red and trying not to laugh as we climbed into the car.

She giggled nervously as we pulled out onto the road, trying to look me in the face, but then looking away. “Something you’d care to share, Mom?” I said in a teasing voice.

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