Mother Superior’s Study.

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Judy and Jason sat outside the room.They exchanged nervous glances as they listened to the sounds of a thrashing taking place coming from inside the room. Ever since the Mother Superior had come to the school the slightest infraction of the rules was met with a visit to her private study and a minimum of six strokes of her cane. In the three months since the Mother Superior had been visiting the school countless pupils had received the cane or spanking over the old Nun’s knee,however behaviour had very much improved. Judy and Jason had taken a chance,they had been caught in a passionate embrace and it was decided that a visit to Mother Superior would dampen those wicked impulses.
“Fuck,she is really letting them have,” Judy said,nodding towards the door.
“Yeah,hopefully she will tire herself out by the time we have to go in,” Jason said.
They sat in silence,each locked in their own thoughts,listening to the sounds coming from the room,every now and again they heard the Mother Superior’s voice, “This is what you deserve,this is what you richly deserve!”.
Judy and Jason looked at each other and she slid her hand over and squeezed his thigh,he smiled and leaned over to kiss her ,but their special moment was interrupted when the door to the study opened and their friend David came out,he was rubbing his bottom with both hands.David looked at them and blew out slowly,before he could say anything Mother Superior appeared at the door,she was looking flushed and there was beads of sweat on her forehead,she had a slight smile o her thin lips.
“Back to class,David,don’t let me see you here again,or it will be your trousers down next time,my boy,” Mother Superior said slowly,as if enjoying delivering those words…”trousers down…

Mother Superior's Study.
David had received twelve strokes of the cane from Mother Superior over his trousers.

Mother Superior turned her attention to Judy and Jason.
“Inside you two,quickly now,I have others to thrash today!”
Jason and Judy jumped to their feet and walked passed the old Nun and into her study. The door slammed shut behind them and suddenly fear gripped Judy.
“Please,Mother Superior,we are sorry,please,it will not happen again,we were being stupid and let our feeling for one another show,we are sorry…”
“Silence,Judy,I have heard too many excuses today,” Mother Superior said as she took her cane from her table and began to flex it,there was a grin on her face that unsettled Judy and Jason.
“Now,you two,come over here and bend over the table,quickly now”, Mother Superior said walking around her table and holding the cane as if it was something precious.
Judy and Jason walked over to the table.they glanced at the cane in the Nun’s hand and both of them began to plead.
“ENOUGH!, I do not listen to excuses,you will be thrashed and that is an end to it,bend over”,Mother Superior said,impatiently.
Judy and Jason bent over the table,placing the palms of their hands on the table.
Mother Superior stood behind them and rested the cane on a chair as she raised up the back of their school blazers,Jason was wearing his gray school shorts and Judy was wearing her gray school,pleated,skirt. The Nun could
the excitement rush through her body as she picked up her cane again and approached Judy.
Mother Superior's Study. 2

Mother Superior's Study. 3

Judy felt the cane across her bottom,the Mother Superior rested the cane on Judy’d pert bottom and took careful aim,she prided herself on delivering a good caning.She felt excited as she raised the cane up and brought it down hard on Judy’s bottom,over her skirt.Judy cried out instantly.
“Steady girl,we are just getting started”,Mother Superior said as she brought the cane down again and again,slow,hard strokes was what Mother Superior thought best,driving her message home to these two errant pupils. The cane came down again and again and again and then Mother Superior noticed that Jason had slipped his hand across the table and was hold Judy’s hand.Mother Superior slapped the table with her cane; “How touching,two naughty sweet hearts,I have seen it all before,let her hand go ,boy,or I will have your trousers down and cane your bare posterior!” Mother Superior said.
“Sorry,Mother Superior,” Jason said ,meekly.
“Now,where was I?, Ah Yes,” Mother Superior said raising the cane up and bringing it down on Judy’s bottom again.Judy suffered twelve strokes of the cane and then Mother Superior turned her attention to Jason.
“I am going to enjoy this a lot more than you,Jason,” Mother Superior said gleefully.
The cane came down on Jason’s bottom with a loud crack! He yelled out and Mother Superior laughed.It was clear to Judy that the Nun was enjoying herself thrashing Jason’s bottom.She felt jealous,she wanted to enjoy Jason,but it was Mother Superior who was experiencing all the pleasure.Judy was sure that the Nun was turned on,turned on by thrashing bottoms. As each stroke landed on Jason’s posterior Judy could hear Mother Superior say, “Oh,yes,this is what you deserve!” Jason received f******n strokes,he go two extra for holding Judy’s hand .
“Now,I want you both to face the blackboard until I tell you you can leave,” Mother Superior ordered.
As Judy and Jason faced the blackboard,Mother Superior sat behind her table and watched as they rubbed their sore bottoms,she smiled.

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