Mother’s Helping Hand Ch. 03

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The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don’t read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

All feedback is appreciated and if you like the story please rate it in the comments section.


Bobby spent the rest of the day in a daze, the pain meds made him sleepy and he would doze off briefly but his dreams were filled with images of his naked mother, his cock erupting over her beautiful tits followed by her shock and confusion at what had happened. He kept seeing the expression of betrayal and hurt on her face and how she couldn’t even look at him over breakfast. He kept wondering how she was and felt terrible guilt that he’d allowed his lust to take control and turn his own mother into the object of his sexual fantasies. He awoke earlier than usual unable to sleep, knowing that she would be due home in a couple of hours and wondering what he had in store. Would she go crazy at him? Mom hardly ever lost her temper but when she did she really lost it. Part of him wished she would, anything was better than the pained silence he’d experience before she left.

Finally around 6pm he heard her car pull into the garage, she was later than usual but at least she was home. He waited upstairs till he heard her enter the house, he was expecting her to summon him downstairs but instead he just heard some cupboards opening and closing in the kitchen. Finally he plucked up the courage, drawing his robe around him, he ventured downstairs. He found her sitting at the dining room table, still wearing her uniform and sipping from a large glass of wine. He was shocked to see her drinking this early in the evening and as he approached he could see her eyes looked puffy as if she’d been crying.

“Mom, are you ok? You were late and I was worried.”

“Yes I’m fine dear, I stopped off at O’Rourke’s on the way home.”

“A Bar? I thought it was Fridays you went for a drink with the girls.”

“I wasn’t with the girls from work, I was on my own. I needed some time to think.”

He sat at the table and realised he’d never seen her looking so dejected.

“Mom, about this morning, I’m so sorry. I tried to stop myself, but I just couldn’t…”

“Sweetie it’s not you that needs to apologise. It was entirely my responsibility. What happened today is something that is never supposed to happen between a mother and son. I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

“Mom, it was an accident, you’re not to blame. It was my fault for not controlling myself.”

“Bobby, mothers are not supposed to get in the shower naked with their sons! If anyone knew what we did and what happened… I’d lose my job, probably go to jail.. not to mention the fact that it’s just…wrong Bobby. So wrong! And I allowed it to happen!”


“I’m the one who’s sorry Bobby. I’ve let you down. Caring for you at home like this… it seemed like a good idea, but I just didn’t realise where things would lead and…well I can’t allow it to happen again…so I’ve decided to re-admit you to the hospital. You’ll get the best care there, until your wrists are healed and you can look after yourself again.”

“Mom… no, you can’t be serious!”

“Bobby it’s the best way, I should never have brought you home in the first place.”

“But what about the bills? I know things are tight since dad died.”

“We’ll manage somehow, your wellbeing is more important right now.”

“But I’d rather be looked after here by you than in a hospital ward for the next month… you can give me all the care I need.”

“It’s not your physical heath I’m talking about Bobby. Being here with me, and having me …care for you. It’s not healthy Bobby… not after what happened today.”

“But it was an accident!”

“It should never have happened, I should never have allowed it to.”

“Look mom, when you work at the hospital, I mean patients must have accidents sometimes, when you’re washing them?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean like I did this morning, I can’t be the first guy who’s… lost it when he’s getting washed?”

“I suppose not, but I’m your mother Bobby!”

“But you’re also a nurse, and I’d been just a regular patient you wouldn’t be beating yourself up about it.”

“I don’t get in the shower naked with my patients Bobby!”

He experienced a flash of lust at the image but pushed it aside and remained on tack.

“Well that was my suggestion.”

“And I allowed myself to go along with it! God, what was I thinking?”

“You were just trying to be practical and so was I, and I had an accident, like lots of patients probably do.”

“I don’t know what you think goes on in a hospital Bobby, it’s not like some adolescent fantasy movie you’ve seen.”

She managed a half smile at the last comment, eve gelen escort it was the fist time she’d looked relaxed since she’d come home. The half empty glass of wine and the drink she’d had on the way home seemed to be having their affect.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” he said with mock outrage, trying to coax her into another smile.

She managed a wry laugh before turning serious again.

“Bobby, I’m sorry but I can’t go on with this situation. It’s unhealthy and it might end up destroying our relationship, and you’re too important to me to put that at risk.”

“How can it damage our relationship, I love you! You’re my mom and I will always love you! What happened doesn’t change that and it never could. I’ve never felt closer to you that I have the last few days, being here with you and having you look after me… it’s made me realise how important you really are to me. Please don’t push me away like this because of an accident.”

“I don’t want to push you away Bobby, you’re all I have. I just feel like I have failed you.”

“You haven’t and you never could. Please let’s give it another chance. I promise I’ll try to control myself more.”

“It’s not your fault, you’re a teenage boy, I understand.. I did used to be young myself once you know!” another smile, he was winning her over he felt sure.

“You still are young mom! Remember when we went to Applebee’s before I went skiing and the waitress thought we were on a date?”

“I’m sure she was just after a bigger tip!”

“No way mom, people see us out and think we’re…”he thought about saying boyfriend and girlfriend but decided against it “Brother and sister!”

“Hmmm, you’re such a charmer Bobby, just like your father.”

“I miss dad too mom, that’s why I don’t want to be apart from you, not now, not ever. C’mon, what do you say. Can we give it another try?”

“Ok Bobby. I don’t know what I would do without you here anyway.” She placed her hand on his shoulder and gave it an affectionate squeeze.

“Great mom, why don’t I keep you company while you fix dinner?”

“Ok.” she smiled.

She changed into one of his dad’s old t-shirts but this time she wore some leggings underneath and was obviously still wearing her bra. Bobby wasn’t too disappointed though, the combination of her more modest attire, his guilt and not least the fact his balls had been emptied meant he was able to refrain from getting a hard on. Instead he relaxed as she poured another glass of wine and chatted while she fixed dinner.

“Dr Williams has asked me to be a part of the new family planning centre they are opening at the hospital, if they are able to raise the funding to open it I could be the Assistant Manager.”

“Wow that’s great mom, I’m really proud of you!”

As she poured another glass of wine she finally started to return to her old self, joking with him as they enjoyed their meal together before settling down to watch an old movie. It was one they’d seen before with Humphrey Bogart as a hard bitten private eye but they enjoyed it just the same, enjoying each other’s company as much as the film.

The following morning in the bathroom things were a little awkward and stilted between them, Alison wore a bathrobe over her neglige and Bobby did his best to think unsexy thoughts and try to keep himself unexcited. Her washing his genitals gave him a semi hard on but he was able to think down before it got out of control.

Over the next week Alison relaxed more, she obviously found the bathrobe uncomfortably hot in the steamy bathroom and began to stop wearing it, once again providing him a pornographic display of cleavage and swinging boobs. She made sure to always wash him with a sponge glove and when she came to wash his morning hard on she handled it as if it were an unexploded bomb, which it pretty much was, making sure there was no danger of another accident. Similarly in the evening she decided on comfort over modesty and stopped wearing both her bra and leggings under her t-shirt.

Her increasingly relaxed attitude coincided with Bobby’s increasingly horny feelings. His accidental orgasm had eased the pain in his balls but he had only really had an partial release, his mom’s washing had brought him off unintentionally and he’d then cum on his own, he supposed it was what was meant by a ruined orgasm leaving him with temporarily drained balls but still the horny feelings. As his mom’s attitude relaxed and her clothing became more revealing his frustration began to increase so that his hard ons became initially more frequent and then almost permanent. He worried she would freak out about them but she remained relaxed and said it wasn’t his fault and don’t be embarrassed.

So here he was back to square one again, a cock that was so hard it hurt and a sexy beautiful mom he could hardly take his eyes off. And so it went on day after day, for the next week, every day his dick ached more and his fatih escort balls grew heavier. He managed to relieve his boredom in part through his laptop, he had worked out that if he gripped a pencil in his teeth he could tap the keys. It was a painfully slow process and made anything other than basic web searches impractical but was better than nothing. Inevitably he would end up searching for movies and pics of some of his favourite big breasted porn stars and models, but this merely added to his frustration and discomfort.

This morning his mom had been particularly chirpy, the work on the new clinic was progressing fast and it looked like mom was in line for a big promotion. She was wearing a white silk neglige that actually showed the feint outlines of her aureolas through the material and allowed her boobs to swing about unfettered. “God,” he groaned to himself “how much more of this can I take?” Even her customary delicate washing of his cock was torture, the delicate stroke and dabbing on the sponge on his iron hard cock and heavy balls simply adding to the torment.

After she left he slept fitfully but couldn’t take the image of his mom’s barely contained boobs out of his mind. He gave up trying to sleep and got out of bed, padding around the house waiting for his mom to get home. He was beginning to wonder if maybe going back to the hospital might not be such a bad idea after all. He remembered a cute little South American nurse who was always smiling at him and wondered if she might give him more than just a bed bath if he played his cards right. His cock lurched in frustration wondering what her slender little hand would feel like wrapped around his big, hard dick right now and he groaned out loud.

He walked past his mom’s bedroom and looked in noticing something red and lacy on the floor. He wandered in and looked more closely out of curiosity and realised it was her bra. She must have tossed it on the floor last night and forgotten to put it in the laundry hamper. There was something hugely erotic about the discarded garment he couldn’t ignore, he managed to hook his toe into one of the straps and picked it up with his foot before dropping it on the bed. He leant forward and examined the label, he could see it was a 32G. Shit, his mom was stacked alright! He bent down and picked the strap up in his teeth and let the silky fabric hang down in front of him, the head of cock rubbing the inside of the huge cup.

“Fuck! Her boobs were in this a few hours ago” he thought as his cock gave another demented lurch and left a smear of pre-cum on the material. He let her bra rub against his swollen cock for a few minutes, then he decided he’d better drop the lacy garment before he made even more of a mess of it. He dropped it from his teeth but the strap caught on his cock and it hung from his hard on like a giant clothes peg. He felt the material rubbing against his heavy balls and leg and decided it leave it there for time being. Not that there was much he could do about it right now he reflected. He remembered something and headed for his room, pausing to look at his reflection in the hallway mirror, his huge hard on contrasting with the red silky material that hung from the base of his cock. As he reached his room he sat in front of the laptop and gripped a pen in his teeth before prodding the keyboard to type in the name of one of his favourite models, Sophie Howard. As the search results came up on the screen he used the pen on the mouse pad to scroll through them and sure enough she had the same bra size as his mom. He brought up various images of the British model and realised her boobs looked pretty similar to his mom’s as well.

God, he would give anything right now to have the use of his hands to be able to wrap his moms silky bra round his cock and jerk off while he looked at images on the screen, imagining they were his mom’s boobs. Instead he just sat there in frustration, the baleful eye of his cock staring up at him as his cock throbbed against his belly.

He looked at the clock, shit, she would be home soon and finding him walking around with her bra hanging from his cock and a boob look-a-like model on his laptop would be difficult to explain away. He walked out to the landing and lent over the bannister to see if he could hear anything but the house was silent.

He turned to head back to his room and as he did he caught his cock head against the balustrade. His dick was so hard right now that the sensation actually felt good. Even a little pain was better then the permanent dull ache he’d had for the last few days. He swung his hip and hit his cock on the wooden post again.


God, his dick ached so bad right now any sensation was better than nothing so he did it again, harder this time.


As he swung his cock he could feel the soft material of his mom’s bra swinging against his heavy, hanging balls and legs. He repeated the process swinging his dick harder and faster.

“THUNK halkalı anal yapan escort THUNK THUNK!”

The contrast of the hard unyielding wood of the bannister against his hard cock and the soft lacy fabric brushing his balls was driving him crazy. Shit a few more minutes of this and he might actually cum! He continued beating his cock against the wood harder and faster, pre-cum smearing the wood, and pictured his cum shooting over the bannisters, spattering as he beat his cock on the wood and spraying over the landing onto the stairs and hall below. He knew with the amount of cum he had stored up now there would be a hell of a mess but right now he didn’t care, he’d tell his mom he just had an accident. He thought of his mom having to wipe his think streams of cum off the bannisters and floor and his cock lurched more, he pictured her big tits swaying as she scrubbed the cum from the carpet and his cock lurched, a dribble of pre-cum splattering against the wood. Shit he was almost there.


“I’m home sweetie!”

SHIT!! He’d been so wrapped up in beating off he didn’t hear her come home. He looked at his dick, seconds from cumming, a strand of pre-cum connected to the wooden balustrade, aching hard and now bruised from the battering he’d just given it, with his mom’s bra dangling underneath.

Crap, if only she’d been a few minutes later he’d have cum! As it was she would be coming upstairs to get changed in a moment so he hurried to her room, he shook his hips trying to dislodge her bra from his cock by swinging it side to side but with no success, so instead he tried to hook his toe into the dangling strap and pull it down while balancing on the other foot. As he pulled her bra down with one strap the other pulled his cock down until finally the strap came free and his cock slapped up against his belly. He prodded the bra back to roughly where he’d found it and hoped she wouldn’t notice the precum stains on it before returning to his own room to close the browser windows with the images of Sophie Howard. He could hear his mom padding up to her room to get changed from her uniform and heard no reaction so he figured he’d got away with it.

“Bobby are you awake?”

“Yes mom.”

“Ok I’m going to start cooking soon, there’s that trashy horror movie you wanted to see in an hour, are you going to come and keep me company?”

She sounded in a really good mood today and he wanted to see her but right now all he could think about was the boner that ached and was dribbling pre-cum onto his taut stomach.

“Sure mom, I’ll be down in a minute.”

He tried to clean himself up with his robe as best as he could, there was no chance of his dick going soft this side of Christmas so he ventured downstairs trying to keep it concealed under his robe as best he could. His mom was bustling around in the kitchen with some music playing on the radio.

“Oh hi sweetie, how are you feeling today?”

“Ok thanks mom, how was your day?”

“Really good thanks, Dr Williams has a big fundraiser lined up next month and if it goes through the new clinic will be green lighted.”

“That’s great!”

He tried to listen to her conversation but all he could notice was her t shirt, she was wearing a black Led Zeppelin one that was particularly small and clung to her curves. Her bra-less boobs jiggled and swayed and the shirt barely covered her ass when she bent over.

Fuck, how much more of this could he take? His cock was defying any attempt to keep it covered so he just let it jut out in the open.

“Shit, if she’s going to run around half naked like that then she can just put up with me having a hard on.” he thought.

His dick was like an iron bar, the head dark purple and shiny while his balls felt like they weighed a ton. Just having the cool air from the A/C on his dick felt a little better. Mom seemed oblivious to his arousal and carried on as normal.

They ate and settled to watch the movie, it was a sequel to the one they saw last week and the producers had decided to up the quotient of naked girls to make up for the lack of plot or acting. Mom cuddled up to Bobby and sipped her wine as the movie got underway. The movie was barely 5 minutes old before the first actress was running around naked and Bobby was facing the agony of another 90 minutes with the combination of a bevy of naked girls on tv, a beautiful scantily clad mother curled up next to him and an aching, bruised hard on for company. He managed to keep his dick covered up with his robe when he sat down, he decided turning himself on more by exposing his cock would only add to his discomfort. As his mom started on her 2nd glass of wine she was definitely starting to relax.

“Honestly Bobby, I can’t believe this movie is even worse than the last one. I think you are only watching this for all the naked girls!” she sipped her wine before adding “That’s if you can see them from behind that circus tent you’re pitching!” glancing at his robe.

He no longer knew how to react to her flirty comments, after her freaking out over the shower incident he was careful not to push things too far, but a week and a few glasses of wine later it seemed like she was finally chilled out, so he decided to joke along with her.

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