Mum’s Business Ch. 04

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College Student

Hi, I’ve disabled comments. This is meant to be fun and the shitty comments and trolling are tedious to say the least. Hope that you enjoy.

Jack had just invited May and mum into the house, then mum said, “May, please keep going; I’m nearly there, please don’t stop now.”

May kept on sucking and finger fucking mum, then May came off her and said, “Dot, I won’t stop, cum in my mouth, I want to taste your cunt juice, cum for me.”

Jack now turned around in his seat, mum’s skirt was wrapped around her stomach. May’s ass was in the air as she bent over, sucking mum’s clit. May’s legs were spread wide enough to let Jack’s hand in for a feel. Jack then slipped his hand between May’s thighs. May realised what was happening; she pulled her skirt up, allowing her to spread her legs wider. Jack found her long sex slit; her cunt lips were thick. He felt how moist she was; he slid a finger up May’s dripping cunt, May loved it, then said, “That feels so good, give me another finger.”

Jack gave her another finger, then mum climaxed, filling May’s mouth with her cum. May just kept sucking until mum had composed herself. Then May cum kissed mum for a minute, then turned to Jack and said, “Would you like some of your mum’s cum?”

Jack and May then cum kissed, May was a great kisser. Mum said, “I enjoyed that May; let’s go inside now.”

May and mum were excited and aroused when they got into the house; they went straight to the bedroom. May and mum were soon naked, kissing and touching, their massive tits being played with and touched. Jack was quickly naked too, just looking at what May and mum were doing to each other was arousing him. They were now lying on top of the bed in the 69 position; they were both very wet as both their pussies were squelching. They were both paying a lot of attention to the other’s clit. It was fascinating and arousing watching what they were doing to each other. They were both very sexy women.

They lay on the bed, sucking on each other’s clit; mum could look at Jack and his massive stiff cock, but May was at the other end. All she could see was the headboard of the bed. Mum was looking lovingly at Jack as her head bobbed up and down on May’s big nub of a clit as she finger fucked her with three fingers. May was doing the same to mum at her end of the bed. The two of them were enjoying what they were doing. Their naked bodies looked impressive. Both their massive tits were swaying beautifully.

Fifteen minutes later, May came in mum’s mouth; mum had given her a body-shaking orgasm. May was trembling with it. When May had composed herself, mum said, “May, I’m so happy that I’ve made your pussy so wet for Jack’s big cock, are you ready for Jack’s big shaft, or will I make you wetter?”

May looked at Jack sitting on a chair in mum’s bedroom; it was the first time that she’d seen Jack’s cock; she gasped when she saw his massive election then said, “That’s huge, I’ve never seen a cock as big, it’s so long and thick. Yes, I want him, but Jack, come here and let me suck you; I want to make you so hard.”

As adiosbet yeni giriş Jack approached May, mum came off the bed; mum sat in the chair that Jack had been sitting on. Mum was so aroused, she was going to watch Jack fuck another woman. This excited mum. May went down on Jack; she caressed his heavy balls as she took his full length in her mouth and throat. May was good at that; her tongue was everywhere as she sucked his stiff cock. A few minutes later, May lay on top of the bed, spreading her legs in the missionary position; she looked at Jack straight in the eye then said, “Take me, Jack, I’m yours, but go gently to begin with until I get used to this beautiful cock.”

Jack teased May’s hard clit with the bulbous head of his stiff cock, then put the head of his cock in the middle of May’s long sex slit; with a gentle push, he was home. May’s cunt lips were now wrapped around the base of Jack’s cock; she had taken his entire length quickly. Jack then started to ride her; he was impressed by how tight she was gripping his cock. He soon had a powerful rhythm going; May loved it. She was purring with pleasure. Mum was loving watching Jack fuck, and she had a finger stroking her clit as she watched Jack going in and out of May’s wet cunt.

Jack was giving May a great ride, but May was also giving Jack an excellent ride, her gripping and the way she was moving her hips were adding to the thrill of a great ride. For over twenty minutes, both their bodies worked together; then Jack sensed that May was close, he moved up a gear. He was going harder and faster now; Jack said, “Cum for me, May, let me feel your hot spunk on my cock. You’re going to feel me shooting my load on your cervix soon. Do you want to feel me squirt? Cum for me.”

Two minutes later, they both climaxed within seconds of each other. May had a massive orgasm; she was shaking and trembling with it. When she had composed herself, Jack leaned down, and they kissed affectionately for several minutes. Mum observed them; mum had had an orgasm as they had theirs; mum was grateful that she had the foresight to have been sitting on a towel. Mum was dripping and happy.

May then said, “That was wonderful; everything felt so good. Jack and Dot, I want to see you both again. I’ll be in touch with my lawyer first thing tomorrow morning. Your offer will go through with no problems. I thought that you could get entry on the 1st of September, that’s a Monday in two weeks. The Licensing Court is two weeks later, in the middle of September. Your offer will be accepted, so apply tomorrow to transfer the License to the September Court. If you need anything, Jack gets in touch, but I’d like to see you soon. I’ve enjoyed today, but I must get home now as I’m the nurse for my husband on a Sunday night. Can I have a shower as he would smell the sex coming from me?”

They all laughed, they all showered together, then Jack drove May home. As May left the car, she said, “I’ve loved today; I want to see you regularly. Are you comfortable with that?”

“May, adiosbet giriş I’ve enjoyed being with you, of course, we can meet. I’ll be in touch with you tomorrow.”

“Thanks Jack, I want to give you a big kiss, but I must be discreet. You must keep Jo and the young chef, Tom. He has got a talent. Jo knows what’s needed, she’s been saying for years, but she was starved with cash. Kay, her daughter, is excellent too but she’ll be an Accountant in a couple of years. Message me tomorrow.”

May squeeze Jack’s thigh and left the car. Jack had enjoyed being with May; he would see her again. When Jack got home, he phoned his lawyer at home. He told him the outline of the offer. He gave him May’s lawyer name and firm. He knew May’s lawyer and told Jack the proposal would be in by lunchtime tomorrow. He also told Jack to get the application in for the License transfer is possible within the next couple of days as it had to be lodged three weeks before the Court sat.

On Monday morning, Jack was in the office early; mum had cooked breakfast for him as he showered. They had made love again last night and then again this morning. Mum had confided to him that she enjoyed watching him having sex with other women, and she had also enjoyed having sex with May. Mum wouldn’t be in the office until after eleven; it wasn’t a problem as Jack had many things to do. Jim, the painter but also did many odd jobs around the restaurants, was in the office. He kept a stock of paint and supplies there. Jack explained the Hotel to him. Jim told him that he would have to see it but didn’t see a problem apart from an electrician, but he knew an electrician that could be available. They agreed to visit the Hotel on Wednesday afternoon.

Just before twelve, Jack’s phone rang; his lawyer said that the offer had been accepted. The restaurant company would own it on the 1st of September. He would email the formal acceptance this afternoon. Jack told mum, she was so happy. Jack then messaged Jo to say that their offer had been accepted. He said to her that he would be at the Council office this afternoon to lodge the License application. Would it be possible to meet Jo and Tom, the chef, this afternoon?

Five minutes later, Jo replied, “Mr Jack, I was so happy to read this. Yes, I can see you this afternoon. I have spoken with Tom; he can be available from four-thirty this afternoon; I’ve told him about you, he’s looking forward to meeting you. I’ll be in the Hotel all afternoon. Regards Jo.”

Jack replied, saying he didn’t know what time he would be there but was leaving for the Council offices now. Jack then drove to the Council office. He was surprised at how efficient they were. He completed the application form they gave him. He gave them a cheque for the fee. The lady said, “I don’t see a problem here, the Hotel needs a bit of money spent on it, but it’s got the best location in town.”

Jack was happy as he drove to the Hotel. Jo was at the reception when Jack arrived. She offered him a coffee. They went into the Cocktail bar, which was adiosbet güvenilirmi closed. Jack had a list of things that he wanted to ask. His first question was, did the Hotel have WiFi? Jo smiled, then said, “We don’t have a computer; I’ve to do all the Ledgers, Sales, Purchase and Wages by hand. It’s a lot of work. Though we have a Fibre Optic cable installed, they haven’t connected it to anything yet. There’s four blocks of apartments across the road plus all the houses on the road. They charged nothing for the installation. We are paying nothing at the moment for it. Would you like me to find out more for you?”

Jack replied, “Yes, please, we use Apple computers in our restaurants and bars. They’re excellent. The system we have is excellent. I will need to find their system that deals with Hotel bookings and billing, the system we have also covers all your ledgers and wages. I don’t have a problem getting you a system; we could have one this week. We would need the Internet connection as quickly as possible, so please make the enquiries on that. Are there any of the staff that you’re not happy with as the 1st of September is the time we could get rid of them?”

Jo thought for a minute; Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off her massive tits, he was sure that she was pushing them out for her, then Jo said, “Since May’s sister died, May has been spending much more time here, I was feeding her a lot of information. The bar manager was, shall I put it this way, only interested in himself. He was not honest; Kay, my daughter, saw many things that he was doing. I pointed a few things out to May. They had words; he finished two weeks ago, the bars turnover is up considerably. He was the worst; I’m happy that he’s gone. The rest of the staff are good.”

Tom then came into the Cocktail bar; he introduced himself, Jack took to him immediately. He was thirty, married with one son. He had worked in the Hotel for fourteen years. Jack then explained about the Sous Vide system he used in his restaurants. Tom knew about Sous Vide and the benefits of it. He told Jack that his kitchen didn’t have the equipment to do Sous Vide. Jack said to him that it wouldn’t be a problem as he would upgrade the kitchen. Tom was interested, saying that he would do some more research on it.

Jack suggested that he come up to see his main restaurant that produced all his restaurants’ meals. Then how he would understand how the system worked. Jack then told Tom that he would like to see his kitchen as the central kitchen for the Hotel and his five restaurants. Tom was very interested. Tom said Tuesday was his day off; could he come and see it tomorrow? Jo then said, “Mr Jack, I’m off tomorrow too, is it possible if I come too?”

It was agreed that they would be there the following day at ten. Jack was happy that Jo was coming too. He could show her how his systems worked. As Jack was leaving, he said to Jo, “Jo, do you have Internet in your home?”

“Yes, we have the fibre optic. It’s very fast; Kay needs it for her University, I don’t have a computer at home, but I use my smartphone on it all the time.”

Jack then drove home; he called into the Apple store and bought an Apple system for the Hotel. He then went to another computer store and bought a Canon printer. He was looking forward to seeing Jo and Tom tomorrow morning.

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