Mutual Benefits

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“Scott, hey. Do you live here now?” I heard before I could open my eyes. I was lying out by the pool of my new apartment complex in the rapidly increasing heat of the Florida panhandle. May was already proving to be a hot one with temperatures reaching close to 90 degrees.

“Hey Megan. How are you? Long time. I just moved in at the beginning of the month. Do you live here now, too?” I asked.

“Yeah, Jenny and I each got our own place. I moved in about three months ago and I’ve been waiting for the weather to change so I can get my tan on,” she replied, smiling. “It was crowded when I came out and I didn’t see you at first.”

Megan was Jenny’s roommate for about a year. They both worked at the same restaurant-bar I once frequented, and Jenny and I had been on again-off again fuckbuddies. At 36 she was nine years older than me and probably five years older than Megan. We all got along as friends, but I was never really that close to Megan. The last couple of times I was over at their place with Jenny, Megan wasn’t home. There had been a little awkward episode between us. I thought she had avoided me intentionally, but I guess it was forgotten.

“This is my first time lying out this year. It looks like it might rain soon, so I wanted to at least get a start on my tan, too,” I said, as I took a sip from my frozen banana daquiri. The apartment complex was a vast array of two story units with both flats and townhomes. I lucked up and got one near the pool on the first floor after another prospective tenant backed out at the end of last month.

We continued chatting and catching up about the last few months. I hadn’t seen Jenny in probably four months and Megan in more than that. Jenny met a guy who she seemed to like more than a fuckbuddy and who also seemed good for her. Megan was thirty or thirty-one, I wasn’t sure, but had jet black hair and was about fifteen or twenty pounds overweight, according to her. This didn’t stop me from finding her to be a very attractive woman and this was the first time I had ever seen her in a swimsuit. She had a two-piece tankini that was white and contrasted her skin and hair nicely. I think she was of Mediterranean descent. She had great curves, but she always seemed a little self-conscious about her weight, even while wearing clothes at work. She looked fine to me.

The clouds started to move closer out of the west and off the Gulf. It was a weekday and most of our fellow wanna be tanners had already headed indoors. Like myself, there were an abundance of students at the local community college who lived there. I was at the end of my daiquiri but had a half full blender in my fridge with more. As she watched me finish it I noticed she wasn’t drinking anything.

“I have more inside. You want a drink?” I asked. “I just live right there,” as I pointed to the back porch of my apartment about twenty yards away.

“Yeah, it looks good,” she said. “Besides, it’s clouding up. Most of the good tan time is up for today.”

We gathered our towels and belongings and headed to my place and entered through the patio door. As we came in I turned on some music and went to the kitchen and Megan followed. We had always gotten along fine both at the bar and when I was over at her and Jenny’s previous place. At twenty-seven I always felt comfortable with women a little older than myself.

I poured two daiquiris and we sat around the kitchen table reminiscing as we sipped our drinks. I usually made them strong and it wasn’t long before they were melting. We both drank them pretty quickly and without asking if she wanted more I made another batch. I liked the Parrot Bay rum in my daiquiris.

We moved to the couches in the den for our second drink. As we drank, our tongues loosened up and we chatted about our new neighbors, Jenny’s new boyfriend, and Megan meeting a new guy recently. After she finished her second drink she had a goofy smile on her face. I went to refill our glasses once more and when I returned she had the same goofy look.

“What’s up?” I asked, having an idea about what she was smiling about.

“You know. That time I saw you and Jenny,” she said giggling. “You were…you know, ha-ha.”

I think my face turned a little red as I, too, cracked a smile. Jenny and I had a few drinks one early afternoon and went to their place. Megan’s car was gone and we had the place to ourselves, or so we thought. I had stayed overnight previously a few times, when Megan was home, so my presence there wasn’t a big deal. As things heated up between Jenny and I that day, we were undressed more quickly than normal. We left the door to Jenny’s room open, not caring about anything except fucking each other once again right then and there. Just as I was about to make Jenny ataşehir escort bayan cum with my mouth like I usually did before intercourse, Megan walked by and saw us. Jenny’s eyes were closed in orgasmic fashion and I don’t think she ever knew. Megan had been in her room listening to headphones with her door closed. Her car was in the shop getting new brakes or something minor. When she walked by, our eyes met briefly and she retreated to her room without saying anything. This was the first time either of us brought it up.

“Yeah, that was…yeah,” I said, laughing. Jenny never said anything to me, so I assumed Megan never mentioned it to her. I guess it was mine and Megan’s little secret. Feeling a little braver than normal from the alcohol I questioned her further.

“So…what went through your mind when you saw us like that?” I asked.

She paused, took a long sip of her drink, then with a serious look on her face said, “I was wishing it was me in her place.”

“Wow! I guess I wasn’t expecting that answer, but Ok,” I said smiling. “Surely, Ricky always took care of you that way, right?”

“Um, not exactly,” she said, sounding a little disappointed, averting her eyes.

Ricky was her boyfriend for about four years. Most of the people who knew her knew them as a couple. The same with Ricky’s friends. They just seemed good together as a couple and headed for marriage, eventually. Most of us were taken by surprise when they split up suddenly and Ricky took a job out of town.

“He never got into that. He tried a couple of times, but he wasn’t into it, so I didn’t push. Of course, he didn’t mind me doing it for him, ha-ha,” she went on.

I really couldn’t believe that we were having this conversation. As friends we never really discussed more than bands, bars and friends.

“Well, what about that guy you said you dated before him? What was his name?” I asked. I really wanted to know at this point, as I was sure I wasn’t the only generous guy out there.

“Tim, and no he wasn’t into it either. He didn’t even like getting blowjobs, ha-ha,” was her response. “We dated in our early twenties for almost three years and there wasn’t really anybody else besides him and Ricky,” she continued.

I didn’t know Megan while growing up, so I didn’t know her complete dating history. We only knew each other through Jenny and the bar where they both worked. I remembered her mentioning a guy or two that she dated, but she was a little more overweight growing up and I guess had always been self-conscious.

“So…you wished it was you…,” I said, referring to her comment about seeing me and Jenny. It wasn’t a question, but a statement. I let this comment linger in the air. When she didn’t respond immediately, the alcohol began to influence my choice of words.

“Well you know, when I do that for a woman I like some reaction on her part as well,” I said, almost sounding boastful.

“What do you mean? I guess I felt a little self-conscious when they tried. Maybe that turned them off?” She seemed to be asking the question to herself.

“I mean, I love when my woman grabs my hair and gets into it. I love the eye contact, little things.” I was being serious at this point of our discussion.

“I think Jenny’s eyes were shut hard, ha-ha,” she said. “She did seem into it otherwise, like you say.”

“Well, here, let me show you what I mean, and you can practice on me,” I said, feeling bold as I moved out of my chair and approached her. I got on my knees on the carpet and looked up at her. At first, she started laughing and looked at me like I was crazy. I moved in a little closer and she was reluctant to open her legs even the slightest bit. I put my hands on her knees and said, “Go ahead. Put your hands on my head and run your fingers through my hair. Maintain eye contact. That always makes it hotter.”

She was laughing playfully but did as I said and put her hands on my head. When she tried to maintain eye contact she kept laughing, but at least she seemed interested in my idea.

“Try shutting your eyes for now,” I instructed. When she did I could sense she was enjoying it more without the pressure of eye contact. Her fingers were feeling good running through my hair and I was becoming aroused.

“Now clasp your hands together and pull my head in further,” I said. “Just like Jenny did when you saw her smothering me. I loved it, by the way, ha-ha.”

She pulled my head in slightly between her legs, opened her eyes, and then she started laughing hysterically. She released her grip on my head and started shaking her head, unable to continue.

“Sorry I’m laughing, but this just seems silly,” she said. I’m sure I’ll know what to do if it ever happens. Then she escort kadıöy stood up to leave, thanking me for the drinks.

“Yeah, well maybe your new flame will be different,” I said, with an air of encouragement.

“We’ll see,” she said. “He’s younger, maybe a year older than you, so maybe there is hope. We went out on one date already and just kissed a little. Tomorrow is our second date. I hope he likes getting blowjobs, ha-ha. OK, TMI. I need to get going.”

“Good luck,” I said, as she walked out. “If he doesn’t, come back and see me,” I mumbled to myself after she closed the door behind her, knowing she didn’t hear it.


I didn’t hear from her for four or five days, but she sent me a text message saying that they went out on a second date and ‘I DID’, in caps with a devil icon, I assume, referring to giving him a blowjob. She also said they had a third date tonight and for me to wish her luck. I replied with one of those little devil icons and a thumbs up.


A little after 8:30 that evening I was studying for an upcoming psychology exam when I heard a soft knock at my back patio door. I thought it was odd because most people come to the front. I pulled the curtain back and saw Megan in the dark with her back to the door. I opened the door to let her in and could immediately tell she had been crying. I welcomed her in and led her to the couches in the den.

She told me that her newest flame, Chris, who she had had a date with tonight, broke up with her via a text message. ‘What an asshole!’ I thought to myself. ‘Who does that?’

She went on, still tearful, about how she shouldn’t have given him a blowjob so soon, how she was too fat, etc., etc., blaming herself for this guy being a dickhead. I reassured her that there was nothing wrong with her and that she was a very attractive, sexy woman. He was the one who had issues, I reminded her. I gave her some tissue and turned on some music and gave her a moment alone. I returned with two Crown and Seven drinks, which I knew she liked from previous partying with her and Jenny.

She continued to berate herself, and suddenly I found myself starting to laugh.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” she asked, almost angrily.

“See, I interrupted your thought process long enough to make you mad at me. Everything you’re saying is bullshit, you’re fucking hot. There, I said it,” I went on.

She was dressed in a denim skirt that looked sexy without being slutty, heels, and a white blouse with a low neckline that showed off her more than ample boobs. She took a deep breath, sighed and slammed the rest of her drink. Naturally I took the glass from her hand and went into the kitchen to fix another. I had to finish mine quickly to catch up.

When I returned, her heels were off her feet and on the floor, her blouse untucked from her skirt and she appeared much more relaxed. I handed her round two, slightly stronger than the first.

“You’re right,” she said. “Fuck him. So…do you miss fucking Jenny?” she asked, totally out of left field.

I had a mouthful of Crown and Seven and almost spit it out, taken aback by her question. The only neutral answer I could think of was, “I’m happy she found a good guy who she likes.”

“Yeah, I suppose,” she said. “I should quit feeling sorry for myself.” She took another long swig of her drink then sighed. She had come a long way from completely frazzled to calm in a short time.

“Maybe you can tell me more about those rules you were telling me about last time. You know, what to do with my hands. Jenny must have followed them,” she said with a smile that looked between curious and devious. I was really into her, all of a sudden, studying everything from how she sat to what she was wearing. She really was turning me on more and more by the minute.

“Yeah, but there was one I forgot to mention,” I said, as I set my drink down and approached her. Our eyes remained focused on each other’s.

I slid my right knee between her thighs to prop myself on the couch. I put my hands on the back of the couch on either side of her shoulders. My face was about a foot from hers when I said, “This part.”

I moved forward and saw her eyes close as she knew she was about to get kissed. I could tell from the time I saw her at the pool that there was some sexual tension between us. Maybe Jenny told her about our sex together. Who knows? But there was definitely an attraction between us, especially right now. We kissed for probably thirty seconds. It seemed like an eternity, of course, but she pulled away and said, “I like this rule.”

We continued kissing with unadulterated tongue action. My knee took on a mind of its own, inching forward between her legs. Her legs seemed maltepe escort to welcome my advance and parted further. She instinctively began to run her fingers through my hair and pull me into her as we kissed. Our positions changed, and I found myself almost on top of her as she sunk into the couch.

“See, you have the rule about running your fingers through my hair perfected and you didn’t even realize it,” I said, smiling.

“And the other was eye contact, right?” she asked while not breaking eye contact, reaching her lips toward mine once more. Our lips and tongues danced with each other’s once again, as my hands seemed to be like magnets drawn to her chest. I removed my knee and my hands and slowly slid down the couch, maintaining solid eye contact during my descent. When my knees were on the floor between her feet I placed both hands on her thighs.

“Yes, but the key is maintaining eye contact from this angle when you look down into mine”, I said, with emphasis on the word down. She continued looking into my eyes with her hands remaining on my head, lightly massaging my scalp.

“See, you’ve already mastered two of the rules,” I said, as I began to kiss her inner thigh. Simultaneously I slid both hands up her outer thighs, pushing her skirt higher towards her waist. It was obvious that she dressed sexy for her date as her black lace panties came into view.

We continued solid eye contact and I began to massage her thighs. Lightly at first, then gradually with more force. Her legs parted even further, as I reached for the side zipper of her skirt.

“Let me help you,” she said, with continuous eye contact as she unzipped her skirt. She then lifted her hips and brought her thighs together and let it drop to the floor before my knees. I then felt her hands on the nape of my neck, clasped together, her thighs parting naturally once again, this time even farther.

“Where were we,” she asked, still maintaining eye contact.

I felt a little tension on the back of my neck, pulling my face closer to where we both wanted it. I didn’t need any further prompting as I pushed her thighs even farther apart and put my open mouth on her panties. I exhaled my hot breath into her panties and she leaned back and closed her eyes, applying more tension to the back of my head, pulling me in. I took a breath in through my mouth, still open on her panties, then exhaled again, feeling a trembling sensation through her entire body.

“Good girl,” I said. “It seems you have another rule perfected,” referring to her pulling my face into her snatch. “Eye contact is optional from this point on,” I said, sarcastically.

I immediately put my mouth back on her now soaked pussy as I pulled the black lace to the side. It was obvious that she had recently shaved in anticipation of her new lover. His loss. I parted her pussy with my tongue in an upward motion, two or three upward strokes, keying in on her response. I wasn’t disappointed. Her breathing became heavier and the tension on the back of my head more forceful, just the way I like it. She bucked a little, never letting go of her grip on the back of my head as I welcomed her clit between my lips. I began sucking on it, enjoying the interplay of her thighs squeezing my face and her interlocked fingers pulling on my head. My face became a plaything for her, totally uninhibited, like a bad girl fucking her vibrator in total privacy. Her head turned from side to side, slapping her cheeks on the top of my couch. Her clit was my focus now, like a punching bag for my tongue. Every angle, left to right, top to bottom. Nothing in the world mattered to me except getting her off. I drew it out and let it go like a rubber band. Then again. And again. I inserted my middle finger into her juicy slit, curling my finger in, knowing this would get us to what we both wanted. Close to cumming in my mouth.

I found that ever elusive spot and then she pulled my face into her pussy and screamed out loud, “YES, YES, Baby, YES!” There was total bliss for both of us in this moment.

Her grip on my head let free and I felt her body go from being tense to relaxed in seconds. I followed her cue and sat back on my heels, never letting go of her thighs. She had a big smile on her face as she slowly opened her eyes and regained eye contact.

“I told you eye contact was optional past that point,” I said with a wink, maintaining eye contact with her. I continued to massage her thighs. Her smile seemed like a quarter mile wide. We were both happy and relaxed. I slowly raised myself off the floor, admiring my sexy friend splayed on my couch, joining our lips once again to share her juices with her.

“How about another drink?” I asked.

“Sure, why not?” was her reply with a long exhale afterwards.

I returned and sat next to her on her right on my couch. I gave her the third drink and asked, “So did your night go as expected tonight? Or better?”

Her smile gave me the answer better than any words could have, as we began kissing passionately again.

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