My Best Friend’s Daughter Ch. 02

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I was excited and nervous as hell when I finally called Lisa’s place. It was only a few days after the night I’d gone over to hang out, drank way too much cheap wine, and ended up staying over.

All I could think of was Cass and watching her masturbating. My friend’s daughter had “my nose wide open”, as we used to say back in the day. Ever since that night I had to fight the urge to get in my car and drive over to their place.

“Bitch! Are you crazy…?” I’d argued with myself. “You’re fantasizing about your oldest friend’s daughter!”

But that day, my urges won out and I called the house.

“He-Hey, Cass…its Michelle,” I stammered. I felt like I was 14 or 15 again and calling some boy I’d had a crush on. I lied about thinking her mom would be there knowing it was at least a few hours before she’d arrive from work. I small talked her for a few minutes and got the impression that maybe she was a little nervous too.

Finally I got around to implementing my “plan”.

“Before I let you go, Cass,” I started, “your mom tells me you’ve been doing some personal training…” I proceeded to ask her if she wouldn’t mind helping me get “my curves under control”. She readily agreed and we planned for her to meet me at my condo two days later.

When we hung up my heart was racing. I was so excited that I immediately slipped a hand into my panties and got myself off. But when the rush subsided, “common sense” briefly set in and I started to re-think what I was doing.

This wasn’t the first time I’d had a “hard-on” for another woman – I’d acknowledged my bisexuality a few years after college. My concern was mostly about WHO the woman in question was. Then I had to consider the age difference – Cass was 22 years younger – compared to me she was a “kid”. I’d never been with someone more than 10 years younger. And although I had a minor suspicion that she was also into women, I had no real indication that she was even remotely interested in me.

What if I had it all wrong?

“Common sense” again gave way to horniness…only one way to find out…

I called Lisa later that evening to “cover my tracks”. I told her about Cass agreeing to come by and help me with my exercise routine, which she enthusiastically encouraged.

“Girl, she doesn’t admit it, but Cass knows her stuff!” Lisa assured me. “I’m sure she’ll have your ass good an’ sore by the time she’s done…”

If she only knew!

I was as excited after talking to my friend as I had been after talking to Cass. I’d fantasized about Lisa more than a few times (she was my first “female-crush”). After the call I got myself off again – that was the second time in the same day that a woman at that address had made me wet.

I was a hot mess…!

We were schedule to meet on Friday morning – I barely slept the night before. I had taken the day off and pushed all of my client appointments to Monday (I’m a self-employed cybersecurity consultant). Cass was coming over at 10:00 and I’d been nervously pacing and futzing about my place since 7:00.

I was like a virgin on a first date. I rubbed one out about an hour before – it helped me to calm down (a little) and focus.

I was wearing my usual work-out gear, but came up with a better idea. I changed from my unattractive, baggy sweats and slipped on my “sexy” yoga gear – black, knee-length pants with a matching tank top. I deliberately didn’t wear underwear.

Cass pulled into the driveway at 9:48 – my nipples tingled and I felt myself getting wet again. I greeted her at the door with a big hug, pressing my breasts against hers.

She wore a pair of grey running tights and a loose t-shirt. We had a few minutes of idle chit-chat rus escort before starting our session. I turned on a mix of old-school R bouncing, bending, spreading and jiggling as much as I could.

I did notice her staring at my breasts and the “all too obvious” camel-toe between my legs. She also had no problem helping me to spread my legs wider or adjust my hips to the correct positions. By the time we were done I was sore, sweaty and horny. Even if this didn’t get me the results I was hoping for I had thoroughly enjoyed it.

“Ooh…girl…!” I panted when we were done. I lay spread-eagle, laughing and trying to catch my breath on my exercise mat.

“I didn’t break you, did I…?” Cass smiled.

We laughed some more and I asked if she’d help me stretch, thinking of how I could make “my move”.

I laid on my back and she began pushing my right leg toward my chest, pressing her own thighs and body weight against me. I closed my eyes. She held my leg until I felt my hamstring loosening up, then she switched to my left leg.

“Come on, baby…!” I thought to myself, “…please…” I was starting to get excited again with her pressed against me like this. I frantically thought about what I could do to get things going.

With no real effort on my part, my wish came true!

When I opened my eyes, Cass’s eyes were shut tight and she was biting her lower lip. She was also slowly humping and grinding against the back of my thigh.

“Yes – game on!” I whispered to myself. I could fell the warmth of her pussy rubbing against me.

“Ooh, Cass…that feels good…I can really feel it stretching out…”

Cass opened her eyes and looked into mines. Neither of us said anything for several long minutes. I just laid there with my arms stretched to my sides with her still slowly humping against my thigh.

“Let’s try a different stretch.” She suggested smiling. “I think you’ll like this too.”

Cass helped me to me feet. The camel-toe, the damp spot and my protruding nipples were on full display. She slowly, hungrily looked me from top to bottom. Her stare both turned me on and made me a little nervous, but I got the distinct feeling we were both on the same page.

“H-how do you want me..?” I asked almost out of breath.

Not that I knew any better, but the position she suggested didn’t really sound like it was going to be very effective – at that point, it didn’t matter.

As Cass had instructed, I got down on my knees, sat back on my feet, spread my thighs and leaned forward, extending my arms and placing my forehead on the mat. I closed my eyes. My heart was racing anticipating what might come next.

Cass took her time. The workout mix was still playing so I couldn’t hear much, but I was able to sense she was nearby.

“How do you feel now, Michelle?” she finally said.

“I’m good.”

“I’ve haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since the night we met.” She announced kneeling in front of me. “I know you saw me getting myself off that night, too…I was hoping that you did…I even set it up so you would.”

Her admission sent a chill up my spine and I moaned softly. I wondered how much bigger that wet spot between my thighs had grown.

“I liked the idea of you watching me…it made me cum really hard…” She continued.

I felt as if I might cum too, if she kept talking like this.

“Did you like watching me?” she asked. Cass slowly started tracing her fingertips along my forearms, up to my elbows and shoulders and neck – it gave be goose-bumps. Then she ran her fingers thru my hair, gently pressing against the back of my skull until I raised my head.

“Yes…” yenimahalle escort I answered opening my eyes to meet hers.

She sat back and I was delighted to see that Cass was naked and rubbing herself. My eyes went from the fingers in her pussy, to her firm breasts and erect nipples and back to her sly smile. She leaned forward and we kissed. I started to get up but she stopped me.

“Not yet…” she kissed me again and then rose and walked behind me.

“What are you gonna…?” I started to ask before I felt her hand slide up between my thighs. She immediately pressed her fingers against the damp spot and found my clit. I spread my legs wider. Her other hand stroked, kneaded and then suddenly slapped my ass.

“Michelle! You don’t have any panties on…! Is this what you were hoping for, baby?” Cass’s tone let me know she was completely enjoying herself. She was loving the control – I had to admit that I loved it too.

“Oh, hell yes…!” I hissed. She continued to finger me and slap my ass, telling me to moan and answer her louder each time.

“Come on, get up.” Cass finally ordered, removing her hand and helping me up. “Get undressed.”

I quickly stripped off the soaked yoga pants and top. She took my hand and led me into the kitchen. We kissed as she backed me against the island counter.

“Up…” She said and helped me to get my ample cheeks onto the counter. Cass spread my legs, lowered her head and worked her tongue in and out of my shaved, soaked cunt. I laid flat on my back and drew my legs up (I imagined I looked like a cooked turkey).

After a few minutes of expert pussy-eating, I placed a hand firmly on the back of her head. She’d found “my spot” and I didn’t want her to lose it.

“Right there…!” I moaned. “Lick my pussy right there…that’s it!”

Cass licked and sucked “my spot”, slipping two nimble fingers into my soaked pussy and then one into my ass. Normally, my rule is “the butt-hole is off limits until, maybe, the second encounter”, but I was so caught up and excited that I let it slide. I gasped, squealed and gave in – I was all hers.

“Please…” I begged and moaned. “…Mmmm, work that pussy…that ass and pussy is all yours…”

I’m a talker during sex, but my words were unnecessary – Cass knew that I was open and willing for anything she wanted. She was completely focused on my clit, my pussy and my all-too willing asshole.

I was very close to getting off and she knew. Cass suddenly slowed her pace and had me sit up and lean forward. Too late I realized that I was awkwardly balanced and literally clinging to the edge of the counter. My hands gripped at the ends to keep from falling.

“Cass…what the fuck…?” I started, my legs hung and twitched freely as I tried to maintain my balance.

“It’s all good,” she assured, grinning as she watched me struggle, “I got you…”

Cass wet her thumbs and fingertips and softly pinched, rubbed and traced my nipples.

“Omigod…” I gasped.

My mind shifted between a need for safety and a desire for pleasure. Cass made my nipples tingle and grow. I spread my thighs and pressed my feet against the cabinet doors below me. It helped to steady me some. She took full advantage of my open legs and softly played with my clit.

“Are you fuckin’ kidding…?”

Despite my protests or “outrage” I was suddenly aware that it was more important to me that Cass be able to play with my pussy, and I actually spread my legs wider.

My already sore ab, shoulder and thigh muscles were being pushed beyond the limit. I knew that I must have looked ridiculous too, with my bear-gut and thighs jiggling, and tits flopping around; sweating and moaning while this “kid” tormented and toyed with me. I even farted a few times.

I was turned on, embarrassed, still exhausted and sore, but more importantly, I eventually realized – I was impressed. No one had ever done something like this to me (and I’ve had my share of outrageous experiences), and Cass was proving to me she had a more than healthy imagination.

“Cum for me, Michelle.” She said. My clit and nipples felt like they were being electrically charged when she touched me. “You know you’re about ready to get off…”

She was right, and a few seconds later I gave in to one of the best “toe-curlers” I’ve ever had. Cass settled me back onto the counter to keep me from finally falling to the floor.

I lifted myself up onto my elbows once I’d maintained some composure. Cass was standing there staring at me, slowly playing with her pussy.

“Your turn?” I asked, glancing at her crotch.

She only smiled and helped me down from the counter. I led her back to the living room and playfully pushed her down onto the couch. Cass opened her legs wide, grabbing her ankles and pulling her knees back against her shoulders. Her pussy was beautiful – shaved, glistening and inviting.

Neither of us said a word. I got down on my knees and planted my face in her crotch. Now it was my turn to “take control”. After several long minutes of administering to her clit, I shifted her hips, spread her ass-cheeks and gave my full attention to her pretty, little asshole.

“Omigod…” She gasped.

I glanced up at her face. Her eyes were partially open and she was biting her lower lip. Beads of sweat ran along her forehead and between her breasts.

She was all mines now.

I moistened my middle finger and slowly pushed it into her tight ass. Cass moaned louder as I began ass-fucking her. I slipped a second finger inside her before applying my tongue to her erect clit again.

Her breathing quickened, as her toes clenched and flexed. She was close.

“Time to get you off, huh…?” I said pulling away from her and standing. Cass’s eyes went wide as she remained spread open on the couch.

“Michelle, please…!” she begged. “I need it so bad…”

“Over here.” I instructed, pointing to my exercise mat. Without me even telling her what I wanted Cass crawled from the couch to the mat, assuming a position on all-4s, raising her hips and presenting her ass.

“She likes her ass played with…” I noted. Several wild ideas filled my head.

I knelt behind her, spread her cheeks and inserted my tongue. I loved how she moaned and gave in.

“Damn! I wish I had a dick…” I told her lifting my face and slapping her left cheek, “I’d fuck the hell out of this tight ass!”

I re-inserted the fingers into her ass again and pressed my other hand against her clit. I thrust my crotch against hers like I was fucking her.

“Is this how you like it, Cass?” I trash-talked, pumping against her. “You like getting fucked from behind? Hmmm…?”

“Ye-yes…fuck me…yes…oh shit…!” Cass gasped before she began to shudder. She fell face forward and continued to shake and moan. A small puddle grew between her thighs as she squirted onto the mat.

“Wow…” I commented. “Never saw that before.”

I applied my towel to the growing puddle before it spilled onto the floor.

We cleaned up, showered and settled into the couch for a few hours. We laughed, kissed, talked and fooled around some more.

Before she left later that afternoon, Cass and I came to several agreements: we’d meet here once a week, and we’d actually have a training session (we even agreed on a fee) and IF we were both in the mood, have some fun afterwards. If we were JUST in the mood, we’d skip the session and get to the fun! Most importantly – Lisa was NEVER to find out.

Unfortunately, our last agreement was beyond our control – Lisa found out about us a few months later.

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