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One night my girlfriend, her girlfriend and I were hanging out at they girlfriends place drinking beer and wine and watching a video. We sat on the couch watching some chick movie. After a while I was feeling a horny so I started making out with my girlfriend, I hoped that her girlfriend would get the hint and go home, but she didn’t. What happened next is a man’s fantasy come true.

My girlfriend whispered in my ear asking me if I would mind including her friend in our little make out session. I was shocked and thought I was dreaming. I was casually dating this woman for about 2 months and never dreamed that she was into this stuff. So, being an opportunistic male, I said let’s go for it, and we did. She asked her girlfriend if she wanted to and she said sure. Come to find out, they had done it before. My girlfriend went to her bedroom and brought out a couple of dildos, a single and two-way.

My girlfriend took the dominant position and began undressing her girlfriend in front of me very seductively. I whipped out my cock and stroked as they both watched.

I watched her blouse drop to the floor and then her bra exposing breasts with very erect nipples.

Then her jeans and panties fell to the floor exposing her luscious pussy. I had to slow down the stroking because I could feel the cum rising. Her girlfriend seemed a little nervous but enjoyed watching me masturbate while my girlfriend now stripped seductively in front of her. They were both naked now in front of me watching me pump. They had impish smiles like they were up to something as they encouraged me to stroke. I felt a little self-conscious putting on a show for them while they intently watched my hand. Then my girlfriend grabbed some sensuous oil and spread it over all four breasts. She then pressed her tits against her girlfriend’s making sure that her nipples kissed her friend’s. She moved her chest in a circling motion, flesh swirling against flesh. Her girlfriend threw her head back and moaned as she surrendered to the pleasure induced by the breasts of another woman…… They then kissed, tenderly at first, and then with passion, voraciously consuming the mouth of the other. This scene before me put in a trance, the kind of trance one experiences when one views a magnificent work of art. The kind of art that brings peace to a man’s soul. I was actually getting a little jealous, but it was such a turn on watching them çanakkale escort kiss, breathing hard and pawing each other’s body.

They were so into pleasuring each other that I felt they forgot I was in the room. My girlfriend then told her friend to lie down on the floor and spread her legs wide open exposing her wet glistening slit. She then shoved a vibrating dildo deep into her hole and then bent over and started licking her girlfriend’s slit up and down, very slowly.

She sucked her girlfriend’s swollen clit into her mouth and bit it gently while lapping at it with her hot tongue. Watching this woman’s tongue glide up and down between the pussy lips of another woman was very erotic and yet touching at the same time. My full attention was focused on this living art before me, getting filed away and then conjured up when I need to relieve the unavoidable stress of every day life.

Her girlfriend was experiencing pure bliss, a bliss manifesting itself with squirming hips, quivering thighs, arched back and a series of soft, high pitched screams. I watched her girlfriend’s face as it exuded the pleasure she was experiencing between her legs. I watched my girlfriend’s ass gyrate to the vibrations she was feeling deep inside her love cave. Her girlfriend went uncontrollably wild when my girlfriend had an orgasm because she increased the intensity of her eating binge as she came. It was as if her girlfriend was feeling the vibrations from the dildo buzzing in my girlfriend. My girlfriend then stopped and started kissing her friend passionately. They both made out heavily on the floor squirming all over each other’s soft bodies. As they kissed they could not leave each other’s clits alone and fingered each other to orgasm.

They were masterful because they were very familiar with the location of all the hot spots. They then put their wet finger in their mouth and slowly drew it out and swallowing the love juice of the other.

I sat there and stroked away watching this live porn movie. My girlfriend then slid back down to her friend’s sweet spot and got down to business again. When she came up for air, she shoved 3 fingers deep into her friend’s vagina and pumped away. Then she clamped her mouth on her girlfriend’s nipple and suckled it.

Her girlfriend grabbed her other nipple, squeezing and rubbing it between her fingers as the other one was getting suckled. My girlfriend’s hand was soaked with her friend’s juices. You know, she actually did all the things I do and I felt that that’s what I look like when I do that to a woman. But there was a difference, there seemed to be a little more elegance to the movements, not like a man who is a little more rougher. After a few more orgasms my girlfriend pulled her fingers out of her friend and told me to lick her hand dry. I did as she ordered. She then told me to lap up the juice oozing out of her girlfriend’s soaking hole, and I complied. Her girlfriend was exhausted, she just laid on the floor spread eagle like she didn’t have a care in the world. As I was lapping up the juices, my girlfriend watched as she fucked herself with her dildo.

Then it was my turn to join in the fun. I told my girlfriend to lie spread eagle on the floor. Then I told her girlfriend to eat my girlfriend’s pussy, she complied, but really had no choice.

I then thrust my rock hard cock into my girlfriend’s mouth. You will never know what it feels like to receive a blow job while the woman giving it to you is having an orgasm. I watched her friend eating my girlfriend and my hips went wild as I fucked her wet, moaning mouth. She grabbed the back of her friend’s head and mashed it down. She spit my cock out of her mouth so she could scream from the orgasm induced by the mouth of the woman ravaging her vagina. Just when I was about to cum, I pulled out and asked them both to get down on me – one sucking on my cock, the other sucking my balls.

I kissed my girlfriend passionately while her friend sucked on my cock. It felt incredible getting stimulated in several places at the same time by the warm luscious lips of two women. After a little while, it was very hard not to cum, but I held it I back. They stopped and asked me to fuck them both with the two-way dildo.

They spread their legs wide, across from each other and I thrust it back and forth. It was quite enjoyable watching them scream in ecstasy and asking me to do it harder and harder. I watched as the dildo slid into one slippery hole and then into the other, they each fingered their own clits for added stimulation. They looked so relaxed lying there contented that I was doing the more physical work while they did the delicate. It was hard work because I was working against squirming uncontrollable thrusting hips and ever arching backs. They finally said enough so I took the dildo out of their drenching pussies. Then my girlfriend told her friend to lie on her side and spread her legs open. She then moved spread eagle and mashed her warm wet pussy into her girlfriends waiting pussy lips. They rubbed, they humped each other, they merged their juices………

Finally the exhaustion overtook them so they released each other from their scissor grip and lied back on the floor to reenergize and catch their breaths.

I sat back staring at these two works of art sprawled out on the floor. After a brief respite from our sexual escapades I told my girlfriend’s friend to eat my girlfriend again. I then got behind her friend and thrust my cock into her hole. I fucked her while watching my girlfriend getting eaten by another woman………..

I then exploded. With each thrust I pumped a new load of cum inside her. Her friend went wild transmitting the intensity of my orgasm to my girlfriend’s vagina. I used her friend’s body as an indirect way of giving my girlfriend an orgasm. Finally I was spent and collapsed on her back. I laid there until my cock shrank and slipped out. We all then laid back on the floor and caught our breaths. After a while we got dressed. Her friend thanked us for relieving the stress one experiences in every day life and then went home.

I told my girlfriend that that was a mind blowing experience and that I was very surprised she was Bi. She said she preferred men but occasionally will have sex with a woman. She said it started when she had sex with some of her girlfriends when she was 14 out of curiosity. She told me how her and two other girls would go deep in the woods and take all their clothes off because they wanted to feel what it was like being stark naked outside. Then one thing led to another and they started to feel each other’s tits and nipples. She told me that they would put one hand on another’s tit and rub there own clits. Then they would sit down in a circle and rub the clit of the other. She said it was a lot of fun and would giggle as they did it. They would also lick each other’s vaginas and one time they brought 3 bananas with them and fucked each other. They did it often until they had boyfriends. But sometimes when the circumstances were right she would have sex with one of her girlfriend’s. The girlfriend with us that night was one of those girls. We had sex again later that night and I could not help review in my mind what transpired earlier that evening as I made love to this magnificent woman, my work of art.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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