My Niece , Nephew Come to Visit

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“Come on in.” I greeted my niece and nephew, “I’ve just put the kettle on, and you go and unpack while I make us all a cup of tea.”

“Coffee for me please.” Martin grinned.

“And me.” Tina added.

“Coffee it is then.” I replied.

Martin and Tina took their bags upstairs while I headed for the kitchen to make the coffee. As I waited for the coffee to percolate I wondered what the kids and I could do for the next two weeks that they would be visiting me; I had the same problem every year, what to do. Mind you I had always enjoyed the annual two-week visit of my big sister’s kids, especially after my own marriage had broken up; they had cheered me up no end. Martin had now turned nineteen, his sister was eighteen, and growing more beautiful each time I saw her.

What I liked most about the kids was that they seemed to think nothing of the age gap between us, their attitude made me feel like a twenty year old instead of a woman of thirty-eight. The kettle clicked off and I busied myself with making coffee, I could hear the kids moving about upstairs and took the steaming cups into the living room with a smile on my face. A few minutes later they came into the living room; for some reason Tina’s face seemed a little flushed and I hoped that she was not coming down with a cold.

“Well,” I said as they sat on the sofa, “tell me all the news.”

“There’s not a lot to tell,” Martin replied, “I’ve been accepted by the Poly, dad’s as grumpy as ever and we think mum is having an affair.”

“Another one.” I commented, “I’m surprised your father has stayed with her what with all the affairs she’s had since they got married. Your mother always was over-sexed.”

“We’ve noticed.” Tina smiled, “What about you, anything new?”

“Not really,” I replied, “there’s little opportunity around here.”

“I can’t believe that,” Martin laughed, “not for a sexy woman like you.”

“Martin!” I protested.

All the same his comment made my day, I was no Mona Lisa, but I still had my girlish figure, well sort of, and I wasn’t too bad to look at. My nephew had certainly brightened up my day though. He grinned at me then laughed, caught up in his mirth I laughed along with him, as did his sister.

“So what have you got planned for us?” Martin asked cheekily, “A good strip show or something?”

“You, young man, are a randy sod, I had better get some bromide when I next go near a chemist.” I laughed, “Anyway, you’re doomed to disappointment, there isn’t a decent stripper within fifty miles of this place.”

“So you have checked then.” Tina giggled.

We spent the afternoon chatting away about nothing in particular, though much of the conversation seemed to border on the risqué; Martin was full of double innuendos while Tina made saucy tongue in cheek comments. I loved it; they were a breath of fresh air in what had become a boring life. As the sun set I dished up the evening meal, we all drank some wine and chatted while we ate. By the time the meal had ended I felt warm and relaxed and was wishing that I had a regular man. We cleared up the dishes and retired to the living room where I poured us all an after dinner drink and sat down to enjoy the rest of the evening.

“Oh,” Martin said suddenly, “we nearly forgot. Tina and I have a couple of things for you. We’ll just go and get them.”

“Back in a tick.” Tina grinned as she stood up.

“I’ll freshen your glasses.” I responded as they left the room.

I filled the glasses and sat back down again, from upstairs I heard the sounds of them moving about, then there was silence. A few moments later I swore I heard a cry, but put it down to my imagination. Ten minutes later the pair of them returned, they both looked flushed and I noticed that one of the buttons on Tina’s blouse was undone. Hiding my surprise at the thought that passed through my mind I smiled up at them. Martin held out a package, as did Tina.

“We hope you like them.” Tina said sweetly.

Feeling uncertain I opened the package that Tina had handed me while they sat down on the sofa again. Inside the package was a lace bra and panties set complete with stockings and suspenders, taking out the bra I held it up and looked at it with a broad smile on my lips. The material was so flimsy that you could see right through it, the panties were the same and I wished that I had someone to wear them for.

“They are lovely.” I grinned at Tina; “I am going to feel so sexy when I put them on.”

“Well before you rush off, open the other package.” Martin grinned broadly.

“Saucy bugger.” I laughed as I tore at the wrapping.

What I found made me gasp, it was a satin basque, the quarter cups for the breasts were cut to reveal not hide and the front was shaped to show off the wearer’s fanny, I wanted to put it on there and then. There was also a pair of sheer silk stockings in the box and I knew that the stockings alone must have cost a bomb.

“Martin,” I sighed, “it’s beautiful, but it must have cost you a fortune.”

“Nothing bursa eskort bayan but the best for our favourite Aunty.” He grinned, “Besides, we know how much you like frillies.”

“I can’t wait to try them on.” I sighed happily.

“Well don’t!” Tina laughed, “Why don’t you go and try them on right now.”

“I will!” I declared.

Draining the contents of my glass I took the boxes and went out into the kitchen, as I changed into the bra and panties I glanced along the hall and froze. In the hall mirror I could see the living room, in particular I could see the sofa and what I saw made my fanny suddenly wet. Martin and Tina were kissing; there was nothing brotherly or sisterly about that kiss, nothing in the slightest. Once I got over my first shock I found myself getting excited and remembering when it had been my big brother and I that had kissed like that. It seemed that incest was hereditary, at least in our family.

As I remembered the feel of my brother’s hands on my skin I watched Martin open Tina’s blouse and slip a hand into her bra; wishing that Brian were here I tore my eyes from the mirror and finished changing. In the kitchen mirror I looked at myself, my nipples showed dark against the material and I could clearly see the shape of my breasts. Further down I could see my pussy almost as well as if I had been naked, it made me feel so sexy and so daring. Peeking back at the hall mirror I saw Martin and Tina adjusting their clothing and grinning at each other. Taking a deep breath I walked along the hall and stood in the living room doorway.

“What do you think?” I asked to attract their attention.

They turned their heads to look at me and Martin’s eyes went wide, I felt a warm glow as he stared at me, Tina grinned and clapped her hands.

“You look really sexy.” Tina laughed, “If I were a man I would want to jump you right now.”

“I’m a man and I can barely restrain myself.” Martin grinned, “Wow! What a stunner.”

I blushed at his words and suddenly felt like a giddy school girl on her first date; posing for a few seconds more I grinned then went out to the kitchen again. On the table lay the basque, without any hesitation I took off the bra set and put on the basque, the way it pushed my breasts up for inspection and attention made me feel tingly all over, and the way it showed off my fanny set my juices flowing. Glancing along the hall I saw Martin and Tina reflected in the mirror, they were whispering and grinning as though hatching some scheme or other. With a gay laugh I trotted down the hall and posed in the living room doorway. At the sight of me Martin gasped, Tina shrieked with glee and jumped to her feet closely followed by Martin, feeling wanton as I displayed myself I moved further into the room.

“Christ Aunt Maureen you look fantastic!” Martin breathed with his eyes glued to my body.

Tina rushed over to me, took my hand and pulled me over to the sofa where Martin was standing gaping.

“Don’t you dare take that off.” Tina beamed, “You look really mouth watering. I could do you myself you look so sexy.”

“Not as sexy as you would look dear.” I sighed happily.

“Just as” she laughed, “and I’ll prove it. Wait right there. Hands off, Martin, until I get back.”

She dashed out of the room leaving me alone with Martin, I suddenly felt so vulnerable and it excited me beyond belief. Martin stood near me and looked me up and down, his lips curved in a wide grin, then he leant forward and my heart missed a beat.

“Can I kiss you Maureen?” he asked in a quiet, husky voice.

I couldn’t find my voice, but I managed a weak nod of my head that was signal enough for him. Leaning forward he kissed me lightly on the lips, it sent shivers down my spine and I just melted against his strong young body as he enclosed me in his arms. My head was awhirl as Martin’s kiss became firmer, almost demanding; ripples of excitement ran along my nerves making me sigh with pleasure.

“Naughty, naughty.” Tina’s voice suddenly sounded behind me.

Guiltily I jumped away from Martin and blushed, Tina laughed and did a twirl while I stared wide-eyed at her. She was wearing a basque identical to the one I was wearing, her young breasts stood proud and her fanny attracted attention. Laughing gaily Tina linked her arm in mine and turned us both to face Martin.

“Well, isn’t she just as sexy as me?” Tina asked her brother.

“Just as.” Martin agreed, “Can I have her back now?”

I felt as though I was in a dream as Tina pushed me gently towards her brother, he reached out for me and took me into his arms, the thrill of his lips coming down on mine making me sigh yet again. After only a moment I relaxed and returned Martin’s kiss, hungry for his lips I parted mine a little and felt his tongue shoot into my mouth. Barely had I got over this surprise than I got another, Martin’s hand cupped my breast then squeezed my flesh; I could feel my nipple rubbing on the palm of his hand which sent thrills bursa merkez escort through me. He began to tease my nipple and I was lost, I could not resist his advances in any way and I knew that Martin knew this for I felt his other hand slide down my body to my fanny. Deep in my throat I growled with excitement as I felt his fingers caress my clit then move on to probe my pussy, as his fingers sank into me I felt his thumb press on my clit and I exploded in his arms.

Wave after wave of wild pleasure ripped through me as I climaxed, months of pent up desire erupted in that single moment and left me weak at the knees. I felt myself being manoeuvred towards the sofa, Martin’s hand left my tit for a moment then returned, his other hand moved from my pussy then came back again, I felt him wriggle then I was being pulled down onto his lap as he sat down. With a shock I realised that he was naked, how he had done it was beyond my power of thought at that time, but in retrospect it was obvious that Tina had helped him undress while he devoted his attention to me. Our lips parted and Martin’s head dropped to the level of my breasts, he took one of my nipples in his mouth making me gasp as he circled it with his tongue.

Gentle fingers took hold of my chin and turned my head, I had one brief glimpse of Tina’s face before her lips came down on mine. Hungrily I returned her kiss while my body responded to Martin’s caresses. Then I felt him lift me, something prodded at my pussy lips then slid into me, it was his cock and how it filled me! I thought I would be torn apart as it forced its way deeper into me. Tina parted our lips and looked down into my eyes.

“He’s huge isn’t he.” she whispered.

“Massive.” I gasped gleefully, “I hope I can take him.”

“You can.” She laughed softly, “I can.”

Her words excited me even more, she was admitting that she and Martin were lovers and now he was sharing his love with me. When his beautiful cock at last rested full within me I shuddered into an orgasm, Martin began to move and I cried out as I felt his hardness tugging at the walls of my pussy as he pulled back and when he thrust deep into me I thought I would die from the pleasure he gave me. I could feel his cock right up in my womb as he thrust into me, from time to time Tina would kiss me to stifle the cries I was giving. At my breasts Martin was gently chewing my nipples, which drove me crazy, and when Tina leant forward to suck at my other nipple I screamed with joy.

“YES! GOD YES! TAKE ME!” I cried.

Take me he did, rising from the sofa with me impaled on his cock Martin laid me back on the floor and began to thrust into me with hard strokes that crushed my fanny lips and sent me crashing through orgasm after orgasm. I lost all control and writhed in ecstasy beneath his powerful body as he fucked me to a frenzy; dimly I could hear Tina encouraging him to do me harder, to make me scream with pleasure. Scream I did, his cock bursting into my womb with every stroke forced cries of passion from my lips, in all my life I had never felt anything so huge inside me, had never felt so filled. Then he bore down on me so hard that I felt as though I would split in two, his mighty cock jerked inside me and I felt a surge of heat in my womb as he filled me with his seed.

Shrieking and thrashing I climaxed, my mind clouded over as I was overwhelmed by the pleasure my nephew was giving me, pleasure such as I had never felt before. Then he was moving again, I was too weak to do more than sob as he pounded away for a few more joy filled minutes before finally pulling away from me. Barely conscious I watched Martin rise and loom over me, Tina came into view and knelt in front of her brother, leaning forward she licked his cock clean of my juices then moved away from him to kneel between my outstretched legs. Unable to resist I watched Tina lower her head to my fanny and as her tongue delved into me to lap at her brother’s juices I sobbed with bliss. When at last Tina moved away from me I felt exhausted, my body was sweating and trembling as ripples of pleasure ran through me constantly, my chest heaved as I tried to breath.

“Maureen, are you all right?” Tina asked sitting by my side.

I couldn’t get my breath to answer her; Martin was sat on the other side of me leaning over with a concerned look on his face.

“Maureen?” he said softly.

“Fine…” I gasped, “I’m…fine. God, I feel so satisfied I could die.”

Martin and Tina laughed as I struggled to sit up; Martin’s strong hands went to my back and helped me. Grinning weakly I leant over and kissed him then turned and kissed Tina.

“Thank you.” I breathed.

Martin grinned and looked at Tina then looked back at me.

“We saw you watching us in the hall mirror and knew that you had found out our secret.” he said softly, “You looked so, um, hungry as you watched us that we decided to well…”

“Fuck my brains out.” I laughed, “Was my desire that obvious?”

“It bursa sınırsız escort bayan was.” Tina smiled, “Anyway, it was impossible to resist when we saw you in your basque. Don’t be angry with us.”

“Oh my dears,” I laughed, “I am anything but angry, I am so grateful you would not believe it. Anyway, you’re secret is safe with me. Just to satisfy my curiosity how did it start between you and Martin? Oooh, keep that up and I’ll be off again”

Martin had thrust a finger into my pussy, he grinned at my comment but made no effort to remove his finger. Laughing Tina reached out and began to stroke my breasts.

“It was more or less an accident.” Tina said softly, “Martin and I had been fooling around in the pool at home, mum was off with one of her lovers and dad was at work, it was just him and me.”

“Tina gave me a ducking” Martin continued, “and when I returned the favour I got all caught up in her top and it just sort of came off in my hand.”

“At first I was horrified and tried to cover up while that sod laughed his head off.” Tina took up the tale again, “Then I found myself getting excited. Martin stopped laughing and gave me back my top, you should have seen his face when I threw it on the side of the pool and swam off to the shallow end. He followed me and stared at my tits as I took my hands away from them. God knows why I did it, but I took off my bottoms and threw them on the edge of the pool and Martin’s jaw dropped. I got out, sat on the side of the pool facing Martin, and watched him stare at my body; it really turned me on and I was enjoying watching him watching me. Then he got out of the pool, took off his trunks and sat next to me, one look at his huge prick pointing at the sky and I knew I had to have it in me. One thing led to another pretty quickly and he took me for the first time there on the side of the pool. That was nearly a year ago and we’ve been having sex together ever since. Martin can do me six or seven times in a day if we get the time.”

By the time they had finished their confession I was feeling all hot and horny again, especially as Martin was frigging me with his fingers and Tina was tweaking my nipples. Reaching out I took hold of Martin’s cock and speared a finger into Tina’s pussy.

“Oooh!” Tina sighed as I began to frig her.

“That’s nice.” Martin grinned as I began to wank him.

“Well,” I sighed dreamily, “while everyone is confessing I may as well throw in my two cents…ooh…worth. I wasn’t shocked when I learnt that you and Martin were lovers, you see your Uncle Brian and I were lovers as well.”

“Uncle Brian!” Tina laughed, “Come on Maureen, tell us how it happened. To look at Uncle Martin you’d think butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.”

“He fools a lot of people like that.” I laughed, “Jesus I feel so horny! Anyway it was no accident, Brian fancied me and decided to do something about it. He was your age Tina and I had just turned sixteen, he had quite often looked after me when our parents were out and once your mother discovered men she was hardly ever home. Christ I’ll cum soon if you two keep that up.”

“Go on with your story Maureen.” Martin grinned.

“Well one evening our parents went up to town to a show and a meal, we knew that they would not be back until the early hours of the morning and your mother took advantage of that to slip off to see her latest boyfriend.” I continued breathlessly, “Although I no longer needed a baby-sitter Brian volunteered to keep an eye on me, no sooner were we alone than he set his own little plan into action. We had a few drinks and he suggested a game of truth or dare, we’d played a few rounds when he dared me to take my dress off. I did it and got my own back by telling him to take off his trousers, he grinned as he did it. Things got back to normal so to speak for a while then he dared me to take off my bra, I was a little uncertain but did it anyway so that I wouldn’t lose the game; the bugger grinned at me and told me that I had the nicest tits he had ever seen. It made me feel really daring and I dared him to take off his shirt, of course he did so without batting an eyelid. The game went…..CHRIST!”

I was forced to stop as an orgasm hit me; shuddering I sat quiet for a few moments. Tina and Martin let me recover for a minute or two then encouraged me to go on.

“Where was I? Oh yes.” I smiled as I moved my fingers faster in Tina and my hand faster on Martin, “The game went back to normal, but I felt strangely excited sitting there showing off my breasts to my brother and when he dared me to take off my knickers I did it without thinking. He didn’t even wait for me to give him a dare, with a triumphant grin he peeled off his pants and his cock pointed at me. I was fascinated at the sight of his erection, as he knew I would be, he let me touch it and I let him touch me in return. God he knew what he was doing, within seconds I was so horny I would have said yes to a horse. Five minutes later he took me on the living room carpet, he made me feel so good that I couldn’t deny him anything from that point on. Just as I can’t deny you two anything now. He was a sod, he would tell me to wear no knickers and when I least expected it he would lift my dress or skirt and thrust his cock into me. Once he had me while our parents and your mother were in the room.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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