My second encounter with Jim Pt. 01

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***This is part 1 of 2, it it’s the beginning and has some action, but less than part 2. So if you’re looking to get straight to the action, skip this and go to part 2.


Continuing from the first story: Jim and I had chatted over email and off and on and decided to try and meet up again while we were both still in town. He said his wife would be out with friends again, so he’d have time, but we agreed that it was just for a drink. I admit I was extremely nervous, emotionally somewhere between worrying that he had given me some disease, but also wanting to throw caution to the wind and relive the experience; justifying the latter with “It’s too late now. If he does have something, I’ve already got it.” It was still hard to focus at work. The feeling of everyone knowing what I’d done had gone away, and playful thoughts, such as wondering which married guys are doing the same thing I am, or which married ladies have are having secret lesbian affairs on the side, had taken over. Was it only me? It couldn’t be. On the rare occasions we do go out for drinks, guys are always complaining about their wives and the lack of sex or how she’s being cold or a bitch for some odd reason or another. I’m sure some of the guys had already cheated. After a few drinks they would try to pick up girls or talk about one-night stands they had while traveling. Was I the only one that decided to try out men?

I can’t say I’m really attracted to men. I don’t check them out like I do with women. I find myself thinking more along the lines of, “He seems pretty laid back and down to earth. I bet he’d be a good fuck buddy that no one would suspect.” Due to this lack of focus at work that day, I tried to dodge as many meetings as I could, eventually telling everyone I was headed back to the hotel around three to focus on a project we were trying to wrap.

Jim and I weren’t supposed to meet until six-ish, so I had plenty of time before that. I decided to stop by the liquor store and grab a case of beer and bottle of whiskey. I knew I should grab something to eat too, but wasn’t really hungry, which was a mistake. When I got back into my room, I poured a whiskey on the rocks and opened a beer as a chaser. Then with the feeling of a kid on the day before Christmas, I booted my laptop and logged into email. All spam, nothing from Jim. Damn. I sent him a quick email: “Still good on a drink tonight?” Then decided I needed to do something to keep me busy. I put the beer back in the mini fridge, slammed the whiskey, and headed to the hotel gym. To say that that didn’t work out well is an understatement. With a glass of whiskey on an empty stomach, I lasted for twenty minutes on the treadmill before I said, “fuck this,” and headed back to the room. When I got there, I pulled out the beer and poured another drink, then logged back into email. Still nothing.

I turned the TV on in the background and was decidedly too horny to do anything else except start jerking myself off. I started stroking my way through videos in my normal categories, blondes, teens, skinny, chubby, mature, etc., looking for something I wanted to cum to. All the while I knew that if I came now, that would take care of me for the evening at least, and I would probably cancel the meetup with Jim. But every time I got close, I would back off under the guise of thinking the next video would be better, so I won’t let myself cum to this one. Then slowly I’d edge closer and closer and repeat the cycle. My balls started to ache a bit, and I was trying to convince myself to just blow my load. I shouldn’t meet up with Jim again, it was a one -time thing. I’d feel better about letting it go and move on with trying to be a good husband and dad. This would all blow over like nothing ever happened, I kept telling myself. I decided to move on to my finisher porn, creampies. Something about seeing a nice tight pussy filled to overflowing with a hot creamy load sends me over the edge. I guess I just like to pretend it’s me filling her up.

I queued up the first creampie video, it was decent, but not what I wanted, same Escort bursa with the next, and the one after. The fourth one was different though; the guy was sitting there being ridden reverse cowgirl and his cock was deep in her ass. The camera was focused on his crotch, and you could see this girl’s tight hole puckered around his shaft, stretched wide, and each time she slid up, her ass looked vacuum sealed to his cock. Her hole was being pulled out, then pushed back in as she slammed down against his hips. God it looked so hot, but it started me thinking about the night before. Jim’s ass around my cock, it slowly stretching more and more as he slid down, and the feeling of it not wanting to let it go as I pulled my cock out, before sliding back in. Being a little buzzed, my mind began to swirl again. It was wrong but felt so good. In the end the results were the same. I got off, just like jerking off, but it wasn’t the same. There was something more, but what? I’ve had a lot of sex in my life, at least until marriage, and it was all with women: normal, anal, oral, two women at the same time. It was all good, but this was different. It was better, and I wasn’t sure why. Biologically speaking, an ass is an ass. Yeah, guys have prostates, and I guess I could feel that as I pumped away in Jim’s hole; but that wasn’t it. I couldn’t figure out what was different. I’m sure part of the feeling was due to finally getting to slide my cock into a nice warm hole again instead of using my hand, but there was more. I wanted to cum, but was on a mission now. Why was Jim’s hole better than anything else I’d had?

I decided to go down the rabbit hole, I moved to gay porn to see how that felt. And honestly, it was just “meh.” The flamboyant guys weren’t my thing, but the average, or hairier guys seemed decent, and I definitely liked the bareback breeding stuff, but I think that goes along with my creampie thing. What the fuck was so different, why did I lose myself in the moment last night to some animal instinct of just wanting to push my DNA deep into Jim? On my fifth beer and fourth whiskey, with a dozen browser tabs open to videos, pictures, articles, and stories, I figured it out! The sex was good, but it was the societal aspect that turned me into a voracious monster that needed more. It was what overrode my better judgement.

It was taboo, wrong, a sin, and I loved it for that. It was a eureka moment for me, like being back at university and finally after four classes understanding the concept. I felt overjoyed–I had solved the mystery. I started searching for videos of married men cheating to verify that that’s what it was. Turns there are a lot of gay married me that cheat too, and that wasn’t doing it for me. A quick tweak to “bi married cheating” fixed that. This was it; this is what I wanted. This evolved into “bi married cheating bareback.” which was even hotter. Then one video almost finished me off. It was two bi married guys cheating on their wives with each other, bareback. This was it, this what most guys evolve to when they start cheating on their wives with other men: a little buzzed, in a sexless marriage, horny, and looking for a chance encounter because they want to get off. Reading things and watching videos, it seems it starts off simple. They get blown by a guy and get what they need. As guys our sex drive doesn’t drop off like a lot of women’s as we age. We’re into just getting off, no strings, so it makes it easier than dealing with cheating with another woman who may get attached. After getting blown a few times, it progresses into fucking (or being fucked) and finding out that is pretty good too. Then eventually it moves into going raw. Someone forgets the condoms, or they break–but when guys get horny, it’s hard to stop, and we all know it feels much better without wearing what feels akin to a bike tire. So, when our blood has left our brain for our dick, we forgot about possible consequences and greet that primal urge to fuck as much as we can with open arms.

This was me, but my journey wasn’t a slow descent into infidelity Antalya escort with another man like a lot of guys. Mine was looking at the path down into the pit, stepping to the side, and jumping off the edge of the cliff, reaching the bottom of it on day one, and loving every second of it. I’m a Christian man, cheating on my wife, with another man, who is also married. The sin count on this one was high and that’s what I loved. If the church thought masturbating made God cry, this made him need anti-depressants and a therapist!

I was happy with my new revelation when I noticed it was already 5:15. I went back to email and there was a message from Jim at 4:30.

“Wife is heading out early, gonna head to hotel bar at 5-ish, probably not going to stay long.”

I was a little buzzed, but it was starting to wear off. I still had on the clothes I wore to the gym, with my shorts around my ankles and cock in hand. I figure he was in the same boat as me. He had more experience, but some things were a first for both of us. There was some fear of STDs, a bit of regret for cheating, and him changing the meet up time to earlier allowed him to leave early too. This was his way of saying “oops, must have missed each other” and leaving it at that. Nonetheless, I pulled up my shorts, poured a new drink, and headed to the bar. I got there around 5:30. Tables were starting to fill up and bar space was pretty sparse, but it wasn’t overcrowded. Jim was at a high top near the bar, he saw me coming from across the lobby. Our eyes met, and I could tell he was a bit nervous, as I was too. I was one of two strangers, sharing a dark secret, one that could turn their lives upside down. I continued to feel that other people could sense what we did. I gulped down the rest of my drink and set it on one of the lobby tables as I walked up and waited at the bar to order a new one. After ordering I looked around the bar for a bit like I was trying to find a good place to sit, then approached him. “Hey, bar is pretty packed, mind if I steal one of your seats?” I was trying to act like we were complete strangers and he was just being nice to let me sit there.

Jim said, “Sure, I’m not expecting anyone.”

We both sat there sipping our drinks, not looking at each other or chatting, and then he broke the ice.

“What brings you to town?”

“Work, how about yourself?”

He responded with the same and we continued from there. We were both still a bit on edge, but after thirty minutes and by our third round, we started to relax and talk like we were actually two strangers just making conversation.

Then Jim went ghost white. A second later his wife walked to the table. She looked a bit surprised to see him sitting with someone else, but no more than anyone else would when their significant other is sitting at a table talking to a stranger. After a quick glance at me, she looked at him and said, “Mark honey, I need your ATM card, mine is in the room. I forgot to get cash, and I don’t want to go up there, the girls are waiting.”

He took out his wallet. As he fished for the card, she looked at me and said, “Who’s your new friend?”

He was still trying to get the card out of his wallet and looked a little flustered, so I piped up: “I’m Jay. Pleasure to meet you.”

She introduced herself as Carol and said she’s glad Mark had someone to chat with. She was worried since all he does is work, then disappear to the bar to drink alone during business trips. I laughed and said, “I can commiserate. I’m here for work but my wife is at home with the kids, so that’s pretty much my schedule too.”

She turned back to Jim, who was actually Mark, and waited for him to pry the ATM card out and hand it to her. In those brief seconds I tried to check her out from head to toe. I’d seen her naked in the pictures Mark had on his phone. I had intimate knowledge of this woman, seeing her spread out, her breasts, slightly sagging but with perfect nipples, her trimmed but still bushy patch of pubic hair, and her fingers pulling her wet pussy apart with Manavgat escort bayan a “come fuck me” look to whoever was behind the camera. I could tell she did herself up for her night out with her friends and it wasn’t her normal look, but she had done a great job, and the thought “I’d love to have a threesome with her and Mark” stuck in my head.

Mark handed her his card. She leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. “Don’t wait up.”

She was gone just as quickly as she arrived. Mark still looked in shock at what just happened. He fidgeted with his glass and didn’t make eye contact. I started to laugh, and he looked at me, laughed a little, and said, “Guess that could have gone worse. Thanks for staying cool under pressure.”

I tell him it wasn’t a problem, I just did what I’d want someone to do if my wife showed up.

We finished our round and the bar was packed now. I asked the waitress for the check, telling Mark that I’ll take care of it, since he provided the entertainment. He laughed a bit and didn’t argue.

“I’m going to grab the rest of the beer from my room and hit the hot tub, if you’re interested.” I said.

He said he might show up but wasn’t sure.

“No worries either way,” I said, and left it at that.

Ten minutes later, I was in the pool area, trying to spin the little timer to as long as it would let me, a whopping thirty minutes, to keep the jets on in the hot tub. As I tried to figure out the optimal spot to set my beer, the tub became covered in a layer of those dirty foamy bubbles you get from public hot tubs. Luckily my buzz kept me from really caring and I walked down the steps and onto the bench. I tried to scoop some of them out, but by the time I grabbed my beer and turned back around, they were all back. It was a losing battle. I figured it would at least allow me to jerk off a bit and no one would really be able to tell.

By the time I reached for a second beer I saw Mark walk in. He looked at me and nodded. I returned one in kind. He got to the hot tub and started to sit across from me.

“Want a beer?”

“Yes, please,” he said.

“Then help yourself,” I told him. He waded across and grabbed a beer. This time he sat down just on the other side of the case of beer instead of across from me. There were a couple people swimming laps, but we were the only ones in the hot tub. The noise from the jets and foam was enough so no one could hear us chatting.

“Thanks again for earlier,” he said. “I froze. At that moment I thought she knew everything. I saw the collapse of my marriage and my wife outing me to all our friends.”

I told him I was in the same boat and got where he’s coming from. Then I asked if he regretted it. He said he always had doubts and concerns, especially right after he came–a wave of guilt mixed in with the pleasure, and last night that was accompanied by concerns for all sorts of diseases. But as time went on he felt less guilt with each encounter. Then he asked me how I felt, since it was my first time.

I told him I was torn and had the same guilt and concern, but also about the epiphany I had while jerking off that day. I guess I’d always been a go big or go home guy in everything I’d done, and this apparently was no exception. The timer clicked as it ran out for the second time and the foam slowly dispersed. I saw that Mark had his hand down his shorts and was slyly playing with himself. I’m sure he noticed me doing the same. We finished off the last of the beer and both started getting out and drying off. It was a little awkward, I wasn’t sure what to say. In the emails he said he just wanted a drink, and nothing more, but clearly, we were both horny. I tossed the case full of empty cans in the trash and walked back over. “I’ve got a bottle of whiskey in the room if you’re still thirsty.” I figured it was up to fate now.

He mulled it over for a bit. “It’s been a long day, and a hell of an evening. One more drink would help me sleep, but I need to go change out of this wet stuff first.”

“Don’t worry about it, there is a couch and chairs in my room. I don’t care if they get wet, I don’t use them.”

With that, we walked to the elevators. The ride to the tenth floor and the walk to the room were uncomfortable. Both of us were wondering what would happen after the door closed behind us.

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