Neighbors Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – The Coach Visits

After another incident of Jeremy coming home sweaty and dirty, Jack decided to make good on his threat to get the coach involved. Now, “the coach” was not Jeremy’s soccer coach, but the football coach who had worked with Jason during his high school glory days. Since Jeremy did not play football, he did not really know what he was in for.

Jack called me one afternoon and told me he’d talked to the coach on the phone and invited him to dinner to discuss Jeremy. He asked after Jason, and Jack wanted us there too, so they could get caught up.

Jason’s build had gotten even nicer in the months that he’d been living with me, and I knew the coach would appreciate seeing him. Since I knew that the coach had previously had contact with Jason’s body, I saw it as another opportunity to watch someone else enjoy him in front of me.

We decided not to tell either of the boys ahead of time, in fact Jeremy would not even be there for the dinner; he’d find out what fate we decided for him, soon enough.

On the given day, Jason was – as usual – lounging around the house in a pair of boxers and nothing else, when the doorbell rang. At my request, he unsuspectingly opened it to find his father and old football coach there. After a lot of commotion, the two were reacquainted and we all went into the dining room. Jason wanted to go put some clothes on, but we all protested, saying, “everyone likes to look at you,” so he stayed in just boxers.

As we ate, Jack brought the coach (Mike) up to speed on what was going on with Jeremy’s seeming reluctance to shower after practice. “I don’t know if it is laziness or some sort of modesty thing, or a combination of both,” Jack speculated.

“Well he inherited all the modesty, because this one likes nothing better than to show off his wares,” I rubbed Jason’s chest fondly and he blushed as we all laughed.

“I wasn’t like that six months ago,” Jason defended himself. “You two sent me down that road. I was just as shy as Jeremy when I was his age.”

The coach agreed, saying that a lot of teenage boys Escort Sakarya are self-conscious about their bodies and need to be reassured that they look normal, or – in Jason’s case – better than normal.

“Jeremy could have a really nice body too,” Jason defended his brother, “I try to get him to lift with me but he really isn’t that interested in it. He says nobody’s going to see him anyway.”

We puzzled over that while we finished our dinner and then moved into the living room. Jason brought in a tray with the coffee things. Meanwhile the Coach sat down in the center of the couch, and Jack and I took the two chairs that faced it.

After Jason set the coffee stuff down on the table, the Coach said, “Jason, if it’s possible, you look even better than the last time I saw you. Let me take a look at you.” Jason stood in front of the Coach and blushed as the older man’s eyes cased his hunky physique up and down. He unabashedly reached up and cupped Jason’s pecs, squeezing them gently to feel the definition, then ran his hands over the youth’s hard abs and back up his sides, thumbing his nipples.

Without asking any of us, the Coach slid his hands down Jason’s sides and pushed the kid’s boxers to the floor, leaving him naked. Jason’s cock, which had already started to chub from the Coach’s exploration of his body, lifted away from his body and lengthened.

“Damn, I remember this thing.” The Coach wrapped his hand around Jason’s meat and stroked him into a full erection. Jason blushed as we watched him get handled. The Coach’s other hand slid around his body, from his pecs to his ass and back.

“Have any more trouble with your prostate, Jason?” The Coach inquired as he manipulated Jason’s body.

“Nope,” Jason reddened even more. “It seems fine.”

“Somebody taking care of it for you?” the Coach leered at me.

“Something like that,” Jason mumbled.

“Well I’d like to check it, for old times sake. Lay down on my lap”

Jason looked at me for direction: the previous encounters I’d let other people have with his body did not include his Side escort ass. But I shrugged, after all, the guy had done it for him before.

Jason lay down across the couch with his crotch on the Coach’s lap, leaving his butt right in the older man’s face. Jack and I came over to watch as the Coach stroked and kneaded Jason’s smooth, hard buns, pulling them apart to glimpse his pink hole.

“I see someone keeps up with your shaving,” The Coach admired, running his finger up and down the baby-smooth crack of Jason’s ass.

“Yep, that’s my job,” I boasted.

“You do a damn good job. I have some players I should send to you.” The coach began teasing and caressing Jason’s hole now. Jason groaned as the man slipped his thick finger up to the first knuckle, wiggled it around, and then eased in deeper. “Man, I forgot how nice a young guy’s ass feels,” the Coach got his finger slowly all the way in. Jason jumped, which told us his prostate had been found. “You’re right, it feels nice and small like it should.” He reached down and rubbed Jason’s chest as he finger-fucked my boyfriend.

It did not take long, before Jason started to moan. “You better stop or I’m going to mess up your pants!”

The Coach laughed and eased his finger out of Jason’s ass. “You don’t need me to finish you off anymore, you’ve got someone to do that for you,” he smiled at me.

Jason stood up, hard cock throbbing, face flushed and regarded his father and boyfriend as we grinned stupidly at him. I don’t know why I got such a turn on out of seeing other people use and enjoy his body, but he seemed to like it just as well. I drew the line at someone else sucking him off or fucking him, but having other people get just a taste of what I was able to enjoy every day gave me a rush.

“Come here, buddy.” I made room for him in front of my chair, and he came over to stand in front of me. Right there, in front of his father and former Coach, I sucked his frustrated cock into my mouth and blew him until he came, a rare treat for being such a good sport.

The older men watched in fascination izmir escort bayan as Jason’s body reacted to the blowjob. When he is ready to come, his chest and arm muscles stand out in relief, his face gets red, and he grunts and moans like he’s in labor. I was rewarded with yet another load of his rich cream.

That done, we got back to the subject at hand. The coach agreed to call Jeremy into his office after soccer practice and make sure he was clean. I knew that’s not where it would end. Jeremy didn’t know what he was in for.

That night, as I slid my dick in and out of Jason’s ass, I asked him about his own first encounter with the Coach.

“It was pretty much what you did to me the first day we met, my dad was after me because I kept getting rashes, and I then when I started having trouble with my prostate the Coach took care of it because my dad was too embarrassed.”

“I’m sure he minded terribly, he seemed to like playing with your butt.” I ground down on his ass for emphasis, eliciting a deep moan.

“Yeah, he did. I was pretty embarrassed the first time he did it. My dad watched. After that I would just go to his office every few days and he’d do it.”

“Do you think that’s what’s going to happen to Jeremy?”

“Jeremy is a skank. I think he’s going to get hand-washed after every practice until his skin clears up. The coach will like to play with his body too.”

My hands cupped his pecs as I fucked him from behind, kissing and gently biting the back of his neck. “Why do you think your dad turns on so much to watching guys touch your bodies?”

“‘Cause he was a jock himself, but he never realized how much fun he could have with his body until it didn’t look that great anymore. He was so busy trying to get an ounce of sex from girls that he didn’t notice how many guys hit on him. He was pretty good looking in his own day.”

The conversation trailed off as we finished up the fuck, Jason clamping down on my dick with his ass as I fired my load. We fell asleep just like that, me on top of him with my dick still in his butt, his heart beating softly against my hand.

Next door, Jeremy slept innocently, his sweaty body unaware of what was in store for it.

NEXT: Jeremy in the Coach’s office!

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