New Friends

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This story was written real-time over texting by a man and a woman who have never met each other.

She: I am in the Jacuzzi alone right now

With the jets on my nipples

I am wearing my one-piece black bathing suit with the front zipper all the way open.

He: I am alone so I am watching porn online. Two women sucking one cock and letting him come in both of their mouths. My cock is out and I’m masturbating.

S: My sunburned breasts are floating on the water.

I wish you were inside the house – peeking out the windows.

Watching me.

I’m going to crawl and sit on the jet.

H: I can peek from here. Please send me a photo.

S: I can be seen from inside.

H: Why have they left you alone? I wish that my tongue could be where the jet is.

S: I have the jet hitting my clit.

H: Remember saying that you wanted me to “want you so badly it hurts?” Well, I’m there again. I SO want to see you!

S: I moved my bathing suit aside and it’s hitting on my throbbing engorged slit.

H: So your pussy is bare in the water?

S: I am imagining you watching me. You are a guest and we just met.

As you walk outside fully clothed and see me alone.

And you come over and start to talk to me.

H: “Mind if I join you?”

S: No, you just watch me from outside but you know what I am doing and you get really hard.

H: I lock eyes with you then flick my gaze down toward your bare pussy.

S: And my eyes are gazing at you – waiting for you to give me a sign that you know what I am doing and it’s making me so hot.

H: I slowly unzip my pants and pull out my cock. Huge, thick, and hard. Never breaking my gaze with you.

S: And you twitch your cock to show me how big you are.

H: “Not bragging. Just displaying.”

S: And with your eyes, you make me look at your hard cock.

I am so hot right now.

You tell me you are also sleeping at the house

and that I’d better not cum in the Jacuzzi cause you want me tonight.

H: I walk right into the Jacuzzi – fully dressed – then wade up to you and present my hard cock to your mouth.

S: and I suck it for you. The best sucking ever.

and I stop before you can cum and make you wait till night.

H: Slow! Slow down. You will be sucking that dick for awhile! You are really good at it. I want this to last.

S: Get up and leave the Jacuzzi.

H: Wait. Leave your bathing suit with me. You must enter the house completely nude.

S: I do love to suck a nice cock.

For a really long time.

OK. I will.

H: And I love to lick a Perfect Pussy for a really long time. Sounds like 69 to me. 🙂

Who else is in the house besides you and me?

S: My girlfriend and her husband but they are very conservative.

I don’t like 69

Unless we are both on our sides.

H: I pull a collar and leash from my pocket and snap the collar around your neck. Then I just say “Follow me. Naked”.

Is it better Ataşehir Escort for you if I’m on the bottom for 69? That’s the way I usually do it. That gives you full control over what goes in your mouth and how deeply.

S: That would be so hot for me. Where would you take me and what would you do?

Yeah – if you can finger me as you suck.

H: I calmly walk you into the house and into the kitchen – making a point to pause long enough for your conservative friends to be shocked that you are being lead on a leash. Naked.

For the 69: of course. Finger, tongue, everything gets involved. And it also lets me gently explore your asshole with my fingers or tongue.

S: And then?

H: Damn it, woman, you have me so hot!

I call to our hosts that we’ll be back in a bit. That we need some condoms and lube. Then I lead you, naked, out to the car and hold the door while you incredulously climb in.

S: Go on.

H: While we drive, I order you to finger your clit and keep yourself hot and wet but don’t dare cum. I make a point to stop beside a tall truck and the driver looks down at your naked, spread, masturbating body.

S: Yeah.

H: You are embarrassed and try to cover yourself but I just growl at you to spread your legs wider and keep masturbating.

S: And I am groaning as I play with myself.

And then?

H: Finally we arrive at an Adult Boutique. I walk around and open your door and you just look at me incredulously. Surely I can’t mean to drag you naked – outside – and then into the store?

I just lock eyes with you and say “Do as you’re told. Keep a finger on your clit at ALL times but if you cum, you will be severely punished.”


I follow.

H: Then I pull the leash and you come out of the car and stand beside it in the parking lot next to the highway. Totally naked. Fingering yourself. Cars honk as they pass.

You start for the door but I don’t move. Forcing you to just stand there. Exposed. Naked. And I remind you to keep fingering your pussy.

A blush rolls all the way from your hair to your toes. You are totally embarrassed, but unable to stop.

Finally I move toward the door, my clothing still dripping from being in the Jacuzzi. I open the door and hold it for you so that you must enter first. Naked. Finger in your pussy. Everyone in the boutique turns to stare at you because you are stunningly beautiful. Your breasts are amazing. Large round, and firm. Your nipples are rock hard.

S: And you are dressed?

H: I finally enter behind you and squeeze your butt cheek as I push you up to the counter. I whisper in your ear that you are to loudly announce that you need to buy condoms and lube because you intend to fuck a lot this evening.

Yes. I had put my cock away so that I am completely properly dressed. Wet, but dressed. You are the only person in the shop who is exposed. TOTALLY exposed.

The clerk is a woman and it takes her a moment to stop staring at your naked body. Kadıköy Escort She clearly wants to lick where your finger is. But she finally pulls herself together and pulls out a package of condoms and some lube. You reach for them but I whisper in your ear again.

S: Then what happens?

H: “No. Tell her that you need extra extra large condoms.”

S: OK. I tell her.

H: You blush and I press my hard cock to your hand. The one that isn’t rubbing your clit. And you understand. “I need the largest condoms you have”, you say, “because this man has a huge cock and I can’t wait to shove it into my pussy.”

S: That’s true.

H: The clerk swaps the condoms for the Extra Large ones then asks if we need anything else. Like a 3rd partner?

S: So what happens?

H: I cast my eyes to you. Letting you decide whether we invite this Clerk, or someone else you see in the boutique. To come home with us and fuck you.

S: I look around the boutique and pull you with me. I grab each guy’s crotch – then pick the one with the biggest cock, pull it out of his pants, and write our address right onto his hard, thick, rod.

I look at you and say: “You get first and last”

H: I then tell you to thank everyone there for enjoying your body. Then I push your right butt cheek toward the door and march you outside again to stand naked by the car. I remark that I’m glad that I haven’t had to remind you to keep masturbating through all of this.

I take my time unlocking the car but finally allow you to sit down in your heated seat. We drive home and I park on the street then come around and open your door and pull your leash. You simply comply and get out to stand naked in the street with your finger still tickling your clit.

S: I do what you tell me because I want you so badly.

H: You can see the neighbors looking out their windows at you – standing there lewdly in the street. Naked. Masturbating. With a collar and leash on.

I walk toward the house and you follow. Halfway to the house, I detour to the yard and push you to your hands and knees in the grass. By making you crawl, it makes you feel more submissive and it also totally exposes your asshole and pussy to the neighbors.

I lead you on into the house and close the door then wait a moment and say, “Oh, wait! I forgot the condoms and lube. They’re still in the car. Crawl out to the car and get them and bring them back in.”


H: At this point, your pussy can’t take it anymore and you crash into a massive orgasm right there in the front door opening. Naked. On hands and knees. Squirting. Cumming HARD for the whole neighborhood to see.

I pull out my cock and begin to piss all over you while you continue to cum. Hot, smelly piss.

I simply say, “I warned you not to cum. This is your punishment.”

S: OMG. So fuckin hot.

H: You shake and scream and collapse and continue to cum while I continue to piss on you. In your hair. On your face. In your screaming mouth. Ümraniye Escort All over your bare ass and pussy. You are sweating and shaking and cumming and dripping with my piss and your squirts. While the neighbors watch.

My cock finally stops pissing and you finally stop cumming and you look up at me. I simply say, “You haven’t gotten the condoms and lube. Go get them.”

You crawl out to the car and try to open the door but it is locked. So you must wait. On hands and knees. Naked. Covered in piss. While the neighbors watch.

I finally unlock the door and you retrieve the purchases. Then you crawl back across the grass and into the house. Your tits swaying and grazing the grass as you crawl.

Our hosts have been watching the entire show and look shocked but also look turned on. I tell you, “Get his cock out and show him how much fun this is.”

S: I want to be your sex slut.

H: You crawl to him and open his pants and engulf his cock in your mouth while his wife looks aghast.

I command, “Strip her so that she can play, too.”

She looks horrified but doesn’t resist as you divest her of every item of clothing – and she stands in her entry hall with her tan lines and nothing else. Her conservative, repressed, chubby body – naked – and there for the taking.

S: And then

H: I want you to be my sex slut

S: I want to suck cock so badly

And want you to fuck me for a long time.

H: I want to eat your pussy and feel your big boobs. And that’s not in the story. I am SO fucking hot right now that I need to jamb my cock into your pussy.

S: I know you do.

I want you even hotter.

H: The 4 of us begin to fuck right there in the entry hall. The hosts are amazed that they just let us lead them. Before long, you are riding the host’s cock while I am actively fucking his wife – right there in the entry hall – with the front doors wide open.

S: Tell me what you are going to finally do to my pussy

H: I want to have a 24-hour fuck fest with you. I want to eat you and finger you and fuck your mouth and suck your nipples and keep you on edge for an entire day. I want to get up from bed and dress you in nothing but a dress. No bra. No panties. And go out to dinner. Denying any release.

S: Tied up and taken.

I want your big cock to please me now. I have been so obedient.

You can make me wear a strap-on small clit vibrator that you control while we go to dinner to eat.

H: I must go. I am not clear where our reality and our fantasy divide. But that is the ideal place to be: so deeply into my sex haze that all reason and judgement have left me. At this point, I want to live this fantasy with you – for real.

S: You have me thinking it would be amazingly hot for you to keep me on the edge for 24 hours.

H: I will put salad dressing on my fingers then reach under the table and stroke your bare clitoris right there in the restaurant. I will watch your eyes and make sure that you are not allowed to cum.

I will take your drink glass and put it under the tablecloth and cum in your drink then put it back on the table and make you drink it.

I’m hot. I have no judgement. I want a picture of your pulled-aside bathing suit.

(…end of transmissions)

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