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            Operation Angel Rescue

by Erastes
Copyright 2019 by Erastes
Chapter 64 – Getting to Know Aaron.

On the way upstairs to clean up after our riding on the four-wheelers, Jamie asked me a question.

“Dad, can we use your shower again?” 

“I imagine Reece and Dakota are already in there, but you can use it when they’re done and I’ll wait until you’re finished.” 

“Why?  It’s big enough so you can shower with us,” Aaron offered. 

“It is and I could, but I don’t think I should.” 

“Why not?” Aaron pressed. 

“I don’t think your parents would like it if they found out I did that.” 

“I won’t tell ‘em.  I promise,” Aaron added.  “I already showered with Jamie and now I wanna shower with you too.” 

“I know you showered with Jamie, but you two are the same age and I’m an adult.” 

“I’ve showered with my brother and my dad before.” 

“You have?” 

“Yeah, we just got two bathrooms and my mom was usin’ the other one, so I had to shower with them.  Not at the same time, but I’ve showered with both of them before.” 

“That’s different, because they’re your family.” 

“Please, I don’t mind and I won’t tell nobody that you did it with us.”  I was trying to figure out something else to say so I could let him down gently, but he continued pleading with me.  “Pretty please.  I want you to do it with us.” 

“He won’t tell nobody if you do it,” Jamie added. 

I didn’t respond and hoped they’d drop the subject, but that’s when Reece and Dakota came out of the master bath. 

“We knew you’d be waitin’, so we didn’t take very long,” Reece said on the way out. 

I was thinking that I was glad he hadn’t asked if I was going to shower with Jamie and Aaron when each of the younger boys grabbed one of my hands and began to pull me toward the bedroom. 

“Don’t worry.  I’ve seen Larry and my dad’s big cocks before, and my dad is hairier than Larry.” 

“Well he’s also older, and Larry may get hairier over time.” 

“I don’t wanna get that hairy, but take your underpants off so we can shower.” 

Before I could decide if I was going to do this, Aaron and Jamie each grabbed one side of my boxer briefs and pulled them down for me. 

“Hey, you shouldn’t be doing this either,” I scolded. 

“I know, but now that I’ve seen your cock you can shower with us.”  It was the sort of logic only a young boy could come up with. 

In a way, though, he was right.  One of my biggest concerns was that he’d see me naked, but now that he had I concluded there wasn’t a lot more to worry about.  Hell, I’d already done this with Reece as well, so it couldn’t be any worse than doing that.  I resigned myself to shower with them and began to adjust the water, and then the boys and I stepped inside. 

“Will you wash us too?” Jamie asked next. 

“No, because that would mean I’d be touching parts of Aaron’s body that I shouldn’t be touching.” 

“I don’t mind,” Aaron blurted out. 

“No, that’s definitely something I shouldn’t do.” 

“But Jamie and I touched each other’s cocks last night?”  This caused me to glance over at Jamie. 

“Yeah, we did.  We jerked each other off,” he explained. 

“And whose idea was that?” I followed. 

“We both wanted to do it,” Aaron offered to protect his friend. 

“Had you ever done it with anyone else before?”

“No, but I caught Larry doin’ it once and then I started doin’ it too.  It feels really good.” 

“Yes, it does, but that’s not the point.”

“But we already did it, so will you wash us now?” 

“You two can get away with touching each other like that because you’re both the same age.” 

“My mom and dad used to wash me and they washed my cock too.” 

“Yes, when you were younger, and they’re your parents.” 

“Please, I wanna see what it’s like if you do it to me now.  Jamie says you’ve washed him before and he likes it when you do it.” 

“He did, did he?” I said as I glared at Jamie again.  “Well he’s my son, so that’s different.” 

“Come on, I’m not gonna tell nobody.” 

“But if you’re like Jamie you’ll get a boner when I wash you down there.” 

“That’s ok, cuz I don’t care if you see my boner.” 

“But I’d be touching it too.” 

“So, I don’t care if you do that either.” 

“Why are you being so insistent about me doing this?” 

“Cuz Jamie told me last night that he likes it when you wash him and I wanna see why.” 

“I think Jamie’s got a big mouth,” I said as I glanced over at him one more time.  He was blushing and tried to turn away from me. 

“Please, I really want you to do this.” 

“Let me wash Jamie first and lara kendi evi olan escort you can watch.  Maybe you’ll change your mind when you see what I do.” 

I then washed Jamie from head to toe and exaggerated cleaning his privates and he got hard, just as I expected.  I also made it clear when I was washing down Jamie’s butt crack that I was also fingering his hole, and Jamie squeaked when I did it.  I felt confident that this would make Aaron change his mind, but I was wrong. 

“I wanna try that too,” he announced when I finished washing Jamie. 

“Did you see everything I did to him?” 

“Yeah, and I want you to do the same things to me.”  I was considering how I was going to respond when Jamie spoke up. 

“Go ahead, Dad.  He won’t tell, cuz he’s not gonna tell nobody that we jerked each other off either.” 

“I promise I won’t tell nobody.  Please.” 

“I’m probably making a huge mistake, but ok,” I relented.

I washed Aaron from his head to his waist, and then I stopped and started at his feet as I worked my way upward.  When I reached his groin he was already half hard just from thinking about it, so as soon as I started washing that area he had a raging erection.  With Jamie standing next to him and still hard himself, I got to compare them.  Aaron was only slightly longer flaccid, but he was noticeably longer when erect.  I’m sure Jamie had fun playing with it last night. 

I then washed Aaron’s butt, but I avoided his hole, but he wasn’t about to let me get away with it.  “Do it the same way you did with Jamie,” he insisted. 

I washed that area again, but with the washcloth draped over my finger as I washed his rectum.  Aaron pushed back when I did this so my finger penetrated him slightly, much to my surprise.  When I finished washing the rest of him, Jamie asked Aaron a question. 

“Did he put his finger in your butt?” 

“Yeah, he did.” 

“Actually, Aaron pushed himself back on my finger.  I wasn’t going to do it, because I wasn’t sure if he’d be able to take it.” 

“I can, cuz I’ve put my fingers in my butt before.  I’ve also put the bottom half of a Sharpie in there too.” 

“Are you gay?” Jamie blurted out. 

“I might be, cuz I like doin’ those things, but I don’t let my brother or dad see me doin’ it.  I also liked seein’ all of you naked.” 

“Would your dad or brother get upset if they knew you were doing those things with your butt?” I asked. 

“Maybe, cuz they’re always askin’ me if I’ve got a girlfriend yet.” 

“That’s why I didn’t think I should be doing these things with you,” I stated. 

“It’s ok, cuz I won’t say nothin’ about it.” 

Now that they were both clean, I stood up and started to shampoo my hair.  I thought they might get out and dry off, but then I felt a hand wrap around my penis.” 

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” I asked when I looked down and noticed it was Aaron. 

“I just wanted to see what it felt like.” 

“Did you do that with your brother or dad when you showered with them?” 


“Then you shouldn’t have done it with me either.” 

“Don’t be mad.  I just wanted to see what it felt like, cuz it’s so much bigger than mine or Jamie’s.” 

“Just don’t do it again.”

We finished up and got out of the shower, and as soon as I got dressed I went down to fix lunch.  Once it was ready, I called the boys down to eat, and as we were chowing down Jamie asked a question. 

“It’s pretty warm out, so can we go swimmin’ in the pond after we finish?”

“Yes, it’s probably still warm enough to do that, but I need to ask Aaron a couple of questions first.  First of all, can you swim?”

“Yeah, I can.” 

“Did you bring your swimsuit?” 

“Nah, I don’t think my mom packed it.” 

“How about a pair of shorts?  You can always wear them instead.” 

“Yeah, I think she put my shorts in there.” 

“If he doesn’t have shorts, then I can let him wear a pair of mine,” Jamie offered. 

“Ok, then do you other boys want to do this as well?” 

They did, and I warned them this might be the last time we’d be able to do it this year, because the weather and the water were starting to get cooler.  After we finished eating, we all put on our swimsuits and Aaron slipped into a pair of shorts, and then I told them to grab the towels they had used the night before and bring them with them. 

“What if they’re still wet?” Aaron asked. 

“Just put it over the railin’ on the porch and it will dry off before we’re done,” Jamie advised him. 

Once everyone was set, we headed down to the pond.  I kept an eye on Aaron until I was sure he had been truthful about his ability, and once I saw he could handle himself in the water I jumped into the pond with them. 

We only did this for about a half hour because the water was chillier than we expected.  Now that we’d decided to call it quits, we got out of the pond and we all had goose bumps on our bodies as we walked to the house.  It got worse as a result of the breeze that wafted over our wet lara otele gelen escort bodies on the way there, so once we reached the porch, we grabbed our towels and dried off quickly so we could dart inside.  We were all eager to get someplace where it was warmer and the wind wasn’t blowing on us.

After our bodies stopped shivering, we went up to the bedrooms to take off our swimsuits, or in Aaron’s case the shorts, and then we got dressed again.  As soon as we finished, Aaron made a comment. 

“I really like it here cuz there’s lots to do.” 

“Yes, I guess there is,” I agreed. 

“And now that we’ve got a cement pad in front of the garage, Dad put up a basketball hoop too,” Dakota added. 

“It’s only a portable hoop, but it serves the purpose.”

“And we all get to use it,” Dakota countered, “just like the computers and the PlayStation.” 

“You got a PlayStation?” Aaron asked. 

“You didn’t notice it?  It’s in Jamie’s room,” I pointed out. 

“I thought it was just a TV he could watch.” 

“No, it’s hooked up to a PlayStation and there are several games for it as well.” 

“Yeah, we got Fortnite,” Jamie told him.

“Great.  I wanna play that.”

Seeing that’s what Aaron wanted to do, the boys stayed upstairs to play video games while I went down to work on dinner.  I fixed a barbecue meatloaf with potatoes au gratin, corn on the cob, and a green salad for everyone, and when I called them down to eat we all sat around the table together.  The boys filled their plates quickly and then began to chow down, and after taking a few bites Aaron looked over at me and spoke. 

“Man, you’re a good cook, just like my mom.” 

“Yeah, that’s what I told him too,” Reece chimed in.

“It’s nothing special and it’s not very difficult to make.” 

“My dad could never do this.” 

“Aren’t there times when your mom’s not home and your dad has to fix the meal?” 

“Yeah, but he either takes us out to eat or calls and has somethin’ delivered.” 

“I see.” 

Before we finished our meal, I asked the boys a question.  “Are you going upstairs to play more video games after you’re done or do you want to do something else?” 

“Let’s watch a movie,” Jamie answered. 

I showed the choices to Aaron and let him choose what we were going to watch, and he selected The Secret Life of Pets 2.  The other boys were ok with his choice, so we settled in to enjoy it.  Dakota sat in one of the chairs and Reece made himself comfortable in the one across from him, and they let Jamie and Aaron sit on the sofa with me, along with Glen.  That’s when we realized there was a problem, because there wasn’t a place for me. 

“I guess it’s time to buy a love seat for the family room as well,” I mumbled, mostly to myself. 

“You mean so we can make love on it?” Dakota countered, and I gave him a dirty look before I responded.

“No, it’s like a sofa but a little smaller.  There’s only room for two people to sit on it, and that’s how it got the name ‘love seat’, because couples would choose to sit on it by themselves.” 

“Oh,” he said playing my initial reaction down. 

“Dad, you can still sit here and I’ll sit on your lap,” Jamie offered.  Since I didn’t have another choice, that’s what I did. 

“You let Jamie sit on your lap?” Aaron asked.

“I merely tolerate him doing it,” I teased. 

“Nah, he likes it when I do this too,” Jamie countered.

Aaron seemed to be mulling this over, but the rest of us focused on the TV screen instead.  When the movie started he focused on the screen too, and it turned out to be a cute film and I think everyone enjoyed it.  When it ended the boys all headed up to their rooms while I turned off the TV and the lights. 

When I finished, I went upstairs to my bedroom.  The boys didn’t need to shower tonight, since they’d done it after we rode the ATVs and we’d also gone swimming, so they all went directly to their rooms.  Before long, the house was quiet and I didn’t hear any noises, but I didn’t know if it meant they had fallen asleep or were busy having sex.  Either way, I fell asleep alone.

When we got up on Sunday morning, I fed the troops and told them they were on their own until after lunch, because I had some things I wanted to do.  They didn’t have a problem with this and went upstairs to play video games, so I sat down to make a few notes. 

The morning seemed to fly by, so when I finished doing those things it was nearly time to start fixing lunch.  I was just getting ready to do this when my phone rang. 

“Hi, it’s Karen and I just wanted to check in and see how things were going before we went to meet up with my husband’s old teammates again.” 

A typical mother I thought before I answered her.  “Everything is fine here and the boys are getting along really well.  However, I’m glad you called, because I have a question for you.  We have ATVs and I’ve taught my three sons how to drive them, and Aaron was asking if he could drive one too.  Would you allow me to teach him?” 

“Is it safe?” 

“Yes, I lara rus escort have protective gear for the boys to wear, which includes a helmet, goggles, and gloves, and I have them wear heavy pants and long sleeve tee-shirts whenever they ride.” 

“I wouldn’t mind, but I didn’t pack any of those items for Aaron.” 

“I know, but he and Jamie are nearly the same size, so he can wear some of Jamie’s clothes, since he has more than one set for riding.” 

“Ok, as long as you’ll be there with him.” 

“I will, and do you think this will be all right with you husband as well?” 

“Sure, he goes for those manly activities, so this might even impress him and boost Aaron’s status in his eyes.” 

“Great, I’m glad to know that, and thank you.” 

Now that this had been agreed to, I went to toss the clothes Reece, Jamie, and Aaron had worn yesterday into the washing machine, and then I went out to fix lunch. 

By the time I finished making the meal, the clothes had finished the wash cycle, so I moved them over to the dryer before I called the boys down to eat. 

While we were eating, I decided to mention something to Aaron.  “You’re mother called earlier.” 

“She did?  What did she want?”

“She just wanted to see if everything was ok.” 

“Oh,” he mumbled.

“And while I had her on the phone I asked her a question.” 

“What question?” he countered while looking worried. 

“I asked if she’d mind if I taught you how to drive the four-wheelers.” 

“What did she say?” he followed, suddenly perking up.

“She said it would be all right, so after lunch I’ll take some time to do that with you.” 

“Yay!  I can’t believe she said yes.  Did she ask my dad?”

“No, but she said he would be good with you doing it too, because he would be impressed that you did something like this.” 

“Really?  That’s great!”  He seemed to be beaming now that he knew his father would also approve.

After we finished eating and had cleared off the table, I went out and got the clothes out of the dryer.  I gave Jamie and Aaron the things they had worn the day before, and Jamie smiled at me before he spoke.  

“Ah, I wondered what he was gonna wear.”

“I decided to wash these things as soon as I got off the phone with his mom, because I knew he’d need them.” 

“Can I go outside with ya when you’re teachin’ him how to drive?” 

“Yes, but only to watch.  I’m basically going to do the same things with him that I did with you boys, Reece, and Brady when I first taught all of you how to drive.” 


“Go change and I’ll meet you outside,” I told Aaron, “because I’m going to fill the tank up first.” 

He and Jamie came outside as I was finishing up at the storage tank and I made sure Aaron was wearing the protective gear before we started. 

“I’m sure you saw a little of what Jamie did when you rode with him yesterday, but I’ll go over everything with you to make sure you understand.” 


I explained to him about how to operate the gas and the brake, and then I showed him how to start the four-wheeler.  I let him drive in circles on the concrete pad in front of the garages next, and when he seemed to have that down, I was ready to let him drive halfway down the driveway and turn around before coming back. 

“Just take it easy and don’t try to go too fast,” I warned.

I ran beside him part of the way, but he seemed to be doing fine, so I stopped and let him go the rest of the way on his own.  Once he returned to the cement pad, I told him to go all the way down the driveway this time before turning around, but not to go all the way to the road.  He did it without any problems, so when he turned around and came back I had him turn off the ATV. 

“That was a blast.  When do I get to drive it more?”

“We’ll go on another outing tomorrow and you and Jamie can take turns driving one of the four-wheelers while Dakota and Reece take turns on another one and Glen rides alone.” 

“K, I can’t wait.”

Suddenly, Aaron began taking off his clothes, so I had to stop him.  “You don’t have to do that this time, because you weren’t following behind anyone and didn’t get very dirty.  You can take those off up in Jamie’s room and leave them there so you can wear them again tomorrow.” 

“K, I can’t wait.” 

“But you’ll have to,” I replied with a grin. 

When he eventually caught my meaning, he smiled and replied. 

“Yeah, I guess I will.”



                                                *    *     *     *     *     *     *     *

I wish to extend my thanks to Emoe and Donny for editing these chapters for me and offering their suggestions. 


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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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