Page Ch. 05

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Notes [Initially released May 19, 2016, last revised October 23, 2016]:- All characters are the product of the authors’ imaginations and are over eighteen.
– This is a relatively short story/vignette, and we recommend reading the previous chapters, which may have been tweaked.
Thanks to Skye4Life for editing this.
A pale orange tinge of light appears along Page’s shoulders and passes through her long hair sending an array of auburn hues shimmering into my eyes where I lie in bed staring up at her nude form. She’s standing nearly motionless, toward the end of the bed with her hands upon her hips, regarding me as if I should speak but her previous words weigh upon me as I wonder how to respond. Glancing down at the pair of batteries lying on the bed between us, I realize that I don’t know the difference between her two phrases: ‘trace back’ and ‘back hack’.

“So, is my phone compromised, too?” I ask, trying to make the connection.

“I didn’t do any hacking from your phone, but I don’t want to take any chances. I bought them at the same store and though they don’t have sequential numbers, yours might be traceable if they are from the same lot.”

“But – she might know where we are now?” I ask, dreading another tense trip and really wishing she’d join me in bed.

“The closest location she could have gotten is somewhere in Virginia from the IP Address of the data provider. bpodq wasn’t able to take over my phone, and even if she had, I have the GPS physically disabled.”

“IP Address?”

“It’s how computers know how to talk to one another, it’s like their street address.”

“So, are we still safe here?”

“Yeah, but I was hoping we could get more information from Leda. We’re cut off for now.”

“Could you use the house phone?”

“I don’t want to do that, because it could link this place to her phone and it won’t be secure.”

“Well, I guess that we’ll have to go back into town to get new ones,” I offer.

“Yeah, darn; I guess we’ll have to eat lunch at our new place,” she says with an evil grin.

“Hmm, that’s starting to sound spendy,” I say trying to play off her facetious pretense.

I know instantly that my jape is awry, I’d only bought her dinner one time, at the diner across from my condo, since she’s arrived. I accept the outcome of my mistake when I see her beautiful acrobatic form become airborne through the space separating us. Her playful retaliation is swift and merciless as her body is suddenly perching atop mine while I twitch slightly unnerved beneath her. Her eyes twinkle her mirth and her broad smile belies the apparent ferocity of the initial attack; it is very reminiscent of our encounter at the front door yesterday.

“I took a stack of fifties and twenties from my cache before I stashed it,” she breathes in my ear before softly nibbling it.

I know the majority of the money isn’t in her duffel bag anymore, it’s what she’d used to pack her clothes. Momentarily, I wonder where she put the rest of it, but I can’t focus on that thought as she continues to kiss me about my face, neck and ears.

“Sorry, it wasn’t funny – I haven’t gotten used to being a kept man,” I reply, as I feel the heat of her skin against mine.

“Oh – I’m going to keep you, alright,” she says mischievously, as she grinds her moist slit over my straining erection.

“You always go after my weaknesses,” I feebly protest.

“It’s the training – you want your little sister to teach you some moves?” she asks as she deftly slips me inside with a sudden downward tilting thrust.

“Uh huh,” is all I can say as I watch her smiling face transform into ecstasy.

The robustness of her initial aerial attack continues now unabated and I repeat ‘Uh huh’ and ‘Please’ a few times while she continues her onslaught. She seems to be rushing a bit this morning as she rides us both quickly towards climax. I anticipate that neither of us will last very long through this morning’s romp since her fluid is already wetting my lap as she repeatedly slams down upon my pubic mound. Within a very short time, I find that I am cumming into her tumultuously as she shivers atop me with a death gripping clinch on my cock. She slows her pace and continues riding me with languid rhythms that keep me hard inside her for a while longer.

“I know you’re thinking we could go again,” she says leaning forward to lie upon my chest while twitching her pelvis gently.

“Yeah, maybe,” I exhale and pull her hips lightly forward against me. “It was very nice of you to attack me like that.”

“You had it coming,” she says beaming.

“Well, I very much hope that the love making becomes a permanent part of our morning ritual.”

“It better,” she plays along. “I do think I prefer when we go slower and make it last longer, but we’ve got work to do today.”

“Yeah, I know,” I say.

I’m thankful that she wanted a quickie before we had to get up. I hug her tightly hoping we can lie together a while. She gives me a deep kiss, tussles escort ataşehir my hair and gets up promptly. Our after sex cuddle today is brief because she is on a mission. I sense it’s about a tree out there that has our name on it. Her intensity tells me that she’s going to find it.

“We should wear our clothes from yesterday,” she says, quickly pulling on hers.

Thinking about how dealing with the tree might get us dirty, I agree, “Yeah, we can start a load of laundry before we go into town.” Crawling from the bed behind her, I say, “I’m going to call Gary about the tree, okay?”

She takes only a moment to decide, “Yeah, I’m sure there are already links between his phone and this place, even if they are spying on him too.”

I ponder that particular idea as I pick up the house phone and watch Page head into the bathroom. A feeling of Who can we trust? meanders through my thoughts as I dial Gary’s cell. I’m only slightly surprised to get his voice mail, so I leave a message telling him I’m going to cut one of his trees and I’ll buy him a replacement when he gets back. After I hang up I slowly proceed to pull on my clothes. Page is now brushing her teeth and I join her but find all the while I’m distracted by these thoughts from the little seed she planted. I finish brushing just as Page drops her pants to sit on the toilet. She shakes her head and smiles as I regard her longingly for a moment and then head to the kitchen as a new thought pops into my head.

I pass from the bedroom into the front room to the kitchen and then open the back door onto the covered porch on the north side of the cabin. My thought had been to check on the hot tub, which Gary usually drained and cleaned when he wasn’t going to be here for a while. If we are going to use it, it will need to be filled and given a treatment. Stepping out onto the chilly porch, I walk to the hot tub and lift the lid to find that it is indeed empty. Passing to the far side, I brush the snow off of the lid that is next to the rail into the untouched snow on the sloping hill beneath the porch.

Looking for the insulated pipe that comes from inside the house, I find it beneath a weatherproof tarp. Removing that, I locate the inline auto-fill switch, flip it on and hear the sound of water rushing into the tub. Back around the other side of the steps that lead up to enter it, I open the built-in compartment that has treatment tablets and shock solution. Taking a tablet, I notice that Gary is nearly out and make a mental note to get him some more while we’re in town. I close the small door and toss the tab into the hot tub, turn on the heater, return the lid, head back inside, close the door and lock the deadbolt.

Once inside, I go back to find Page. As I emerge from the kitchen, I realize I’m delaying us heading out into the snow again, since Page is at the front door. She’s already in her coat awaiting me with the tree stand in hand shifting her weight restlessly from one foot to the other. I quickly don my coat, grab the saw, open the door and follow her onto the porch, where she deposits the stand. The orange sunrise has become a bright early winter morn and we find the snow diminished some. A crunchy ice sheet has formed over top of the snow during the night and she plays at stomping through it as she begins her ascent of the hill.

I traipse along behind her watching her go. Her stomping assault of the hill accentuates the swaying of her hips and has me wishing we’d taken longer this morning. However, as I watch her continue, I simply find myself thinking about the next time, maybe before we go to town or after. We will still have to have our chat with Leda to see what she’s found out, if they’ll actually include me.

Page turns to look at me watching her and says, “Come on, you’re like a sad little puppy that’s had his play toy taken away.”

I want to protest, but I realize she’s right and quicken my pace to catch up. She’s not unhappy with me, her face is beaming as she takes my hand and continues onward, only pulling me along lightly. When we reach the evergreens she lets it drop and sets to strolling amongst the small grove. Most of the trees have shed their snow blankets, retaking their blue-green resplendent selves and are glistening in the early morning sun.

The ice crunches beneath her feet as she moves from one to the next to find that specific tree meeting with her satisfaction. I follow her, combing through the branches while trying not to hover or influence her choice as I watch her appraise each tree. Noting that there are actually several stumps in the grove, I feel a little better about cutting one without actual permission from Gary. They all appear to be about the same age, but they are all a little different.

Page’s time spent searching for THE ONE seems a little obsessive, but I gather it means a great deal to her. We proceed through row after row until she comes upon one that is a bit taller than my reach. She circles it a couple times, inspecting it from every kadıköy escort bayan angle and then looks over at me.

“What do you think?” she asks excitedly.

“It’ll be perfect; not too tall for the ceiling and we won’t need a ladder to decorate it.”

“Okay, this is it.”

We take our places on either side of the bow saw, kneeling in the snow, and begin to cut through the sparsely limbed area at the base. The scent of pine quickly fills the air.

“Mmm, I love that smell,” she says.

The saw makes short work of the tree and once it’s done, Page carries from the top of the tree while I get the base. There isn’t a lot of sap, but I carry it so it doesn’t get on my jacket as I lead the way back up the hill. We take a short break at the top of the hill to enjoy the view from this finger of the mountain that separates the cabin from the grove.

“I love this mountain top view with the rustic cabin and pastoral valley below,” I say.

“Seriously, do you think Gary would sell this place?”

“I guess it’s possible, he has a large place in DC and several smaller places like this. But even if he won’t, I’m sure we could find something in the area.”

“Yeah, that’s true or maybe we could even build something to our specifications,” she says thoughtfully.

I can see that her last statement has her thinking deeply. The amount of money she has would easily cover any such undertaking. The thought of us living up here away from it all gives me a warm feeling inside. Ever since this cloak and dagger stuff started, I can’t help but feel like she’ll leave at any moment. However, this conversation reveals her intense desire to stay. Not just to live in the area, but to remain with me. I’m kind of stunned to discover how eagerly I would give up just about anything to have her make that choice.

Picking up the tree, we continue down to the cabin. At the front porch, I trim off a few branches with the saw and make the first attempt at putting on the tree stand. Removing a couple more branches, I’m able to get the stand to grab into the bottom of the tree.

I punch in our code and we head inside to set it in front of the large window. We both kick off our shoes and Page sets about unplugging the LED lights and pulling them down from the window. Then she begins wrapping them up the tree from the bottom as high as she can. I only help with the last strand which I start at the top. When I finish, she is quickly about putting the clear colored glass ornaments on the tree. I head off to get some water for the base and when I get back she’s gotten a chair to put the last ornaments on the top section.

“You be careful up there,” I say, as I kneel to put the water in the base.

“Almost done.”

“You had us out so early I didn’t get any coffee, you want some?” I ask, as I stand to watch her, ready to catch her as she balances to place ornaments at the tip top.

“Of course,” she says hopping down. “You make those and I’ll start laundry; give me your clothes.”

“Well, if I give them to you, we might get delayed before going out for phones and our lunch.”

“Yeah, I’m okay with that. Hand them over,” she says with a wink.

“As long as we know where our priorities are,” I tease.

“We’ve got plenty of time, getting the tree went way faster than I expected. It’s only nine.”

I relinquish my clothes to her and she goes to the bedroom to gather the rest. We meet back in the kitchen where I’m preparing her an espresso with cream. I watch her anxiously as she plops the laundry into the machine in the closet, tosses in a pod and starts the wash.

When she turns, she sees me observing her, “I promised you’d be asking for mercy.”

“No need for mercy yet,” I reply.

“I can see that; and I still have a lot of pent up frustrations to unleash upon you. But first, coffee…”

“Unfortunately, I agree. It is the elixir of life,” I say handing her the now full cup, and then start the machine to make mine.

She takes a deep sip and exhales, “Ahhh.”

I can’t help but smile at her, but I notice she’s not looking at my face. There is a cute little smile and her gaze is locked on my throbbing cock. It had sprung up as soon as she’d entered the room.

I’m about to say, I can’t control it, when she takes it softly into her hand. Her initial contact makes me that much harder. I watch her take another big sip, set the cup upon the counter and drop to her knees to take me into her mouth. The additional warmth from the coffee feels nice and my eyes close as she bobs me into and out of her sensuous lips. Then she stops and stands to have another swallow.

The machine finishes my coffee, I take a big swig of mine, swish it in my mouth and place my cup on the counter. Kneeling in front of her, I lap eagerly between her perfectly shaped pink lips and take the thickening buds of her womanhood into my mouth to suck them softly. She trembles gently as my hands steady her hips. I gather, from her reaction, escort bostancı that the additional warmth of my tongue was working as well for her as her warmed mouth had for me.

“Mmm, that’s nice. You know, your nectar pairs nicely with espresso?”

“Ya big goof.”

“I’m goofy for you,” I reply burying my head back between her legs.

“Mmmm, I’m only going to give you about an hour to stop doing that,” she says at length.

I can hardly restrain a laugh, but I love her taste and her response to my tongue flitting in and out of her. The trembling in her legs intensifies bit by bit and soon, she is gripping my hair encouraging me. Lapping at her, my tongue flicks across the clit ring until she climaxes, letting me have a little squirt of liquid as she lets out a soft moan and comes quickly, “Oh, yeah, fuck that was nice.”

Standing up, I lean beside her at the counter and take a sip of my espresso. I feel pretty silly because I want to comment again on how well she pairs with coffee.

Before I can swallow, Page says, “Talk about going for someone’s weaknesses.”

Her commentary on our temporary swap in roles strikes me funny and the juxtaposition has me laughing so abruptly that liquid comes out my nose. “Cough, cough – ugh – ahhh. That – wasn’t – very – fair,” I just manage to say.

I notice through teary eyes that she’s bending down. Just as I think I’m going to complain, she takes my cock deeply into her mouth which still has warm coffee inside. The sensation is very pleasant and I relax almost at once against the cabinets. “Ohh, faack yessss.”

Before I climax she backs off and stands to have more espresso. I can tell she’s thinking about doing it again, but then says, “What should we play?”

“How about ‘Delay’?”

“A teasing game?”

“Yes, if you think you can stand it,” I goad her just a bit.

“How do you win?”

“The winner cums last.”

“So we take turns or go at it until someone loses it?”

“You can choose, we have time. We should get the clothes in the dryer before we leave.”

“Such a romantic.”

“That’s funny coming from the one that wants sex games,” I blurt out stupidly.

“You’re going to pay for that,” she says with a wink. “I’m going to make you cum so hard and fast it hurts.”

“Not if I make you cum first.”

“Oh, you’re so gonna -“

“Nah-huh,” I say prancing off to the bedroom like she had that second morning in DC.

In the bed, I quickly pull the covers up over my midriff and then inch them higher as she comes into the room. At the end of the bed, she begins crawling up like a cat stalking its prey and I inch the covers higher. She can’t help but smile now that the roles have been truly reversed.

“Are you being shy?” she asks, pulling the covers down slightly.

I shake my head ‘no’, but cover myself with my hands as she continues to lower the covers. Her smile turns into a broad toothy grin and I suspect that she’s about to cheat, so I beat her to it. As I make my move, she is making hers and we come together in a natural sixty-nine position that takes both of us by surprise momentarily. However, I react quickly and pull her down upon my face and begin working my tongue inside her.

“You little cheater,” she proclaims before engulfing me.

The feeling that accompanies the sudden wet warmth on my cock nearly makes me pause what I’m doing to her, but I maintain focus and try another cheat as I tongue her pink pucker. I can tell it’s having an effect, but she is staying focused as well. We’re both breathing deeply through our noses and the only sounds are licking and slurping. Neither of us is willing to give the other a moan to divulge our present level of pleasure.

When I switch back to working on her clit and the ring there, Page begins deep-throating me and I know if I don’t get her there quickly I’m going to lose. The ‘gluck’ sounds she’s making are pushing me over the edge so, I gently insert two fingers inside her while licking and sucking beneath them. After just a moment, I’ve found that slightly spongier area and begin massaging it with the tips of my fingers. I’m thinking I’m going to win when I feel her pressing a finger inside me. Somehow she’s wet her middle finger with saliva, pressed it inside and found my prostate. I never really believed that it was a real thing until that moment.

In an instant, Page changes her sucking to focus on my cock head and works her other hand around me at the base. I know I’m losing and I want to moan and shout as I can feel my orgasm building. Suddenly, I can no longer withstand the pleasure and begin to shoot. A moan escapes me but I keep rubbing and licking her. I know the vibration of my moan is having an effect as I feel her swallow the first volley and she begins grinding herself on me as she lets out a moan of her own.

I get a similar vibration engulfing my cock and it is lovely. I happily take the yummy cream she is feeding me and stop rubbing, when she raises up a bit, so I don’t overstimulate her. There was a gush at first so I didn’t catch all of it, but I keep sucking until there isn’t any more. All the while, she is still milking me and swallowing my semen. I can’t believe how much is coming from me and how different but good it feels.

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