Perverted Family Turn Pastor’s Wife

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I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. Am I really the only one who sees this smug, confused, know-it-all kid for the spoilt manipulator he is? I was appalled beyond belief that this kid was somehow succeeding in convincing all these eggheads that he’s justified in hitting his momma. I couldn’t bear it anymore and so had to drag Drake outside to talk some sense into him.

‘I really am ashamed of you right now Drake. What happened to teaching these young lads some old school manners?’

‘But he has…’

‘Shhh shh. I don’t wanna hear it. How can you be so gullible as to be outsmarted by a kid who’s barely stopped pooping his pants. I’ve had it with your quasi innocent I’m-so-naive-i-wanna-give-everyone-a-chance act. It isn’t cute anymore. Stand your ground for once for Christ’s sake and stop being such a soft kiss ass. Christ Drake!

‘You’re overreacting. Michelle. This kid hasn’t always been this way.’

‘I don’t give a rat shit how he was. He’s a mom beater now. A MOM BEATER! Do you understand the ramifications of that?’

‘Yeah, I guess you’ve got a point sweety. Ok we’ll go in and and conclude the meeting for today. We don’t seem to be making any headway right now. Why dont we arrange for another meeting at a later date and hopefully he’d have sobered up a bit by then? Sounds good right? Believe me, there’s really not much to it. It’s just youthful exuberance…’

‘Youthful exuberance! I know you didn’t just explain away a son hitting his mom as youthful exuberance. Do you know what it’s like to have your child hit you’?

‘Honestly, neither of us do.’

‘Oh. Now it’s like that right? Yeah, go on ahead and remind me that I’m childless Drake. Why not just call me barren while you’re at it!’ I exploded.

‘God no Michelle. You know I’d never even think of it. We’re childless Michelle. We. Not just you. I know it’s been hard on you, but you know I’ll love you with or without kids. Let’s not do this. Not here and not now babe. We’ll go in and conclude the meeting and take it one day at a time ok?’

‘I don’t believe you’ I scowled and stormed back into the Davidsons’ residence, leaving him behind to catch-up.

I couldn’t get over the arrogant pompousity of Sean. I couldn’t help but twist and squirm that night in our bed each time I recalled how impassively he sprawled on that armchair as everything that was said to make him feel remorse washed over his back as he maintained such cocky and unabashed defiance. I was also disgusted that his mom seemed to take it all so matter-of-factly. You’d expect a bit of a backbone.

And Drake, once again turned out to be very lacking in the willpower department. I already knew this was how he’d handle the matter. I’m positive we’ve heard the last of Drake on this issue. He’s just swept it under the rug like he always does.

Not this time though. I won’t sit back and let Drake’s laissez-faire attitude allow that young man continue on this dangerous path to God knows where. He’s just 24 for God’s sake, who knows what he’ll become by 30 or 35 if someone doesn’t take drastic actions to quell this demon that’s found a nest in his young mind. I said a brief prayer to God asking for strength and for the millionth time tried to sleep amidst Drake’s snores.

The next time I saw the Davidsons was at church on Sunday. Like I thought, Drake had drowned in the sea of pastoral duties that were required to run the only church around this ghetto we’d been assigned to and never brought up the Davidsons again.

Cara, Sean’s mom has never been a social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination. She always seemed to fade into the background, always so demure, bland and cowed. One of those women who desperately needed a self-esteem do-over. Even I barely noticed her before I saw her burst lip last Sunday. But now she seemed to be making a conscious effort at avoiding me.

I could count on one hand how many times I’d seen Sean in church since he got back from the military. His baby sister Katie was at her mom’s side(as she always seemed to be.)

Poor woman! She must be completely stupefied by her lot in life. Left alone to fend for two kids, only to be repaid by one of them hitting her. I think she really needs a confidence boost.

Just as they were about to disappear out of sight, I all but ran up to them wearing my most friendly smile.

‘Hey there Cara!’

‘Hey Mrs Murray!’ Cara replied, trying to pretend she hadn’t seen me earlier.

‘Oh please. Michelle is just fine. Hi Katie.’

‘Hello Mrs…’ she began

‘It’s Michelle ok?’

‘Ok Michelle.’ She replied, a tad bit too eagerly.

‘How’s Sean?’ I asked no one in particular.

Katie let out a stifled giggle and looked at her mother. I looked to Cara for a cue and her face was still the blank canvas I’d always known it as.

‘He’s ok.’ was her stoic reply.

‘I thought I’d apologize for the wishy washy way Drake handled the matter the other day. You deserve more courtesy for your plight.’

‘I really can’t ask for more than you already gave. You must have a truckload of concerns weighing on your mind. Besides, it wasn’t that big of a deal and I really didn’t expect a reaction to it when I told you about it öğrenci gaziantep escort last sunday. I shouldn’t have run my mouth.’

‘Don’t be silly’ I chided her and again, Katie giggled.

‘Did he at least apologize?’ I asked

Cara looked at me like I was crazy and that answered my question.

‘Sean has become a changed man ever since he returned from active service. He used to be so upbeat, so charming, so fun-loving. But hard as I try to rediscover that sweet, gentle boy, I keep coming face to face with this cold and detached soul who I can’t recognize. He’s a very special kid, the smartest of my kids and highly gifted. I just feel like he might’ve outgrown us. Maybe he might listen to you. You’re so smart, so empathetic and knowledgeable. Maybe you might be able to relate to him from a standpoint that he’ll appreciate. If it wouldn’t be a bother, please join us for dinner tonight. It might help if you came alone so he doesn’t feel threatened. It doesn’t have to seem too formal, just a casual visit. You can just say you came to see me and I’ll try to get Sean involved. I’d really appreciate it if you made it. I don’t know what else to do.’ Cara said and began to sob lightly.

My head was whirling from all I’d heard. I was also so amazed to hear Cara speak so lengthily. I didn’t know what to say, so I looked to Katie, for a consensus and she had puppy dog eyes. Poor kid. She must be petrified of what her own brother had become.

‘Ok! I’ll be there I replied’

‘Yay!’ Katie howled while Cara gave the warmest smile I’d ever seen her wear as she squeezed my arm fondly.

‘Thanks alot Michelle. I couldn’t ever repay you for this,’ were Cara’s words.

‘Thanks Michelle.’ Katie hooted as she hugged me goodbye. I waved them goodbye as they got into their car and drove away.

I was overjoyed. I hadn’t felt such grace and joy in a long time.

‘Finally,’ i thought, ‘a chance to make a real impact in the life of someone in need.’

For the rest of the day, I was a bundle of nervous energy. Did Cara really think I was smart and knowledgeable, and able to reach any heart?

Drake was away most of the day and so when dinner time was approaching I had the house all to myself. Great. This way I’d have time to plan how my meeting with the Davidsons’ll go. I’ll have to admit, I was a bit too eager to go on this visit. We’d done many such visits in the past, but this time it felt like I wasn’t just performing an obligatory duty. I was awash with enthusiasm. I couldn’t wait.

Oddly, I was also pretty fussy about what to wear. I neither wanted to seem too intimidating nor too complacent. So I settled on a knee length, sleeveless black silk gown and decent three inch stilettoes. I don’t think I should give you any details about my underwear because that’s completely irrelevant.

Lastly, I left a note for Drake telling him my whereabouts and off I went at exactly 5:15pm.

I got to their door at about 5:45. And as if on cue, Cara opened the door and gave me a warmer version of the smile she gave me at church today. She seemed to have loosened up alot since this morning.

‘O hi there Michelle, you made it. So good to see you.’ She said with such poise I’d never seen on her before. I was shocked to see Cara dressed the way she was. She looked nothing like the timid middle-aged mom I always saw at church. She seemed to feel right at home literally.

While I wasn’t exactly sure of Cara’s age, I’d guess late forties for her. And my God did she still look great. I’d die to have a body like hers at her age. She’s what I’d call voluptuous. Very heavy-set. And while she always dressed modestly, her enormous butt was hard to go unnoticed.

But today, she was doing little to hide her well formed anatomy. She was wearing the shortest skirt ever made and when she turned around to usher me in, I saw that her skirt bumbed up a couple of inches above her lower bum as she walked. Her hips also had a very playful and sensual sway to them. She seemed to be aglow with zest and ebullience. Where was the cautious, conservative Cara I’d known? And who’s this suave and dare I say seductive and confident woman, so self-assured that I was staring at. I was confused and quite taken aback.

But I really could get used to this new Cara. I snapped out of my reverie when I felt her arms placed knowingly around my waist as she guided me along her turf.

I expected some kind of meal to be ready in anticipation of my visit. But up till now I couldn’t smell or see any evidence to that effect, not that that was my intent at visiting though. But still…

‘Where’s everyone?’ I blurted out, trying to regain control of the situation.

‘Oh Katie’s out with some friends. She must’ve forgotten we had an appointment. I’ll ring her to remind her…’

‘Oh, no need to spoil her fun please.’ I offered.’

‘But we..’ Cara began.

‘No buts Cara, we only get to be young once.’ I replied conclusively.

‘If you say so?’

‘I do.’

‘How about Sean?’ I volunteered.

‘Oh, he went off to the gym some time before you got here. He should be home any moment.’

”Please sit gaziantep öğrenci escort Michelle.’ Cara cooed as she sashayed into what I guess was the kitchen. She returned shortly with two uncorked bottles of coke. I tried to decline but she wasn’t having it and so I accepted a bottle.

Cara sat curiously close to me on the sofa and her skirt rode up to her waist as she crossed her legs. Now she had all of her big, firm, gleamy and swarthy thighs in full display. Her skin had an oily glow to it, like there was an unquenchable fire perpetually trapped just beneath her skin. I didn’t want to look, but they were so enrapturing, so well formed. I immediately wondered what they’d feel like.

But I immediately snapped out of that immoral thought and began to look up to her face. But I lingered a bit too long at her boobs. I’d never been so close to boobs that big, firm and full. She wore a loose fitting lemon, spaghetti strap singlet and my eyes quickly wandered far into the deep crevice her giant mammary glands formed.

I felt my throat dry up and my head become hazy. Cara’s mere presence possessed a kind of power that I couldn’t be anything short of in awe of.

‘Wow. Cara, you seem to be in great shape.’ I somehow felt I had to put that out there.

‘O thanks so much Mich. It’s so great to hear such appreciative comments directed to an old mom like me.’

‘No, seriously you’re in phenomenal shape for your age.’

‘And how may you know my age hinny?’ Cara asked in a dangerously, almost predatorily low tone.

I instinctively grasped my Coke bottle hard. Cara seemed to notice that and she visibly eased up a bit.

‘Just joking sweetheart. I know I’m no debutante. You need not feel bad for stating the obvious. But tell me Michelle, if you were to guess, how old would you give to me?’

‘Hmmm, I’d guess mid to late forties.’

‘Aren’t you a darling? Well, I’m 56.’

I choked on my drink, trying and failing to hide my shock.

‘But how…?’ I began.

‘I know what you’re thinking. I got married pretty late and so, my kids are still young.

You know, in my hey day, I was nothing like who I am now. I was quite the party animal and sometimes I miss those days.

You know that feeling you get that maybe you shouldn’t have left your old ways behind.’ Cara punctuated her speech by resting her back on the sofa’s backrest and took a deep breath as she seemed to be reliving some nostalgic memory.

‘You do have such thoughts sometimes now, don’t you Michelle?’ She teased as she nudged my arm playfully.

‘Huh, Umm, ugh.’ I slurred.

Cara immediately bolted upright and looked me deep in the eyes.

‘You mean you have no naughty past Michelle?’ She asked almost like a reprimand.

For some reason I felt sorry like i’d fall short of some ideal and disappointed her.

‘My God dearie, you really are a piece of work. So what did you mean when you said: ”we’re only young once?” Oh I get it, you must be feeling regrets for all the fun you must’ve missed out on. But not to worry dear, I have more than enough tales to quench your appetites.’

‘It’s not like that Cara, while I don’t judge you for your past, I have to let you know I have no regrets over the path I chose whatsoever.’

‘But there doesn’t seem to have been any other option to choose from. It seems your choice had already been made for you from jump and you merely stayed on the path.’

She did have a point there. I had pretty strict and religious parents who wouldn’t even consider the possibility that I could become anything other than a good Christian wife. Any curiosity I may have had of the ways of the world was promptly squashed. But like I said, I have no regrets with regards the path I chose. Besides, how had Cara suddenly become so assertive. I was on the defensive and was finding myself losing ground to Cara. What was going on?

‘But I’m very very happy with where I am and wouldn’t trade it with anything in the world Cara.’ I managed to say.

‘I bet you’re.’ She said and fell into an abrupt silence.

What did she mean by that tone?

The silence lingered for a while and I began to think I had made her feel insecure because of her past. I had to bring back that buoyance she displayed a while earlier.

‘Are you alright Cara?’

‘Good as new baby, just recalled something.

You know, I used to be a stripper.’

‘No way in the world!’ I blurted involuntarily but then tried not to seem too shocked so as not to scare Cara back into her shell. Seems it worked.

‘They used to call me Semmi the Doll. I was a sensation.’ Cara said with a gleam in her eyes that revealed pure pride. ‘You think I look good now, then I was a knockout. Could get any man I ever dreamed of just like that.’ She said while snapping her fingers sassily.

‘I didn’t believe in love. Just fun.

I thought men were too… predictable. But all that changed when I met Sean’s father. Lord that boy broke me down and built me back up. He came in as a bouncer in the club I worked in at the time. A real looker he was. Stood straight like a tower. I wanted him the moment I saw him and gaziantep öğrenci escort bayan did nothing to hide it. He used to look like cream in one of those policy suits he wore.’ She licked her lips as she eyed me mischievously.

I swallowed hard.

‘I danced more wantonly when he was on shift. Just knowing he was watching me made me all the more turned on while I danced, and boy did I dance. I’d get a huge kick watching him struggle between remaining professional at his post and ogling me while I performed. He was a cool one, liked to take his time, but I wasn’t having any of it. I’ve never understood those girls who expect the man to always make the first move. It’s cute and all, but I could never win a waiting game.

So one evening when I got to work, I slipped my panties into his breast pocket and walked away with a wink and smile.’

I gasped in shock, but it seemed to encourage Cara to up the ante.

‘Throughout the night, he was a mess and I was sure to make his boxers work harder than they’d ever had to work before. His eyes were on me all night and the moment he saw me walk into the empty VIP alone, he came in raging. It was like a dam had broke, our hands were all over: grabbing, squeezing, clawing, poking. He was about 6’ built like a tank, strong, with slits for eyes. He had luscious brown hair and a delicious cock. We did everything imaginable in that room that day. I sucked his dick, his great big balls, his asshole, his armpits, I was wild that night. But he wasn’t gonna let me get one-up on him. He mauled these tits, choked me, kissed me like I had never been kissed, called me every degrading name you can imagine and boy did he eat a mean pussy. Till this day I wonder how no one walked in on us that night, or maybe they did but we were too busy to notice. He fucked me nuts that day and almost everyday afterwards.”

I moaned as I felt Cara’s hands deep in my shaven slit. I didn’t realize when she had slid all the way up my dress and even freed my breasts from their cage. But I knew it was pointless to fight it now. She roughly mawed at my breasts and sucked hungrily on my right nipple. I reflexively turned toward her as though offering myself up to her. She seemed to appreciate the gesture and kissed me passionately while rubbing expertly on my clit. I tried to protest as she began to push my back to the sofa. But she just hushed me with her lips over mine and again her will simply overpowered mine. I was game at this point.

She parted my thighs in one slick manueuver and rode my dress all the way to my hips, then slid off my drenched white lace panties leaving my ass and pussy bare.

She offered me her enormous black udders and I suckled them like a starving calf. I buried my face between her melons inhaling their scent and savouring the heat. Meanwhile Cara was furiously fingering my G-Spot.

Next, she sat up and looked deep in my eyes as she stuck some of her left fingers in my mouth while still fingering my pussy. I was going nuts. After a while, she swapped the fingers; making me taste my own pussy and sticking the salivated hand back in my pussy. I thrust my breasts toward her, desperate to feel her hands on them. She seemed to understand and lowered her mouth to my left breast. She exhaled warm air around my nipples but avoided contact. This drove me wild so I sucked hard on her fingers, hoping she’d do the same to my nipple.

Instead, she began to suck around my nipples, alternating between warm breaths, licks and nibbles, but completely ignoring my nipples.

‘Goddammit Cara, just suck my breasts already.’ I exploded.

‘Shut the fuck up slut. Who told you you can order me around my own home?

I’ve always known that beneath all that propriety, dwelled a nasty whore begging to be unchained.’ Cara purred.

The change in tone was stunning but somehow took this newfound bliss up a notch.

Next Cara crawled up to my face and dangled her illicit looking nether region above my face.

”You love that mature pussy now don’t you bitch?’

I nodded.

‘That’s right slut. Now beg for your dessert whore. Tell me how bad you want my juicy pussy flavour.’

‘O please Cara…’ I began

‘Its Mistress Cara. I’m sick of your light-skinned Queen bee attitude.’ She interrupted.

‘I’m sorry Mistress Cara. Please let me have your sweet vagina…’

‘Pussy!’ she bellowed

‘…pussy in my mouth so I can savor the delicious taste. I really want to taste you.’

Cara was right. I am a full blown whore now.

With that, Cara assailed my entire face with her pussy. Her big strong thighs held my head firmly in place causing me to feel pleasurably helpless. I grabbed her massive ass with my hands in an attempt to pull her pussy even closer. But she grabbed both my thin hands and held them above my head in one hand, while she mauled my pussy with the other. I shamelessly thrust my hip to meet her demanding fingers as I felt my orgasm building. I was frenetic and could have done anything in that moment to cum. Cara once again being so clairvoyant seemed to sense my current state and began to gyrate her hips like someone possessed, while spanking my pussy lightly. My head was a whirling fog and my mouth was molten ice cream. I was dizzy from all these new intense feelings: I was cut off from air supply and being treated like a tramp. It was all too much for me and finally, I let out decades of pent up sexual dissatisfaction and repression in the most carnal and violent orgasm ever made. I was screaming and shaking like an epileptic. My legs were vibrating uncontrollably as I came.

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